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  1. Matej was born in Novigrad in 1998. If anyone asked him about his family, he always ignored the question or quickly changed topic. He wasn't proud to his parents, because he never knew them. Matej grew up in an orphanage in Novigrad. He tried his damn best in school , but he wasn't the brightest kid in the class. On the other hand he could learn languages well, which later on came quite handy. he made a few friends in school but he didn't really cared. He didn't had any goals, he didn't planned further than a few days, he didn't dream about a better life. He wasn't lazy, don't get me wrong, he worked part time jobs besides school, but he simply couldn't give a damn about anything in the world. This attitude changed when he was once walking in Novigrad back to his ,,home". On the way he saw a girl just sitting on the bar of a bridge just staring down at the water. First Matej didn't understand what was going on. A few second later the girl jumped off the bridge. Matej ran to the bar he looked down , but the girl disappeared. That night he couldn't sleep.
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