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  1. S1:KOS Serverograd 2017-10-08, 04:21

    @Aiko Jackson Solomon, Don't know his forum name but he ran up to Vasco and I and told us someone got killed
  2. S1:KOS Serverograd 2017-10-08, 04:21

    My POV, Killed one or two people in this situation, Not sure if necessary but here it is, I was playing as Alex Menendez when I get word from one of my guys that someone got Killed, I follow the shots to a shootout outside of a building and I run inside a building across from it, started to get shot at so I bunkered down and aim at the door, I get shot from the window and some guy wearing all black opens the door and I shoot him, Then another guy comes in and I think I shot him when I die myself. Like I said not sure if Necessary but here it is
  3. Hello

    best of Luck figuring out the website, Took me a year lol,
  4. Hey, Some of you may already know me, But I heavily doubt it, Im Alex Menendez. Im just your average run of the Mill Georgia guy, Can't sleep at night so I hop on here and play and let me tell you I've seen some shit.....I've seen families split right down the middle, kids getting shot for a food or wearing the wrong color beret, and other stuff, And I can tell you I fucking Love it. The fun of seeing some random Girl on the side of a road and helping her Kill her parent's Murderer, there is nothing like it. So If you see me in-game give me a holler or point me in the way of a Bandit and I will thank you. Best of Luck and Good Hunting!
  5. S1 - FailRP - Novaya Petrovka - Server Time 8:05

    @CrazyStryker @Dusty The only times I called out positions on TS was when I was away from others, and yes when I called them out I said it ingame
  6. S1 - FailRP - Novaya Petrovka - Server Time 8:05

    @Eagle Aye aye, Sorry about that.
  7. S1 - FailRP - Novaya Petrovka - Server Time 8:05

    @Dusty Hey sorry I was at my Brothers Birthday Party, My POV, I was the Bounty hunter that they ran into, Told them my name is Bran because my character doesnt tell people he just met his actual name. I was tasked with Holding up and bringing back the people that robbed them at Tisy, The people at Tisy were members of my Group so we faked a fight and I brought back my buddies Gorka Helmet and my other buddies UMP45, I did not kill them or harm them at all and when I told them that they placed a bounty on them they wanted me to go back and stand next to the man who placed the bounty, I was helping out Alex Styker and the other bounty hunter the entire time by standing out obviously next to people who were fighting back so they could see where they were. Sorry again for not replying right away.
  8. Alex Menendez

    United States Marine MARSOC Operator Staff Sergeant Menendez was apart of the 1st Raider Battalion in Camp Pendleton. He joined the United States marine in 1999 when he was urged to join his father, Him being a past marine during Vietnam. After completing his 13 Weeks of Boot camp plus School of Infantry for his Machine Gunner Training he was shipped off to fight in the Somali Civil war. He fought in Operation Avid Response and some other Operations before his tour was over, He re-enlisted and fought in the War in Afganistan and was promptly noticed by Force Recon and taken to training, After completing his training and Becoming a Force Recon Operator he was taken to Operations in Afganistan to Kuwait. By the time 2006 Came by he was a Sergeant and was offered a Position in MARSOC. Accepting he was sent on his first deployment with the group, Afganistan. He was in a small group of 6 tasked with taking out an HVT [High-Value Target] located in Daykundi. They completed the mission with only 1 causality. In 2009 and in-charge of his own unit He was tasked with making his way to Chernarus and taking out a Lieutenant with the Rebels. They took a small boat to the Southern Coast of Chernarus and landed close to Kamenka and were making their way North to what Intel suggested was the Lieutenants Location. They made their way to Zelenagorsk before being ambushed by the Chernarus Military thinking they were rebels. All but 2 of them died, The two being Staff Sergeant Menendez and Sergeant Candler. The Marine corps called the Mission a Failure and all Operators KIA. When the Outbreak happened and slowly Chernarus started to fall the Guards of the Prison camp that the 2 Operators were in left, leaving the prison open for leaving and they both left. Sergeant Candler was however stabbed by a Prisoner on his way out and Menendez was left on his own with nothing to survive in the wilderness.
  9. Server and location: S2 , North West Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): June 8, 2017, 14:40 EST Your in game name: John Remierez @CaptainTorch Names of allies involved: Velky Lakar @EpicShipshock Hunter Truell @Noggin41, Alex Arrington @CrazyStryker Name of suspect/s: Steve Jones @Spikey Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately None Detailed description of the events: Myself, Velky, Hunter and Alex were with Steve when he told us he likes to cut up people. Since our group is strictly against Torture we held our position and we told him to explain. He told us he had another side to him and he likes to cut up people and torture them. We told him to go to a Shed and cuffed him while we talked about what to do. We agreed that we would let God decide this since our group is Heavy on Religion. We gave him a Magnum with 2 rounds in it and spinned it so there was a Chance he could have lived, We surrounded him and Told him that we will let God Decide this and told him to put the Magnum to his head. He put the Magnum in his vest then took it out again and shot Hunter and myself even though we outnumbered him 1 to 4 and we were all pointing our guns at him. he only had 2 rounds in the Magnum and no other gun. There was no way he could Survive and was clearly not valuing his life.
  10. My Flock [Open Frequency]

    *The Priest picks up his radio in one hand and a Bible in another* *The Priest speaks clearly in an American Accent* -"Woe to the man, who leads my flock astray.." *Slight laugh* -"We were given so much. This land, This life, Our freedom. Whats left of it now? Our people felt abandoned, grew weary....They needed our help, and we didn't listen. But he did. Told them Exactly what they wanted to hear. But those falsehoods, lies, His....Poison. Its driven them from Pastor, From the Righteous path." *Silence for a few seconds* -"Woe to the man who leads my flock astray. for if I am not their Shepard, Then I must be.....The Wolf." *A weapon is heard being loaded and the Priest walks away from the Radio.*