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"I once feared the cost of truth; but what is the cost of lies?"

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  1. Anneliese is generally a very kind person with one exception. She has a burning hatred toward Fascists or any people that associate with them. An Anarchist at heart, she believes that most people are inherently good until they are under control. She has a very dry and crude sense of humor that she got from her father before he passed. She avoids killing infected whenever she can. She believes humanity might still exist in those rabid husks. She has very little fear of pain or blood. Medicine : Melee : Riflery : Survival : Stealth : Charisma : Anneliese Kantner was born to a small German/Polish family in Frankfurt, Germany. Her mother was a housewife and her father was a tank mechanic for the 37th Panzergrenadier Brigade. She was an only child and her family quite close-knit. When she turned 11, her father was deployed to Saxony. While he would come home sometimes, he often got too involved in his work to truly take a break. He would spend hours in his study mumbling into the phone and often became very secretive about his projects. At one point, Anna heard him hurl abuses toward her mother. While she didn't like to think about it, her parents relationship was quite abusive and one-sided. Eventually he would leave on the morning of July 12th 2007, packing up his things and heading back to Frankenberg in Saxony. He didn't say much before he left, kissing Anna on the forehead, telling her he'd be back soon. Little did she and her mother know, a mine would hit his truck in Afghanistan and he would never come home. Her mother was distraught when she received a notice from the military along with monetary compensation. She fell into a deep depression and Anna ended up having to take care of herself. She continued school and eventually went on to a University in Berlin where she studied medicine. Once she graduated with her bachelor's degree, she took a long break before returning for her graduate degree. She spent a long while traveling from city to city. She spent a good three years working in the music industry, attempting to "make it big." When she had gotten her fill, she returned home. A month passed as she helped her mother move forward in life. Things were looking great for a good while and Anna was ready to continue her education. Then the outbreak struck. One day everything was perfect, the next, her own mother was trying to rip her throat out with her bare hands. It was the first time Anna had ever used a gun for any real purpose. Her father had taught her the basics of how to use a firearm but she never thought she'd have to kill anybody. While she often thought her mother had died the day her father did, putting a bullet through her brain took a heavy toll on her morale. While she eventually learned that her mother was infected, the action left her with minor PTSD and she has trouble shooting female infected even two years into the outbreak. She had tried to leave the country at one point, an old childhood friend had told her that Poland had closed their borders and was doing pretty well. She wasn't able to make it there, eventually getting trapped in Livonia. She was able to find a small farm and for a while she was attempting to grow her own food and hunt to keep herself alive. She gave up on that and eventually went to Nadbór, scavenging in what's left of the forsaken country of Livonia.
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  3. How is it spelt?


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  4. I just played some PUBG after like 2 years. The controls feel so clunky. At least when I die in dayz I actually feel like its my fault, and not just the game being dumb ;_;

  5. I'd like to close the report, we talked it out.
    It apparently doesn't exist online, so I made it myself. (based on the patch on BI's website)
    I present the Chernarussian Coat of Arms!


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  7. Server and location: S1 Novaya Petrovka Industrial Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07-09-2019 - 22:00 Your in game name: Zofie Karaskova Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I had just logged in after about 30 minutes AFK and it seemed like there the situation had died down at least a little bit in the Industrial park. A chernarussian man was asking someone inside the old saviors building to apologize for calling his friend Russian. I stayed nearby because I was going to ask where one of my friends went. I was on the catwalk and I had a few people with green armbands ask me who I was. I told them that I wasn't involved and was just seeing what was happening. Then I hear from the saviors building "--your hands up" and bullets start flying. I go prone on the catwalk to avoid stray bullets. I never take out my gun or anything. No one involved had shown hostility towards my character and after about a minute of the firefight, I was shot dead.
  8. Gonna have to say a big fat no on this one. While on the surface I can see where the idea might be beneficial to RP for new players, but its far too much effort for too little pay off. I might support it if we got a fresh start on a new map, but like Roland said, thats pretty much not possible. There's so much lore that has gone into this version and I don't think that we've fully realized everything that can come from it. I think its definitely worth it to leave it for now, let the LM's do their thing to make stuff interesting rather than starting from the beginning. Edit: What would seriously be amazing is if we had server 1 on south zagoria Oblast and server 2 on a Central Kopec Oblast. That way they could be separate entities entirely with separate groups and communities but still connected by lore. It could even be possible for players to actually go "out west" when they go to places like Miroslavl.
  9. [BEGIN TRANSMISSION] A woman's voice is heard barely through the frequency behind the radio static THI-----ERONICA----LOVEJOY-----O NOT G----NORT------FECTED---H------- The radio cuts out abruptly before starting back up again with a piercing buzz RUSS----LACK MOUNTA------TOO MAN------F THE-- A---------------------------- A blood-curdling scream rings out over the frequency before being cut off by infected growls. [END TRANSMISSION]
  10. Accents are just mouth fonts

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