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  1. Saalpeter

    Red's Twitch Thread!

    There have been some wonderful streams by Red and others like Shanoby, which showed the dynamism, challenges and variety of the dailey routine of a large group like the UN 'live on screen'. And it demonstrates also the difficulties in the coordination and collusion in the background. Overall it becomes clear how useful the lore wipe is in general. Now after the fragmentation of the UN it is as exciting as great series like "Band of Brothers". I'm already curious how it will go on and I hope not to miss a sequel. I really enjoy it!
  2. I picked up a few statements from this status report, which are interesting for me: As we heard a lot about most of the topics, the last point is particulary important. Because without animations like jumping, climbing or landing on the ground, DayZ will always last square and will be kinda out of round. I very much hope, that they will not only discuss these features, but integrate them in the near future. I can hardly expect the influence of stamina, weight and exhaustion on our characters. Together with the new animations it will dramatically change the "game experience" and equal a revolution. It's also time to get around for it, to be honest as we all know of course. Maybe also an interesting case seems to be that Adam (Sumrak) is working more and more on other things than Namalsk itself. Just a quick reminder: Hicks spoke in his last interview a couple of weeks ago about Namalsk: A limitation of this expectation is of course the intensive preparation of the team for Gamescom, which currently has priority. We will see...
  3. Elim Endar was born in 1981 in Germany as the son of teacher couple Klaus and Monika Endar. He grew up in a small village 200 km north of Frankfurt and had a happy childhood and youth. After graduating from high school Elim committed for two years in the German Army, where he served as a medic, but did not participated in any war effort. After his military service, he started to study at the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), in which he was trained in logistic, biology, technology and psychology. Elim completed his first half-year mission abroad at the age of 24. He became part of a task force team with many trips in several countries; whether floods in Thailand, earthquake in Takistan or the expansion of road networks in Panthera- Elim traveled to many places. Most of their missions had in common, that they took place in extreme situations for the local population and the team of the THW was confronted with suspicion, desperation, anger, but also gratitude. Elims superiors appreciate him as a reliable member and had great trust in his skills to make the best from the given site conditions. His was a serious and fair man who could make rational decisions in difficult situations. For these reasons Elim was promoted to a task force leader of the THW at the age of 29 years. Elim led a team of the THW to Chernarus in 2009. Their tasks were to optimize the power supply of the coastal cities Elektrozavodsk, Chernogorsk, Solnichiniy and Berenzinho and after this to analyze the water quality of the wells that supplied the rural population in the interior of the country. Elim was critical of the arranged priorities, because the government of Chernarus and the EU were primarily interested in the promotion of industrial production in the country. Thus much polluted water flowed from the major industrial cities in the country inside and left there trying pools behind. With the start of the Civil War in Chernarus the THW team was withdrawn and returned three years later for it's first regular terms. When he came back in the land during one of this routine checks in June 2017, Elim heared about road blocks and strange things goinig on in the north and also dealt with russians aircraft. He managed to get his tour through the villages to an end and was suddenly reloacted by CDF forces to settle near a big camp next to Chernarus. And so it all began....
  4. In Germany there are two criteria to distinguish in this dfficult case, I guess. Once the bread: toast or small baguette are typical signs of a sandwich. Soft round Burger hills are indicative of a burger. Second, the meat: do we have a "chicken meatball" out of mince, or a piece of meat (steak), or at least just a slice of sausage. Chicken mince always has a kind of breading (Panade) around to protect the delicate meat inside. Now, the compounds of both: -Toast and small baguette in combination with chicken steak or slices of chicken sausages are usually just called chicken sandwiches. -"Round Burger Hill" with a chicken meatball-and even with a piece of meat (steak)- are usually called chicken burgers -A chicken meatball is always offered only inside soft Burger bread, therefore, the result seems to be: a chicken burger is a chicken burger
  5. The best chance to catch a rabbit is on forest floor: "Rabbit Snares (1x Wooden Stick + 1x Metal Wire), once set, will activate after 120-420 seconds if there are no players within 100 meters of the trap. Upon activation, the trap has a chance of spawning a dead Rabbit. The chance depends on the terrain, and it appears that the forest floor gives the highest chance (~50%)." Hebee has already showen a pic of the "perfect" floor, here is my: -I for myself leave the area in a range of 300-400 meters and just wait for 10-13 minutes before I return. -I usually set up three traps at once. -Well, it works and I love trapping. edit: I forgot to mention that I made my own experience with despawned traps: "There are different tips for the waiting time ranging from 5 to 25 minutes. I would not recommend to wait 20 minutes or longer, because my "pristine" traps became "ruined" or the traps have disappeared because of despawn (after 25 minutes or more)." Detailed considerations on this subject: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Breadmans-Hunting-School?page=2
  6. Saalpeter

    [POI] Rify Wreck

    I like it very much; atmospheric, apocalyptic and waterworld-ish. A nice headquarters for groups that like to dominate the coasts or simply prefer fishing and coastal RP.
  7. Nice observation. Never really thought about that. Good point here. It could be Eugene as well, but I guess it will be Abraham. Remember their "farewell scene" -as they took each other in arms and Abraham granted his friend Eugene the absolution to be a Survivor? This moment was rather pompously staged on screen (my eyes became a bit wet here^^). Eugene was the man who saved Abrahams life before ans who gave him kinda sense to continue. Even the stoic silence of the person who was chosen, fits to Abraham as well.
  8. Saalpeter

    0.60 Experimental - Megathread

    Well, another video about what we might expect to find out in 0.60. Not everything has been announced, but it shows a couple of nice things:
  9. Saalpeter

    DayZ 0.60 Dev Log: Central Economy Explained

    Does anyone know the source that inspired this Pluxar to write a lot about the different varieties of mushrooms, which are supposedly set in 0.60? Hicks did not mentioned any kind of fungi in his video, or did I miss it? I found no evidence from an official source of developers about this topic. I mean, we expect mushrooms since 0.53.?
  10. Once I was in Kozlovka and saw a helicopter with a boar that both stood ten feet away from each other. It was like heaven on earth for me. You must understand, a wild boar in Chernarus means to me something like the reincarnation of a deity in animal form. You know the stories about Zeus, right? There is no higher value than the fluffy fur of a wild boar in this world. He will forever be a part of you and you will amalgamate with him. So I was thrilled, of course I was, anything else would be blasphemy. I took the Winchester from my shoulder, crept closer, took aim, squeezed the trigger..baam... and I missed. The wild boar started to race at breakneck speed in a circle around me The next two shots I missed as well and I felt the blush on my face. I nervously looked over my shoulder for witnesses of my action. I also missed the next two shots and when I reloaded, I lost eyes on the boar. I left the area slowly and carefully and went ready for the big hunt.,Man against God. Twenty minutes later, I found Zeus in a wooded area peacefully "grazing" and knocked him down with a headshot and took his fur in honor. I never thougt about that FAL and it's magazines back in the heli as he and I became one. I took a picture of his run (well, maybe the link will work): http://i1016.photobucket.com/albums/af281/Ktarie/2015-08-02_00001_zpsu1vof6vv.jpg
  11. Saalpeter

    Villages West of South Zagoria

    Unfortunately no names for villages in the west, but an interesting extended graphical map by CREDIDRED for- let's call it - physical inspirations on this topic. map (download ~145mb): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xM41lgRhleRGx5SDh3S3pfMzg/view?pref=2&pli=1 background video:
  12. Ha, I already have the same notebook properties and use some tweaks like...: Open Documents/DayZ/DayZ.cfg with WordPad and change the following values: GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; Open Documents/DayZ/YOURNAME.DayZProfile with WordPad and change the following values: sceneComplexity=50000; shadowZDistance=100; viewDistance=1200; preferredObjectViewDistance=1000; terrainGrid=25; optionaly change your launch options: -noPause -noLogs -skipIntro -noBenchmark -noSplash -world=ChernarusPlus -maxMem=2048 -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 In Game graphics: Rendering: deactivate everything but set "HDR Quality" on "very low". Of course you can experiment with those settings, if you like. You can still play with objects and terrain on "normal" and even with clouds on "low", but shadows should be off. DayZ runs very smooth for me. My character's agility and quickness does not differ from other guys characters. You feel like a living part of the world and not like a slow motion shadow. And that is the most important thing, I guess.
  13. Wow, all those buildings I can chill in now. I guess I will like this update.^^ The 0.59 Infected Horde. They are back: (well, some pathfinding issues are no issues at all, right).
  14. That's some kind of DayZRP magazine like Esquire is, right. I like the look of this booklet format and I also like to deal with it. Operation works simple and fast, much smoother for me than pdf. I also had some really good reading about opinions from some enthusiastic and smart members. Great work guys and I guess it was much of it. I am looking forward to see how the scale and categories are designed in the future. To prevent speculation; Who has censored the questions/answers 5 to 8 in the interview with Rolle? ` And why did you do that? :troll:
  15. Saalpeter

    [CANNIBAL WARNING] Luanne Galloway [open broadcast]

    Elim is sitting in his underwear in a small wooden house which was built lonely at the forest edge. He looks at his cold and scarred feet. He tried to move every single toe deliberately and stretch it from his foot, so that he regains a feel for them.The shadows of the fire blure on his pale aching feet. But everything he notes is that the nerves appear to be ruined in them. He starts to massage his left foot gently...a daily ritual. When he hears the sound of his radio on the table, he solidified and fixed the table with wild eyes. The reaction of an animal. Months have passed when he heard a human voice for the last time. When the message ends in noise and cracking and the usual silence returns,he takes a deep breath and feel the tension disappear. He leans against the wall, draws on his legs and puts his head between his knees. With a broken voice he speaks softly a name: "Lu Anne Gallo-way" ... "Luanne", what a beautiful name. The voice on the radio sounded calm, trustworthy, rational and confident of what it mentioned. Luanne should have eaten her companion in his living body? An act of cruelty, without any doubt. However, cannibalism does not seem to be unusual in this world. Elim knew to what people were capable in need. Immediately he thought of the witch hunts at the Middle Ages. At the vampire beliefs and stories of revenants in the lore of the early modern age from Southeast Europe. His face turns into a cynical grim grimace when he thinks of all the infected, he had to kill. The voice on the radio called no name, no location. The voice remain anonymous and raises interpretative authority over the fate of a woman. How credible could this voice be? Elim wants to sit up, take the radio and ask the voice, who spoke there. But his exhaustion and a resistance stops him. Is it fear that prevents him? He has no answer. A helpless and confused woman likes to be out there in the dark...somewhere. "Luanne Galloway" Luanne, she is alone and she is lost. Elim closes his eyes, his jaw moves and cracks nervous, his tinnitus beeps to a new climax. And in many colors and shapes, the silhouette of a woman nourishes his mind. She is coming closer, moving in graceful movements of a dance. She is black and red. She is wearing a dress in the colors as fire is made of. Luanne Galloway. She is beautiful. She must be the most beautiful woman on earth ...Elim falls asleep immediately.
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