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  1. Askin meself the same question bruv
  2. *He puts down his bottle of whiskey and takes the radio out, He presses down the PTT* "Hey There sir, Alright, I'll bring some fur's and some of them Pelts I've gotten, See ya soon hopefully, Need to go hunting!" *He lets go of the PTT and grabs his shotgun, He opens the door and leaves his building*
  3. *He Jumps a bit when the radio rings, Catching him off-guard, he takes out his radio and presses the PTT* "Ah Hey fella, I've been hunting around the northern end of the country, I haven't really found any bears or Bear tracks, I can keep looking." "I can such as hell make you a blanket out of a few Wolf Pelts, Just gotta sew Two or three of em together, I'll work on finding you that bear though!" *He lets go and opens his map, Looking for any areas he marked that could be wolf Territory, He lets go of the PTT*
  4. *A man with a slight American Southern accent puts his rifle down and scouts out a herd of Cattle moving, He picks up his radio and presses down on the PTT* "Hey, Don't know if any of ya'll Fellas can hear this or not" *He takes a deep breath, Then continues* "I got some Meat, Furs and pelt, Other such items if anyone is interested in such....Don't mind trading it away, Gives me the excuse to talk to others I guess." *He laughs to himself for a second, Not knowing if any of this will work* "Well, ahh, I'll be in Stary Sobor, Or you can contact me on the radio, Your choice, Thanks." *He lets go of the PTT and stuffs the radio back into his packback, He picks up his rifle and keeps tracking the herd*
  5. *He leans back, Speaking in a Slight American Southern accent, He presses down on the PTT* "Rest In Peace Kid, The world ain't meant for everyone. May the Lord Guide you to heaven Son." *He lets go of the PTT, and Opens up his Bible, Blissfully reading*
  6. *Laying down on a hill, hunting for his herd of Cow, He hears the radio go off* "Ah friend, Im gonna be honest with you, You sound like an idiot who's watched too many War Movies, Like Patton, Sorry to say friend, But I don't think anyone is willing to put their weapons up for you. Sorry" *He Lets go of the PTT As he sees the herd move, He puts his finger on the trigger and lets off a round*
  7. *His face Bruised and bloodied, and his "Friends" pointing their weapons at him, both legs are broken, He has a radio brought to his face* *the PTT is pressed* "My name.... My name is Alexander Menendez," *He coughs up blood, His Captors punch him in his gut, Yelling " Keep going Cunt " *He looks up and smiles at them, his face covered with blood* "Ah fuck, Go fuck yourself you fuckface, I am being Executed for not wanting to fucking di" *a Shot is heard, The radio goes silent for a second* *The PTT is pressed again* "I....I am being Executed for not aiding the.... The American... American Forces to Fight the Communists...I. Alexander Menendez, United States Marine, Have.... Fuck you Chuck... im not doing this shit no more you fucking Cuntfu....." *A Shot is heard, A thud is heard* *The PTT is released*
  8. @Spartan No idea on my part, I most likely had my TS Muted at that time. Sorry
  9. *A man, Holding his side Painfully. He Slams his back against the wall, slowly sliding down. He pulls his backpack off and searches it Harshly, he pulls radio out and presses down on the PTT* "Hel.....Hello? I need help..... I've, I've been injured badly. I need a doctor, Please, I have...... I have supplies I can give, I just need help, Please anyone respond. My name.... My name is Phillip Taylor. Please, Anyone?" *He Lets go of the PTT, He sighs as the blood pool around grows steadily, his eyes looked worryingly at the roof of the church, Praying*
  10. *He Picks up his radio. his one eye looking down at it with extreme distraught and rage, then sadness. He presses down on the PTT* We lost someone truly special to all of us, This.....This has fucking killed me, I need to speak to Jhon about the entire situation. I want to end the people who fucking did all of this. Whoever had any part in it, small, Large, I don't fucking care. They will all die. *He lets go of the PTT, He drops his radio and walks outside to the harsh light from the sun, Blood covering him*
  11. Alex Menendez POV - I was with Brandon as he said that a Muji Prisoner was gonna be coming to the school in severograd, as we got there, there was already one guy there, we told him to leave and that shit was gonna go down, as we held down the school more and more of our "allies" started to show, to the point where we easily had over 12 people there, then our sniper, Polat, gets shot and uncon without initiation at the apartment building across the school. And shots Began to be let off from the same direction toward us, I get hit twice and back off, I find Brandon and then him and I proceed to hold down the school, about 15ish minutes later Myself, Brandon, Daniel, and Bradly are holding down the gym in the school as a final stand, resulting in the 4 of us dying but killing most of them,
  12. @Aiko Jackson Solomon, Don't know his forum name but he ran up to Vasco and I and told us someone got killed
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