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  1. Frederick Kirill is a Chernorussian at heart. He has witnesed terrible things that have happened over the years, with riots and war in the streets and with the new flu coming around it was hard to survive. So Frederik Hiked up in the the forest of Chernarus and camped out there, where he has hunted alone. Until one day, a group of Chernorussian Natives with Automatic rifles robbed him for all that he has, leaving him with nothing he new that these men needed to be stopped and needed some order. So he decided to help people in need, hopefully one day joining the Chernorussian Army and helping even more. He has helped people from Balota all the way to Novaya Petrovka, nicknamed The Huntsman, he has lead journeys through the woods that most people would have gotten killed, but not Frederick hes built to last.
  2. So im apart of the Defending team if you could say, I Met the man at Town Square where he said his name was, Dimitri Dragunov I believe. We knew that was a fake name surely after because that seemed made up. So I radioed Jack to come on as he is apart of the main security force that guards the town. He said " Were just gonna cuff u and see if you are lying" keep in mind theres 3 people on our side with us, so with that being said the man said im just gonna leave town then. As he said that we jogged with him for a bit and told him to hold still so we can talk, gun out but not pointing. He flips around and guns down Jack in the process while me and Bill put him down. Before me met him he was being sketchy from the start, his gun was out and he was giving us half answers so we had to investigate further
  3. ok thank you been playing for a couple hours havent been kicked
  4. I keep getting kicked for "(This is not your active character!) but on the website it is enabled as my active, and it is set as public, any information towards fixing this can help
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