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  1. groovy tander


  2. Born in the wheat belt of South Zagoria to a working class, nationalist family, Bron would be destined for a role in the Chernarussian Defence Force. His father was a staunch nationalist whom fought for Chernarussian independance come the fall of the USSR, his older brothers would continue this fight for Chernarussian independence in the 2009 civil war, both of them losing their lives to Chedaki forces. Despite his mother's push for him to take into the civilian field, Bron believed it was his manifested destiny to join the armed forces and serve his country, but most of all protect the sovereignty of his nation.
  3. groovy tander


    bio mass nerd. Circuits are forever.
  4. groovy tander

    Fashion and clothing thread

    Me in the new cloak. Pull up. You boys should check out Anything But Reality, they make some pretty sick shirts.
  5. groovy tander

    God I Miss X so Much :(

    My main thing with this whole beating thing is that it's an extreme case. It was labeled assault in court proceedings but the victim was pregnant. I agree with you on the fact that not ALL things should be held to you for your whole life, I should have clarified that I thought that this was a severe circumstance with X. As for legal proceedings. Once you're a felon, you're always a felon. That's the case in any western court of law. I know in Australia, once you commit a crime, it's on your record forever, many jobs require you to have a police check, even volunteer work. The system takes into account your prior crimes and convictions, it considers them both in later legal proceedings and in general day to day life. In a legal sense or a moral sense. What X did was an extreme case that could never really be shed.
  6. groovy tander

    God I Miss X so Much :(

    The decisions a man makes in life should be held to him for the rest of his life. Good or Bad. That's how our legal system works, thats how western society works. I'm not at all creating this "narrative" that you've said its okay but rather i've put forward a point that you believe that this incident isn't in X's character. That he was a redeemed man. Part of making mistakes is being able to acknowledge them and not to try and sweep them under the rug. Something as big as beating your pregnant girlfriend is something that he did recognise but I don't believe he learned from it at all. The same concept of committing a bad decision watching over your entire life is seen in life sentences, the sex offender registry as well as having a criminal record in general. When you break a law you have a certain vale that you must hold with you throughout your entire life. He did his time yes, but just because he did his time doesn't mean he was redeemed. When you also take into account that this man was a rolemodel to many people, its safe to assume that people would hold it closely to him regardless of what he did in life. Such is human nature. Let us not forget that his label would exploit the death of a woman he barely knew, with his consent of course. This man wasn't on a path to redeem himself, he was just trying to fix his own public image and earn more money. I fail to see how this is naive. The only difference was that his girlfriend was pregnant, X was older and his girlfriend may have been misbehaving. Using personal experience of a friend who had teen pregnancy with her boyfriend, I think it's a perfectly valid point.
  7. groovy tander

    God I Miss X so Much :(

    I think it’s safe to assume that there isn’t that much time to mature between 18 and 20. Being a kid doesn’t excuse his morals. I know countless 17 year olds that would dare dream of beating women as I know not a soul that would consider beating a pregnant woman. You can choose to believe what you want, but it’s my personal opinion that the man was a bad person. Saying one bad incident doesn’t define a person is partly true. But that implies that it was an accident, which as I’m sure you know it was not.
  8. groovy tander

    God I Miss X so Much :(

    My point was that: Yes his message resonated with people and yes he’s missed but they’re missing a facade. Just because someone has a lot of fans doesn’t make them a good person and just because they’re missed doesn’t make them either. Irregardless of whether it was his wife or girlfriend, the man beat a women that was carrying his own child. You may also be aware that post-jahseh, both his girlfriend and his mother began to exploit his label, further solidifying that the x persona is one built and continues to revolve on lies. Yes x may have donates charity. Yes he posted videos saying “you do you” but looking at court proceedings it’s fair to say that x as a man was filled with hate. He was a man that continuously spread vice through his music and his social media. edit: doing this from mobile, excuse the punctuation and spelling.
  9. groovy tander

    God I Miss X so Much :(

    I know for myself, I see Jahseh (may God have mercy on him) as a bad person. The man litterally beat his pregnant wife then gave money to charity to cover it up. He's a man who everyone thought was all philosophical but really, he just read some philosophies on nihilism and countered them and was like "be great because you are you". The man was an entire facade in my opinion. X as a persona might be this caring but X as a man is a horrible person.
  10. Happy Anzac Day Australia and New Zealand best British Empire offspring Lest We Forget
  11. Reviving for the Queens birthday (actual one) Be Brave. Fear God. Honour the Queen.
  12. snifffffff I smell Ruski Goodluck with your group.
  13. groovy tander

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Been so keen for something like this. Looks absolutely amazing. Increase Chernarussian Birthrates
  14. groovy tander

    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    What do you mean? Its either surfs up or yee haw if you're an American. It is very hard to get any decent ones. Scoured from kemenka to tisy last night and found a SKS' and pistols. Let me free my lands with a Kalash
  15. groovy tander

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I know this is an attempt to throw shade at Kamenici, and I can provide video evidence of the defenders "trying to RP with us" by randomly yelling into the darkness and making chimp noises. We have tried to provide roleplay to you in the past, and it is more than relevant than ever in this current post; your attitude regarding hostile groups, regardless of the level of RP or PvP is not fair at all.
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