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  1. Brayces

    Interview With A Community Member: DrMax

  2. Brayces

    Racism in game.

    Long story short, if you have gathered this much. People will die on their hills in order to be able to be overtly racist in RP. Even if it's trolly, or badRP. If you want to RP without running into racism that's so extreme as what you've experienced then there's other DayZ servers that provide RP but abide by Twitch TOS so people cannot do what they can here. This is two fold for me; while I think racism can be a good RP point if RP'd correctly it rarely is RP'd correctly here. For every well thought out racist character that does their hatred of various races well in RP there's 10 more shitty RP'ers screaming slurs every breath because "I'm allowed to! It's just RP man! Try not to take it so personally!!!" The most you can do is either A; type in OOC chat that you'd like them to calm down but granted you'll likely be hit with //STOP OOC and they'll continue or perhaps increase their slurs or you can PM/Leave feedback for the persons or groups in order to help them improve. I know a lot of leaders of specific Groups do NOT want the standard of trolly racist RP'ers in their ranks as it diminishes their efforts and lands more negatives against them when it comes to complaints and reviews. If it's so bad that you believe it to be BadRP then make sure you record and report it. Sadly, racism will not be banned from DayZRP. I say sadly because for those who do it well that put effort and time and selectively work on who they show their racist sides to, they are overshadowed by people who fuck up and do it poorly screaming every slur they know under the sun each moment they breathe in VoIP leading to such threads and heated discussions.
  3. Brayces


    Realizing that a lot of the people that I was advised were "shit" and "Don't focus on what matters" were just forced into bad situations in which certain events were the only outcome 9/10 times by others mostly based on personal beef/issues and that when separated from those they have negative encounters/pasts with allowed these same "bad" people to grow and enjoy doing what they love. Providing positive and encouraging interactions with.

    I feel bad for thinking, even in a slight smallest amounts I did, negatively about such people. Though it never extended past my own mental thoughts and never into verbal or textual means. I am still happy to see these people, when given space and respect, will easily return the favor in kind and I look forward to interacting with them more.

    I guess in short, always approach people with at best kindness and at worst neutrality. Under all those labels other people affix to someone, is a real human with valid feelings and is likely willingly and wanting to be understood and accepted. Like a abused dog, sometimes they bite first as a defense but when you allow them to get to know you they open up and they're not as bad as others made them seem.

    If you find yourself unhappy, and feel angry and defensive all too often. Perhaps you're the abused dog lashing out at others creating a vicious cycle of hatred and anger. Step away from others who are hurting you, if you can, even if they call themselves your friends. You're not meant to be so frustrated, on edge and unhappy all the time. I promise. You do deserve to feel okay, and to feel comfortable and at peace with who you are and what you're doing.

    Sorry for rambling, but just wanted to let people know they're not alone and I am not one of those who hears a label and immediately goes, "Well, that person IS shit." just because someone else told me so.

    1. Watchman



    2. DrMax


      theresa may GIF

    3. APositiveElmo




  4. Brayces

    Where are the groups at ?

    Tbh, a lot of people also aren't playing on the server right now. I keep hearing feedback from various people ranging from "I hate getting robbed/initiated on every time I have a interaction with someone that it feels pointless to log on anymore, even if I don't have anything worth taking, sometimes by the same people several times in the same day." to "well I can't find anyone to RP with so I just don't log on anyways, I spent X hours running the map and encountering no one and just log off bored." Two fold, I can promise you not everyone is hiding in debug or in bases because once a base is found it's robbed blind or 15 people roll up to initiate on it and it folds. Perhaps if people were more creative with their own provided RP and not defaulting to the tired old "hands up, ten seconds" or the "Ack stranger danger fleeeee" response it creates then maybe we'd have more people walking around and chatting to others, or hubs/places for others to gather at.
  5. Brayces


    If the lies put your and your group at harm, then you know it can lead to a execution. But the thing is, people execute left and right like it ain't no thang. You called me a mean word? Executed. You maybe, possibly where at a place in which my long lost cousin was maybe shot? Executed. Oh, I think you died before in a hostile activity but since you were INVOLVED in that hostile activity like 4-6 weeks ago oh and also you called me names, I'm gonna execute you again. And again, for good measure. Pretty sure I have a few "Execution Cards" stocked up from our various FFs or dissing contests even though that's not allowed by the rules but no one really keeps track and I'm sure if I'm reported I can probably pull up something since Staff won't have logs from back then and it'll be considered inconclusive. EXECUTED! Remember that one night, in the Caribbean ... You wore that white dress instead of the blue like I asked? EXECUTED! It kinda gets to a point where people just wait to be executed. They cannot fight back for fear of NVFL (if taken hostage) and a forced perma. And before hand couldn't even lie and had to eat the execution anyways. Like, as a hostage nothing would be enjoyable and it's just a count down until you get a bullet to the head to which you have to shrug off and explain sorta how it happened without remembering the events. The only difference is how long you're willing to put up with the very standard Hostile Experience ©. Why should hostileRP'ers be able to execute for any and all lies? Unless they know with 100% Certainty that the information the person is lying about is going to lead to their own deaths/harm or death of their group members then they shouldn't be executing the hostage for it, imo. And if that hostage is not reacting to the TortureRP then report them for BadRP. If the hostage is breaking your demands, talking back, etc etc, then execute away. They're sealing their own fate then. But, it's a two way street. Sometimes when looking through reports it's as if people are just looking for ways to execute based on OOC feelings from prior events. Also, it seems people use OOC to confirm IC information. Not talking scars, tatts, facial features, etc. I'm talking Group Affiliations, past encounters and events and other such meta-game like information. If you cannot recall this information ICly then don't tab out to confirm it OOC, imo. Go with what your character believes which is in part what you sorta know. And if you sorta don't know it all, then roll with that. Only tab out to confirm if it's REALLY required, and you know you need to use your rights ASAP as that will further RP. TBH, this is just a whole mess of people being upset. There's no divide in the hostileRP and the hostageRP unless you make one. No one has more "power" than the other unless you willingly assert your dominance and flaunting of the rules over the other in a scenario. I have had many awesome HostileRP encounters but that is because I allow myself to lose, I allow bad things to happen to my character and then I allow my characters development to extend from that. People refuse to allow something bad happen, or the hostileRP they get is generic, boring, bland and stale and when they offer feedback they're greeted with toxicity and memes making them feel they are invalidated and their experience was nothing more than a easy PvP compilation video clip to add to the montage and some dank gear. Why is it when people have a hostile Storyline with others it almost ALWAYS devolves into shit talking the person playing the character they're at odds with, sometimes so thinly disguised as "oh no I mean the character they're playing not them"? From both a attacker and a defender point of view. How come I see people getting into fights and dropping memes and slurs, insults and flame behind Discord walls about other players based on their IC actions and their moments of frustration during events or scenarios? The issue is not the rules, but the mindset people have about each other. And nothing will change as long as the mentality of US vs THEM continues. To give you have to get and to get you have to give. You have to lose, you have to want to perma, injuryRP and dissolve and recreate and continue. But you also have to learn to let go. But, that will never happen here. It hasn't happened before, it and won't happen going forward and it sucks to see people slowly slipping into these mindsets as if the world of DayZRP is out to get them when it's really not, it's the approach and handling of different expectations and communication that jumbles things up.
  6. Brayces


    Since I missed the thread; 

    I have never played, nor ever will play, a 9 or 11 year old character. The character who was kidnapped by anarchy was 14, and even that was pushing it for me. Directly after that I retired the character and haven’t played her since. 

    My current teenage character is 16. She WAS 17 but people were being creeps and juicing like eboys in and out of RP so I deaged her to 16. I also purposefully lower my voice pitch to ensure I don’t sound like a squeaky toy. My character before her was/is 24, the current one I have active.  

    Please do not comment on if childRP should be banned or not on my status, I am not posting this status for this reason. I am just clearing up a misconception that I willingly would play a 11 or 9 year old when I never have and never will. 

    Thank you. 

    1. burRP


      ❤️ juice 

    2. GreenySmiley


      lol XD IC Rain thought you were 9 lol or told you were XD

      sorry for the misunderstanding... I believed her being 9 XD she was played well either way.

    3. Baron


      It's a debate as old as DayZRP itself honestly, however I don't believe any of the topic was necessarily pointed at your characters. I respect the reasons behind the clarifications however, just keep doing you Brayces. 👍

    4. DrMax


      Ellie and Dolores smelt bad tbh. Just saying!

      Ive Roleplayed with both of your characters which are young and you play them fine. You understand how they’d act and do it well. Without sounding like one of them weirdo people you experience, your voice sounds fine on both the characters when you played them. I don’t see the issue with roleplaying as a young character if played well. Some people just ruin the experience of it by acting like a troll. 

      You do it fine. Ignore the haters. 

  7. Brayces

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    https://theredzone.fandom.com/wiki/Zones They need to update their Wiki then because this says; Besides the point, if it can work for them it can work for us too. I don't see it being this horrible thing that will end all RP on the server if we suddenly add in a NPC Safe zone.
  8. Brayces

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    TRZ uses safe zones (that rotate around the map every so often) and it has capped players on it's server pretty regularly. So, maybe just maybe, safe zones aren't the end of the world to a server. Just maybe. A NPC trader in a "safe zone" that is rotated around every so often would be neat-o and encourage people to travel the map to that location to engage with said trader. Though, I can see people camping outside the "zone" to catch players who leave or attempt to enter it to then rob them or similar. Perhaps multiple points and different NPCs selling different things would be cool. Stick them in different areas of the map and swap them around every month/week or something.
  9. Brayces

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    Make people go to the NPC Item trader to spawn in Item Shop gear when IG.
  10. Brayces


    I wanna post a old war song(doesn't even say anything postive/negative really), but it came out in the 80's in Russia and I don't wanna get slammed accidentally ... 😓

    1. Major


      Post it.

    2. Brayces


      Actually, maybe you can tell me if it's bad? It's a folk song about war, made in Russia in the 80's they also call it a Cossack song. I know 0 about history, is that a bad thing?

    3. DrMax


      I’d say post it. If Theresa was here, what would she do?

    4. Brayces


      She'd that dance she's known for. 

    5. Lemons




  11. Brayces

    Lore Focused Events - Only for Specific Groups?

    Hello all, mostly LMs. As I have recently experienced, though not personally, it seems that LM based events and storylines are being offered to players. Awesome! Good work, LMs! Something you guys can fully control without the need of tools or having to wait for a GM to help you with. Issue is, why isn't everyone told about this? I love the idea that people and groups can work with a LM to have a lovely Lore based RP experience (mostly done in OOC Voice D&D style) which can widely affect the server lore, and individual character storylines. My main issue is, this isn't being offered to all members of the community, and in fact I would wager to guess not even 70% know they can ask a LM to go to Kivirograd and have a D&D styled LM experience to help further Lore of the server, or personal lore. It's a great idea, but it shouldn't be offered solely to specific groups, and I only learned of this after Staggs came to a group Discord apologizing that we weren't offered the same advantages as the other group who had experienced the Lore based experience with him. As you know, many MANY members would gladly roll alts to engage or help with a LM/Lore storyline and would love to participate if they can have a specific role or interaction with the LMs. I know sometimes you guys feel we don't care about the Lore or whatever, but a lot of us do and a lot of us would love to be included in stuff that works directly alongside the LMs. After all, everyone wants to be a main character in a storyline, and this is sort of creating a power divide when you offer it to specific groups or people and not everyone. Suddenly other storylines aren't as important or interesting, dropped or forgotten because well, "I have a current LM/Lore storyline which is being handled by the LMs of the server". See what I mean? My suggestion; make a thread or document this somewhere so people know they can actively participate or engage with you guys. Set about rules, or amount of requests or how ever you want to govern this. It's a new and exciting thing and I know that Roland has said before that "RP that doesn't happen on the server isn't canon/doesn't matter/doesn't and cannot affect other players, etc" but if the LMs are running this, then I assume it is all canon so it's completely fine! If you did post about this somewhere, and I missed it I apologize but then it has been buried and needs more attention. Have a Mod+ Sticky it for you in the right forum.
  12. Brayces


    Added a new vid to my CP, but EEEEEEEEEEEH Windows Movie Maker suuuccks. Also added a buncha characters I need to write details for in Those Who Know Me section. :S

    1. RedSky


      DaVinci Resolve 16, free has all the functionality from Adobe Premiere Pro and more. Thank me later.

      It is profesional software to use, and currently is one of the most used colour designers for movies.


    2. Azu


      That one kill on that new vid. Best pvp montage ive ever seen

    3. DrMax


      Still don’t see the Dr. River title and huge book about him. 

  13. Brayces

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Things were dank, and fun! Many stuff happened, and it was coolio! Lotsa development, etc. Time to close one chapter and move onto another! Please remove myself from ye ole birb roster. o7 So long and thanks for all the fish! Keep up the bombastic birb badassary!
  14. Brayces

    Would like to see a Character Mod be created

    This, I believe, is a nigh impossible task to accomplish at the moment with the state of modding and DayZ AFAIK. There's issues being able to edit the player models as the model is selected on the client screen and not when you are loading into the game server (or something) it's why there's a lack of said types of mods on the workshop. So unless someone builds some "character creator" when you actually load into the server then I don't think we'll see any character modding. I'd pay for a custom model skin if it was a possible thing that can be done, as would many others tbh, but alas ... I'm sure a Dev has more insight into this than I do though, since they work on it all the time but this has been suggested a fair amount before so they are aware of the desire for such a mod.
  15. Brayces

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    I thought you wanted full control of the Server and it's Mods, Roland? If these mod authors decide to stop updating their mods and we are forced to remove them then that's a forced server wipe across map and characters each time to avoid corrupted data or hell, roll backs to before the mods were installed. (Thinking the clothing and item mods mostly). While I love more mods to be added, I do hope people realize the implications of when a mod goes bad, when the author decides to stop updating it for the various DayZ updates, or if they file some sort of DMCA against people using it in junction with their servers obtaining monetary gains and them not seeing any profit from it. Perhaps toss this on the Event Servers for a bit, see how they play out before pulling them over to full S1/S2, I can already sense the salt in the air with a "But I just spent four days making my base! You SUCK Roland!"
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