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  1. Olaf Eriksen grew up in a small provincial town, where the main gathering point was hunting, as he grew up he fell in love with hunting and history. As he grew older he would spent his time hunting and reading in his grandparents old WW2 books. When he finally graduated from Gymnasium (Advanced levels), he started studying history at the university of Copenhagen. In the second year of university he and a friend decided to go to Chernarus to hunt. 2 days after they landed in Chernarus the outbreak began. While trying to escape the country he and his friend lost eachother.
  2. Hans was born in a small village in Lolland, Denmark. he never knew his mom, who died in childbirth. Growing up as a kid was hard for Hans, he only had his dad, who were just as his dad was, a sniper in the Jaeger corps. So hans were usually home alone with his older cousin, when his dad was on duty, they usually skipped school to go hunting in the surrounding forest, and when his dad were off duty, they would do the same just with him, you could say that they were raised and schooled inside the forest. As they grew older and finally became old enough for millitary service, they both signed up for the Jaeger corps, just like the rest of the men in their family had done. They were both accepted into the corps and went on to the sniper school, here Hans became the sniper while Otto, his cousin, became his spotter. They were a good pair until one mission went wrong and Otto took a bullet to the stomach, and was declared unfit for duty. Both Hans and Otto took leave and went to chernarus to hunt. They had been out in the forest hunting for almost 2 weeks when the outbreak came. In the midst of the night their camp was attacked by 3 undeads who killed Otto in his sleep, Hans only managed to take his rifle with him into the dark forest.
  3. I suppose you´re right, the first vikings did come from Denmark or Norway. Great to see another Scandinavian
  4. Denmark, the land of the feared vikings.
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