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  1. Does that statue have ... TIDDIES!?!? NSFW. /Denied. Jk, overall I like it! Looks good! Was this a fancy manor or something that got exploded? Seems fitting for the ROYAL DANISH MILITARY to shack up in.
  2. Vomit is on the entire wheel, I thought. Unless Roland removed it? It’s not under sickness I don’t think though. Check the other locations? laugh on the other hand is not on the emote wheel.
  3. stop trying to claim me in the waters

    1. Brayces


      Ohhh, Petersen~

      Come on in, the water ... it's fine!!

    2. Aisling


      Lady of the lake?

  4. Hello, Developer Watchman,

    I hope this finds you well. The days draw long and the nights colder, as the rains down in Livonia as they do all days and I am reminded of the warm summers in the country home we often visited.

    I hope that you still find the warmth, even now during the shivering embrace of the war. Fear not for the end is near, I feel.

    Wishing you the best, keep safe.

    Watching the skies, always,

    1. Watchman



  5. 👀

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  6. "You hear a whisper in the trees, what is it saying?" --- Perhaps it's something on the breeze, kept between the small pauses of rustling leaves and crying birds that captures your attention. Was it your name, a voice beckoning you, that it called? No, perhaps it was just that; wind. Air. Nothing more and nothing less. Of course, until you hear it again. All this time, all that struggle, all the efforts you've gone through to make it this far. Seems pointless, doesn't it? In truth, it will always be this difficult, this harsh and you know it to be true. Why keep filling up your palms with water, from a already sinking ship when you can hear the sirens calling? Was it your name, a voice beckoning you, that it called? Perhaps it was nothing, after all. --- This is a Loremaster item. Approved by Roland, so @Supports please do not delete.
  7. Yaayy! I'm glad the twins had a impact on Eli!
  8. Spoilers but this was a nice video essay. 👌

    1. Watchman


      Yesss its amazing

    2. APositiveJade






    3. Brayces



  9. Oh man, having you bump into us was great. I am so happy you decided to stick around and watch the whole thing unfold! I love when things roll dynamically and just carry on into other storylines. Also, the other girl (Karina) was @Franny! I sure hope we meet again either by chance or similar! Sorry the char. you met died. I swear it was for a good purpose!!
  10. Quick Reminder, William. Our Devs are NOT 3D modelers. They are texture and code artists, meaning they make code and re-texture existing items. Adding in items like AI (dogs, cats, rats, etc) takes a lot more than just slapping a model in there. Adding little nonsense like scrolling text on the front page is used in HTML5 or w/e code the website is made with in which Roland is quite well versed is easy. The code used on the website is not the same as the code used in the game. When adding third party mods, Roland needs to gain express permission (typically) if it's something that can be bought and sold in the Item Store(IE; clothing items for example). Right now groups can get their own armbands and outfits(I think?) if they're approved. He also has to Vet the mods to ensure they are not harmful nor bog down the server too much or do not interfere with existing code and mods. Things like "adding cheese" would be fine if there's a model for it already in the game and our Devs can retexture it. If there isn't a model we have to weigh the desire for a block of cheese to be modeled or downloaded, then placed into the server. IE; is the effort and benefit to RP that much so it is worth the time and effort to implement it? So, is there a massive desire for cassette players and cameras? If you feel it should be a mod that is added, put it on the suggested mod thread list and Roland will look it over. P.S. Comfort can be spawned in, but only by us LMs, it does not spawn on the loot table. We are working hand in hand with the Devs to make new Items or setups related to Lore. I've personally gone through and placed bodies/markers for the Serial Killer event all over Livonia. I'm a big supporter of getting stuff IG that players can interact with instead of having to use Emotes all the time.

  12. Just wanna say thank you to our devs, they've been so helpful specially for LM stuff that I can't thank them enough.

    You guys are always so friendly, willing to assist and wonderful teachers.

    I know a lotta people don't realize the work and effort you put in, specially in the background but we do! 

    The LM team loves yooooouu ❤️ 

    thanks thank you GIF

    @Ducky @Watchman and also sorta @Kerkkoh just because he still helps fix things when not even on the team anymore lol

    1. Watchman


      Always a pleasure to assist the lore team!

    2. Ducky


      thanking you

    3. Hofer


      GIF by SkySlope

  13. I did spend time trying to get some damn ASCII art into a note to look like doodles. But alas ... The spacing is off and it cuts off half way through. So, guess I'll be sticking to *there would be a doodle of whatever upon the paper* instead.
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