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  1. To start from the "almost-beginning" Miska Putrov was a member of the Chedaki that fought in the civil war under Lopotev. He is a 28 year old male with a lot of Russian military background throughout his bloodline. He was trained extensively and was a top soldier of his graduating class. As a member of the Chedaki, Miska was a brave fighter and was not afraid to stand up to fight no matter the conditions because he was willing to bleed for his country and his cause. Miska is on a mission to wipe out all terrorist organizations and make Chernarus the place it always should've been and to rid the resistance. Miska isn't always a kind person, to new people and unknowns he is the least bit of a kind person, take that how you want but it has gotten him to where he is today. Miska was born on a Friday June 12, 1992. His father was a Russian Soldier and therefore Miska knew that he needed to follow in his fathers footsteps to be a great man that his father was. While growing up Miska witnessed the things occurring in the world around him and it provided a great and strong foundation during his childhood which allowed him to be the great soldier he is today he says. Miska joined the Chedaki while under the reign of Gregori Akula Lopotev. He fought for a cause that he believed was right. He always hated the terrorist organizations and felt it was necessary to rid this evil of the world he lived in to make sure that his children didn't have to witness and encounter the things that he had to. He was a brave soldier and things came to a change when the world started to take a downfall, many people came to be infected and his battalion was given the task to try to get things under control by enforcing a quarantine zone and a curfew. These things were shown to not be too effective as the virus was not containable and spreading rapidly. The world was changing at a pace nobody could keep up with. Everywhere you looked people were starving and becoming infected everyday. Mostly everything had been looted and it was looking grim, it was becoming a kill or be killed world. Survival of the fittest and Miska was not going to be the people that were dying and starving, he had been trained for warfare all his life and was going to use his skills to survive at any cost no matter what. With his extensive military training he knew how to survive on the land and how to fend for himself so nothing was getting in between him and his survival. Miska also had his battalion alongside him, this meant that there was not stopping himself or the others behind him because they stood tall together and couldn't be stopped by the most fierce forces in nature. This was just the beginning.
  2. John sterling always loved seeing the men in the military and always said he wanted to be a soldier since the day he could speak. He grew up in a well sought after home with both parents in the middle to high class, therefore they did quite well and his father had served in the military as well. Sterling attended all his schooling and actually graduated 1 year early and was able to get his degree in information technology before shipping off to the military. He served for 4 years in the US Army and loved every second of it, his squad actually made it out with almost all of the soldiers that were in it. After being discharged on medical release he was sad in the beginning because he saw his squad members as a brotherhood and when he wasn't with them he just didn't feel right. Throughout high school John dated many girls as he was known as the stud at his high school. Though he had been very into that style of life then he soon realized that he needed to grow up and get his life together before looking to settle down with a girl as he didn't see a steady future with that idea because he was interested in the military. After serving his time he came back to the United States and still wasn't really ready to settle down with one girl and thought he needed to go on a vacation again and set out for Chernarus, and so he did. He had planned to do many things while here at Chernarus as he found a flyer in the first place and that is what led him to want to go to this beautiful land. On his adventure here in Chernarus he did many things that he had set out to do with the travel company but soon he was about to have his vacation turned into a war zone like he had never been trained for before.
  3. Skrill


    I can totally understand the pain with the sickness, but since people are looking for some realism I don't think it would be removed unless some sort of bug arose. If you take medicine it will go away, I have even had to take a whole packet to get rid of the sickness.
  4. Super interesting, good luck with your group. Hope to have good encounters in game.
  5. I know people have given some suggestions below, and as simple as mine may be they might be somewhat helpful. First, how much storage is there left on your main drive or any of your drives? Mainly looking to see if you're closing in on the maximum on the drive that your OS is operating on. Second, have you tried CCleaner? or any Memory Cleaner? Can be useful for some people who have lower specs and need things cleared to keep performance at highest possible. Third, have you recently installed anything sketchy prior to when this started happening? Try checking your task manager for any suspicious processes running that might be taking of a large percentage of your memory or processor. Hope this was helpful.
  6. Yes, you will need to reach out to a @Admin they will be able to fix this problem for you. I will inform one now.
  7. I, Skrill hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  8. John Sterling POV: I was involved in this situation, we arrive at Vybor and walking around we see/hear someone breaking into a house. We walk over and start questioning him and trying to figure out why he is breaking in or if anybody knows him. He continues to bait and be hostile and egg us on to initiate on him even after telling him he is surrounded by 10 guys with weapons. He continues to break character and troll RP throughout this interaction. After some time of talking he then proceeds to just run down the stairs and just shoot this guy without an initiation or anything.
  9. It is to add more variety, having an open outlook on what could come wouldn't hurt I don't think but thanks for your vote.
  10. I think based on the poll so far we should atleast give it a shot if more people come forward to want this. I think if @Roland made a poll like the 3.6 rule then it would get more attention. I think giving it a shot and testing things wouldn't hurt at all.
  11. Well I mean just like we add clothes I think it would be great to have different options and more vehicles if you say they handle the same then why not add more variety to the game since it won't change any performance issues.
  12. To be honest, none of the updates have really made the impact they need to for the player count that we have. If @Misho says it has to do with the box and the equipment then maybe we need to stand for a upgrade.
  13. Well considering what you have said, I think there needs to be a change in the box setup that the servers are on. Upgrade, or whatever needs to be done if the community is told what is necessary and got the chance to vote in some way, I am 100% certain that there are atleast a handful of members in this community that would put $ forward to pay for the upgrades or whatever is required.
  14. Then why is the server not upgraded?
  15. Would actually be content with any vehicle being implemented. Anything more than what we already have, if you find any links to any put them in your post and I will make sure to add it to the thread.
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