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  1. Fyodor was born in Moscow after the fall of the Soviet Union. His father was an army officer, her mother was a nurse. He spent his childhood without any major goal, so when he was old enough he was sent to the Russian army. After basic training he was assigned to the 58th army. Before the outbreak he was deployed in Syria. When the outbreak reached Russia, his unit was sent back to defend the Motherland. In Spring of 2018 the unit was mobilized to the Northern Border of Chernarus to await mobilization of SVR and GRU units involved in Operation Aurorra.
  2. Being born in a family with military history, Gleb didn't have much of choice. Since his birth his parents wanted him to continue the family legacy to serve the people of Russia. If anyone asks him about his childhood he usually ignores the question or just say generic information. Only a few know that he hated his childhood, because he was sent to a military academy, instead of a regular school. Years passed, he grew up, he ended up at a university studying psychology. He forgot about the legacy of his family, he just wanted to live his life. He finished university and he was looking for job, when someone visited him. The man introduced himself as Nikolai Kowalsky, and he was offering an opportunity to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as behavior analyst. Gleb knew something was fishy, but he realized that this is not a job he could turn off. Later on he joined SVR and he was sent 401st SVR school in Okhta to be trained. He finished his training in 2017, a month before it all started. A year passed since it started and he was deployed several times in Russia. Last time he was seen at the border of Chernorussia crossing it with a group of men for unknown reasons.
  3. justmate

    S1 / KOS-RDM-BadRP / Cherno / 20:30 server time

    Matej Kozlovsky's POV: We got the news that there is a base at Chernogorsk, so with Sylva , Kei and two other guys we went to check it out. At Cherno a few other guys from our group joined, then we all marched to the base. After that Sylva started to negotiate with them, due to issues with my internet, I was kicked from the server. When I got back Sylva was dead and a firefight broke out. With an other guy we started to clear the buildings, when a guy with yellow armband shot us.
  4. Thanks for the great rp and tense situation [email protected], @Richard Fisby, @Mr Wong, @Hefem and @Daisy !
  5. justmate

    BeanZ WAR

    75 stop using dirty tricks!
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