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  1. AMAZING WORK, @Jackfish!!! I'm outta beans... BUT IT'S AWESOME!
  2. ---- Day 2 - 06/02/2020: Scout flipped her pen between her fingers, letting it trail along her digits in a rhythmic fashion as she sat perched on one crumbled wall. Her journal splayed out in her lap while she rested against the sun bleached stone foundation of what was once a home. Broken and ruined now, it made for the perfect hideout. The air carried the distant sounds of errant gunshots from down in the city and from her nest she could barely make out the ant like figures that darted in between the lego like buildings. With a slight tilt of her head, her attention returned to her book. Flattening out one page to stop it from blowing over, she put pen to paper the black ink soaking into the white with ease.
  3. Missed this, sorry. That is currently something that needs to be discovered IC and in Lore! No one knoooows~
  4. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Smoking [email protected] and of course @Finn even though it's all Radio Chatter, haha. Had fun today! Even got demoted! Was fun rolling around and whatnot! I hope we get more chances to do "Team Building Exercises".
  5. Hi Brayces,

    Considering you are all for realism in the current lore (good job to the loremasters involved by the way), I just noticed your character page.

    How is a 15 year old american child realistically a member of The Chernarussian Liberation Front?

    I am curios. 

    1. Chewy



      I have the answer for you.

    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      So a one liner to a backstory to suit any group I join no matter the character is sufficient?

      An american 15 year old child brought into the ranks of a Republican army of Chernarus, right 🙂

    3. Chewy


      inting OWO

    4. Hofer


    5. AndreyQ


      reply so i get notified of drama

    6. Elmo


      Oh shit Joey from Friends had a career change

    7. Brayces


      3/4's Chernarussian-American, with a Chernarussian/Russian citizenship! And trust me I get bullied by @Stagsview's char. IC allllll the time because of it. Thanks for reading my backstory though, let me know if you have any questions. 😄 I'm happy to answer them for you, but I prefer you to find out IC of course! But I don't mind answerin' for you.

    8. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Oh im not debating you may be three quarters Chernarussian.

      Accepting child soldiers now are me joey? @Hofer

    9. Hofer


      Only nieces, daughters and sons of Joey himself

    10. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      My character is Irish but his neighbor's dog once mated with anothers dog whos owner was scottish but had a chernarussian pigeon, do I meet the CLF criteria?

  6. @AndreyQ Yes, but it wasn't widely known/Popular until April 2020 in the West(USA), so around about this time the Infection is in full swing and people aren't likely to pose around being lewd for cash. Don't meme too hard regarding it, and you should be fine to bring it up in RP casually. And second off, you're in a Russian annexed country that probably wouldn't enjoy Western based media or platforms being utilized. Interest immediately dies off after Feb. 2020 for Russia. So keep this in mind. And stop making me google OnlyFans at work. >:C
  7. Please treat this new Lore with respect. We worked very hard to make it a thing and enjoyable for all. 

    Understandable that the first day or so will be a loot-fest, so I get people running around OOC and looting up. 

    But ...

    Going forward, if I fly around and discover people treating the world, the groups and the people as if this were the old Lore I'll be sending that over to the Staff Team to deal with, to which they heavily back us LMs up on. It takes the entire community to make this work, and if you prefer to RP as it's Day 1000, wait until Day 1000 to play. There are other people here for a change of pace.

    Things to remember;

    - The Infected are NOT Zombies. They do not eat people. You, as a normal human, would consider them a sick person. Avoid when you can. Deal with them in self defense. 
    - You are in a Russian Annexed country. The Civil War has been won with the support of Russia since 2009. This is not old news. You would be aware if you lived in the country or even outside of it. 
    - No foreign military has been sent into the country to aid them. You can have a career in the military of your choosing but you were NOT deployed into Chernarus to assist. If you play on Livonia you can be a active member of UN/NATO and deployed in Livonia to help assist. NOT CHERNARUS. 
    - The only active military forces in Chernarus are the RAC and the RF. 

    1. Para


      Telling people to wait til day 1000 lmao

      If there was a realistic way to deal with the zombie threat you might have a point, but you can't fault people for killing infected as and when they see them. We're playing a game, if the way I can make sure I'm safe in a town is to take down infected one by one then that's what i'm gonna do. I'm not going to avoid them if I know how to beat them. Nobody wants to sneak around for 30 minutes to loot a town to suddenly have one aggro and it bring his 20 friends because this games' noise mechanics are shite. 

      Other than that you make some good points about stuff, a lot of it being lore related. 

    2. Brayces


      I'm talking in large groups of people and meme'ing about the infected and whatnot. I could care less if someone is running from town to town alone and not in RP just trying to loot, Para.

    3. Roland


      I approve of this message. Buckle down role players. Infractions will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. There are multiple GMs in each faction in game watching you, with ability to remove from the server on the spot.

    4. Whitename


      Thank you Brayces, some very unfortunate roleplay at RAC yesterday, so hopefully it won't be a repeat today

    5. Harvey


      We will be taking a harsher stance IC on people who piss around, realistically there is no reason to be acting like you are partying in Ibiza. 

    6. Queerios


      Guess I’m waiting till day 1000 then :^)

      Seriously though, I understand the hard work the LM team has put into this, but don’t tell people how to have fun, just let them enjoy what you’ve created.

  8. What Marik said. Just understand that these, to you at the best of your knowledge, are still people. Just sick or ill. They are not zombies. So you need to treat them appropriately. Driving someone over with a car will get you arrested and if one of the Lore Factions see you doing it, you may just be arrested! As time goes on, this obviously won't always be the case. Self Defense is a thing and I don't think people will fault you for being like, "I tried to talk to them! Begged them to stop and they lunged at me! I had no choice!"
  9. HELLO ALL! It is I, Brayces, your glorious Loremaster/Former Badmin/12 Year Old Weeb. And I've come to you today to introduce Text based roleplay and how it can benefit your IC Progress. To note; There is a difference between TextRP and Text Based Roleplay. - TextRP is anything that is in RP and using text. IE; Emotes such as *Frisks for Radio*, Speaking using Local Chat "Hello!", Radio Chatter. Etc. - Text Base Roleplay is different. Text Based Roleplay sometimes abbreviated as TRP (commonly) or TBR is RP that takes the form of paragraphs in order to further IC interactions or characters. Typically it is done on a server catering to long character length chat boxes like World of Warcraft (with addons) or Conan Exiles. So, how does TRP affect you? Well... Have you ever felt that things just don't progress when you're IG? Feel that you're just not getting the most of out a relationship (platonic or otherwise) with other characters? Well, TRP can help with that. !!TO NOTE: TRP is not considered CANON by DayZRP Standards. If RP does not take place on the server, it is not canon BUT if a agreement is reached between two parties to take a interaction either in theory or in TRP as canon it can be brought in as something that has happened as long as it does NOT affect other players or the world. There's no way to stop or regulate something so minor. All TRP by this standard is PAST events. Think backstories that are intertwined between two chars. Saying a event happened like two characters having a mild chat regarding something that has happened IG recently after you both have logged off. First and foremost you want to be logging into the Server to RP. TRP is not a replacement for actual RP and never will be in DayZRP. TRP serves as a topping to a dish. A little extra spice. But is useless without the main meal. Always prioritized In Game RP over TRP. ALWAYS. Why RP In Game first and foremost? - TRP offers no randomness to the encounters. No other players. No AI. Etc. Part of RP is the dynamic state of it. - TRP is mainly internal. If not only always internal. It's bad to RP in a bubble like that all the time. If you wanted to RP in a bubble 24/7 then why play on DayZRP? - TRP doesn't allow for voice. Which can be a deterrent for some. - Can take a while to complete a simple scene. So, Why TRP? - Ever not have a chance to have that meaningful talk in RP and by the time you get around to it 1,000 other things have happened, leaving you feeling as if you never got to really explore it? - Can't physically log on for whatever reason and miss interacting with people you're close to? - Want to just get more out of a character, more in touch or more in tune? - Shelf a character but still need to tie up some loose ends that aren't major and only impact other characters who are close? - In depth medicalRP can be explored here. - Want to explore some emotions based on a recent IG event(S) that has happened but feel shy in VoIP or don't have the time to RP it out IG? - Want to RP out a past event, before you started playing your new char. such as meeting your RP partner? What are some things you DO NOT want to do in TRP? - Perma unless you have no other options. Try and perma in game and follow up with TRP info like a journal, notice, or confirmation. - Hold funerals, weddings, celebrations. - Most combat, removes the ability for other players to interact. - Hostile encounters (unless it's internal dynamics, IE: two characters having a argument). - Create situations that impact other players who have no say/interaction with the TRP. - RP major events in TRP like a Fire Fight. - Powergaming information/actions/seeing stuff about other players. - Plan a coup, devise evil plans, or anything that would severely impact another character without the chance for them to learn about it in RP. - Powergame things like OP weapons, large OP cars, items, players, etc that would affect others players and the world. (IE: saying you have a F15 on standby. Or you have a magic cure for the rabies your friend got.) What are some TRP examples? - Something big happened IG recently. You and a friend need to talk about it, but can't find the time to be alone to do so when IG and fear it will never will be discussed. - Your friend just lost internet and you both were in the middle of a engaging storyline with each other and want to continue that vibe until they can get back on again. - You're shelving a char. for whatever reason and want to still have minor interactions with people via Radio or a mutual location. - You got injured in RP and would like some in depth medicalRP from a trusted doctor friend after the initial event. Bedside Manner. - You need to Radio RP someone something, but both of you cannot meet up IG, Discord or in VoIP to pass along the info. - Wanna be cute as a couple with each other and not gross people out IG by holding hands on the server. - ERP. (-_-; personally not a fan of ERP but I know people do enjoy it so ... TRP is there for that.) How does this benefit me? - You can explore emotions easier. - You can emote things better. Body language. Facial expressions. Tone and direction. - A chance to be creative at writing. - Get to know other characters better. - You can set a scene and it's atmosphere. - Can be cathartic and fulfilling. - Helps to create a lasting connection to your character as you put more effort and time into them. As you can see, all these examples (save past BG encounters) all stem from things that have happened on the server and in RP. TRP is a little extra extension to that RP event that happened IG, and is not intended to replace the RP you get on the server. Always RP IG and on the server first. Great, so now you understand some basics to TRP. When to use it and when to not. And you hopefully understand that it's not canon unless agreed upon by both parties and even then it wouldn't really be considered canon on the server. So make the encounters small, but meaningful to you and the people involved. How does it Work? Well, most people will use Discord. Discord is easy to set up a channel or two and allow only select people to access it and post in it. You can even a dice bot to decide the success or failure of various things like; Actions. Items. Injuries. Etc. Here's a pic of my TRP Discord Channel List (from old Lore). As you can see, there's personal channels for personal RP between 2+ characters. Then "Benched" RP section for Characters who are not coming back to RP but people still want to RP on them. I have created a "Cabin in the woods" in a non-descript location in which retired characters go to live/stay. Or other chars. can come visit for a short period of time. Nothing major happens there beyond some characters who are actively played stopping by to say goodbye or w/e. Now, you're ready! You've set up a Discord. A channel with you and a friend. But ... How to start? Well, that's easy. When doing TRP do the following. Choose a starter. The Starter is someone who starts the TRP. They set the scene and the mood as well as the purpose of the TRP. - Let's say IG you and your friend Bob just got held hostage because of something Bob said earlier in the day to the wrong guy. Your character is pissed off, and rightly so! But, oops ... Bob's internet crashed and he's learned he won't be back for a week at least! Argh! Get that Discord mobile app out, Bob. It's time to TRP while the event is still fresh and you're both "alone." Here's how the Starter a can start the Session: Some things to remember when being a starter; - Set a location. - Set state of the location, IE broken down house. Well taken care of trailer. Etc. **Make sure this is a actual place IG and a place you logged out in. Makes it easier to visualize! - The day and time. Night, Morning, Raining, Windy, etc. - What mood your character is in. - Give them something to do, or are doing. In my example, Steve is sitting down at the table, obviously upset. It gives the other person a chance to place themselves in the scene while knowing where you are. - Try not to perform a action on someone before they place themselves in the scene. IE; you grab Bob by the collar. It's not fair as Bob may not even be in arms reach yet and that would be considered powergaming! What if he's across the room? You need to walk over there first. What's Next? - TAKE TURNS! Bob goes, then Steve, then Bob again. Do not skip people unless they say you can, it's just plain rude. - Don't powergame, if you want to perform a action use a Dice Roll to determine and then type TRP and roll a attempt. - Try not to emote thoughts, no one can read your mind. - Match your RP partners pace. Some people type in smaller sentences some type in huge paragraphs. Most TRP won't have a "end" and should (for the most part) just be short encounters. How do Dice Rolls work with TRP? As you can see from my above sample, Steve has attempted to grab Bob's collar! A powerful move. I rolled a D20 (Twenty sided die) to see if I could. I got a 18. A 20 is a natural success. After my turn, Bob needs to roll to see if he avoids it. He rolled a 10. 18 beats 10. Steve grabs Bobs collar. Sometimes how well you perform a feat is measured by how high your Die roll was. At 18 that would be a solid hold on Bob's collar. But, say Steve got the 10 instead you can type it was a meager, or weak hold on the collar. Easy to break away from even though Steve manage to grab it. You can use Dice Rolls with just about anything. Even random stuff from flipping a coin IC or seeing if you are successful at doing a dank dab. And that's it! A short guide to help people understand how TRP can help benefit you. I know not everyone will enjoy this style of RP nor approve of it. But for people I have interacted with, who felt they were lacking something in RP often enjoyed the little extra that TRP provided them. Often spurring them to get IG to extend the experience. FaQ: Q: Why can't you just wait until you get back IG to do all this stuff? A: Well, that is always the plan first and foremost! But, for example when I was moving locations I didn't have access to my PC. During that time my character was drugged on Comfort by the Dead Batteries and soon to suffer a come down, something I was super excited to explore in RP! There was no way for me to RP that IG as I lacked my PC and by the time I got back IG the come down would of been over due to the passage of time compared to all the other players. So, instead I did some TRP and RP'd out the come down with another person! Helped achieve my goals, strengthen my tie to my character and helped me explore her emotions/feelings better. While only impacting my own character. Q: TextRP/TRP sucks, I hate it. Don't see why you'd make this guide. It's stupid. A: Don't knock it until you try it! Not everyone is a fan, but you don't ever have to see it or experience it and it will never be forced upon you IG. So, feel free to continue doing what you're doing! Nothing will change for you. Q: What do you mean by "not canon"? A: Well, anything that doesn't happen on the server isn't canon. Meaning it never happened. It's not real. But if two players agree to say a experience was canon there's really no stopping that from happening. Specially if it's small events like "having a chat after we got robbed" sort of RP. That does not mean you get a free pass to say things like, "Well I murdered John Doe in TRP and now it's canon because my friend Steve said it was and he was there for it."
  10. We're not stopping development at all, o_O. Just that Livonia doesn't have as much attention on it as Chernarus. If it gets more popular we will love upon it as much as we do with Chernarus.
  11. Got a lot of messages to go through but; No we don't plan to kill of Livonia, but based on trends I do not see it being played as much and thus no reason to keep it up as a Server. But then again, this is not my call but Rolands. He is the one who decides which servers live or die. Second; we have no say in putting up Deer Isle as much as we enjoyed it. It's not our choice, but if it comes down to it and it becomes a server then yes we will make lore for it. I think it already has some established lore so we will fold it into the overarching world lore as well.
  12. Self defense is a thing @Fae so is OOC killing the Infected but we do not want the environment of the server to be "Oh just kill anyone and everything that moves!" This is still the real world IG and the infection has only been doing this to people (to the point of them walking around and attacking you) recently as a few weeks. Use it as a chance to RP with your group members or randoms. Hell, a chance to yell at randoms for shooting people! I watched a few of the RAC do a wonderful job during their test run when one of them killed a infected down the road, "Why did you just snipe a man in the streets?!?" Etc. It's a great point for RP. Of course this will not be the situation as time moves on as it'll be obviously the infected will remain and the consensus will be "shoot them before they kill you."
  13. Livonia is def not a popular map atm, and I cannot see it living too long. We did what we could but based on feedback we got and we felt that the map it's self won't be played as frequently and there wasn't sense to spend a ton of time fleshing out a new map for a a small player base of a handful of people. The good thing is Livonia is the polar opposite to Chernarus. So if people WANT to play NATO/UN they can and are welcomed in Livonia as it's part of UN and NATO soldiers would be present there. Another good thing is Livonia's Lore is pretty much already in place. They handled the infection better, had outside western help and are relatively better off than Chernarus is at the start. Not to say they'll remain that way forever of course... >:) As time moves forward and if popularity for Livonia picks up we will of course dedicate more resources, info and time to it. There's a Lore Faction for Livonia called the LDF (Livonia Defense Forces) which are present and active in the region. Since we didn't have a huge volunteer roster for this Lore Faction we made it Staff Only and Event Based Only but that is subject to change.
  14. Up to you, there are other factions out that that represent the ideals your char may have. He is not forced to be conscripted into the RAC but it does make for a interesting dynamic in RP if you do join. The RAC is made up of Russians and Chernarussians (and other naturalized ethnic groups), but working within the CDF (who were disbanded) and who actively fought against the Chedaki plus whom many ex-CDF supported NAPA may present issues under a pro-lopotev/post Chedaki movement such as the RAC. Did your character support NAPA? Did your char actively fight the Chedaki during the civil war? Did your char. like Lopotev? These are things to think about when deciding on where he would of gone. TLDR; it's not impossible as the RAC is the replacement of the CDF but it would be a be strained as the RAC is made up of a lot of former Chedaki themselves and still support their ideals something the CDF weren't for but no longer have a voice against. Remember us LMs do not approve the Rosters for the Lore Factions, those are handled by the OOC Leaders. So there is a chance you may apply and not get accepted. If that is the case, roll with the punches and continue seeking out RP as you normally would.
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