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    Saw this and reminded me of Dolores. Show keeps pulling me back.

  3. Brayces


    Headed away for ten days! I will return soonTM. 

    Be good.

    Don't be bad.

    Remember I love you all.



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      Enjoy yourself be safe 

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      It's been 12 hours and rolled got banned. Come save us 🤔

  4. Brayces

    SCUM RP ?

    I just stated the reasons why it may not be a side project, but in the end it's all up to the big red man, Roland. So! He has the final say, if he says no it could be some of the reasons I listed or it could be a simple, "No." And that's it. Just my take on how it may play out.
  5. Brayces

    SCUM RP ?

    Yeah, but for real that's our brand name and what we're known for. So ... Yeah, of course we're gonna keep the DayZ name and you know ... Keep playing DayZ and keep the site and content around the DayZ name and the game. Even if it's been slow and frustrating from development. We've been DayZ related since we launched allll the way back in Mod back when interest in the mod and the game were at a peak and stayed that way for a long while before it died down. So, we're gonna keep being DayZ until it's either shut down by Bohemia or Roland decides on a ~* REBRAND*~ for this site, or simply move everyone over to CitadelRP going forward. ScumRP would have to be on CitadelRP anyways. Not listed here under side projects.
  6. Brayces

    SCUM RP ?

    Looks cool and all, but what really determines whether we open a RP server is due to many things such as; Server Control. We need to be able to have moderate control over the Server, access to logging, accessing to settings, ability to inject certain things and setup, etc etc. Secondly, popularity. How popular will the game be? How many people will play it? Average daily player count and peak players? Will it stay consistent? Etc. Launch interest does NOT dictate continued interest. Many fad games launch strong then die out rather quickly. Often times games will get only so far before petering out, or they'll release in a alpha or "Early Access" phase with limited to no control which this game is, and we cannot monitor or access reporting information on the Server we rent or house with. I love seeing new games, with updated graphics and tons of customization but sadly any game that goes that far seems to get stuck in Early Access without ever really moving forward and either interest dies out before it gets released or it gets left behind. It's all out of Roland's pocket the money comes to rent the Server, get the setup, maintain it, work on it, learn it's tools, etc. The pros have to outway the cons, and right now I do not believe we have enough info on how well it will do in order to suddenly invest in a Private Server if they even offer those to the public. Maybe we can revisit this game when we have more information on it and we can see how well it does. But for now, I can tell you it's more than likely going to be a no. But like I said, it's all on Roland's wallet so he has the final say.
  7. Brayces

    RP Hubs added to 'Map'

    While this is a creative idea, it won't work so well. Hubs move so often and relocate and whatnot that keeping a map updated would take time and effort and some may consider it Meta Gaming if they have a "hub" known only to those who are supposed to know ICly. Maybe when we get modding we can set up established towns and have people fill out forms for official towns, etc and then list them on a map or similar... I have dreams... Anyways! But for now, I personally do not see this being plausible due to time, effort and the fact people move so often and most won't bother to update their hubs. If anyone needs to find out where the most current hubs are they can always pop off a friendly RC and inquire.
  8. Brayces

    Stuck under a house and or rock? FRET NO MORE!

    WHAT! This is MADNESS. Oh, sure Bohemia fixes non-essential issues but won't release BETA?!
  9. Brayces

    Stuck under a house and or rock? FRET NO MORE!

    Heya, you may want to try posting this under the Questions forum! You'll get more answers there. Sadly, if you have tried all the above tricks you may have to kill yourself. We can try kicking you while you're running at the wall so you desync out of the house but that is the same as unplugging your internet cable. I'd suggest asking the Community first though, so post a new thread and see what tips and tricks others may have.
  10. Brayces

    The Railroad

    /Archived. The members of this Group are not yet active enough, nor in game enough for this Group to be even considered for approval. Once you have gathered more active members, or more time to be in game feel free to PM a member of Staff to have this Group unarchived.
  11. Brayces


    It's been over a year since I started Lo's diary, and while I haven't been playing as much she sure has been through a lot much like myself. I think I've used her as a outlet for a lot of feelings I had back when I first joined. I felt helpless a majority of the time, under a lot of pressure, scared and afraid. In a attempt to grow stronger I made Lo (and in a attempt to avoid juicing while IG as well...). I wanted to learn how to manage things on my own, see what people could teach me about surviving and how they felt seeing a weaker person that wasn't that much of a threat. 

    Some, well most, have been helpful. Kind. Caring. Something I didn't think they'd be! Others, tougher but with golden hearts, trying to instill the same rough yet determined survival instincts into her. And those playing villains showed us (as well as myself) how the world will take every opportunity to use your own good will against you. 

    Lo is definitely in a better place now. She's with her best friend Ella (@Spartan's char) and Liam (@DrMax's char) with Will who is around there somewhere ... I imagine, brooding in a forest or some sort. Ella and Lo also stop by Merek's house every so often to see Phe, Felicia and whomever else visits there. 

    I find myself also in a better place, it's not perfect by any means but I'm better overall. I let people in when I hadn't after such a long time, and now for the first time in a good damn while they cared for me, and helped me when I needed it. I didn't expect things to be where they are now, but I am happy to have progressed so far.

    There are still some things I want to sort out (a better job for one) but for now I am thankful for those who have joined me in my personal as well as Lo's adventures. And I want to thank those who still stick around, who still let me bother them (Spartan, Lyca, Aristo, Jim!) and let me hang out or chat and don't get mad when I go absent for a while due to RL. 

    Image result for thank you anime gif

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    2. Malet


      10/10 - Would get my nose broken for you always again 😉 

    3. JimRP


      Lo is the best. 

    4. King


      Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
       - a strong man

      I'm glad I've been there to see you grow and help you train to be stronger. But something I will always want you to know is that I truly respect you for being one of the strongest people I know. And I know me! 

  12. Brayces



    Me to @Aristocrat like ...24/7

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      Something like this:p0hnePZ.png
      or more basic like this: wWkffyW.png

      You know? A room warmer

    3. Harvey


      Thats a heater you plonk...

    4. Dino


      *Writes bad staff feedback for insulting*

  13. Brayces

    Negative Karma [Open Thread]

    First you leave EVE, now WoW! Man ... When will the senseless madness stop? I also used to camp outside UC at the flight masters before they installed Guards in that area. I would run over to that small Farm outside Org kill the NPCs so they'd raise the alarm then catch lowbies running out of the main gates to check out all the big boiz flying to the farm. Sneak in sometimes to smaller towns/areas in Duskwood (no one would really go there though ... ) or Crossroads, before it was left behind ... *One tear pls.* Omg, Mulgore. I would camp all the little cows running around to TB once they were like lvl 25 (if they needed to go back there) this was before you could train your skills in the Skill Book and had to visit trainers. I did that stupid Seal Form Quest like 4 different times as a druid. Firelands and Tolbard were fun places to catch people! But best was def Outlands.
  14. Brayces

    Negative Karma [Open Thread]

    Aww, are you getting ganked in WoW dear Rolando? If you want, I can come and gank the gankers for you~ Pay for my WoW Sub and I'll trail after you as you level,
  15. Brayces

    Negative Karma [Open Thread]

    I used to do the same shit all the time. I'd play a Feral Druid, find someone out in the world leveling and then gank them. Repeatedly. Until they'd swap to their main, then I'd gank that if they were PvE players. If they brought more friends or were PvP based, I'd bring guildies and we ended up having massive battles in bizarre locations like Outlands, or level zones no one uses. I once had a huge battle in Burning Steps or w/e it's called where the Portal to Outlands is located. Was so much fun, though! Also went through and ganked people leaving Stranglethorn Vale/Booty Bay. Sometimes I'd pop out of stealth and just follow them around while they were leveling, and killed their mobs for them (after they tagged them) and then when I got bored or had to leave, do a /hug or /kiss and gank them then leave. Tbf, I only ganked Green-Yellow leveled people. Meaning people I could still farm honor from if I killed them. Not some lonely lvl 34 running around and questing.