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  1. Aw. Getting to know you has been one of the best things to come from this community for myself. A lot of people judge/judged you at face value or take the words of others as fact rather than formulating their own opinions. The amount of BS I heard but never was founded when it came to you showed me people just like to spread rumors and talk without thinking for themselves. The community owes a lot to you, there have been more times than I can count where you had to step up to the plate and help out and no one ever even knows about it. As much as people don’t get it, you are important to this community and to many people involved in it. ? Awesome interview, JimJam!
  2. do I need to make a new rolando avatar that isn't chrimbus themed?

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  3. Brayces

    Jasper's Screenshots

    I’d be upset that I’m only known as a high pitched voice but .... urite urite. Lol, glad seeing you back Jasper!
  4. Brayces

    Jasper's Screenshots

    That was WarmR or whatever her name was, she played Little K I think. I wasn’t apart of the gremlins. ? I’m sorry!! Still nice thread though!
  5. Best of luck Sophie, I know we’ve RP’d before and you were always kind in and out of game. I know it’s not much but I know you’re a strong person and you can pull through. It’ll be tough but you have loved ones and friends who truly care about you and hope you recovery fast and well. Remember to take things easy and heal at your own pace, there are no expectations. Remember the people who say those things they are sad, lonely, people who hate themselves more than anyone else they talk about. They think that by shitting on other people they will feel better, being accepted by others through their edgy aggression where before they were ostracized, that they’re own self worth is based upon others perception of them. Haters mean they’re successful right? That’s what they think. They think to themselves that they’re happy with their opinions and their vitriol, proud even. But they’re not. Not really. They’re so so angry, so lonely, so unaccepted and uncared for that their anger bottles up inside and spews out as attacks on others. Dont be angry at what they’ve said, the most you can do is pity them. Because this is what they’ve amounted to in their short, young lives. Being worthy of pity. When i see people lashing out and attacking others behind closed doors or even in the open all I do is move on. They’re efforts are not worth the attention they so desperately seek to draw out from others. Much like a toddler behaving badly, throwing toys out of the crib and wailing. You do not give them the attention they’re seeking, otherwise they feel justified. Not until they’ve learned the correct way to express themselves and learn to not hate themselves so much they attack others. Sadly, for most of these people they are a lost cause. There’s no more room for growth or acceptance. They’re set in their ways. Perhaps one day they’ll realize how their own inner turmoil is affecting others but chances are they are they won’t. It’s too late. Leave them behind like the useless additives they present themselves as. Like trash on the side of the road. Pay no more mind to their prattling and focus on you and your well being. They’re words fall empty and shallow like their personalities.There are many people here who care for you and of course all those outside of the community who love and care about you.
  6. Lyca, you've always been a good friend and you're one of the first people I met in RP. Do you remember giving me aviators outside of Severo when we first met? I was such a nub, and it feels like ages ago since we met but I'm so happy I can call you my friend. I want you to know I'm proud of you, of all the changes you've made in your life, of all the goals you've achieved and of course of all the steadfast love and dedication you give to those around you constantly.


    Happy birthday, Lyca! I hope one day we can meet up IRL and eat spicy noodles! (Well, YOU can eat the spicy noodles they'll make me cry they're too hot!!)

  7. Brayces

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    While this is a interesting system and I like the idea of it the problem isn't with players not RP'ing their injuries or actually being perma'd (no fancy graph is going to make any person RP their injuries unless it actually affects them while IG) it's that people are RP'ing two different ways. One side doesn't care much for the characters or what have you and instead run around with silly accents pushing to get in FFs. They won't care if their character is perma'd. They'll make a new one and link back up with friends. Making a low effort "so and so's brother-cousin-uncle". IE; trade off their gear when they're low enough before a force perma and have someone cap them then spawn a new low effort character meet back up with friends and trade gear back. The other half who build up their characters, RP their injuries stick to their own kind because they can't be bothered to build a story arc with people who won't accept injuries and RP them out and won't perma. Full stop. TLDR; cool system won't change anything IMO beyond people abusing the system to clear out a near-dead character, not caring if they do perma or people getting salty they lost their gear on their one character who's now force perma-d before they had a chance to trade off said gear. Another additive, what about Reports and Rule Breaks? If someone died in a invalid FF and they were force perma-d due to being 3/4 lives do you think Staff is going to go in and "un-death" a dead character? Do you think they'll offer gear back to the newly revived character, since I assume a force perma is a DB Character wipe? You gotta also consider Staffs position in this and how much effort it will take to maintain. --- Also if you say PK are you saying Player Killed or Perma Killed? Because I am assuming you're saying Perma. If not, disregard my blah blah blah/
  8. ---

    "but I'll tell you the worst of me, and try to give you the best of me."


    I sent this to you once, a long long time ago way before we knew each other as well as we do now just because I wanted to share something with you that meant a lot to me. I couldn't explain why I felt so compelled to do so at the time, but I know why I did now.

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  9. End of an era.

  10. ❤️

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      You helped me alot. Loyalty stands.

  11. Uff, first @Spartan and now you? What admin am I suppose to admire now? ?

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    You did good, have fun not being staff

  13. @Lyca and i say We love you ❤️❤️❤️ 

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