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  1. ThrashRP


    Today's events man... wild.


  2. ThrashRP

    Walking Dead Glitch

    This is facts not gonna lie
  3. ThrashRP

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    Where was the initiation tho? Good video vato
  4. ThrashRP

    Scar's shit edits

    Good video Scar, clips make it look to easy
  5. Fuck I'm loud.
  • ThrashRP

    Old Timers

    Good luck boys, group looks sick
  • ThrashRP

    The Savages | Strict Recruitment

    Good luck to you boys
  • ThrashRP

    S1: BadRP, Invalid initiation in Kabanino : 2019-03-12, 23:35

    I honestly don’t know who took your pants, I asked and got no reply from my boys
  • ThrashRP

    S1: BadRP, Invalid initiation in Kabanino : 2019-03-12, 23:35

    POV: I was hanging around Kab with the gang and notice @Finn with an automatic. Knowing the Dragons have implemented martial law banning civilians to carry automatics I walk up to the him and tell him to drop his weapon and explain that civilians aren't allowed to carry automatics. He decides to be stubborn and doesn't budge so I threaten him with knocking him out and he still doesn't budge, although he is surrounded by 10+ green dragons. I knock him out and take his gun and someone else takes his pants. Someone walks up and gives him black cargo pants and that was it. Side Note: I have no idea who took your pants, I only took the weapon as I originally implied I was going to do.
  • ThrashRP

    S1 - Combat Log/NVFL - 12/03 04:39

    POV: I'm chilling in Kab with the other Dragons, we observe these 2 walk into town and we try to take a plate carrier off one of them, they don't want to hand them over so I move into the General Store and we initiate, one doesn't comply as he is shot by Vegas and Brandon. After this I run out the back and see the other guy crashing, we leave him as he eventually is just logged out of the game, after this we wait 15 minutes for him to log back in.
  • ThrashRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yeah, I figured it would be best for both of us if we left it at what we did, although your role play was very good. Appreciate it man
  • ThrashRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Gowbe Good RP at the checkpoint, appreciate how that went. Nice firefight as well for the rest of your boys.
  • Jakub was raised in Bor all of his life, living but a simple one. He attended school in Elektrozavodsk as his parents had enough money to afford a car from their business inside of the town. Getting a decent education he managed to pick up English in his time learning at the school before coming into his family business. Eventually, he decided he was merely bored of the family business as he joined the CDF. He served only a few years after the civil war as they were cleaning up the scraps of the conflict, but Jakub never held ill will over the war. After his short service he went back to the old life he lived. As the outbreak began his family was completely killed as he fled. Now he searches to live in anyway possible, living as a citizen among the many who survived the outbreak.
  • ThrashRP

    The Final Judgement

    Good luck Templar, hope this does well. Always enjoy the interactions with War and the others.
  • ThrashRP

    S1- AOGM, Ruleplay, NVFL, BadRP, (Invalid kill x2) at GM - 1/31/2019 05:04

    POV: VNP, Stannis and myself head to GM after logging on. We sit around a fire conversing with people and surveying the area. A man with full CDF looking gear and a yellow armband catches our eye as we wait for a chance to talk to him further. We talk to a civilian at the fire with us and ask him to talk to the CDF guy and figure out who he is. We over hear the man calling himself a Demon, and Stannis and myself head over to talk to him. We ask him many questions and end up getting 2D answers or no answers at all. We end up heading towards a more hostile standpoint, giving him the option of disarming himself of his weapon, or we would beat him up. Despite the numbers advantage being 5-1 as bystanders had joined us in the questioning, he refuses, remaining sitting. We then escalate once more, pulling out knives as Stannis says. "Give me the gun or i'll gut you." Which he replies calmly saying "I'm fine thanks", clearly not afraid of the threat. Stannis then cuts him, expecting a role play interaction before the Demon gets up, and begins to lag, we could have all jumped him when he got up, but us believing he'd RP, decide to give him the benefit of the doubt and wait. As he unfreezes from lag, he kills 3 people and tags me. VNP gives chase and begins to shoot him while I bandage after taking cover. VNP continues to run him out of GM before killing him outside of the compound. I then regroup with VNP and leave GM. No video evidence sorry.
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