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  1. YT

    S2 - Vyborg - 07/06/2019 - RDM, Bad RP, NVFL

    John Sterling POV: I was involved in this situation, we arrive at Vybor and walking around we see/hear someone breaking into a house. We walk over and start questioning him and trying to figure out why he is breaking in or if anybody knows him. He continues to bait and be hostile and egg us on to initiate on him even after telling him he is surrounded by 10 guys with weapons. He continues to break character and troll RP throughout this interaction. After some time of talking he then proceeds to just run down the stairs and just shoot this guy without an initiation or anything.
  2. YT

    New vehicles

    It is to add more variety, having an open outlook on what could come wouldn't hurt I don't think but thanks for your vote.
  3. YT

    New vehicles

    I think based on the poll so far we should atleast give it a shot if more people come forward to want this. I think if @Roland made a poll like the 3.6 rule then it would get more attention. I think giving it a shot and testing things wouldn't hurt at all.
  4. YT

    New vehicles

    Well I mean just like we add clothes I think it would be great to have different options and more vehicles if you say they handle the same then why not add more variety to the game since it won't change any performance issues.
  5. YT

    New vehicles

    To be honest, none of the updates have really made the impact they need to for the player count that we have. If @Misho says it has to do with the box and the equipment then maybe we need to stand for a upgrade.
  6. YT

    New vehicles

    Well considering what you have said, I think there needs to be a change in the box setup that the servers are on. Upgrade, or whatever needs to be done if the community is told what is necessary and got the chance to vote in some way, I am 100% certain that there are atleast a handful of members in this community that would put $ forward to pay for the upgrades or whatever is required.
  7. YT

    New vehicles

    Then why is the server not upgraded?
  8. YT

    New vehicles

    Would actually be content with any vehicle being implemented. Anything more than what we already have, if you find any links to any put them in your post and I will make sure to add it to the thread.
  9. YT

    New vehicles

    To start, I know there has been a suggestion before on this same topic but I would like to bring it to light once more. With the current Vehicle situation people are suggesting it isn't anything wrong with the vehicles in standalone but more to do with the server slots and amount of players on it and all that. Regardless of the situation or circumstances I think that by experimenting with this idea it would bring more information to the community on whether it is something to keep or to get rid of. There are plenty of vehicles on the workshop that have good ratings and seem to work well on other servers with high population such as this DayZRP. Tell me what you think of this suggestion or anything you would like to add. There are plenty of issues with the cars that are in vanilla that even during lower pop times on the server the rubber banding in vehicles when attempting to drive fast or slow even can make them unusable. Example of a vehicle pack (If you played during A2 you'll remember this): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1785698195 Ideas suggested by others:
  10. YT

    Forced First Person Combat

    I get your point because it is pretty unrealistic to be able to see around walls and object due to third person but I wouldn't play anymore because I prefer to have the ability to 3rd person view because even with first person your POV range is not 180 still.
  11. YT

    S1: Griefing Berenzino Around 15-17:00 2019-06-03

    Additional Point to request for the staff. @Mexi has brought to my attention over discord that he believes that the suspect might have collected the loot then ran out of the camp then server hopped. Just to knock this out I would love if the person pulling the logs could check if this is the case also.
  12. YT

    No active character

    Okay, personally I don't use a command line, so I believe that you don't need to put anything for the launch parameters. Looks like @Saunders might want to physically go over your settings with you. I would remove the 'Command Line' entirely and leave the profile name exactly how you have it now with 'Rusty Rhodes'.
  13. YT

    No active character

    Could you take a picture of the same thing that I put a picture of for me? I imagine this is you,
  14. YT

    No active character

    Your issue is what I stated earlier. Go to your DayZ Launcher, click on the parameters tab and under the Basics section you will find profile name. Make sure it reflects your character name perfectly so, "Rusty Rhodes" then try and join the server.
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