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  1. Oh wow I have been away and come back to read there is a TP and you can get a mansion there...what!! haha wow sounds amazing and I cant wait to check it out. This guide was very helpful so thank you Tomeran.
  2. This just wouldn't work unfortunately, the police force is long gone and the people of these lands would not start abiding by some "new" rules set by a group of so called police officers. Like others have said, just start a hero group that has set rules and start trying to enforce them on the bandit clans, see how it plays out...Good luck
  3. I was playing as admin on a Dayz server and got speaking to a couple of players who told me about this place so I applied and 3 days later I was here loving life and losing sleep
  4. Fantastic pics man, good job
  5. Well i think it should come back as it does help the would be robbers from getting stitched up if someone was hiding a weapon or tool belt item. You see a few reports in where someone scrolls onto wrong item or something and end up getting killed for non compliance, so would stop that but yet on the other hand it isnt very RP-ish as no one can drop stuff that quick IRL and does make the robbery very scripted. But in my opinion you can still roleplay it out well if you try bring it back I say if not glitchy
  6. Daps

    Wishing for the good times...

    Yeah, I even boosted the volume. I don't know what it is but my new pc makes me really quiet. On my laptop (same mic) I was sooooo loud and could just out talk anyone on TS But the transcript is below it so you could read that as well My recording equipment is the same, im always quiet, proper annoying. Oh and i read the damn transcript first haha I didn't realise it was what you was going to say
  7. Daps

    Wishing for the good times...

    I like the idea and how you done it, my only problem was I couldn't hear you that well so I missed some words you said. Maybe just my PC but thought you may like some feedback is all
  8. Daps

    DayZRP Standalone Whitelist

    Yes, great stuff. Cannot wait to get on and check it out. Video recording at the ready
  9. Great read and a bloody great looking paper Krimbo.
  10. That was a nice watch, thanks dude, you should have cheekily mentioned DayzRP haha free advertising well done on getting up and asking the questions too.
  11. Daps

    DayZRP 1.3.3 deployment

    oh sweet, good that a wipe will be in effect, some people hoarding SVD's and DMR's that they never use will now be available to members who will actually use them Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly and thanks to all involved.
  12. Shame it had to end like that, we had Bunker 6 sorted, sad that i lost SVD and Coyote from a bomb lol but they went to good people so all's well that ends....abruptly i guess Thanks for trying though Tomeran
  13. That's the only way I can think of us being able to get into the server. Unless its a separate whitelist? That we can only get into. There will be a separate whitelist. We'll keep the event-server passworded until its time to let people in. That will be around 18:00 tomorrow. Once we're ready we'll simply remove the password. Thanks guys, as soon as i posted i sat down and was like i bet its whitelist haha facepalm, but yeah looking forward to it