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  1. Tander

    Free Territory

    Usually late american timezone or during east asia. We like nutsackRP a little more than castrationRP, wont lie to you.
  2. My PoV: We we're in Cherno trying to join up with members of our group and look for people within the city. We had just sent someone to pick up another member of our group from Berezino, they were on their way back when @Zanaan and the rest of his group began to pass by. Just before @Zanaan came to the area in which we were waiting for our own car I had to go and let my dogs outside. I would return to see us lighting up a car, with two members jumping out, possibly to run or fight back. Once all of them looked dead we ran up to the car to find one survivor who we would take and interrogate for sometime. To my understanding we did initiate on the group in the car.
  3. Tander

    Zelenamoriya | Green Sea Cossacks (Applications Welcome)

    Lookin good Sylva! Can't wait to stop these counter revolutionary actions.
  4. Rov listens in on the radio, the name 'Kei' grabs his attention. He is heard yelling out to men in the background in Russian. Good to see you're alive after your break. Next time you see your boyfriend Saviley, ask him about his star on his arm and how he was a traitor to his people. Ask him what it means. Have fun at your wedding. Yuliy's got a gift waiting for you, проклятая пизда. The transmission would cut
  5. Tander

    Development Blog #2

    Looken killer guys!
  6. Tander


    This looks so good! Great work on it.
  7. *The transmission begins - Russian men are heard laughing in the background.* Mr Nikolai you oughta keep your muscle on a leash. Keep him shooting people for their organs, ah? *The transmission ends.*
  8. Tander

    Free Territory Media

  9. *Rov places his arms across the table where the his handset rests. The handset activates.* *Guns can be heard cocking in the background, the sound of Russians yelling echoes through the microphone. The crackling of a fire is interupted by a glass bottle smashing with a roar of the fire alongside a cry of "блять".* Shit. *The transmission cuts for a couple of seconds before reigniting.* Sava I fucken knew you were a traitor. Ever since you started acting all big dick Kommissar. I'm gonna put you against a wall and blow your fucken head out. You're a traitor to the working class you power-mongering mудак. Keep your woman too, she's probably one of you CPG fuckers. *The sound of rounds would blast through the microphone, eventually the transmission would end.*
  10. *Bodrov picks up the handset of his radio pack, he hiccups before pressing down on the handset.* Sava keep your fuckin' mouth shut for once in your life. *An audible hiccup transmits through* Next time I see ya I'll have to clock you over tha head. Catch you at the gate. глупая сука. *The sound of sloshing liquid transmits through the radio before being cut off with white noise.*
  11. Tander

    What was your first job?

    I worked at McDonalds. Never again man.
  12. My PoV: I decided to log on after taking a break for a while, when I jumped in comms I was informed that one of the guys that we were creating a settlement with had started to despawn and deconstruct our walls. It is worth noting that we recently had taken over the settlement, we did however offer them to stay. I decided to take @keibancz and look around the area for him thinking that he couldn't have gone far, it was here that I found him in a building crouched and hiding. I would start to ask him questions, being a bit cocky and such, aggravated as well as shown in the clip above. I would raise my weapon to intimidate him and order him to walk outside so we can further RP, possibly exile and such, it would be here that me holding right-click would open fire on @Rick robinson. From here I would have a reaction to scream 'holy shit' through the mic due to the fact that I wasn't ready for the shot. I briefly explained what had happened in OOC as shown in the clip also. I did not try and RDM @Rick robinson but rather tried to initiate him, if it was an attempt at RDM, in this circumstance you would have been dead. It is also shown in the clip that I shot after he left the building. This was me shooting the ground to see what was happening. After shooting @Rick robinson, myself, @keibancz and @Nikolai B. would attempt to patch @Rick robinson up, from here we would perform some first-aid to the best of our abilities, in the end saving @Rick robinson's life. I would ask @Rick robinson if I could leave due to me having to do some things in real life, he would say it was all good and so I left the server. It is also worth noting that I did put up a post about this in the troubleshooting thread. (Thread is here) My intent of this was not malicious nor was it in my control. Video will be uploaded soon.
  13. Sweet, the issue seems to have solved itself after putting the gun away and punching a couple times. Almost killed someone because of this. Cheers for clearing that up boys.
  14. Hey guys, recently encountered this issue with pressing right click and it registering as raising the gun and shooting. Just wondering if this is an issue on my end or a game bug. Any help would be appreciated so I know if my mouse has cooked it. Cheers.
  15. Tander

    Free Territory

    Thanks Zanaan, The phrase used in your reference is more to show to point of view of the two brothers. Two rural boys that don't have much education that mostly see it how it is. In this circumstance it's focusing more on outlining their view towards the infected rather than be too specific. The pretext of the 'standing corpses' shows this as well: 'Confused and frightened, they drove into Zelenogorsk to be met with hordes of standing corpses.' As for the SMART goals. Their deadlines could be met as they are currently; although it is cutting it a little close. We've had some recent developments that have made these achievable, you never know what the future holds however. These goals may have to be reviewed if things start going straight down hill. Cheers for the feedback, if you pick up anything else be sure to send it our way!