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  1. Neat idea Andrey! I like it so far. Would love if you could also include how your group reacted to the more recent events on the island. Like the loss of the border. Or the Warren Cove incident. It seems like stuff that would be 100% up your alley and justifying your groups ideas and goals like a “see?! That’s what I mean! Totally not worthy!” Kind of thing and would help to establish the group early on within the islands lore if you were aiming to be a thing before we opened deer isle. Otherwise, it’s cool and neat and can’t wait to see how it all plays out while IG!
  2. I physically relocated to a new country from the US and my PC is on a freight carrier arriving to me in 6-8 weeks. Otherwise I would pop in! Do some events. Etc. But I physically cannot so ... I can’t even play other games to pass the time. It’s very painful.
  3. Finished! I got a tad bored near the end and just rushed some stuff. But, I learned a lot this time around.
  4. regarding the year gap; it was created to allow for MORE freedom when it comes to creative characters and groups. So the dates won’t be changed. The island being untouched for a year allows players to think of new and creative things! Regarding the other questions (such as military chars.) we will get to soon for more clarity. I think Para is typify up some stuff atm. if there’s a year gap. You can surely fill in the blanks with your char ideas such as being a strong arm group that came into strength during that time. It makes sense. Being a crazy person who resorted to other means to survive. Being a pissed off former CDF or RAC member as well. Key points; yes Russians were there/lived there. Yes westerners were there as tourists almost entirely. Possibly also owning businesses and other venues via the tourist trade. But not as military stationed personnel. Western forces were not stationed there to aid or assist during the initial out break. I can assure you of that that much. But can they make it there via boat? Sure. But, why would the west send military to the island at all? They still have their own shit to deal with. The RAC was left there to fend for themselves and then abandoned so there is not a collective established lore faction present Atm. If you want to play former RAC/CDF military who were abandoned and left on the island I don’t mind. You won’t fall under the current RAC that is present on Chernarus. Or share rights or be a part of that lore faction Group. treat it as if you’re making your own group. You can rebrand as a section of RAC who took matters into their own hands during the year time. Is there a established military presence? Sure, if you want to make one. It won’t be from a directive of another country or Chernarus though. From a lore faction perspective? No, not unless we send RF there during a event or the current RAC from Chernarus travel there. sanctuary was a fortified and secluded town. It was able to survive by barricading it’s self and holding out. you’ll have tough and gritted people who did what they had to survive on their own. Make of that what you will! if you have a specific BG or group idea or character you’d like to discuss please send it to us. We will review it with ya to make sure it makes sense.
  5. I rather like CPs and the ability to be creative with them. It’s something people can either put a lot of effort into or not. If ya don’t wanna put effort into one, don’t? They also enforce the required character name for the server (link the CP to the player profile) and the map location (back when it was required). They also serve as a whitelist process and fact checking for new players who may need a little help with their lore. so many people enjoy crafting them that removing them seems a tad silly. It’s as simple as don’t bother with one beyond the requirements and you’re fine. You only need to touch it once anyways. -1
  6. In case anyone was confused. Or out of the loop and ‘Cause I still get a few questions about it. I have relocated to a new place recently and there’s still a lot I need to get done. I don’t have my PC. I don’t have a headset. I can’t get into voice really as easily as before. My replies to people and DMs and stuff are on the back burner while I work on Deer Isle with the team. 

    Once I’m settled I’ll hopefully be quicker to respond. Sorry for any delays at this time. IRL > RP. I believe this won’t be a super long period of adjustment. 

    Be safe. Wear a mask. Wash ya hands. And uh drink water? Sleep 8 hours a night? Take regular stretch breaks when sitting at the pc for long periods of time? Take breathers from stressors? Remember that time always moves forward and bad shit won’t last forever. 

    1. Inferno


      Sesame Street K GIF

    2. Blisna



    3. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Stay safe! IRL is more important. I hope your move went well! (^^)

  7. Nah, KoS doesn't promote RP. Fear maybe, but not RP interactions. We know this, if you wanna KoS go on a KoS Zoned Server and enjoy!
  8. Doodle of Oskar after some UNFORTUNATE events. Trying to pin down his face, which is hard. WIP of the above lines, flats all laid. And shade of main char. Rest needed to be added later oooon.
  9. Thank you for all the kind comments! Here's a new WIP Been playing RDO a bit, before I can't anymore.
  10. I dislike bases because of hoarding as well, the amount of gear people store sometimes is baffling. But my main issue is, making a base then either logging in to sit in it alone or never going to it unless you're regearing. I don't mind bases if they serve a purpose, you know? Like as a home or a point to actually RP in. In saying that, I would prefer more QoL items and functions to be added to spruce up a home and encourage people to want to show it off and bring people over. If we could; sit in chairs/sleep in beds(not actually sleeping mechanic but you know different animations that don't require us to do the Olympics to get into position)/etc. Place items in the world like you do in Scum, have a maintenance bank like Rust to keep the base running (IE; dump mats into the closet or w/e to ensure the base doesn't auto-degrade), allow for custom decorations and touches to be added. Photoframes, paintings, curtains, mounts, mantels, cups, plates, food placement, lighting, etc. Lock the build area to the player who placed the "flag" or "closet" like in Rust, Conan or Miscreated. Meaning no one else can build in that location unless a part of the same party/group. Then, I guess, remove storage of weapons if people are hoarding mostly guns and shit. But, if gun hoarding doesn't affect the loot economy then I don't care if people store guns. I just want the bases that are made to actually be USED for RP. And not this "Well me, myself and my best friend bob RP in it all the time!" Yeah, no. You sit on Discord and do nothing. I've watched people "RP" in their bases. 99% of the time tey stand around silently until they decide what they wanna do which is usually loot run. It would make a base worth visiting and people would NEED to venture out to gather mats to keep their homes running. Places like bars, taverns, hospitals, etc can be created and utilized. If someone isn't going through the effort to keep their base alive it'd just despawn naturally. The larger your home the more mats it takes to keep it alive. It's a simple but effective system I've seen used in many different games out there such as Rust and Miscreated, and some MMOs too. And that requires the player to actually leave their base and go gather material or trade for it in order to keep their base. BUT ALAS, this is DAYZ we are talking about and none of my pipe dreams will be a reality. SO instead, add back MoreDoors remove Base Building and let the server go back to claiming houses and living in them. Sure, it was bland for the Bob the Builder types, but these bases we have now are not used and if so, rarely. Cannot be maintained and lag the server apparently according to the DayZ Devs.
  11. Now i know the power of this song when describing a character 😅😭


    1. Brayces



  12. On Monday my PC and stuff will be shipped out. So I'll be pretty bored until I fly out later that week.

    Was thinkin', what are some scenes/ideas I can doodle to pass the time? 

    If you've had a interaction with me on my char. or somethin' tell me what memorable one you had and I'll see if I can doodle it.

    1. Inferno


      Can always finish up the one you should me of me, @Duke, and @Maybelele

      Hehehe GIF by memecandy

    2. DrMax


      Dr. Vetrov doing surgery, while Ellie, scout and new scout watch and wish to be as cool as him. 

    3. Daemon


      @Watchman getting whacked by an axe 🪓  

    4. Miamomoh


      @Watchman Being a Karen in the RF QZ while we were just chillin

    5. groovy lamb

      groovy lamb

      Watchman being a Karen 2nded,
      another was (Old lore) when Eliska had to tearfully beat Scout with a baseball bat for Kam...Love the angst 😄
      Can't wait to see what you doodle up!! ❤️


    6. Hofer


      Still waiting for a Dr. D doodle. BEEN A YEAR NOW

    7. HarveyLR


      Just draw a massive cock and balls

    8. Raptor


      That one time Desmond was thirsting over @groovy lamb's RF character back in the day to Scout, Knox, and the dude from RF.

    9. CormacLR


      frank vs gregor xD

    10. HarveyLR


      @Cormac Ima draw a pic of Aaron, Frank and Emerson da homies

    11. CormacLR


      @HarveyLRdo it man i will put on fridge

    12. Miamomoh


      That whole fight between @CormacFrank and the 3 of ya should deffo be captured

      Also @HarveyLR make one with emerson as the dog

    13. Inferno


      @HarveyLR's execution of Emerson would be a dramatic one 😎

    14. Brayces


      OHSHIT so many good suggestions, some of these def got me going 👀

    15. Hofer


      Glad you got so many suggestions so you can continue ignoring Uncle D

      cry crying GIF

    16. JimRP


      draw my next tattoo thanks

    17. Conor


      I must agree with @Cormac

      I think Frank vs Grzegorz would be a fantastic drawing. You can use my drawing as inspiration.

    18. Brayces


      WOW @Hofer I won't ignore Dr. D!! ❤️

      Also @Conor the only issue I have no idea what Frank looks like. <_> 

    19. CormacLR


      @Brayces dont worry i got you

  13. There's a lot about DayZRP I have come to love. It's a place where you can RP and not get judged for doing RP (maybe specific types, but we all log into the game and pretend to be people we are not) say that IRL and you get some weird looks, hah, but here it's understood and accepted. It's a place that allows you to be very creative, we have some of the most talented people who hang out in this community. Writers, artists, designers, singers, streamers, movie makers, developers, etc. It's a place where you can find catharsis, nothing beats a good solid RP session, whether you're getting kills in a dankPVP montage feeling like a savage in a FF, or being brought to actual tears from the RP you've been having, it's a great feeling and it's addicting and it's freeing. Some of the people in this community are simply amazing, you'll find people you never thought you'd connect with. True friends, true allies and confidants. Even so much as to go ahead and meet them IRL. People (mostly stinky boomers) often think that the internet and friends made on them are not "true" and "real" friends, but I can bet everyone one of us here would deny that right off the bat. This community has a impact, the DayZ Developers know we exist and understand how we play this game. They may not change their development but to know we stick out enough for them to take notice makes me sort of happy, it's like saying "we're here!" and they give a small nod. DayZRP is great to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to different types of RP, if you're willing to try! From campfire to hostile to anything in between. There's a group and people there to join you in your adventure. There's probably other stuff like specifics. Like, hating the game but loving to play it. Joking about "Oh yeah 5 years... Still in beta." And all the "remember when you'd open a gate and break both your legs?!" sort of things too. I mean, we even have our own culture and memes and terms. R4, +30, //do it do?, MY NAME IS NATHAN, //nice, etc. That can only really apply and make sense in this community.
  14. I've met some of the best amazing awesome people in this community, like legit real friends who I have met IRL and stuff. But I've also seen some people resort to being toxic, childish and over-reactive. Specially behind the scenes when I was a Admin. The goal in this community, imo, is to surround yourself with people who you value and who value you then ignore the rest who you do not get along with and who do not get along with you. Interact with politeness when need be, but do not linger. Not everyone is going to like you, and you're not going to like everyone else either. That is one fact we can all agree on. Abide by the rules to the best of your ability, keep a cool head, and try and talk out matters of miscommunication from IG or forum based things. Rule breaks or other wise. A lot of people actually don't like reporting each other, because it can be seen as petty or as you put it toxic in a attempt to get each other banned (ignoring actual like KOS/RDM/etc). I don't think I have ever filed a report against another player in this community as long as I have been here. I've been called into reports, sure, but have yet to post one myself. I always try and speak to the person(s) involved in rule breaks, try and talk to neutral third parties and get their perspectives from their outside eyes and often give people the benefit of the doubt. I don't even report posts/threads (unless it's accidents where a mod forgot a snip, reporting format wrong, etc), even if targeted towards myself or friends. Though, I will discuss them sometimes with Staff and ask how they see it/feel about it. But often do not go through with effort of officially reporting it. I understand that people get upset, get angry, and allow their emotions to override their reason. It's human nature, happens to everyone myself included. I try to understand where the other side is coming from, how they feel, what is going on in their IRLs that may be affecting them, etc. Because that's how I'd want someone to treat me. Unless someone is outright harassing me daily, being inappropriate when I have made it clear I do not appreciate it, have tried to speak to them and they ignore, then I likely won't report. If I have done all the above then the last resort I have is to report which is something I'd prefer not to do. Just talk to me, be mature, be respectful, come to a understanding. Level with me as I level with you. I, and this is just me personally, think that when someone lashes out in such a manner to attack and hurt someone else it's because I believe they are hurting themselves. There's something that they are not happy with, either within themselves or in their lives. They are stressed. They are frustrated. They are stagnating, trapped, isolated, etc. Whatever it is. They are in pain. And while they won't admit it, the safest option is to express their frustrations, their anger, their aggression is via a faceless/nameless community where their IRL is not affected. It's cathartic and freeing as well as validating. It may feel good to put someone in their "place" or get them banned for X reason. You feel powerful, you feel justified, etc. And that feels good compared to how bad you've been feeling. I could blah blah blah about it for ages but I know no one really gives a shit, and of course not every single person fits into my above thoughts but that's just how I see it. When I think about how much someone may be feeling, I try and pull back from my own reactions to their words, or their actions and see it from their side. Level with them and understand them. I mean, I may just be a huge wussy or something, which is likely true, but this at the end of the day feels more honorable and respective than lashing back at them out of spite or a place of hurt myself. Just my two idiot cents. 'Cause I am often kinda dumb, no secret. TLDR; Brayces is dumb, feel free to ignore.
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