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  1. Raised in Newcastle along the coast of Australia by his father Brian Winters after the passing of his mother, Tiffany Winters. After finishing grade 10 of high school, Casey dropped out and worked on the streets for two years until he reached the age of 18 which allowed him to become a member of the Australian Defence Force. After making his way into the ADF he eventually found himself in the position of Marksman in the Special Service Air Regiment at the age of 22. Casey was then sent to Iraq with his fellow squad members of 'Echo Patrol', the squad consisted of the following members: Squad Leader - 'Staff-Sergeant' Mark Shepard Marksman - 'Corporal' Casey Winters Rifleman - 'Specialist' Mitchell Barro Medic - 'Trooper' Elias Lerner *Others KIA* The war they were sent to was brutal, many squad members fell and some had connections to Casey. Mark Shepard was the man who ran the squad with the motivation to keep his soldiers with high morale. A main event that occurred during the war was when the four remaining squad members had to breach a building filled with hostages. During the breach a Islamic man with an AK-47 shot Casey in the left arm and as that occurred Casey gained his 23rd confirmed kill in the war. After breaching the building, Casey saw the faces of those he had once shared a laugh with as they were sitting still, blown in half dead. After this event, the squad was sent home as the war had finished. We were sent to Chernogorsk shortly after the war to serve as peacekeepers. After that the breakout occurred... and that is when we lost contact with Elias Lerner.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): None. Why the verdict is not fair: I do not believe the verdict may be unfair, however I see it as a mistake. I see it through a younger and more immature version of myself making a mistake, whilst not thinking correctly. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I first created my account on this forum when I was younger. A younger human with an impression to have fun playing DayZ with mates from school on a role-play like server. With this occurring, I wasn't the type to think, understand or know most of what I did. I can only remember little aspects of myself applying to this server. Now, to this present day. With me older, more mature I want to try it once again, this time with full on listening, learning and knowing how to actually play DayZRP. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I wish to achieve one final attempt at a whitelist positon. What could you have done better?: Being a more mature candidate, reading out the questions slowly. I will look over all questions, read them and then slowly answer what is needed.
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