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  1. Marshall Macken is a quiet, small muscular man. He lived in a small Russian town known as Myshkino. However, since the apocalypse broke out he has been moving around the Russian forests setting up camp and never staying in one place. When he had a normal life, he lived with his family in a small 2 floored house. A big red house. He and his daughter Sally most of the time stayed out doors hunting and finding food to supply for the village. He would normally catch wild rabbits or bore. When he first found out about the breakout, he was hunting with Sally in the forest beside their house, up until there was a strange noise through the trees. He panicked and grabbed Sally by the hand and started heading home, that was until a dead looking being was running towards them, Marshall tripped and Sally ran away and Marshall had to try and fight the blood hungry flesh eating animal off of him. As Marshall headed home he realised Sally was nowhere to be seen and he ran to the house, but that's when he noticed his town was full of flesh eating animals, he tried his hardest to get the house but there was just too many so he got his crossbow of his shoulder and started killing them one by one. He got inside his house but Sally or His wife Demetra were not there. That's where it comes up today, he is looking for his family and is willing to do anything for any information.
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