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  1. *The two of them labored to a stop, plopping down their heavy backpacks and resting their weary bodies against the graveled side road. Lo cast a worried glance around, they were close to the main city but just outside enough to not warrant wandering parties to find them. A few weeks had passed since her last communication with her distance separated friend, and the ever growing silence was beginning to gnaw at the forefront of Lo's meandering mind. As Will rose and started to scout the area for a decent place to set up camp, he left Lo to tug the packs closer to some foliage, remain as lookout and to wait for Phe to catch up. Quickly, she found herself pulling free her radio, fidgeting with it's various knobs and buttons before peering down at it's face, her own clouded with a detectable note of forlornness. With a decisive huff, her fingers flipped the dial tuning to a familiar frequency pressing down the PTT. Her voice was wavering, tinted with a somber sadness that only a child couldn't mask.* M-Ms. Beth? Dr. Faith? Mr. Casper? R-Reed? Are you guys still out there? ... Ella? Is everything okay, Ella? I haven't heard ... anything in a long time. I ... Have a bad feeling, you know? *She tried her best to hide the truth behind Ella and her late night/early morning Morse Code radio calls and their sudden lack which was her cause for concern, clearing her throat she continued.* Ella, what's going on? Are you alright? I'm worried, like super worried... ... Ms. Beth, Dr. Faith ... You guys still speak and see Ella, right? You too, Mr. Casper and Reed? Is she okay? I just wanna know ... *Solemnly Lo released the PTT, letting her message drift over the radio waves hoping it would reach those she intended.*
  2. About OpenID

    Hello @David Del Rios I hope one of our members here helped answer your question, please mark one of their answers as the best answer so we know this issue is resolved. If you have further inquiries feel free to post them here, or start a new Question in the Questions Forum.
  3. Community Summit

    This is a neato idea! But I concur with Rolle, a selection of two or one members from each official group should be nominated to speak. This way we get rid of vote riding for nominations or a lack of voice from those who aren't a part of bigger friend circles! Once selected, I think we'd need to propose a best time and day for this meeting to take place.
  4. GOT The Hound Appreciation Thread

    Here's some art! By rebelflet.
  5. Hello everyone!

    Hello LemonLime! Welcome to our community, as you can tell we have people from all walks of life who exist here. As you wait for your Whitelist to be reviewed, please keep in mind there is no set ETA for how long a Whitelist application can take to be approved or denied. While you're waiting, I suggest thinking of the character you'd like to play. Maybe selecting some lovely photos for your character page and thinkin' of cool traits and quirks you can RP out while in game! If you have any questions, feel free to PM a member of Staff, jump into the HD in TS or post your Question on the Questions Forum (Which you've done once already so you know how it works!) Best of luck, and I hope to see you soon!
  6. Hello?

    Welcome back Sar-I mean , Poppy, I mean ... W-welcome back! Glad to see you have returned to us once more, and what not!
  7. Teamspeak and Discord

    We had a topic on this before, and a majority of the community did not wish to swap to Discord. The discussion can be found here; Feel free to read over some members points and what not, either way I don't believe we will be switching to Discord in the near future.
  8. Returning

    Hello Maniac! (He's a maniac ... Maniac ... on da floooorrr...) Welcome back! Lots of people have periods where they take a break from RP and DayZ in general, but we're glad to have you back. GTA-SA RP, huh? Yeah! @JimRP said he LOVED doing RP for that game back in the day and I'm sure you two would have things to chat about! And we encourage and accept people who may want to ONLY TextRP, so don't feel pressured to use VoIP if you prefer TextRP, okay? Since you've been gone since about March of 2017, I encourage you to take a look over the Rules once more since we've changed a few things and of course the Lore. We had a Lore Wipe not too long ago, so you'd wanna check up on that probably just to make sure you're up to date. For things that have happened SINCE the Lore Wipe and IC/IG check out the Time Line. All members can submit a request to have a event they feel was impactful to the Lore added onto the Time Line. And with any other questions, or concerns feel free to jump into the Help Desk in TS, PM a member of Staff or ask your question on the Question Forums. Have fun out there, and hope to see you soon!
  9. Bad RP Situation

    Hello Alessandro Trulli, Please update your Opening Post with the following format found here, Failure to do so will result in this Report being closed within 24 Hours.
  10. Real life picture Thread

    Oo! Are we all typing in funny colors now?
  11. Lore Wipe

    Since we JUST had a Lore Wipe I don't believe we will be having another one very soon. Currently, we're not really far enough in the Lore as it stands to consider wiping it. But, the LMs can probably provide more insight into this. @Major @PCJames
  12. Today's Adventure

    Same! They're always such a joy to see people enjoying the RP they've had and logging it down to talk about it. Warms my little heart <3 Oh, @tynelson224 if you ever want to give Kudos to someone who you had a fantastic RP Session with check out the Whose roleplay did you enjoy today? thread!
  13. Greetings.

    HELLO ApoxOnYou! Happy to see you've joined our little DayZ Family and are already makin' friends. Just a quick reminder, since you're new, if you need any help you can jump into the Help Desk in TS, PM a Member of Staff or even post your question in the Questions Forum! Have fun out there, roaming the land and meeting weary and maybe not so weary travelers!