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  1. Michonsky King, a Doctor with a PhD in Drug Design. He was sent to Chernarus to help research and prevent the spread of the infection but ultimately failed. As a last ditch effort to help discover a cure he injected himself with a sample of the disease extracted from tissue of the deceased infected and then injected himself with a "cure" he synthesized. After a two days of self-isolating and watching the rest of the world crumble he still had no symptoms and no violent tendencies. He was sure his cure worked but after presenting the "cure" to his computational chemists they told him that this "cure" is a facade and simply didn't work. But he still didn't show any symptoms of the infection. So after carefully doing tests on himself he discovered that he contained the antibodies that successfully combated the infection, and that he himself was immune and that the true cure resides within himself. As he was going to present this discovery to other medical personal they were overrun by infected and only he and a few others escaped the medical centers, he now roams Chernarus convinced he can discover and extract a cure from himself to stop the infection and start anew.
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