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  1. As someone who used to play exclusively here for years, and left to play elsewhere on other games; No amount of map changes, new mods, exciting storyline LM based things will be enough of a drive to bring a player such as myself back. The overall community, it's approach to issues/concerns/suggestions/conflicts as well as how RP is handled both in server and OOC prevents me what wanting to come back. I got close to jumping back in game myself a bit ago, downloaded everything and was ready but a few thoughts hit me and I stopped remembering how the community made me feel on a day to day basis and how much I didn't want to return to that. When I check the forums to see how things are going, and I see people considering a second wave amnesty, flaming one another still, being petty in reports and attacking new and old players, etc etc etc I am swiftly reminded that nothing has changed here and simply not being a part of the ever ebb and flow of the community, to no longer be involved in what constitutes communication and respect in this specific community, is a much more pleasant way to exist. I don't even have to get IG to know this. The new map DID bring players in, but what stopped them from playing? That is what you have to ask yourself. And I doubt it's a solo case of "map got boring" though I'm sure that is one point, along with covid or school or summer, or w/e other real life factors that are at play. There are likely many minor factors contributing to low server pop, but the map should be the draw, the hook. Along with the mods, or the other technical draw points that lure players in but at the end of the day it's the players and their RP that should be what makes newcomers and old players want to stay, so they can continue to engage in it. You can play on the shittiest of games, lamest of mods, with nothing of value from a dev standpoint to add, but if the people you run into are fun/fair to play with and respect the RP you both are trying to weave together then you'll continue to log in to just encounter them. At least, that is my opinion.
  2. Where Dolores Haze?


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  3. I missed yesterday, but happy birthday Staggs! I hope you didn't get TOO drunk and if you did, I hope you recall everything you got up to.

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    One day we'll get a chance to meet IRL and you can show me your favorite beer to drink. Until then, drink one for me!

  4. People don't want to play here because a majority of the player base acts very toxic and the issues that stem from IC actions spill over to OOC. I don't care what words are used IC or what actions take place IC I thought a lot of the rules we had already took care of that sort of RP anyways. The issue is people ostracize and isolate people from wanting to play here because if someone brings up a issue that they have with someone's RP or actions IG people turn it into a issue OOC and post snide remarks and jabs in Discord and the forums. I believe you need to foster a healthier community and adhering to the twitch guidelines isn't really the action that needs to be taken IMO for we already had rules, I thought, that covered a majority of those IC items. But I can respect the desire to reach a wider audience and encourage people like streamers to feel comfortable RP'ing here once more. Maybe we'll see a change take place.

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  6. Your profile quote is incorrect, I do not like being lied to. Next you'll be saying you are not actually a child! SMH

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      I ... may not actually be a 14 year old boy. I am sorry...

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  7. I like how all the Legends are like, "WELL MAYBE I WANT A PERSONAL PREFAB IG TOO, ROLAND." Also man, the text editor is borked. I await the changes!
  8. Aww, gonna miss a lot of these guys! Hoped to reconnect with some old ones, but alas. Great job none the less! *single tear*

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  10. When will they make ZEUS for DayZ? When ... why... Bohemia ... why ... I always wanted to be able to spawn enemy AI that wasn't just wolves, bears, etc. Because it could add to a event or a area that people were exploring. Sadly, it seems this sort of functionality will never make it over to DayZ in a timely fashion.
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  12. I do not think that adding in a rule with so much grey area will help create better RP. The force PK argument will just cause further issues OOC, specially based on what is considered a valid RP situation to force a PK upon someone else. It will lead to more countless arguments of "well how many hostile encounters ... and how many arguments ... who's friends with who and what did they do last week..." that count toward a valid force PK. No one will be able to see eye to eye on what is and isn't considered valid enough to force a PK. Forcing players to abide by more rules and loopholes will only cause a further divine between IC and OOC. The problem isn't the rules you have here. It isn't the PVPers or the CampfireRPers. It isn't hostile RP or Non-hostileRP. It's the entire player base, it's the attitude toward each other that is the core of the problem. If player A expects and receives quality RP and a storyline from player B then when the time comes to PK they will feel confident that a PK will be handled well, respectfully and aid in furthering the RP. Because both parties are enjoying what is going on and it makes sense IC. The respect is give and take. The cycle goes on. But that isn't the case here in dayZRP. Not everyone, in fact most don't, see each other as equal let alone respect them enough to engage in meaningful and purposeful RP consistently with one another that can lead to a PK that makes sense. (This rarely happens and if it does it's often between friends.) Instead we tend see salt, OOC hate, aggression, shit talking, etc which fuels the flame of the "must win/I'm better than you" mentality that plagues so many different RP communities not just here. But here; it's all over the forums. In discord. In Game. It even bleeds out to other aspects of people's online existence. What needs to be asked is; what sort of RP is the standard and is the flagship of DayZRP? Is it simply a ArmaLife Server with a no KOS rule that caters to quick encounters, tons of high energy FFs that showcase which group/players is/are on top? Or is it a storydriven RP server that caters to the slow burn of character arcs and the interactions between players? Because this attempt to mish-mash the server into a combination of both, does not seem to be working, imo. I hope a solution can be found that allows players to feel confident that people will perma when it makes sense in RP but also not take away the freedom of making that choice from the players themselves.
  13. When you coming back

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  14. Force PKs are never good (beyond a rulebreak for NVFL) the issue we have here is barely anyone feels respect enough for RP or the storylines they build in order to consider PK'ing to further a storyline or RP. I see people PK in other communities all the time, because of the respect they have for the RP. Do they want to PK? Most often, no. They don't really want to. But they feel the PK is deserved because of the events, actions and consequences of the RP they helped to weave and they truly believe the PK will help to further RP for others out there who are connected to their storyline as well as they have reached a 'end' to their RP at this point which it often does. You want to PK because you have trust the other person will make the PK impactful and leave a lasting mark not only for themselves but others involved. They will handle the PK RP in a serious, respectful manner and in saying that they also PK you with the knowledge this specific PK can lead to their own PK and so on and so forth. Their action will have a consequence. No one wants some weird person screaming a meme as they cap you in the head then make light of your PK to others in a round about way to insult you OOC only for them to PK due to pressure and re-roll the same dude again under a slightly different name. There is no trust, and no respect and there for no PK rights are granted. The only recent respect driven PKs I know of were the S-GRU and CLF who both PK'd their characters that had a long running history together in order to conclude a long long story driven RP and help to impact others RP which I am certain it will. Other than that, I haven't seen or heard of any valid, purposeful and respectful PKs recently. (But I am also not RP'ing here atm and I don't know every single player out there so I'm sure in closer knit circles on the server people have PK'd recently maybe.) Another note is a PK should be something that is a conclusion, when you reach a point in your RP storyline that the things you have done in RP justify a valid PK at that point. It should be on the player when they choose to PK. When it feels like it's time and you've reached a good point in where you are comfortable with it and the chance appears for you to take. Forcing PKs will never be a good thing, because people will specifically use that as a means to go out and harass, harm or berate someone into hostilities in order to justify a force PK. Which will only breed further OOC hate. I often feel people think a force PK system will result in "more serious RP" but it won't. It'll become the new meta to go after individuals someone specifically doesn't like in order to bait, or harass a situation out of so they can claim the PK. Just so they can run around and try and find the same person(s) over and over again in order to do this. Or use it as a means to enact revenge from a OOC standpoint. The idea to enforce PKs comes from a good honest place, a desire to improve the quality of RP that exists on the server but the methodology isn't quite the right route to take in my opinion. The lack of serious RP and serious players isn't because of a lack of rules, systems, points, reports or enforcement. It's because of the community, as a whole, is unwilling to change. If you want serious story driven RP outside of your friend circles in which PKs are taken respectfully and frequently you won't find it in a community based around a "must win" mentality that refuses to change. TLDR; No force PKs, makes people salty and others will use it as a chance to harass other players. Why don't people PK? Because barely one respects each other enough to consider doing a PK in RP unless they're OOC friends already.
  15. *Flips through old lore script* Wait, no... you're not supposed to make a second comeback until AFTER the Aliens land and Roland instates his empire as a fictional-nonfictional country bordering Chernarus and Russia. That's when you launch the nukes and take over---oh wait, I see. Ahh, yes the foot notes. Carry on! Joking aside, good luck guys! Hope you bring that extra spice to the server people are lookin' for! Here's a video of @Bryan singing for the people at the start of lore!
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