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  1. Good luck Templar, hope this does well. Always enjoy the interactions with War and the others.
  2. POV: VNP, Stannis and myself head to GM after logging on. We sit around a fire conversing with people and surveying the area. A man with full CDF looking gear and a yellow armband catches our eye as we wait for a chance to talk to him further. We talk to a civilian at the fire with us and ask him to talk to the CDF guy and figure out who he is. We over hear the man calling himself a Demon, and Stannis and myself head over to talk to him. We ask him many questions and end up getting 2D answers or no answers at all. We end up heading towards a more hostile standpoint, giving him the option of disarming himself of his weapon, or we would beat him up. Despite the numbers advantage being 5-1 as bystanders had joined us in the questioning, he refuses, remaining sitting. We then escalate once more, pulling out knives as Stannis says. "Give me the gun or i'll gut you." Which he replies calmly saying "I'm fine thanks", clearly not afraid of the threat. Stannis then cuts him, expecting a role play interaction before the Demon gets up, and begins to lag, we could have all jumped him when he got up, but us believing he'd RP, decide to give him the benefit of the doubt and wait. As he unfreezes from lag, he kills 3 people and tags me. VNP gives chase and begins to shoot him while I bandage after taking cover. VNP continues to run him out of GM before killing him outside of the compound. I then regroup with VNP and leave GM. No video evidence sorry.
  3. Jaroslav was born in Miroslavl', his family being Farmers. As he grew up, he ended up getting into the family business at a young age, helping his family as much as he could, while attending school at the same time. His schooling was quite straight forward, learning all he needed to and just going through school like a normal kid. Jaro focused most of his free time into helping his family out, expecting to inherit the work in the future. During middle school, Jaro began to to hang around with other Chernarussians, and their ideologies started to rub off on him. His friend group became completely Chernarussians, and they'd start becoming more and more troublesome as days went on. His family continued to let him help with the farm, and this let him learn more about it as days went by. He kept living this normal life, until the Civil War hit. Many of his older friends, him being 11 at the time, decided to apply to CDF as they were 15-16 and could try to slip through with lying. Some were accepted, most were declined, and the few of his friends that made it through mostly ended up dying to the war. The Civil War came and went, and the actions of the Chedaki didn't go noticed by Jaro, he ended up thinking on them as he continued to work on his farm with his family. He finished high school at 17, dropping out to work on the farm more frequently, as his family were older now, making it harder for them to work. Jaro continued working from then until the infection broke out. His farm and family overrun by the infected. Jaro and his father lived, and the made their way towards the city, looking for salvation. Their time living in more central Miroslavl compared to the countryside was shorter lived than Jaro thought it would be. A dirty bomb would go off inside of the town, killing many people, Jaro's father included in the dead. This put Jaro into a depression, and he considered just giving up. Kameníci , a group of Chernarussian Nationalists, ended up bringing the person responsible to justice, and this gave Jaro hope for the future. He knew of the group from their past efforts, but this made him inspired. On the coming of the new year, 2019. Kameníci grabbed volunteers, and Jaroslav stepped up, to get back at the people who killed his father and the people who killed his long gone friends in the war, they gave Jaroslav a chance, and he took it.
  4. o7 boys, never forget
  5. Pavel Antonov POV: I hop on the server, being in Zelenogorsk, I run to GM and decide to role play a bit and chill out. I head to the top of the tower of GM for a cigarette as far as I am concerned the place is open to everyone, and I wanted a good view. As I reach the top I begin to text RP a little, and am confronted by 3 men with weapons, who told me to get off of the tower. I unmute, telling @Stannis watch out for me as shit could kick off, before muting again. I tell them to leave me alone and let me be, before they tell me to get off the tower once again. I get angry with them telling them to fuck off. They then ask of my name, and I give it to them. It being Pavel, then after this they begin to insult me over my name, calling me various different twists on said name. I tell them again to leave me alone aggressively hoping they leave. They stay and continue to be upset with me, before they insult me over my name again, at this point I say, "Make fun of my name again, and I will punch you." Deciding to step up the hostility of the role play, hopefully without turning it into people getting shot over this. At this point his friends head to other side of the tower, and he does it again, insulting me over my name. At this point I take a swing at the man, punching him in the face as he then proceeds to shoot me immediately. At this point, @Stannis kills the man who shot me, as he put my life in danger, this gave our group defensive rights against the man who shot me. Note: I am not happy with how I was spoken to in the discord, Onyx's video will be able to show what I mean by this.
  6. So, after being informed about a few Saviors heading towards Lopatino, I notice people at the tap before moving myself to a hidden location to watch them , waiting for my allies to place themselves before initiating on the people by the Lopatino Water Tap, who we suspect are the Saviors. I see one not comply from my angle, and shoot him. After this, a few people lower their hands, pushing me, as they attempt to come at me, I die after killing one. @DrMax Sorry, I have no video evidence of the situation.
  7. Thrash

    Execution Rights

    I need to have this clarified for personal reasons, if someone attacks and kills a lot of my friends and I find said person know it's them, initiate and capture them, I can't get revenge in character because more than 2 hours have passed? I can understand it in terms of KOS rights because no one likes getting shot 2 hours later without any sort of role play before it. But in my eyes, I feel as though I should be able to kill this person for what they have done to me in character. Just because 2 hours have passed, it shouldn't make them immune to consequences of their hostile actions just because they comply with my initiation 2 hours later.
  8. @Vulf You messed me up man good work
  9. Pavel was born in 1995 in Russia, he moved to Chernarus 3 years after his birth, as his family would settle in Novaya Petrovka. As he grew up he began to understand that he was apart of something greater than himself, as he witnessed first hand discrimination against Russian migrants settling, against himself and his parents, but it was obvious that Russians made up a lot of the town's population. As he went through school he picked up Chernarussian quickly, but was taught Russian by his parents, who always told him to take pride in their language and culture. As he got through primary school he began to see more into the matter of the Chernarussian discrimination against himself and his friends, but he could never put his finger on why they did it to his fellow Russians inside of his town. As the boy matured, his Russian friends that he met through school started to pick fights with Chernarussians who discriminated against his people, which got him into quite a lot of trouble. As 2009 came around, the Civil War began inside of Chernarus, with Pavel being 14 at the time. He was astonished by the work of the Chedaki, but kept it to himself as he continued to live his life while keeping up with the war as much as he could. A few weeks later after his fascination began, a public speaker on behalf of the Chedaki came to Novaya. Pavel quickly made his way to the speech and saw the man with his own eyes. As he stood on the stand the speaker looked like a hero to him. Someone who could bring anyone in need of salvation the help they needed. The man boomed his voice through the town as Pavel listened closely to every word. As the speech closed, a young and ignorant Pavel made his way through the crowd to talk to the man who was now his Hero. As he discussed his ideals with the man, the man quickly caught on to what he was leading to and shut his efforts to assist him down because of his young age. This upset Pavel, but he understood, thanking the man before heading home. Throughout the next week, after telling his friends of his experience, he'd start to get more aggressive with Chernarussians inside of his school, and he'd become more malicious with his hate towards his discriminators. This escalated until his friends peer pressured him into stabbing a Chernarussian that was picking on a younger Russian kid. This didn't kill the man he stabbed, but left Pavel mentally scarred because of what he had done, but inspired him to look deeper into the conflict the country was locked in. As he researched and asked questions he began to enthrall himself with ideology of the Chedaki being Marxism-Leninism. Years after the war, he continued to inquire about the Chedaki with people he trusted before travelling to learn more leaving his family in Novaya. But before he could continue his search for satisfaction, the outbreak began. Pavel was now older and wiser than his younger ignorant self, but he still believed this is what he wanted with his life. Pavel ended up having his wish granted as he ran into Free Territory, who carried the ideal that he craved to be apart of, committing himself to the groups cause.
  10. Wei grew up in Hong Kong, never leaving the country ever in all of his early life. His parents raised him with a mentality that drove him to strive to make money to ensure his future was prosperous. Despite his upbringing, Wei couldn't stand school, and was unable to succeed at all with his chosen career path. After finishing a short term at University, Wei moved away and started a new life on the streets committing petty crimes before meeting members of the 14k Triads. This making of a connection was his ticket to the real deal in the crime world of China, as he was inducted into the gang where he would start to live as a criminal. The connection he made was an Acquaintance of Ming Tou, in which he would work with him and other Triads in Arms Trafficking. After working with him for a few months he was assigned an overseas operation with Ming and a few others in Chernarus, and after that the rest is self explanatory.
  11. I was with @Clarence for the most part of the situation and we were heading to rally with the others, while we were headed towards the compound after crawling underneath the wall, we were coming up towards the others @Sylva @Stannis @Mike-Styles and @Ming when they were in initiation and then the OP was killed before we got there
  12. Peter grew up in New Zealand around a quite normal family his father and mother often worked away from home so he had to look to his older brother and ended up spending most of his time with him at home. He attended public schooling for all of his early life and he rarely struggled with the classes he took, taking a liking to mathematics and a little bit of physics. School was good for Peter until he started placing himself in the wrong crowds in his early years of College , he started to rarely involve himself with narcotics from time to time and ended up getting caught with product. He was given some serious possession charges but not enough for anything very serious at his age. The police wrote it down to a young mistake, his family was surprised by what he had done but life still went on for them. He graduated school a little above average when he applied for his university. Peter applied for many universities attempting to go into civic engineering to work up and become a Project Manager. Peter's dreams were crushed all because of the same reason when all of his correspondence read the same "Your previous actions and use of narcotics is not something we want inside of our institution. We are sorry.", Or along those lines anyway. It was all made worse by the fact that the job he was looking for could be dangerous if he was "under the influence".This was the beginning of Peter's distaste for government action as regrettable choice that he made when he was young changed his life in such a dramatic way Peter saw this as unfair, but his parents told him that was just how life was. This forced Peter into a unfavorable situation as he struggled to find part time jobs in his city where his charges weren't brought up up. As he was working he desperately looked for a way to study and escape his current life, in which he eventually landed a course in a polytechnic for engineering and went through 3 years of study before landing a small job as the employer was being "Lenient" and noted the charges were very in the past. The company he worked at was very hard on him and just used him as a empty vessel for the jobs that no one else wanted to do, and when he voiced his distaste with his treatment after working this job for a while he was fired, as they said he had a lack of work ethic and in his discharge the mentioned the charges, just to spite him. This would be another thing that Peter would blame the government as a collective for as everything was rooted to the charges this sent his life back down hill in 2016. In the next year he would work a small part time job as a mechanic to keep him in a decent economic place, but then the outbreak occurred in Chernarus, spiking up a lot of worry in the world. New Zealand wished to be of assistance and because of the severity of the situation they turned to conscription. Peter was easily a candidate for conscription as the Military needed members and his skill with engineering was easily picked up, and he was sent over. This was hell for Peter as the treatment of the conscripted soldiers was horrible, men would die constantly which was expected, but conditions that the bodies got treated with was in humane. Food was scarce, as Peter and his squad was rarely fed, which lead him to lose a lot of weight for his time in service and lastly he left his job to come to this place and not get paid the discussed amount. Fed up and tired of the treatment Peter the next day decided to walk. He walked for days before finding individuals who shared the same opinion as him about the government, and he was inspired by them to join and help with their goals of liberating land and abolishing private property.
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