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"im a player that is true, but i changed the game for you"

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  1. i can vouch for @Craig not being racist irl and i meet kuba in game, talked to him ooc in pm, and he gave me alot of tips, and seems like a good guy, kuba and my character in game (takistani) are not getting along next time we meet i think lol. also meet alot of racism the first two days of playing, and was salty af at first, but someone told me not to take it personal, and when i think about it, it was the most intense thing i ever tried in a game, so thanks to the riffs for giving me ptsd XD
  2. meet kuba and his brothers I nwaf @Craig think it was you, if not just tell me. but thanks to kuba for talking to the other tree, im sure if he didn't things would have turned out different
  3. Hi guys. My friend and i where meet by Four guys at stary i think, things turn hostile quick, but i want to thank all four, my friend and i are new to rp, and at one point things got soo intense i couldent even speak, i had no idea rp could be like this, and i been missing out. I dont know how to tag people, but also meet a priest called father valerian, he teached me some chernarussian and some importent history.
  4. I was the level headed ? thanks for the nice words, and it was fun to read
  5. It was because i had to put in full name. Thank you very much
  6. i created a character and now i get kicked, im getting a message that im not playing my main character? i only created because i said i had to in the updated rules, im still using the same profile, and made the character's story the same as my whitelist story
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