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  1. Brayces

    • Brayces
    • Harvey


    I hope you have a awesome day!


    Order 3 times for the bants.

    betty white dab GIF

  2. Brayces

    Show me how to live

    Lovely writing per usual, my DUDE! Now come back to RP, alright?
  3. Brayces

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    I mean like ... WITH WITH. As in, not actively leaving and Hutch believes to be "brainwashed and kidnapped". Which I mean is like partially correct!
  4. Brayces

    Mac Tíre [Closed Recruitment]

    *Stares awkwardly at Vlad and co.* WELCOME BACK! Interesting to see what will happen when Ryker finds out Ellie is with Vlad and Radek ...
  5. Brayces

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Da. Had a lot of fun with the BOIZ. @Dino @Kordruga @SquirtleKitty @Conor @Hofer @Willow @(PleaseTagKennyIForgetHisForumName) @AndreyQ @[email protected]!! Also had fun with @RiZStream and his buddy Gareth? Not too sure who that is! Then of course, the ever juicer of feet (Hehe, JK <3) @tosstheball as Luke, looking for shoes. @JimRP for ya megaphone shenanigans as well!! Cherno was chill today, and that was a nice change of pace from typical RP!
  6. Brayces

    • Brayces
    • DrMax

    Welcome to the Legend club, now join Vultures. We're being collected by @Kordruga

    1. Hofer


      schitts creek please GIF by CBC

    2. DrMax


      full house running GIF

    3. Kordruga



  7. Brayces

    The Dollars

    You're good! I spoke to King in DMs about what exactly I meant, so be sure to touch bases with him before poppin' IG again.
  8. Brayces

    The Dollars

    Looks interesting guys! I will say one thing ... know your audience when doing certain types of hostileRP. Not everyone enjoys the darker side of RP nor appreciates it. I mean you’re barely around and I’ve heard of complaints already, so please just be careful with that type of RP and stick to normal hostileRP as default for all encounters until you know who you’re dealing with and if they’re okay with more ... creative RP as you move forward. If anything If you want to do that kind of darker RP focus it on internal for the time being then branch out externally once you know who you have and what their stance on it is. Other than that! Good luck! Happy to have run into you all already! :3 here’s to more encounters and more RP!
  9. Brayces

    Supply Crates

    *Drives over the border to Mexico* NOTHIN' AT ALL! I do hope you guys include vanity items (like QoL things ... Beds with special patterns, chairs, tables) soon in the Item Store! Those aren't PvP Items nor walls or base building so I always wondered if they could be added?
  10. Brayces

    Supply Crates

    Right, well I don't know enough to say otherwise and I don't care enough to look it up! Woo! LOOT BOXES! We'll just go with what you're saying, makes sense anyways!
  11. Brayces

    Supply Crates

    Aren't there laws about underage kids and gambling? As long as it's not breaking any international laws, I don't care! Have at it! Hey @JimRP %? (JK, JK, please get my meme)
  12. Brayces

    Brayces Clippy Clips - [Videos and Whatnot]

    @Kordruga @Wolfen @SquirtleKitty @APositivePara rendition of Blink182's All the Small Things. When @Dino and I were in Polana with @RiZStream talking about STUFF. The Boys from the End(s)? Came over to say hi!
  13. Brayces

    Salvation - Open Recruitment

    Aww! Skeeter, Manny and Violet! Awesome to see you guys making a group!!
  14. Brayces


    Looks good, I just hope that all interactions don't always have to be initiations when you run into foreigners otherwise it'll be near impossible to RP with you guys/build storylines if all you plan to do is initiate/execute people who you run into after yelling at them to leave since we can't, ya know, physically leave the map. Though, I've RP'd with Craig before and while his char. dislikes foreigners there's still more to his interactions beyond yelling at them to get out of the country. Feels more like "deport disrespectful/rude foreigners" etc, etc from him which builds nice RP! So, I am assuming the rest of ya will follow suit. Specially based on this note; Which, IMO, will lead for some interesting RP! Best of luck everyone! Can't wait to see how the RP goes.
  15. Brayces

    How do I get on white list for xbox pls

    You can read about it here, no whitelist atm but it has a password. Whitelisting will be added later on, or something.
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