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  1. Salted


    Welcome! If you have any questions or need any RP advice, my DMs are always open here or on discord (Salted#3870).
  2. A well-said, based, understandable response. Thank you, staff team, for your response and time.

    1. ImRedemption



  3. Goodnight gamers! Was a productive day. See you all in Nyheim 😄


    1. fkingmissvick


      night! great song!

  4. Bro, seriously, you wanna remove freedom of speech entirely ? 

    1. Eagles


      Sure if it keeps me from having to read the same shit over and over again about "community bad here's the same arguments from the same people" for the hundredth time.

    2. Zanaan


      Bruh, what got you so upset Salted? Like nothing I've seen has been that bad? Or is it that you just want to live in a happy bubble? To be able to put on the Pyrovision goggles so to speak?

      I cannot fathom advocating for the removal of people just because you don't like what they have to say.

    3. Salted


      My DMs are open on discord if you'd like to know, @Zanaan. I'm not airing dirty laundry on the forums.

    4. AndreyQ


      I read your post. Send the evidence of harassment via 3rd party means to the admins. They will remove those people.

      Other than that I have not personally seen continous negativty from one person to a point where removal is needed. Everyone should be able to speak ther mind once or twice.

    5. Salted


      @Jackfishi hope nobody says another word ever again. I want text RP only.


    6. Cor



  5. Planting Fact of the Day #1056

    When a plant is dying and rotting away, you can actually save it by cutting away the rotting roots, stems, and leaves. The remaining plant pieces will then repair themselves, prosper, and eventually multiply back to how it should be.

    Illustration Dancing GIF

    1. Aisling


      Unless it's overwatered/root rotted and it depends on the hardiness of the plant. Succulents? Sure! Other plants? Not so much.

  6. We're already pointing and removing people for toxicity. I'm seeing a lot of 6months and R4s going around. Honestly, good on you guys for trying to clean up the community as best you can. The pop will rise again at some point. When are we going to take the next step and just remove people who obviously aren't here for the spirit of RP? I keep seeing people make sly comments and statuses that are obviously hits against the community, its staff, and owner. If they're not happy here, why not make them not have to worry about it anymore? Just chuck them out the door. They keep tiptoeing the line of what's allowed and what's not. They keep purposefully trying to agitate community members, acting like the people who have been punished are doing nothing deserving of a punishment, constantly taking hits against the low pop that they helped contribute to ruin with their behavior, and continue to harass members of the community outside via 3rd party means so that they can dodge punishments. It's obvious these people are no longer here to be supportive and try to build a positive roleplay influence, so why aren't we getting rid of them? From the head statement on rule section one, these individuals do not fit the quality of roleplayers we want on our server. We deserve better, you deserve better. I don't care if the server is empty for a bit, I'll be playing when Nyheim returns regardless. Lets rebuild our community with less-toxic individuals who actually want to provide something of substance to our community and our stories.
  7. I remember a time there was an event done on Nyheim where my character was being hunted by a cult. I was determined on the fact that my presence around my group posed a danger so I went into the woods, where I was ambushed by said cult. I lost a ton of blood, to the point where I became dizzy and delirious. My group found me and assumed I had been drugged and indoctrinated into joining the cult. They tried to restrain me, where my confused state made me resist, I ended up escaping and it led to a manhunt with 12+ people chasing me around the map. It was insane but one of the best nights I've ever had on this server. Here's a clip of my escape if you want to see a small snippet of what went down https://www.twitch.tv/saltedhq/clip/BillowingAdorableBeefFunRun-AfoJdDJt2Bp5prSf?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time
  8. Ok but what if I say pretty please with cherries on top?

    follow me please GIF

    1. ItsJet



  9. Again, nobody said Nyheim will save the server, just like everyone said Chernarus won't fix the server HOWEVER, a map change provides a temporary boost in numbers, we all know this. With that temporary boost in numbers can come new groups, more stories, and an active playerbase, which will be enticing for more people to come back. It leaves room for stuff to get jumpstarted, a catalyst so to speak. And with a little luck and hard work from both the lore/event team, as well as the community/roleplayers, we might be able to stabilize those numbers at a higher average. We had a HUGE catalyst with the Chernarus switch, we hit 80-90. But nobody stayed, the stories took a little too long to get started, and stuff got stale pretty quickly. Low maintenance summer definitely didn't really help with the pop either. I personally stopped playing over chernarus summer for two reasons. 1) I'm not a fan of chernarus, it's just gotten old and the nostalgic factor of it doesn't do it for me. 2) I had dumped almost 2k hours in less than a year, and was getting a HUGE burnout. I just needed some months off It's not NYHEIM itself that is making me come back (Though that is ONE of the reasons I will be coming back). It is the influx of players that will be returning, the halting of "Low maintenance summer", the potential catalyst for a higher pop average, and the fact that I've just been resting my RP muscles for a while and am excited to jump on the RP train.
  10. BACKGROUND _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Life out here is pretty rough, man. Ya gotta be rougher and tougher if ya want t' make it out here. Nice to meet ya by the way, the name's Shep. I know we've just acquainted with each other, but I was wondering if you could do me a little favor and take those hands there and put 'em up in the air for me." - Drawing his rifle from his belt, Shep would point it directly at the heart of the man. - "Now just stay calm for me and drop yer shit on the ground in front of ya slowly. I'm not here for yer life, or yer family. I'll be taking some food, water, a little bit of your munitions, and I'll let you be on your way. While we're at it, throw these on for me." - Shep drops a pair of rusty cuffs on the ground in front of the man and waits for him to put them on before searchin' through his shit. After taking what he needs. he tosses the keys a few yards away from the man and hoists his backpack onto his shoulders. - "Nice doin' business with ya, friend. Stay safe, and keep an eye out, heard that there's bandits lurkin' round these parts. Do me a favor, wait till I'm out of sight to start breakin' out of those. Don't want to have to blast ya or nuthin." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. Actually a goated, based opinion. You should not trust every individual you meet. It should not be "Oh hi random stranger, let's open up a fishing shop together". You should fear the living. They're more deadly than the infected, they can and WILL ruin everything. It's a dangerous world that comes with dangerous people. Find the few that will always have your back, and distrust the rest. People should not be expected to carry the pop, and people need to stop acting like a low pop shouldn't affect someone's will to play. Like Unii said, in the end it's not the map, not the mods, not the content, it's the playerbase. The server could have everything we need, but if it doesn't have people, it doesn't have a story, and it won't be worth playing. Balancing the rules to promote RP and storytelling is the #1 direction to go. If we dont have that foundation, the rest will crumble over time.
  12. I witnessed this behavior a lot with other folks too, and actively sought to stop it. Would love to see you back giving RP another change. The map additions and expansion did wonders for it. Would be down to answer any questions via discord if you had any
  13. Not exactly sure what you're talking about. Care to elaborate on the community center bit? (Not trying to be difficult, actually just curious incase I experienced the same thing.)
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