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  1. Jake was born a few years after his brother, 'K', his father a steelworker, his mother a teacher and his brother to follow. Jake always wanted to live up to expectations, when his brother turned 16, his father ended up losing his job to someone from another country, an immigrant his brother would tell him. Jake would continue as normal, attending school and learning what he could, when his father committed suicide, he looked to his brother for guidance, which 'K' took a leading roll in the family as Jake would try to help him in anyway possible. 'K' would tell him stories of his adventures with the new gang he had joined, but his brother would advise him against joining, not realizing that he just wanted to be like his brother. After an incident in an Armed robbery where his brother killed a Turkish man, Jake would flee the country with him, heading to Ukraine to finally join his brother in the fight against race mixing. Learning to fight rather quickly Jake would hone his skills, taking lessons from his brother, and others within the organization. After the fighting settled, 'K' would decide to leave when less men were needed, Jake moving with him to Chernarus. When the infection started he'd join the White Struggle with his brother, he'd head on on his own for a time to search for more members, eventually returning to South Zagoria to join his brother once again
  2. Lesta was raised in [REDACTED] for most of his life, taking early career in the Russian Military with outstanding results. His training lead him through a life of war, watching it and being apart of it leaving him with little sympathy or reason for what he did. Meeting Anastas Krovopuskov in Syria, he'd take his leave with him and others to join the 'Acquisitions Department' a separate squad inside of Legion Corporation. Throwing his past away to fit the quota of the squad. "No names, No faces, No games." Corporate needing a job done in Chernarus, and the current Legion deployment's time in the country running out, крыса and his brothers would make their move into Chernarus.
  3. @Kordruga @Fae @RiZStream @SquirtleKitty @Kricket @Willow @bur Interesting RP today, was good fun.
  4. Sorry for the misinformation, but that is not the case, but welcome to the community tho
  5. ThrashRP

    Kai's memes

    Missed this sort of content from you Kai, solid comp
  6. Hey im in this one, good comp 19
  7. Yeah I enjoyed it as well, thanks Boris
  8. Good Luck with this one boys, looking forward to see how it goes
  9. @G19RP Wombat month tho? 

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      @WongRP U better join as well


  10. Hope you doing well homie, missing you out here

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      I'll come back soon bb ❤️ Busy w work

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      See you soon bb

  11. POV:I stumble upon a base at Black Lake, starting to role play with the people there, chatting with them briefly, I decide to head out after a brief chat about their group ETC. As I leave they follow me, stating I shouldn't tell anyone about the base, and they try to coerce me into staying, in which I stay adamant in wanting to head out before they tell me to put my hands up, I comply briefly before Helix shoots one of them. They leave me for a few seconds and I take my chance to get to safety pulling out my weapon and assisting Helix before he goes down, chasing down the guy who killed him and finishing him off, after taking the Gillie hostage with Doc B
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