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  1. SGT_Maverick

    The Journal of Marcus

    Day 1 of Record: It's nice to take a break from roaming house to house and to take a seat by a tree, the weather is lovely for a change without a cloud in the sky. Today I've lightly filled my bag with lots of food and drink, far more than I will ever need for ones self. I have everything I need to keep myself well looked after right now, fresh clothes, food, water, a gun, it's strange to think anyone can be comfortable and... Dare I say it, happy in this rising hell. For the life of my I still can't read Russian but I have been roaming around by a huge forest and higher up in altitude, this village I stumbled across even had a Church! It was about time I found my inner religion of Christianity, it's at times like today that I feel God is looking down on me with a helping hand. For the last few days God has guided me and helped me along my journey, it feels only right to do a bit of giving myself. If anyone finds my journal after I pass, or I lose my book, head to a house of the lord to find help if you are struggling to feed and drink. It's quite nice knowing that there's working Polaroid cameras even after the world has gone to shit...
  2. SGT_Maverick

    The HighwayMen

    @DrMax I'm a full time worker so my activity is lower than expected, however I will be on tonight to get that activity back.
  3. SGT_Maverick

    Emotional match

    A song that makes you feel joy BUT in a non-English language (this was meant to be for the one after the above but we posted at the same time)
  4. SGT_Maverick

    The HighwayMen

    Being a part of this group, no doubt, will be a privilege in itself. @HarrisonRP can you update the page to have the other member's description in there too? Maybe I won't consider hitting you with my nailed bat xoxox
  5. SGT_Maverick

    *also wipes dust off an old account*

    I've missed hearing your sophisticated voice Gotta have a catch up some time old friend.
  6. SGT_Maverick

    *also wipes dust off an old account*

    Forgive me for not knowing/remembering you
  7. SGT_Maverick

    *also wipes dust off an old account*

    So, I'm a very little known person. I never really connected with anyone when I used to play previously. I guess you could call me a lone wolf among wolf packs. However I used to play with those of 'The Cavaliers', led famously by @Aristocrat who was the friendliest face I have ever met in any RP community. I've recently started playing DayZ again and with that, thought of coming back to DayZRP. So hello again. I'm sure I'll bump into a few faces in game, however through my characters persona, I wouldn't guarantee a friendly encounter.
  8. Marcus Aston, 29, is a young British male with a keen eye for tourism, he had been to as many countries as he has years on this planet. But he had never visited Russia, so he thought he would take a cruise around Europe and see much more than had previously been seen, however one fateful day almost claimed his life, the Costa Risacca he was on board fell victim to severe weather issues, mountainous waves resulted in the sinking of the ship. Luckily for Marcus, he was able to get on board a life-boat along with 24 other people. He sat there for several days, watching 5 of the other survivors starve to death and another 3 commit suicide, he just watched and stayed quiet.
  9. Logan Lorenzo, shortened nick name 'Renzo' is a simple young man. He doesn't have the knowledge of other people, he doesn't have the common sense or the capability of most, but what he lacks in knowledge he excels in craftsmanship. During his younger years in the rural areas of Tex' he lived with his father and younger sister, who which he put before himself, and that would be the only person. Although later released on bail he served his last teen in jail for attempted murder of someone who assaulted his sister. Being in a rural area he was very well equipped with firearm and melee weapons to deal with the pests on his land, nothing phased him when it came to extermination, even to the point he bludgeoned a coyote with a barbed baseball bat. Renzo's interest in weapons, arson and other miscellaneous military tech took a little stride in November 2009, he heard of a recently ended civil war in a place called Chernarus, although he could never pronounce that name. He spent a week over in the war torn country before heading back to the his homeland. His knowledge and memory of Chernarus would ultimately fade to black until several years later he sees a viral video of a helicopter flying into, to his knowledge, restricted areas in the place he once visited. Renzo wanted to get involved in a fight he hadn't had a clue about. He had previous military experience as an Army Reservist, however he seeked a new beginning. Once he got over to Chernarus he had no idea what he was in for...
  10. SGT_Maverick

    The pictures ive made over the past year or so.

    Lord Captain of The Cavaliers: Mr Ediwn Ashford A.K.A @Aristocrat
  11. SGT_Maverick

    Road Safety

    I would also further like to clarify I was not under any influence of drugs or alcohol, I also was not on my phone or distracted with anything in the car. It was a simple case of me not looking straight as I was looking towards the flow of traffic instead of ahead of me as I assumed the front of me was perfectly clear.
  12. SGT_Maverick

    Road Safety

    Hey guys. I thought I'd share a story that happened to me at 7:25pm last night. I was driving home from work on what I thought was going to be a normal day. The drive home is never full of drama, it's the usual case of a 15 minute journey on a dual and a single carriage-way. I've never had any issue driving since the first day I began learning. I have been driving legally for almost 3 years now and I have never once been involved in a car crash my whole life. Yesterday I was at a roundabout, I was about to merge onto it when the car ahead of me slammed on his brakes during his merge, from what I saw the roundabout was clear but obviously he saw differently, his car was half-way onto the roundabout when he stopped. I was looking at the roundabout and looking for cars coming my direction, to which I didn't see anything coming. While I was still looking towards the roundabout the car in front of me was out of the corner of my eye which is why I didn't see him, next thing I knew... Bang. The result of the crash can be seen in the image below. If there's any message I can give it's always be 100% concentrated while driving, never let your guard down once. This was my mistake. I have plenty of friends who drive on a daily basis. I was prevented from injury thanks to the fact I'm not stupid enough to drive anywhere without a seat belt. I would like to clarify to all those reading this who didn't already know about the crash that I am perfectly fine, slight bruising in the sternum but that's it. The other driver who I had the incident with was a real nice guy. He was calm and helped me relax during the whole ordeal, we exchanged details accordingly and he then left the scene as his car was in full working legal order. Please, for everyone of my friends stay safe on the road, this is a true wake-up call for myself as this has made me fully aware that anything can happen on the road. I'm lucky that this didn't end up worse than what it was. R.I.P to my first car though, almost 3 years of owning it and almost 20'000 miles by myself clocked. It's been a good first car and I will definitely miss the thing...
  13. SGT_Maverick

    Best Line when approaching players

    "Hi welcome to Chili's"
  14. SGT_Maverick

    Exploiting 3rd Person

    This may be a bit of an unpopular suggestions but just hear me out. Metagaming is frowned upon in this community, as well as any serious roleplay server, there's no denying that and you'd be pretty silly to disagree. Using 3rd person view to peek around walls or doors is considered metagaming as it uses a form of out of character (OOC) advantage since your character can't see around the corner you're looking beyond. I have need numerous player reports that show either the reporter or the defendant showing clear signs (or even in the POV evidence) where they use this exploit, and on a personal level I do get annoyed about this. I have been killed on many servers as a result of exploiting this 3rd person privilege and it is unbelievably frustrating. This server according to staff allows this as "There's not much we can do about it". Now obviously it can't be punished in game as it happens however it should (in my opinion) be punished if evidence on a player report clearly demonstrated the use of this.
  15. SGT_Maverick

    Tyler 'Maverick' Osborn - My Journal

    Day 6: Feeling like Death Travis must've headed back to camp in the night as he wasn't there when I awoke from my sleep, Ashford was already doing a morning exercise before heading back. I decided to try out my SKS on a mauler before we left, took it clean out with one shot. Definitely the best shot I have ever taken on this island, Ashford showed some positive emotion towards the shot which made me feel quite good about the whole occasion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ashford and I have been on the road for a while, he lead the way with me following closely behind him, I wasn't sure about the railroad route he decided to take however it was a sure-fire way to get home as the rail network links all over the coast. He's informed me about a meeting with 'The Family' which has been spoken about today, can't say I'm not nervous about meeting another group of potentially dangerous people, The Cavaliers are the only group I have met and trusted since the separation of my Squad all those years ago... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We met up with Mr. Van Den Berg, first time I've seen him was when I first met the Cavaliers along with Mr. LeGrand and Mr. Peterson. It's good see him again after a long time. The meeting with The Family draws ever closer and my nerves get ever higher, not sure actually if it's my nerves or my insides starting to churn a bit, ever since I woke up I've not felt myself, I've been hot and dizzy for a few hours now, drink flows through me like a ghost river, hopefully we can meet up with a medical expert sometime soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No sign of 'The Family' as we visit their Church, it's a shame as I was starting to look forward to the encounter. They had a lovely 6-Wheeler sitting outside with no wheels, if we could I would've taken it without a second though, that's the first vehicle with some decent working order I've seen since the Humvees I was working with when I joined the fight originally. We're now heading to Stary Sobor to meet up with Doctor Fisher, LeGrand has also found us so now we're 4 strong so I definitely feel safer now. Ashford recommended that I let go of my my melee weapon, as much as I enjoyed my nail-bat he is correct that it is too sluggish, I'll give the bat a send-off by bashing in the skull of one more mauler before I get rid of it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am getting incredibly sick very suddenly. I'm still overheating and now my bowels are beginning to rumble. I hope I don't make a mess in these slacks. We've not seen another person for a while but we're looking for a 'Taylor' for uniform, since there's no sign of Dr. Fisher anywhere so we're going to head back to camp, Van Den Berg has already made haste back there but my condition is getting worse so I really should head back sooner than enough, I've already been sick again which makes me feel a bit better but I still would like to get an appointment with a doctor before I think about any further long adventures with the group. They're very understanding people but I wish not to slow them down any further than I have done today.