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  1. Born to a Muslim family in South Zagoria, Kerim was raised in a tight-knit community consisting of primarily Islamic people. The small minority of Muslims in South Zagoria knew eachother very well, the kids were all close, the parents celebrated together, the families created one big family. Kerim's father worked in management at one of the local factories, having to provide solo for the family while Kerim's mother looked after the children, after all, Kerim had five siblings. The referendum to enter the Russian Federation never really changed anything for Kerim's family other than having more Islamic people coming into Chernarus, albeit a very small amount. The outbreak would see him, his family and their friends move into Quarantine zone where the majority of them would fall to the infection, with only some being able to avoid it. After the complete collapse of the QZ's Kerim returned to his home to find it in disarray.
  2. yuck nato theyd definitely need something makeshift, and even need a reason in the first place.
  3. stole my fucking child roleplayer that i like robbing what the fuck @groovy lamb im so pissed right now you better give me vaccine
  4. 3 way spit roast by the admins cheers for helping with that
  5. OWND BY THE OWNER theres a joke here thank you for clarifying, what defines a wall though
  6. use the watchtowers and moredoors really dont need fences
  7. group looks sick, cant wait to meet you guys in game
  8. Prior to the infection’s complete resurgence, Blázniví Psi did not exist, it’s members were for the most part instructors at the Saint Roman ski resort, in the off season, the resort would operate as a camping ground for families, sometimes offering dry skiing. Ed, Janda, Erik, Felix and Aleksey all held permanent positions at the resort, and came to know each other well. The winter months would see thousands of people come into Chernarus to hit the powder, musicians would be hired to play, westerners on working holiday visas worked in ski stores around South Zagoria. Ed had grown a curiosity of psychedelic's in the autumn of 2018, having had his first LSD trip atop the Saint Roman ski hill, watching the sunset with his girlfriend at the time. Coming down the mountain with what he thought was "a complete understanding of the world", Ed began his research onto such chemicals, browsing forums and articles. Much of Ed's personality would be shaped by psych's from that day on, having become a relatively frequent user, and somewhat spreading it to his friends. During this time, a reluctancy to follow authority without wisdom became apart of Ed's personality, who were they to tell him what to do if they were all so ignorant? Ed believed that eventually "Time Would Break the World" The initial news of the infection in Turkey was not all that worrying considering how isolated Chernarus was, this would quickly change come the tail end of the snow season where the first wave of the infection hit. Social distancing measures and counter-infection would see much of the resorts business fall, casual positions began to close, this was obviously going to be one of the most severe summer months the resort had ever seen. The creation of quarantine zones and curfews would seal the fate of the resort as a commercial success. Those employees on permanency had the option to stay and work for much less, or quit, Ed, Janda, Erik, Felix and Aleksey all decided to stay, choosing to help keep the resort afloat for as long as they could, taking food and board as payment for most weeks. The boys had formed a somewhat brotherly bond with each other, having spent so many seasons together. In May, the instatement of martial law would see the nail in the coffin for the resort, all employees were relocated. There were some who were ill, but seemed like they could make a recovery, at least in the eyes of Ed. These people would remain at the lodge with a detachment of the Russian Armed Forces and Respublika Armiya Chernorusskaya. As the rest of the group was leaving the resort, shots could be heard. The employees left behind were never seen again. Being relocated to the Quarantine Zone 1 in the south, the group would see scarce rations, and eventually the fall of that Quarantine Zone. May 31st, the day of the evacuation from QZ1, saw the group breaking off and returning to the resort, staying away from the large cities and conflict between the CLF, RF and RAC. The group worked to fortify the resort, making shanty towers, boarding windows, springing traps for raiders, it wouldn’t be until they ran out of food where they had to travel to Berezino, after hearing about traders and “civilisation” over the radio, going to such a big town so far away was a decision that wasn’t taken lightly, but it was what needed to be done in order to survive. Upon arriving in Berezino, they discovered the RAC were stationed there and militia of westerners too, who had tried to confiscate the rifles that saved their lives while trying to get to Berezino. The shootout that would ensue forced the group to move to the outskirts of town, robbing traders and survivors coming in for their food and ammo. Soon enough the success of the raiding created a buzz, the group decided instead of living like cowards, they were going to create something, a safe haven for them and others, but in order to accomplish this they had to continue being highwaymen, the decision was made to leave the resort until they had enough resources to build it up, to create some sort of town out of it, away from the RAC, and thus the Blázniví Psi was born. Ed had now been hyped up on some sort of delusion of grandeur, thinking that this restored resort could be a complete safe haven, a pristine place, he became obsessive over the importance of creating this space. Make contact with like minded groups, who oppose the RAC & Military Government (Ongoing) Try and change the ideals of RAC soldiers, perhaps getting them to desert (Ongoing) “Reallocate” people’s resources in order to create a town of lawlessness (Day 50) Establish a working arena in Saint Roman (Day 50) Rid Berezino of the RAC, or the people out of Berezino towards the Saint Roman Ski Resort (Day 45) Change the ideals of CLF soldiers and sympathizers (Ongoing) Put forward a raider group that doesn’t focus on gearRP but rather giving meaningful HostileRP. Create a roleplay hub that will be a hotbed for HostileRP and CampfireRP. Create a sense of fear around the map, but also a sense of comradery to those who follow in our footsteps. Bring a wave of good roleplay to people new to the server. Have fun in unconventional ways, e.g. Car arena, zombie fighting rings, etc. Eduard Dvorak - @groovy tander Janda Kacek - @groovy blisna Erik Horak - @groovy patz Felix Dubocek - @groovy clarence David Grant - @cultist Aleksey Backhaus - @groovy jack Alyosha Petrenko - @groovy dingo Tomas Sikora - @groovy tony Dei Duua - @groovy vulf Arkadi Kostenko - @groovy vnp Milen Shturmov - @Bulgarian Bombshell Jean Pierre Richelieu - @groovy willsky Oliver Rylie - @Imagine Lev Melnik - @Ducky Applications must be titled “Blaznivi Psi Application” and be sent to either @groovy tanderor @groovy blisna Characters submitted may not be a part of the original resort staff, however can be skiers.
  9. Both Blisna and I agree with closing the report. Talked it out with the OP, and came to a mutual conclusion.
  10. We had just run from Berezino bar to the compound to find it empty, the last couple of days we have been leaving notes around there about our group, this was another attempt as well as trying to maybe get some extra loot. We went up to the door and started to punch it, to which out of nowhere we were shot at, @groovy blisna was moving around me at this point, the shot was pretty close to our heads, given more movement, it definitely would have landed. The man who shot at us started provoking us at this point, to which we responded appropriately. Blisna had left the compound now, and I had remained. I kept chatting smack to the RAC member, insults mentioned above were exchanged, he told me to leave or I'll get shot or something along those lines, it wasn't explicit but given the fact that I had a bullet shot at my head which all seriousness could've killed me due to the lack of armour as seen in my accidental death later on. After this, I moved to a building across, telling Blisna on the radio to climb the building behind, I then shot three shots off at OP, to which he returned, and then Blisna was able to shoot him. Really sorry how this ended up man, if you'd like to talk it out I'd be more than happy to.
  11. Born in Chernarus in 1998 to a working class family, his dad a factory supervisor, his mother working in a kinder garden. Ed's time in school would be fairly stock standard, having had his close group of friends and sticking to them. During his senior years in high school, Ed had had some exposure to psychedelics and indulged in them with his friends, this would be a point in his life where he decided that he didn't want higher education and would rather work doing something he enjoyed. Come his exit from school, Ed began work at local summer camps as a camp instructor, his summer would be spent there, during the winter he would take up a work as a groundskeeper. Come the infection, Ed wasn't really sure as to what to do, the quick collapse of the Russian Federation's Armed Forces showed that they didn't have it as under control as they said. The rise of the Chernarussian Liberation Front seemed somewhat appealing to him, Ed had never been one for politics however.
  12. These are already being done by the RF. A civilian lore faction seems a little redundant now that group pages are able to be created.
  13. yet to have crashed, server's pretty chockas too pretty cool solution.
  14. Pre Outbreak Benedikt Kartashov was born in Nizhny Novogorod in 1998. Born into a government family, Benedikt would almost be destined to have been involved in some sort of public sector, namely due to his fathers role in the police force and his mothers role as a local oblast administrator. At the age of 15, his parents had signed him up for the Russian Cadet Corps, cementing his future. Come the age of 17, Benedikt would begin his process to join the signals corps. In 2015, at the age of 18, Benedikt would finally be assigned to a signals company, just like his brother had done before him. After his completion at boot camp, Benedikt remained in the Volga oblast. Much of his career prior to his assignment to Chernarus would be filled with military exercises and competitions. Performing to a high standard in these courses, exercises and competitions as well as a developing leadership. Come 2017, Benedikt's would be reassigned to Chernarus, joining the 320th Motor Company signals corps, he'd help overlook the referendum and maintain the Russian military's network in Chernarus. He'd stay relatively distant from the infection.
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