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  1. Hi, So I was having issues with my previously active character connecting to the server. I was curious to see if switching to another active character then back to that character would fix my problem and I could connect. Due in part to the fact that it has been a couple of months since I have last played. I forgot that a character switch cooldown was in place. In fact a close friend notified me that the function had been removed. So in trying to fix an issue of mine without creating a support ticket, I created another one. If the cooldown could be reset, that would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Ah, the edge is with this one. I'm going to be the bigger person here and stop adding to your self righteous bullshit fire. Good day to you sir.
  3. I wasn't trying to argue anything. Just pointing out that certain kinds of RP seem to be impossible due to certain larger groups. Do us all a favor and stop being such a prick to newcomers k?
  4. To that statement I will agree, I've only been a member for a few months and the people on the forums always act so hostile and unwelcoming. Really not the greatest feeling.
  5. mate I literally said 20 minutes or so ago that I wasn't discussing this anymore.
  6. Depends on how you look at it really, not going to discuss it further. I at least hope we can all get some good IG Rp from this. Cheers guys. "bitching" simply just pointing out something that we feel is wrong is all. Comment was pretty unnecessary.
  7. True, but in the end I'll still stand by the fact that having 3 or 4 military factions now is too many. If we're talking irl then it depends on the country.
  8. Agreed. Our original idea was to provide some early game hostile RP which is completely impossible realistically with NATO, CDF, VDV etc. The military RP aspect of things is killing it for me and most of our group for that matter.
  9. *Bradley responds over the frequency* "What you told me better have been true, I didn't come all the way to Chernarus for nothing" *Bradley releases the PTT and walks away*
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