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  1. Matej was born to a Chenorussian family in Kirovgrad. His childhood was no different compared to children at his age around the neighbourhood. He lived a normal life, he made friends, he went to highschool, worked during summertime at local factories, etc. What made him stand out from kids around his age was his commitment to a certain cause. You see ,since Matej could remember all he heard at home was how great the old times were, when there was no country named Chernarus, instead it was part of a superpower called the U.S.S.R. . One would think that this cause was communism, but you couldn't be wrong. What he truely believed in was pan-slavism, which was almost achieved during the soviet era. When the civil war broke out, Matej just finished high school and he was 18. Many of his friends joined to the infamous NAPA, but for Matej it was too radical, instead he joined to the army. During the fights he felt disgusted thinking that he is shooting at his own people. He kept saying to himself that they would only be against pan-slavism. During the conflict he was deployed with the 59th mechanized infantry unit. The unit was founded after the war broke out , so it was mostly filled up mostly with rookies. Because of this the casualties were high. When the war was over, Matej felt betrayed by his own government. He moved to South- Zagoria where he worked at Chernogorsk. He tried just wanted to forget about his old life. One day going home from work, he saw a leaflet next to his apartment main entrance. When he picked it up he quickly saw one word standing out from the rest: pan-slavism. That' was his first step to join the CNR.
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