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  1. Growing up on a farm with his father, he learnt how to hunt from a young age. Leaving home, and moving to the nearby city of Exeter, Jeff became a mechanic in Tim's Autos. After five years of working for Tim, Jeff had saved enough money (with some help from his father) to buy the business. His accountant, Mary, was blonde and had huge vision for the company. She really admired Jeff's enormous sense of determination. Together they built Tim's autos into one of the most successful garages in south-west England. After selling the company for millions, Jeff went on a bender to rival all benders. He discovered cocaine, wooly hats, and sunglasses. This would forever define his new style. After parting in Japan for 6 months he found himself mixed up with the Yakuza. Upon meeting the boss, he was given one of the highest ranks in the Yakuza's hierarchy. Jess was starting to make a name for himself, and the media was catching on to this eccentric millionaire mobster. After 3 tattoos, four heists, and a quick dabble in heroin, it was time for Jeff to go back to the farm. He needed to find who he was truly meant to be. Returning home, he realised his father had died, leaving the farm to Mary, whom he had married. Mary had turned the farm into a children's theme park - Holloway Fields. Jeff returned to his life of intoxication, and he took up refuge in Siberia - where he hunted wolves for the local farmers. He earned himself the nickname 'Wolfhunter Jeff', a name which he felt to be utterly ridiculous. Slowly making his way south from Siberia, out of the cold, through China, he found himself in Tibet. Here is where he met a Master of Taoism. Jeff, seeking rescue from his addictions, began to learn of the Tao. Realising that his existence, and the existence of all around him is merely a concept, Jeff was able to transcend his earthly miseries. He took up calligraphy, and began taking long walks in the Himalayas. One day, on his long walk through the skies, he encountered a monkey. The monkey was not startled by Jeff, but instead curious. It jumped up on his shoulder, and began to rest. Jeff, seeing the monkey was quite happy, decided to continue walking along the path, well beyond where he would normally walk. He reached the Himalayan country of Bhutan - a place he could call home. He knew the monkey had led him here. He named the monkey Montgomery, and they would be loyal companions. After taking up the art of archery, Jeff found himself in a tournament held by the king. In a freak archery accident, Montgomery received an arrow to the skull, killing him instantly. Jeff once again returned to alcohol and drugs. After leaving Bhutan for India, and catching a plane for London, Jeff was all about done with life. Suddenly his plane plummeted to the sea. Where has Jeff woken up?
  2. Ok thanks for your help! Could it be something to do with the installation process? Would manually installing it make any difference?
  3. Claiming abuse? Come on mate, don't be so melodramatic, It's a video game forum. I've spoken to other players about this and they've said they thought it might be the same reason as I did. And yes I did use the search button. Let's be honest it's a gaming community which relies on clans and donations to keep running. It wouldn't be surprising if the servers were made a little more exclusive from time to time considering all the YouTube content from DayZRP. I'm not pointing any fingers or anything, and I really can't imagine why an admin would care even if I was. I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same experience. And thanks Mex, next time I'll remember to do that
  4. I'm not talking about just today, it happens a lot. And it happens every time a server is getting full. It says 'You were kicked from the game'. Once I've been kicked if I manage to join before it fills up I get kicked again with the same message. Yeah I guess I could be wrong, but this doesn't happen to me on any other server.
  5. I'm getting kicked a lot lately and it seems pretty obvious that it's to make room in the servers. Has DayZRP always been like this?
  6. Was 4th last night. Just checked and now I'm 7th. I'm supposed to be doing coursework today but I'm so damn hooked again I know I'm just gonna end up playing epoch all day waiting for this whitelist decision. Can anyone tell me if my donation exchanges will stay if my application is rejected? Because I can't afford another 20 euros.
  7. Does anyone know if they do whitelisting at this time of the night? I know I'm being a pain, sorry.
  8. Thanks so much man I think that was it! Just moved up to 4th! YOU'RE A LEGEND!
  9. Epoch is a great mod, though it has the danger of making the clans ridiculously overpowered. From my experience I'm always worried that a larger group will show up with a vehicle with mounted weapons, and whenever it does it's game over. Not to mention the helicopters. I think if it were going to happen there would have to be some kind of mediation or distribution of resources. One possible way of doing it could be if the clans were to fight over the various trader camps. The winners would then be tasked with ensuring that nobody was buying excessive amounts of anything (of course respecting the recourse quota themselves). I'd also like to think that because it's meant to be in the future there would be some kind of taxation run by the ruling clans. They would do routine checks of the various player bases around the map and make sure there was no foul play, then collect appropriate taxes of which a percentage could be given to the Free Medics for example. The way I look at it there would have to be a defined hierarchy with the ruling clans, and clearly established player camps. Also keeping in mind that the casual gamer has to fit in somewhere as well. Anyway that's my piece. Cheers if you took the time to read it!
  10. I've donated another 15 euros and waited 5 hours and I'm still at 17. Every time I get to about number 10 I go back to 17 within a few minutes. Have the people ahead of me donated more or do the donations not affect your place in the que that much?
  11. Haha I'll be honest I did consider doing that I'm at 17 now... I just know that the gods of DayZ will crash and break my game even if I manage to get whitelisted
  12. You cannot redo the app unless you have been rejected. But if you put all the stuff needed you should be accepted eventually Good luck! Oh, and welcome! Ok cool, and thanks for the the quick reply btw. I'm at 24 now... I feel more nervous than I would be at a job interview! Hope to see you in game sometime!
  13. I understand that I can't expect to be whitelisted immediately, but how long does it actually take? I was at 27 when I woke up this morning and now I'm 28th. I've donated 10 euros as well. Is there any way for me to redo my application so I can add some more detail? Or is there a place on the forums where I can shamelessly beg? Basically this is one of the only days I can play for about a week, and I haven't played DayZ in over a month... I need my fix maaan....
  14. Just getting my first post in, looking forward to this!
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