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  1. Server and location: Nyheim @ the prison military barracks (lower and upper) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:15am Oct 20th Your in game name: Ayden Clarkson Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: (No clue, they logged before i could figure it out) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): SCREENSHOTS ATTACHED Detailed description of the events: I ran up to the prison after hearing shots. Was looking for a runaway friend who was being hunted by D-Squad. Thought maybe it was them in trouble and went to investigate. Upon arriving, I saw a person in the barracks (Lower barracks, middle screenshot), surrounded by undead. I shot all the infected while calling out to the person letting them know im here to help and asking them what their name is. I get no response. I start bleeding and have no bandages so I call out to the person and say I need bandages. Still no response. I walk into the back of the barrack and I see them sitting down and shortly vanish after (logging out). I ended up around blinking blood and had to cut my shirt to save my life. All I wanted was to say hi to the person, get a bandage, maybe trade some food or shit, and move on. After recovering and finishing off any remaining infected, I noticed a FLOOD of loot outside the doors. Backpacks, pants, shirts, etc. Seems like they were loot cycling. I normally wouldn't have the BIGGEST issue with this, but they also decided to straight up avoid the small amount of RP I wanted to have with them because they wanted to not get caught breaking the rules. I also almost died trying to save them, so the least they could have done was come out to bandage me up and then leave. Was kind of irritating saying that I was already engaged in another RP situation and that all almost got interrupted because this person decided to loot cycle and log off once caught.
  2. Props to @Wolfington & @Fidget543for heading up one of the most intriguing RP sessions of all time. My initiation ceremony into the Rangers was such a cool break from the typical "Welcome to the crew, here's an armband" cliche. The gathering of materials which led to the crafting / branding of my Ranger amulet was such a cool experience and frankly an amazing way to get my character to bond with your group. Thanks to @Bela @ImRabbit @nuggets @Human @Redemption @Otto Pilot @AlwaysGamer& anyone else who I might have missed. Y'all being there made everything that much more intense.
  3. Item class: Metallurgy Forging boulders Problem: Can't find em. Not a single one. Evidence: I've spent maybe three hours looking north east/west in the rock fields for just a single boulder. My suggestion would be to add more spawn points, and maybe a few sparse areas in the middle/southern part of the map. Maybe nearish to main roads or something? I'm with @Miskyon this one. Kind of hard to explore this aspect when the boulders are so rare, and when you DO find them, you don't get the resource you need.
  4. Done! My point exactly. Was super excited to hear that it was being worked on, but now that it's on a hiatus I wanted to vocalize that there is a desire for that to be added. Yes. Just because we have a few streamers now, doesn't mean we wont have more. Also would be great for people who are just looking to screenshare in discord and such.
  5. I don't know if this means adding another mod or what, but the current code locks are horrendous. I dont mind scrolling through the codelocks, but as a content creator (mainly streaming), It's just such a pain to have to switch screens or worry about other people seeing our codes if we're screensharing OOCly. If I'm being honest it would be amazing to get something that works like this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1646187754 I miss the old code locks, I get we're 50+ years into an apocalypse so if you don't want electronics then can we try to find a good middle ground? My only strife with the server right now is the inability to hide codes for streams without jumping through hoops.
  6. No, inside joke on the forums. Dont worry.
  8. just play lul. In all seriousness though play. That's what I did. if everyone saying "The player count should be higher" came back, we'd be back to high pop imo.
  9. A ghost I see why speedrunners love doing blindfold runs now.
  10. Some beautiful clips have been added to the clip emporium, go check them out!


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