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  1. POV - Cameron Perth I was sat on the Northen hill above Stary Sobor with providing cover for my friend and ally, @dankusmemeus, he starts to mention he is being followed by a large group whilst he is trying to regroup with me on the North Hill so we can log out for the night. He starts to show concern when he realises the group that is following him tries to surround him. He starts to try and move away from the large group, and then moves our regroup point to the Southern Hill of Stary Sobor. I start to move to the south east to ensure I move around the group following @dankusmemeus. Im very slightly past the Big Red Barn when everything goes down. I attempt to move up onto the southern hill to see whats happened, and get spotted by numerous people whilst doing so. I see two men over my friends body, and attempt to avenge my fallen ally. I take one shot at a man running towards me, and get shot from behind. I run south in an attempt to evade and get hit twice, the second shot killing me.
  2. I was in a situation at one point, where a US solider referred to you as 'Static'. @dankusmemeus hinted at his mistake. The person who made this 'mistake' then went into 'radio' and replied with something along the lines of "Actually Static is his call sign, So i can actually call him Static, so shut the fuck up" (In a joking manner) So I assume that you had told him, or someone who knew had told him this information, which led us to believe that 'Static' is how we refer to you. Clearly, this is a misunderstanding on myself and @dankusmemeus 's behalf, and I understand why this is seen as /OOC / bad RP.
  3. When @Crazychimp entered the compound, I greeted him in voice chat, in character and asked him to identify himself. He just stood there, docile, and kept wandering and looking around as if I hadn't said anything, completely ignoring me. (I asked him multiple times to identify himself). It was only until later that @dankusmemeus identified him as Julien Bonnet due to his uniform and weapon etc. @dankusmemeus then went on to say, In character, that Static (John Reynolds call sign) had kicked him from NATO CFOR. This was also in voice chat. It was only later when we were all inside the factory building itself, where myself and @dankusmemeus told Julien to leave, or surrender. I said to him, in character and in voice chat "We dont want you to get hurt or get mixed up in something you dont understand. You've got 2 options, either leave and dont come back, or drop your shit and surrender until we allow you to leave." (Not word for word, but along the lines) Julien chose the smart option to leave, and when he was leaving, I said to him, in voice and in character that "If we see him lurking around or anywhere near the compound, we will treat you as hostile". We had previously initiated on Julien, so he had kill rights, which is why I said what I said. I told you to stay away from the compound entirely, not just sit outside and wait for us to leave. I will post video evidence once I've uploaded it. http://plays.tv/video/598609baaf5960c474/polana-factory-evidence-dayzrp-s1 - If any of the stuff I say doesn't make sense, its because I'm extremely tired.
  4. My POV: I had been informed by my friend, @dankusmemeus that he had been kicked from NATO CFOR, for reasons I am still unaware. He asked me to log on, as I was still inside Patton upon logging in. After seeing nobody was around, we decided to meet up at Patton. Shortly after his arrival we saw someone running towards the factory, which we later identified as Julien Bonnet. We both expressed to Julien that we don't want him to be caught up into something he doesn't understand , as he is respected by us both, so we warned him to leave to ensure his safety. We both assumed that he left after he had already said that he "wants no trouble" so we went on to despawn gear due to @dankusmemeus and my own kick from NATO CFOR. Whilst in the middle of doing this, we heard footsteps who we found it to be Julien. Both, myself and @dankusmemeus were confused to why he had returned. We later went to say, in voice chat and in character that he had two options: 1. He leaves and stays away 2. He surrenders untill we leave Julien said he wants to leave as he wanted no trouble. I later went on to say that we don't want him to re enter the compound and if we see him at all, we would treat him as hostile. Shortly after @dankusmemeus and myself had left the compound , we decided to scout around the area to see if we could see any of NATO CFOR entering the area. It was then when we saw and identified Julien on the hill, opposite to us. Due to our previous warning to Julien, that if we see him lurking around , we'd treat him as a hostile. We decided to open fire, resulting in his death. Unfortunatley, I was not recording at the time of us talking to Julien, so I am unable to prove that is what was said, however I was recording at the time of the kill, and us identifying him as Julien Bonnet. -I will post that evidence later on if it's needed, but I'm no longer on my computer, but I'll do it as soon as possible.
  5. Born into a middle class family in East Yorkshire, Cameron has always strived to be more than his predecessors, Cameron never really was a man for family, and was always a very independent person. At the age of 17 he moved out of his parents to live with a friend, spending most of his teen years outside, camping was something he had always enjoyed! As well as some other… substances. At the age of 18 he decided to join the Army, signing up and completing his basic training. Upon finishing his basic training, Perth was assigned to advanced skills in Stealth and Recon, due to his previous signs of skill within that field. Perth excelled in this, and later went on to practice Sniper Training, in which he also stood out in. Perth was sent to the Yorkshire regiment's second battalion call sign “Black Rats” under command of 2nd Lieutenant Owen Smith, the battalion only being formed a short while ago in 2013, most of the black rats were inexperienced and had never seen active combat. In February 2017 the Yorkshire regiment’s second battalion was deployed to MNBG-West to help with security in western Chernarus and along the Chernarus and Takistan border alongside the CDF (Chernarussian defence force) All was going well, and nothing out of the ordinary for the most part, over the coming months Perth would form a good relationship with his CO, occasionally being invited to join the officers on a sneaky party night in the local pubs. Nearing the end of the 6 month rotation and ready to go on leave things took a turn for the worse, but nobody had any clue what was to follow, HQ CFOR ordered both MNBGs to be on high alert, and only being told what Lt Smith gathered from the briefing after a night of heavy drinking, the most he was told was that people were sick and dying and shit’s getting real. 3 days later Perth and the rest of the black rats are deployed to South Zagoria, the roads were desolate, not a soul around, South Zagoria being the heart of the infection everyone knew it has been hit hard and arriving at the western edge of south Zagoria it was clearly visible, the carnage that has gone on here… and this was only one of many checkpoints. With a snap! A shot whizzed past Perth’s head making him dive for cover soon to realise how stupid he looked and how it was just a misfire, only seconds later a swarm of people rushed the black rats, it was unexpected and the attack was ferocious, losing more than half of the men in mere moments, the ones lucky enough to not be taken down by them retreated north, running through the trees, Perth spotted Smith and managed to follow him and stick with him all the way until they stopped, both of them clueless to what had just happened...
  6. My PoV: A man by the name of Tomo Ward approached us on the North Western Airfield, and use /ooc to talk to my friend, @dankusmemeus asking if it was him. Tomo then went on to say, still in /ooc, that the person who he was teamed with (Matt Price), wanted to meet Bilbo, as the two had not spoken for a while due to an argument, which occurred both in and out of game. Whilst the two were talking, the person who Tomo Ward was teamed with had added @dankusmemeus back on Steam. I was normally further back from the two so I didn't see all of the chat between them, but my friend @dankusmemeus was recording and the conversation will also be in the logs. My issue is that we were both killed without a Valid RP reason, and they used out of character chat and reasons to bait us into their group where they went on to hold us up, and kill us both for no reason. Literally a second after asking us to put our hands up, they were opening fire with no apparent reason, and continued to do so until we were both dead. It was my intention to obey their commands and play along with their RP for a legitimate and fun experience, clearly this was not theirs, and they were simply holding us up for gear, and using OOC thoughts and experiences to effect RP, leading to bad RP. Video Evidence : http://plays.tv/video/5963a0cf535cf3b73c/dayzrp-evidence-kabinino-water-pump-invalid-kill-fail-rp Edit - Grammar
  7. My POV: http://plays.tv/video/5963a0cf535cf3b73c/dayzrp-evidence-kabinino-water-pump-invalid-kill-fail-rp
  8. My game did crash, but due to a death in our team, we thought we'd give DayzRP a rest for a bit, as we were just involved in something serious, so we just didn't rejoin. I forgot about the timer, as I was focusing more on Bilbos report and wanted to put my POV in as soon as possible.
  9. Frank Stevens here, POV: My friends and I, Jack Pipe @jacko4871 and Bilbo White @dankusmemeus were walking around near Kabinino. We saw 3 people on the road, North West (ish) from the Church. My friend, Bilbo, walked towards them, whilst myself and Jack covered him from around 300m away, just in case anything went down, which it did. The 3 players initiated on Bilbo, which I saw through my sniper scope, which I then relayed to my friend, Jack. We took firing positions and prepared to engage. We realised they tried to move Bilbo, and we both thought that this wouldn't be ideal, as then we couldn't get him back, and would result in most of his gear would be taken etc. Because of this, Jack and I both fired shots, taking down 2 of the 3 men who initiated on Bilbo. The surviving player then gunned down the hostage (Bilbo) even thought he was compliant with their demands. Edit - Grammar
  10. I personally have been in situations similar to Bilbo's, and I have never been killed or injured due to my team mates actions. From what I've seen, you didn't value the hostages life, and just took it upon yourself to kill him, which in my opinion is bad RP.
  11. Frank Stevens here, POV : Myself and my two friends, Jack Pipe @Jacko4871 and Bilbo White @dankusmemeus were roaming the fields of Chernarus, when we heard shooting from a Military Compound (VMC). We decided to investigate, and short upon arrival, we saw two people running through a field North West of Kabinino. We then saw a different group, (Your Group) who attempted to engage in RP with the two people. The two people began to move off towards our direction. Before reaching us, we heard shots, which we initially thought was you 3, initiating on the group of 2 players. Once the 2 unknown people had arrived where we were scouting from, my friends Jack and Bilbo spoke to them. Since I wasn't there at the time, I am unable to say what was said between the group, but in short, We became associated with this group, and began to help them to kill their alleged attackers (Your Group). After watching the video which you gave as evidence, its clear that you were not the group which shot at the group of 2, which is what they thought. This is clearly a misunderstanding on the whole situation, and on behalf of myself and my group, I apologise for our actions.
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