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"Be Brave. Fear God, Honour the Queen"

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  1. Tander

    Bratstvo (Open Recruitment)

    snifffffff I smell Ruski Goodluck with your group.
  2. Tander

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Been so keen for something like this. Looks absolutely amazing. Increase Chernarussian Birthrates
  3. Tander

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    What do you mean? Its either surfs up or yee haw if you're an American. It is very hard to get any decent ones. Scoured from kemenka to tisy last night and found a SKS' and pistols. Let me free my lands with a Kalash
  4. Tander

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I know this is an attempt to throw shade at Kamenici, and I can provide video evidence of the defenders "trying to RP with us" by randomly yelling into the darkness and making chimp noises. We have tried to provide roleplay to you in the past, and it is more than relevant than ever in this current post; your attitude regarding hostile groups, regardless of the level of RP or PvP is not fair at all.
  5. Tander


    Im fairly certain that the devs cant make custom animations (unless thats changed in the new update). Given a decent looking animation for them, sitting and what not, then I reckon it'd be a cool addition. +1 if theres animation tools
  6. Tander

    What was the first game that you ever played?

    Halo: Combat Evolved or Raft Wars. Pioneers of gaming, the both of them. Miniclip best gaming platform.
  7. Tander

    New DayZ Cinematic Trailer Discussion

    I sure do love Chernarooooos.
  8. Tander

    Halo For Newcomers

    So. You beat the Halo Demo. Not bad soldier not bad at all. BUT ARE YOU READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP? In the full version of Halo! Best demo outro in the history of mankind Also Mk.1999 armour is the best.
  9. Tander

    Halo For Newcomers

    Michael Crespo is a innie thug. RIP my man Dutch. Really cool stuff here. Would be cool to get some book lore as well!
  10. Tander

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

    this is trump president business at play. Keep Britain for the master builders!
  11. Tander

    How do you have your coffee? (Poll)

    Coffee bad. Hot Chocolate is for men.
  12. Tander

    Create Your Staff Team

    Inside job on the minion memes? Count me in banana.
  13. Tander

    Add back double stamina

    Remove fat guy simulator please. +1
  14. Tander

    God Bless the British Empire and the Commonwealth

  15. Tander

    [EPM] El Presidentes Militia

    Fool... The Savage Warlords have the power of anonymous. This aint africa this is Chernarus. You either be strong or you be gone.
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