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  1. Anno Janscak

    Anno was born in Brisbane, Australia, his father a migrant from Austria and his mother a second generation Anglo-Australian. Anno's family would move back to Austria when he was fifteen due to the end of his dad's contract for work in Australia, him and his mother became Austrian citizens. He and his parents would move to Vienna where his father would continue work as a company lawyer and his mother would stay at home. Eventually Anno would graduate school and have to serve his civil service, it was here he became an Austrian conscript and was assigned to an Infantry Division in Burgerland, after his training was complete he decided to remain in the military as a Field Medic. Two years later, Anno was twenty-years-old and was a Corporal for his unit, he began to take an interest in the region of Chernarus and their somewhat recent civil war. April, 2017, Anno landed in Chernarus, he was on leave for work and decided to go for a week or so, this eventually turned into a couple months. Anno carried a diary with him throughout his time in Chernarus, some pages were written in English and others in German. May 5th - Martial Law was put in place two days ago in South Zagoria, my mother calls for me to come home, she doesn't want me stuck in a Chernarus civil war. This'll all blow over. July 2nd - Everyone's getting scared here at the house, I've got no Idea why I've stayed this long, mum said she'd book me a plane ticket out of here. My phone won't work anymore, I've done something to it I guess. July 10th - Shelly's eyes began bleeding this afternoon, we took her to the hospital, it looks like everyone in this town has this, hopefully I can make it to the airport by the 15th. July 15th - Get me home -The diary appears to be covered in dirt, the entries become more blunt.-
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Unsure on this, I went to my profile and noticed it. I assume it may be on my whitelist. Why the verdict is not fair: I don't recall copying anyone's work as the ban has stated, the only possible conclusion I came to was my friends blacklist in which he had copied my old backstory in order to see a standard of backstory. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Prior to my blacklist, my friend was looking for inspiration and to see what the standard of writing was for the application process, so I had sent him mine. During this process he had gotten the google documents mixed up and copied mine in instead of his, thus causing a bit of a commotion. (Side note: The following happened whilst in the process of the application being made) I was cautioned for making a comment on the unblacklist application, I understand that it may be in breach (the party posting system) however, I believe that I'm involved or am in the party involved with that ban appeal. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unblacklisted from the server as it's really the only one I play when I play DayZ as well as wanting to be able to finally do something major with my character (I've been trying to hone my roleplay through different games). What could you have done better?: I could have made my document clearer by labeling it better as well as in general giving my friend different excerpts from the DayZRP Lore in order to build on.
  3. -User Has Been Cautioned For This Post-
  4. Hey guys I'm gonna keep it brief here! My name is Tander, I come from Australia and I'm pretty new to the DayzRP Experience. I look forward to meeting you guys OOC and IC!!!