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"Avenge Gallipoli."

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  1. groovy tander

    CodeLocks Mod

    if you want rust, play rust codelocks just seem like a scapegoat to protecting your gear through OP means -1
  2. @groovy pips might be able to help
  3. groovy tander

    Killing Compliant Hostages

    Tander's POV: Not much I can say about the situation that hasn't already been said. I logged on and made my way south as directed in order to meet up with the group. Around the time I hit Zelenogorsk I hear shots coming from Pavlovo and radio in asking what had happened. This would be the time the truck was ambushed. I then continued my run up and then looted the corpses, this was however some time after the altercation as I had to run there still.
  4. groovy tander

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    i do not like where this is going nozzy... good luck tho
  5. Racism is a real thing in real life. Your roleplay is meant to be a scenario within an apocalypse with the context of the real world. If you believe that removing raw roleplay from the server will make roleplay better, then perhaps you should rethink what roleplay is. Big dog. The racist roleplay is strictly in character, you can't find it on the forums. I wouldn't get your knickers in a twist over it.
  6. groovy tander

    Testing a new map on S2

    When's the new lore coming out???
  7. groovy tander

    Boomer Thread

    ive been to vietnam and this is far worse
  8. groovy tander

    31st NBC Protection Troops

    far out. about time goodnight sweet prince!
  9. groovy tander

    The Carnival

    cool group. how much to go on da ferris wheel?
  10. groovy tander

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Goodluck Mr 19.
  11. groovy tander


    Itchy neck?
  12. Born in Bristol to a military family who moved to Londonderry when his father was transferred to the Ulster Defence Regiment, Cooper wouldn't see a whole lot of the conflict in Londonderry but his father had told stories. Come the outbreak, England would be hit fairly hard, especially in 2018 when the a dirty bomb was unleashed from an Irish Separatist group from Chernarus. This bomb would unleash havoc throughout the UK and this was seen firsthand through an IRA attack on Coopers family with his father being killed and his mother being kneecapped and left to die. After these events, Cooper would sign up to a local cell of nationalists made to protect the town of Londonderry from the threat of infected and terrorists that had surged in popularity in the south. Eventually Cooper would be sent to Chernarus apart of an attachment in order to find those who made the bomb.
  13. i like looking at my dudes head its really cool and epic also cute butt bro! (speaking to my character of course!) this is why i vote no to first person
  14. groovy tander

    [GAME] Who Is Your Legend?

    what the fuck nozzy. I am so mad that you would put stannis in front of me. This is fucking bullshit man what the fuck i'm actually crying right now im so pissed. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  15. groovy tander

    S1 - Berezino - 07/01/2019 - RDM

    sorry I didn't see this sooner, notification didn't come up. I had been patrolling town for a while before my first interaction with the OP, him and his friend had been walking around with masks on to which I told them to take them off. They continued walking after I had told them to stop to which I called in support from the other CDF in the area. The OP creates an negative attitude which is carried over to when he is killed. From there they're told to get out of town if they want to wear their masks and from there we dont see them until the second altercation. On the second time, there are a large amount of shots coming from the direction of the lumberyard, all patrols are told to go to that area, to my surprise I find the OP. The continued smart alek attitude creates tensions between each party to the point in which they are told they are being detained and to drop their weapons. As one of our guys were handcuffing him, he pulls out a weapon and is promptly shot for it.
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