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  1. @R3d D3ad @Saunders @Realize Absolutely loved it today, wasn't expecting to have to bring "The Doc" out so soon. But glad I did. Till we RP again
  2. Talked to WorldClass in VC, didn't resolve the issue. We believe the group went out of there way to destroy different parts of our base which took us days to make and collect. The only roleplay interaction we had was friendly in the past and they have not reached out to us or talked to us in game. They merely destroyed our base because they didn't like the idea of our group. This is the before picture of the back wall. The logs will reveal how much they truely destroyed but we believe it to be excessive.
  3. you griefed us dude, you did break a rule. like my friend said, we dont know its you. so how can we further rp with you? exactly. we cant.
  4. So I take it your with the Corporation? @Worldclass Bit odd how you "RP Destroy" our base. Because if I remember correctly, your doctor wanted to meet me a few days ago to discuss future work. So what your saying doesn't make sense to me. We havent had any RP since I was told this in Grishino. So this nonsense about you "hearing about a group in Severograd" isn't completely fact is it? And if your intention was to stop me "experimenting" on people, why only take my guns and not the arsenal of Blood Bags I had? I'm sure as hell down to discuss it over discord if that is what ya want.
  5. Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Between: 2019-11-03, 03:00 // 2019-11-03, 11:00 Your in game name: Cameron Sin Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Unknown Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So for the past week or so we've been raided approximately, 12 times. I don't even care when we get raided, because everytime we do, we can repair the gate. But this time whoever raided us, did the full works. They broke atleast 15 Hesco Kits, 4 Sandbags, 4 Fences and clearly only did it for the loot (because none of us were online). It's at that point now where we don't even wanna play anymore. We come to RP and it seems that whoever raiding us doesn't want to. Everytime we've been raided, it has been whilst none of us were online. Our schedule now is; Log in; Repair the Base; Log out to do irl things; Repeat. It's just repetitive and boring for us at this point.
  6. There was someone on the western hill, as one of our members was calling him out before he died. I got tagged and i started to fall back, then Ian said over the radio that the guy was dead. The fact you aimed down sights at a city where there was a firefight is just silly in all fairness. Like Ian said, carry binoculars in the future....
  7. Standing at 6’1’’, with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, Cameron is a tall and thin character. The years of eating little are definitely showing on his gaunt figure. Before the apocalypse, Cameron was a teacher at the University of Chernarus, specializing in lectures as a Doctor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – two aspects of life experience that have proved to be very little help after the lights went out, the power stopped, and civilization descended into chaos. After the apocalypse hit, Cameron fled the packed cities with his family. They packed very little and disappeared into the forests to apparent safety away from the densely packed urban areas. Their rush to leave would soon prove to be their downfall, and lack of survival experiences among them meant that their supplies dwindled, and they began to starve. They took refuge in an abandoned barn, and it was here, when they were weak and tired, that hungry bandits found them. One by one, Cameron watched as his family were butchered, cooked and eaten, by the bandits. They “kept the meat from spoiling” by feeding the leftovers of the roast to Cameron and the other family members. Eventually, Cameron was the last of his family. He remembers being dragged out of the cage, being taken outside to the bloodied stump, the flashing image of a dirtied axe, and then nothing. It was the next day before Cameron came fully to his senses. He knew that his family were gone, as were the bandits, and that he was miles away from where he had blacked out. He knew that that his belly was full, and that there was an ever-present taste of copper on his teeth. Other than that, nothing. It’s a patch of memory that hurts whenever he tries to remember it.
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