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  1. Andrew was born in Chicago Illinois in a really bad part of Chinatown where local triads ran everything. Kids on his block had 2 choices in life, Military or Prison because of gangs and that’s all people thought kids from there will be able to achieve, so following his stereotype he joined the Army, made it to the Army Rangers (3rd battalion 75th Ranger Regiment) served 2 tours in Iraq and a tour in Afghanistan. Once he came home he looked into a job at a private military corporation, that’s where he is today Defiance Security Force was on a mission in Chernarus while their heli got shot down, Andrew and a squad of his men is all that’s left of “family”
  2. Anthony Kilo

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    All Praise DE COLD ONES
  3. Jeffery Stagg was born in Chicago, Illinois. Jeffery has a nice loving home on the outside, but on the inside Jeffery was abused by his father almost every single day. After Jeffery was sent to a insane asylum for hurting his father, he had an opportunity to go to South Zagoria to live in a nice home and work in a stable ground. Once the apocalypse broke out Jeffery he nothing again. Jeffery has been by himself trying to find someone that would accept him, but once they find out who he is they shun him to the side.
  4. ok thank you been playing for a couple hours havent been kicked
  5. I keep getting kicked for "(This is not your active character!) but on the website it is enabled as my active, and it is set as public, any information towards fixing this can help
  6. Anthony Kilo is a Military Combative that fought in many wars. After he was assigned to supervise for the CDF by NATO the outbreak occured. Ever since Anthony Kilo main goal is to survive day by day until there is no surviving left to do. Also Anthony Kilo is looking for a group of other survivors that will help a long the way, but he does not like staying in groups for long. Anthony is more a lone wolf that likes to be seclusive and live on his own. Also Anthony Kilo is a hard worker as a solo individual, he likes to do things on his own and usually requires no help. Anthony Kilo has always been by himself even if the odds are against him, he simply does not trust anyone too much since anyone can stab him in the back.
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