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  1. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    You know me with locations and maps!!
  2. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Me being lost and found by @Buddy and @Aristocrat :
  3. To Dolores... [Private Frequency]

    *Sitting securely in the apartment room Lo works on flipping through pages in her journal, stopping to thumb another tore page edge after her recent encounter with a near-deaf man and Will's attempts at communicating with him. Her radio busts with static followed by Phe's words, as she listens her heart sinks and she feels her emotions sway. Picking up her radio she presses down the PTT to speak, her voice soft and saddened.* Phe... I'm sorry I've been gone... I miss you a whole lot, so much... It hurts when you're not around and when we're not together. I'm sorry I didn't try and speak to you when I left. I was worried Uncle Seth would hear and he'd get really mad at me, or worse at you ... I didn't ... I mean, I didn't run away. I just took a ... a little trip... There was a lot going on, I ... keep thinking about what Mom and Dad would say and then ... What Uncle Seth and W-Wyatt were saying... I just needed, a little ... I needed to think about stuff, you know? P-phe, please don't cry, okay? You know I love you, you're my sister! You're the only you know, family ... I have here... Please don't be sad, we're gonna see each other again. I promise! I swear, I love you okay? I promise, Big Sister! *She released the PTT, and ran the back of her hand over her eyes, sniffling. Biting down on her lip she sighed heavily, her thoughts rolling and her hands shaking slightly. She gave a sharp shake of her head, and stood up keeping her radio close to her chest. Making sure to listen for Phe's voice, each step around the room she paced didn't seem to help calm her and before long she could no longer brush away the tears as they rolled thick and damp down to her chin.*
  4. My IC Goals:

    - Collect a lot of bears

    - Collect a lot of dads

    That's it, that's my char.

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      dads. Hmm.

      I am not surprised.

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      @Chief that statement could be up to so many interpretations!

      @Buddy only I can call you daddy.

      @Elmo you get in that bed with buddy, its over. I'm getting the divorce papers.

      @Idole come back to us! Need someone to help Wyatt :(

      @Brayces gotta catch 'em all!

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      i miss u guys too i will try my hardest to get on i promise

  5. Real life picture Thread

    AHH! So cute! LOOKIT THOSE EYESSSSS AMAZING! jdsfhsjkdfd. Adorable!
  6. Sad Reacts Please

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    MFW Buddy sleeps all day and doesn't respond to my messages: 


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      OhGee. I'm not your personal alarm clock! >:O 

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      You're going to have to be if you want to talk with me :o 

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      Dern! Okay finneee...~

  7. Update, move in day is tentatively set for 9/16 (Bearing that my old Rental Agency contacts this new one back), so until then I am going to do my best to get a dongle like Coreena suggested and leech some Wifi. 

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      you moving in a apart or house?

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      Into a apartment! :D FINALLY WITH NO ROOMMATES! 


    *Leaning over the counter Lo stretched her short arms up as high as she could manage, her finger tips barely brushing the stocked can just out of reach, huffing she attempted to bounce on the heels of her feet for added distance but to no avail. Bringing a flat palmed hand down gently against the counter with frustration she growled through clenched teeth, she was trying to keep quiet but she oh so wanted to smack the counter top in anger, she frowned hearing a soft snap and pulled her hand up inspecting it. She didn't think she'd hit the counter that hard but it had been a while now since she last ate, and she was ravenous and slightly befuddled. Each pang of hunger ran through her and only added to her grumpiness and helped her head swim more. She propped herself up on the counter top with difficulty and sighed, hoping Jer would be around soon or would tell her what was going on also possibly be carrying something to eat. As if reading her mind her radio crackled to life, Jer's voice booming through it. She scrambled to tug it free and turn down the volume quickly but she wasn't the only one who heard him speak. Outside came a thump, followed by a low snarl, the noise of leaves dragging against dirt drew closer stopping to scratch at the closed door. Lo's breath stalled in her throat and her eyes widened, she felt the counter top drop from beneath her as she slid off it in one fluid motion and clambered through the back door keeping low. Outside she was no safer, she could see the highway from where she crouched under the trees but it wasn't the roaming infected scattered around that caused her heart to thud against her chest, it was the infected laying upon the highway it's self, dead with bullet holes riddling their heads. Darting into the shed of the backyard Lo pulled her silenced radio close to her lips, opening her mouth to speak and holding the PTT, the static hissed through the frequency. ... *She released the PTT as soon as she had pressed it as laughter echoed out from the road and another swift snap noise, the low growl from the infected outside the house she was just in cut abruptly followed by a voice speaking. She kept her breathing slow, and as quiet as possibly just waiting in the shed for them to pass by along the road.* - - - A long time passes - - - *A while passed before she heard Jer speak again, she had remained in the shed patiently to afraid to peek out and see if whomever it was had departed from the town. When he spoke she felt herself calming down and hung on to each word he uttered. Again, she brought the radio to her mouth to speak depressing the PTT for a brief moment.* J-... *In the same motion the shed door burst open, light and air rushed in obscured only by the figure standing in the frame. Without taking a breath in to scream and Lo dove under the figures legs, kicking up dirt and rocks as she clawed past them wildly. A hand grasped for her jacket and she heard the man curse roughly as he attempted to secure a hold on the small child scuttling between his legs but she was too swift. Bolting up into the road Lo sprinted across the two lanes and dove into a cluster of bushes. The branches and twigs snapped and bent, whipping her in the face as she forced herself to lay low. Clamping a hand over her mouth Lo felt the harsh cold air burn through her nose with each labored breath, it felt like only seconds had passed before the soft muffled voice of Jer emanated from her radio again causing her to jump. In a harsh and panic stricken voice Lo pressed the PTT and spoke all at once.* J-JerWhereAreYouThere'sAManHereShootingAndI'mOnTheRoadHelpQuickIDon'tKnowHimAndHeTriedToGrabMeQuickWhereAreYou?! Wait, is that a car? Are you in a c-car? Where are you? Jer?! *She released the PTT and attempted to stay as silence and as still as possible.*
  9. SIIIGHH... PC when? :( Internet when? I'm getting withdrawals. 

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      First off, I LOVE YMS. Second;  I'm on my work PC from the office. D: 

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      I'm sure your work wont mind you leeching off their internet from your house, nor mind the missing computer

    4. Jonal


      First off, SAME !. Second, Okay that makes sens 


    *The night had been difficult and Lo had trouble finding sleep more than once, holed up in a abandoned building she shivered from the cold. Her radio buzzed to life and Jer's voice echoed off the empty room walls jolting her from her exhaustion bred nap. Quickly she pulled the radio close, making sure to keep the volume low as to avoid any unwanted visitors being pulled in by the sound. Nodding her head, more to herself than anything, she listened to him speak before pushing down the PTT her voice sounding sleepy, worn out and all together fatigued.* ...Jer? I'm okay, right now. I'm hiding in a house, you know one that's all green and has two floors. I thought I could maybe start a fire, but uh... I guess not. I didn't know that the CDF guys would help you out, they really are nice people. I'm sad that those orange arm band people shot at them and took their friend. Uhm, for signs... I saw one s-somewhere, uhm... let me see. *the sound of rustling could be heard and Lo rummaged through her pack looking for her journal. Pulling it free she flipped through pages, the scraping of the paper audible over the radio.* So, I saw a sign and wrote it down. But it's weird, it's got a funny B then a E and and a P then another E then a 3 then a N, H and O. Does that mean anything? I wish I knew how to read these signs... But, Wyatt I think he really does try his hardest. I just don't know much, they never tell me anything. They're always doing business and stuff and I guess it's all very hard. Uncle Seth said the world's not the same now so I have to be stronger and smarter. And I don't want ... I mean, if I have to hurt people because they're gonna hurt my friends or me then that's okay, right? I don't want to d-die and I don't want to lose people like Phe and Wyatt and Uncle Seth and Milo ... Uncle Seth said that's okay, but it's also important to make sure people have a use. He said there's so more peace now, and he doesn't seem to think that the soldiers are going to be able to do anything good. When we told him about those UN blueberries who were gonna shoot their blueberry friend in that garage he said he wasn't surprised... I was surprised though, I thought all the Blueberries were friends but I guess not... *Her voice shook for a moment as she took a breath in, the silence marred with static for a brief moment over the radio before she spoke again, her voice wavering.* I-I'd really like to not be here now, it reminds me of the church and I don't like thinking about the church... Everything was dark and q-quiet and somehow that was way worse than there being a lot of noise...Even after all the shouting. Are you going to be here soon? You t-think maybe? I don't like being alone, and I feel ... scared. *She was hesitant to release the PTT, not knowing where Jer was nor if he could still hear her. Packing away her Journal she backed herself into the corner crux of the walls as far as she could go, wrapping her arms around her knees and drawing them close to her chest. Her eyes ached, and her stomach knotted over and over but the worst feeling was being forced to listen to the endless thrum of silence that buzzed around like flies around a corpse, broken only by her short quick breaths.*