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  1. Jake was born in Miroslavl, in 1996, his family, not so wealthy lived off of the land, and their farm. His parents loved their country, and taught Jakub to do the same from a young age, so he learnt quickly, attending school as normal as well. As he aged he'd hear more and more about foreigners coming into the lands, and ruining the country, so Jakub listened and started to notice the patterns he was informed of. Eventually after finishing school, he'd continue to help his parents work on the farm, before joining the CDF later, but he was a quiet boy, rather than acting on his ideals he merely
  2. @Kordruga @Fae @RiZStream @SquirtleKitty @Kricket @Willow @bur Interesting RP today, was good fun.
  3. Sorry for the misinformation, but that is not the case, but welcome to the community tho
  4. ThrashRP

    Kai's memes

    Missed this sort of content from you Kai, solid comp
  5. Hey im in this one, good comp 19
  6. Good Luck with this one boys, looking forward to see how it goes
  7. @G19RP Wombat month tho? 

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      @WongRP U better join as well


  8. Hope you doing well homie, missing you out here

    1. CalRP


      I'll come back soon bb ❤️ Busy w work

    2. ThrashRP


      See you soon bb

  9. POV:I stumble upon a base at Black Lake, starting to role play with the people there, chatting with them briefly, I decide to head out after a brief chat about their group ETC. As I leave they follow me, stating I shouldn't tell anyone about the base, and they try to coerce me into staying, in which I stay adamant in wanting to head out before they tell me to put my hands up, I comply briefly before Helix shoots one of them. They leave me for a few seconds and I take my chance to get to safety pulling out my weapon and assisting Helix before he goes down, chasing down the guy who killed him an
  10. @Fae @Malthis @G19RP @General Rickets @JamesRP @NorwayRP @Hunter @YNW Pep Good fight and good RP after it all at the camp, enjoying the whole vibe of Polana and can't wait for more
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