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  1. Thing is with Rikers is that it's a large chunk bigger than Prison Island.
  2. Not needed, not correct, not worth the time. It's already been said countless times in this thread but: Females are girls, Males are boys. We don't need it forced into everyone even if it is just this slight drop bar.
  3. Pov: I ran up with Mexi and CaliforniaRP up to the spot marked on California's map. Once Mexi and California had initiated I ran inside and shouted my own initiation, soon after you see me get killed in Mademoiselle's video at 1:34:58 right against the barn and the hay bale. Don't know what happened after that as I died.
  4. so left two three so left two three to the work that we must do loved this group
  5. Definitely the Tipees or any kind of makeshift tent. Need to have some recipes that don't require tanning of leather. The balls are a bit iffy considering its just clutter added to the game. Torch holders would be really nice to have, as well as the spotlight. Other than that it all seems pretty cruisey.
  6. I just think that the point of the prison island is to stay entirely seperate from the map. An island of that size just wouldn't have a bridge going to it especially considering the economic stance of the country. The infrustructure just wouldn't make sense. The islands only 500m long and thats including the unusable swampy mess out the back. Yeah the bridge would be cool but it just wouldn't make sense. The only thing that would really fit would be the makeshift one that has been built by survivors or the crashed boat that shortens the swimming distance. But even still, the makeshift one would just look like a skinny mess that looks out of place.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Thread has since been deleted (to my knowledge) Points shown below Why the verdict is not fair: The punishment seems fair considering what I caused on the forums. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Since my return to the community I've been able to get more time in than before my ban. Almost doubling my hours that i had acquired over 6 months in just 3. I've remained away from the spamposting that would see me permanently removed, instead moving to productive posts that actually have meaning rather than posting minion memes. Throughout my three months back in this community I've remained, almost being on every day and only being away due to real life commitments. I wouldn't say I've made a big impact in the community by myself, but I believe that my participation in different groups has affected the server greatly. I've not only been active in game but I also have been active on the forums, getting involved in meaningful discussions and competitions, eventually winning the screenshot of the month contest in November. I believe I'm at a stage right now where I've matured from my previous flaws and been able to grow from them. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to see my final warning removed and my account credit added. What could you have done better?: Definitely known my limit when drinking and posting on the forums. Having some restraint and not going along with the joke to the point of where it was seen as raiding the forums would have done wonders. This and not Shitposting minion memes on the forums in general.
  8. Tander

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    The script would have to only count player kills. There's been plenty of times I've had to kill myself in game in order to get the model I want because I hadn't done it when I died. Dying to zombies is also a factor that's been brought up and I think it's been covered enough. As long as the script only counts player hit and kill logs its a +1 from me.
  9. rip the bureaucratic boy
  10. 1. Rolle confirmed end of January for the snow map. 2. Night time is incredibly dark but immersive. It allows for great internal RP, it encourages people to not go out actively hunting and rather take a break and chill out. Making night time go for 30 minutes would be a great way to make some sort of middle ground between these things. It is playable, there is a crazy amount of light source spawns, almost every shed has a glow stick and every military base has a flare, theres also flashlights for guns and such as well as floodlights for settlements. 3. It's fine. As long as theres no griefing.
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