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"DrMax isn't even a real doctor"

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  2. Your profile quote is incorrect, I do not like being lied to. Next you'll be saying you are not actually a child! SMH

    1. Brayces


      I ... may not actually be a 14 year old boy. I am sorry...

    2. Brayces


      I changed my profile quote for you.

    3. DrMax


      wOAh. You didn't say that when you asked for plastic surgery to make you look more like Queen Elizabeth II

    4. Brayces


      I was not satisfied with the services!!

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      I get that a lot 😞 

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      stop flirting 

  3. I like how all the Legends are like, "WELL MAYBE I WANT A PERSONAL PREFAB IG TOO, ROLAND." Also man, the text editor is borked. I await the changes!
  4. Aww, gonna miss a lot of these guys! Hoped to reconnect with some old ones, but alas. Great job none the less! *single tear*

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    2. Kase


      Gamer child Soldier Brayces returns

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      I miss these Kinda Neat videos never met another person share a buttress video 😂


    4. Brayces


      I love odd music, I enjoy ones with interesting lyrics like clipping. and Buttress that also carry a neat beat! 😄



  6. When will they make ZEUS for DayZ? When ... why... Bohemia ... why ... I always wanted to be able to spawn enemy AI that wasn't just wolves, bears, etc. Because it could add to a event or a area that people were exploring. Sadly, it seems this sort of functionality will never make it over to DayZ in a timely fashion.
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      halt stop

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      What hofer Said

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  8. I do not think that adding in a rule with so much grey area will help create better RP. The force PK argument will just cause further issues OOC, specially based on what is considered a valid RP situation to force a PK upon someone else. It will lead to more countless arguments of "well how many hostile encounters ... and how many arguments ... who's friends with who and what did they do last week..." that count toward a valid force PK. No one will be able to see eye to eye on what is and isn't considered valid enough to force a PK. Forcing players to abide by more rules and loophole
  9. When you coming back

    1. Brayces



      Season 3 Laughing GIF by The Simpsons

      Too busy being a dirty gutter rat pickpocket with off brand peaky blinders in the wild west.

    2. Kase


      This makes me the big sad

    3. Brayces


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  10. Force PKs are never good (beyond a rulebreak for NVFL) the issue we have here is barely anyone feels respect enough for RP or the storylines they build in order to consider PK'ing to further a storyline or RP. I see people PK in other communities all the time, because of the respect they have for the RP. Do they want to PK? Most often, no. They don't really want to. But they feel the PK is deserved because of the events, actions and consequences of the RP they helped to weave and they truly believe the PK will help to further RP for others out there who are connected to their storyline as well
  11. *Flips through old lore script* Wait, no... you're not supposed to make a second comeback until AFTER the Aliens land and Roland instates his empire as a fictional-nonfictional country bordering Chernarus and Russia. That's when you launch the nukes and take over---oh wait, I see. Ahh, yes the foot notes. Carry on! Joking aside, good luck guys! Hope you bring that extra spice to the server people are lookin' for! Here's a video of @Bryan singing for the people at the start of lore!
  12. Missing my 14 (maybe 15 now?) Year old mentor. Hope you're having a good time wherever you are.

    1. Brayces


      Aww, miss you too Zanaan! I'm doing gooood, hope you are well as well!


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      grace helbig judging you GIF by This Might Get

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      miss you brayces 😞

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  14. I've played on a different community (and game) for a bit and I can safely say that I don't think I'll come back to DayZ any time super soon for the following reasons; - Lack of ability to mod easily in DayZ SA leaving the map, functions, assets, and players stale - No active world, or NPCS/AI/Jobs - Lack of player run events and story lines to get invested in (Not everything needs to be handled by the Staff Team) or trust that a player run event won't devolve into PVP - Lack of mutual respect or trust in the community as a whole for the sake of RP During my time away in a diff
  15. StalkerRP when? TBH we all come here for the post apoc zombie survival RP and nothing else. We don't come here to play truck driver RP in GTA, or cowboy yeehaw in Red Dead. We come here because we wanna RP in the nitty gritty post apocalypse world overrun by zombies. There will be games dedicated to that, and one day DayZ will see it's end as it's not really fitted for RP in the same way other games are. Though, I suspect that won't be for a fair bit. BUT There are other games coming out that ARE focusing toward RP and will allow for more customization and ability. We just have to see if
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