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  1. Welcome to the community hope to see you in survival mode!
  2. Thank you everyone for the warm welcoming!
  3. Hello everyone! My characters name is Mike Lock and I am new to dayz rp but far from new to RP. I have accumulated over 3500 hours of role playing which now I focus on GTA RP and Dayz RP. I only have 4 hours in the server as of now and the encounters I came across already were outstanding. I enjoy not being killed on sight this is really what I feel dayz should be and im super excited to be apart of this community.
  4. Mike Lock is a 26-year-old who was born in Chernogorsk I am a semi-professional sports person who enjoys cycling, social media and tennis. I am brave and giving, but can also be very greedy and a bit lazy. I started studying sports science at college but never finished the courses due to my father not willing to pay for it. I had a severe phobia of heights Physically, I am in pretty good shape. I am average-height with pale skin, blonde hair and brown eyes. I grew up in a working class neighborhood. I was raised by his father who cut him off at the age of 17, my mother having left when I was an infant. I hit rock bottom when my wife cheated on me, I became depressed and wouldn't leave my house. I didn't eat for days there was nothing left for me here. My life was falling before my very eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I lost my house and my car because i stopped going to work everyday. I couldn't even look at myself any more I care way to much about how I look to the public and now i have nothing. I'm sick of this I was at my house when the plague hit.. The news alerts went off all around me. What should I do now? I stayed in my house for most of the time and when I look out my window the roads are completely empty. I have no friends, what do I do now? I cant stay in the city there is far to many residents in the city. I will get killed in no time there is no way I can stay in this city. I need to go north, I need to go to the woods but deep in the woods where these things hopefully didn't wander to far into. I need to leave now before everyone gets infected if this is true. I need to survive so i grab all the non perishables I have and I need to pack them fast. The quicker I get out of this city the better. Hopefully I can find others out here who are not infected so I dont have to keep to my thoughts all the time...
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