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  1. Born to a working class family, Matej had a normal childhood growing up in the industrial city of Kirovograd. He was just like every other kid of the city, except his early fascination of mythology. Since he was a little kid, he kept reading books about ancient cultures and beliefs. Back in those days, Chernarus was a pretty safe country to live in. This however, with the rising tension, between the local Russian minority and the government, not to mention the rising of communist sympathizers, quickly became history. With the unexpected victory of the Chedaki, life became a bit more different than before. Being Chernarussian was no longer something to be proud of. With the return of the old system, and as result of years long civil war, living standards declined. His father, as someone who was drafted to fight for his country became a non desired element, which meant him losing his job. In order to have a somewhat of a decent life, even Matej had to work besides school. His interest to mythology was a bit fading away. By 2020 with the fact that the Chernarussian Socialist Republic had joined Russia, living standards were somewhat decent. With the frenzy flu he had to do some odd jobs before it all began in June.
  2. It was a quite long rp session with many events, so I will write only the important and shorter version of it ( if staff wants a longer and more detailed version of it, I can provide with such). We got a radio call that Niko is under attack by 3 attackers, so with the militia we went up to his apartment to find the attackers. All I heard that one of the attackers is dead, and somebody from Niko's party is dead and an other one is injured. Later we find @SynO at one of the apartments nearby, so we detain him and take him to the police station as a possible suspect. At the PD we start to question @SynO's character, when @N1RU got shot dead and @Thundergunmax had been shot as well. During the questioning Syno's character is denying any involvement with those who attacked Niko, but later Niko came to the pd and identified the him as one of the attackers.
  3. He was born in Eisenstadt at the end of the millenia to loving middle class family. Life for him was normal, he lived it just like everyone. he was a fan of rugby but he never really had the chance to play ot since it wasnt really a popular spot in his homeland He made it through middle school, and he felt like he need to have a gap year. he was a fan of slavic culture, so he decided to visit every slavic country. He started it with western slavic countries, until he ended up in Chernarus before the outbreak. For him it was a special country, since it was one of the last slavic countries still having a communist government. he heard the old stories from his grandparents about the old times, so he was excited to find out more about the country. After getting a tourist visa, ha decided to make the most out of it , and wonder around the beautiful landscape of South zagoria. Little did he know that his stay at Chernarus might be a bit longer than anticipated.
  4. thank you @Daisy also could you read this @Basko and @groovy pijka?
  5. @Daisy was a great pleasure to rp with you and I hope one day we will meet IG again
  6. Ich hasse dich @Daisy
  7. @Aron73 and @AndreyQ thank you for finding me and helping me out @Watchman your medical rp was just simply perfect I hope we will meet in different circumstances @Daisy love you Schwesterherz!
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