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  1. Dragan was born in the dying country of Yugoslavia in 1989. People were saying that with the death of Tito Yugoslavia died with him. The collapse of the once socialist paradise started in 1991 due to the ethnic tension which was supressed while Tito was alive. First it all started with Slovenia, then Croatia tried to leave the federation. With Croatia a massive influx of Croat migrants got to the relativly safe Bosnian town. That's when he meet with his friend Goran . After Bosnia tried to break off, the the republic of Krajina laid on Bihac. During the siege both Dragan and Goran lost his parents.When the war finally ended in 1995, everyone was relieved. However, this wasn't the end of the trouble, as the economy took years to rebuild. Dragan's foster family wanted to leave, and in '98 they moved to their relatives in a small country near the Caucasus, Chernarus. Their living situation improved, but Dragan didn't feel it. The foster family, while providing them with basic amenities, didn't care for their education and well-being. When Dragan turned 18, he left the family with Goran and started living in the nearby city, Kirovograd. Unfortunately, soon after the crisis in Chernarus began. Dragan stayed neutral in the conflict and patiently waited until the end. With almost no education both Dragan and Goran had to work low paying jobs. It was jsut like that till 2017 when it all started.
  2. @Daisy was a great pleasure to rp with you and I hope one day we will meet IG again
  3. Matej is just like any other survivor out there, trying to survive one day to an other. At the beginning he couldn't believe it was actually happening. It must be a hoax or mass hysteria. There was no call, no order to be called in as conscript nothing at all. He wasn't believing it until he saw a policeman torn apart by these creatures. He did what every reasonable person would do: he closed his home door covered the window and waited for a help that never came. Weeks passed by and he was forced to steal from the stores. Months passed by and he ventured off to the streets armed with a knife and hatchet. Since then he saw many things, he met with many people and even had to abandon his home in Kirovograd. It's been a long time for him, and he is wasn't sure where he is until he found a city sign and an old map lying in a nearby gas station. He got where it all started: South zagoria.
  4. Ich hasse dich @Daisy
  5. @Aron73 and @AndreyQ thank you for finding me and helping me out @Watchman your medical rp was just simply perfect I hope we will meet in different circumstances @Daisy love you Schwesterherz!
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