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  1. Traveling back tomorrow morning! I'll be AFK/Away until I land and head back home. Been a long, long week... Gonna have me a drink and and pass out. While I enjoyed educating and assisting customers I'm also super tired of my 11 hour days. ; ~ ;

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    2. Jonal


      I've been to England, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Germany, ,since i'm in the middle of all theses countries i visit them often, and, sure i'm proud of our cuisine, but, no joke, after a week or so in another country i really miss French Cheese and Baguettes, they are just so simple and yet so nice foods, but there is a Huge quality difference between All theses countries and France(+Spain and northern Italy) Not insulting other countries, but their food, quality wise is not very good/not as good :/ 

      PS: But don't worry, i'm sure you'll get around to traveling soon enough ! ^^ 

    3. Brayces


      Wow! Also my phone autocorrected your name to Jonah instead of Jonal. :( sorry about that. But man that's a lot of countries! I've only bee to SA and America haha. Nothing too exciting. 

      I guess if I ever get super rich I'll have to plan a trip to France just to eat the food! Haha. I wonder if the import stores here have any actual French cheeses and wines and meat? 

    4. Jonal


      Oh don't worry, someone called wrote my name as Johnal once x), so i've seen worse mistakes. I personally would really like to go to the States, i'm extremely curious to see how it is over there!

      I don't know if any stores do that, probably, but i would be suspicious of the quality of the products, I know the Wine is fine, even if its usually northern Wine (Its better than regular, but still shit compared to what i can find locally here) it tends to be stronger, just for the sake of being strong wine, In the south where the climate is hotter, Strong wine is Strong because it has character, and not just to be strong.