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  1. "JJ.. Come back home brother. You belong here."
  2. That's not true really, You came back for the AFK guy, you pulled your car away and one guy said to me " are you initiating on me " , but sadly i don't have that so..
  3. Well, i'm surprised by the amount of lies, desperate false accusations and trash talking. Never called you kids. I suggest you read what i've said again. I don't know why you keep bringing this to the table, I never said that, Do you have proof? Let's suppose i said that? that's not rulebreaking, If you feel otherwise please make a report. Once again, This report is about Bad RP / Avoid'ing RP. I was hoping for a good roleplay when i saw the amount of people there, you can see in the video the failure to RP and failure to double mic. I was so disappointed. As @Rover requested, here's the full video, I'll be happy to answer staff's questions if there's any.
  4. Alrighty, I will not quote anything as the spam is real, However i'll answer the important accusations. You've Clipped the video.... Shadow play records 5 minutes of replay, which means when you hit a specific button, it will save the last 5mn of gameplay. I pressed that button when y'all left. that means i didn't cut off footage, i Just deleted the footage of me driving back to my base. If the staff wants to see the full raw video, I will show it. I'm positive i pressed that button again when you came back to pick up the AFK guy, but sadly i couldn't find it, I would love to hear that : " Are you initiating on him again? " maybe one of y'all boys can help complete the evidence, of course you won't. You're metagaming, not using double mic. A minute before i reach my base, one of my passengers crashed, I didn't notice and kept driving, we were talking OOC before i saw you at my base at that time the guy doesn't know what's going because he crashed so he kept asking what's going on , and i said i don't know. at that time i only said " Be prepared " which means be prepared for RP. Double Mic is a serious manner, For example in your case, One of the POV's above claims that he was ordered to fleet in COMMS which makes sense because y'all backed off at the same time. So why we didn't hear those COMMS in the video? Reverse attempt reverses on you. You're impersonating 503. Currently i'm not in the 503 roaster. Ive never said i'm 503, When anyone asks , I say that i'm friends with them, You're just trying to get our names / False report I don't need your names @speirs , You think i'm making a report just to find out who did this and Metagame ? I don't care dude, I just don't like it when some kids who just wait for people to log off and then go and grab the loot, which seemed pretty much the case with that " Heavy RP " you provided to me. That picture with the discord conversation prooves nothing but how you're trying to solve IC problems OOC'ly with me refusing to dive into that. When making this report, I did not know and i don't wanna know who's been offline raiding. the server was dead and i was trying to enjoy some roleplay. but you just ran off with some minor griefing and of course grabbing that metal sheet because you know... ~#Heavy_RP Feels like this is turning into OOC hate so i will ONLY reply to staff questions.
  5. Server and location: S1 Kingdom Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 31/1/2020 00:23 Your in game name: Khaled Kafteji Names of allies involved: @Vaetherium @DJdoff Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Red BMW, Box truck, x2 Sarka and a black BMW Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Mine and the 503 bases has been offline raided many times with 0 Roleplay provided. I guess some people find joy in waiting for people to log out and then just go and take items. I belive these people are the same people who's done most of the offline raids. One of them was AFK in the base, he then returned and i tried to Roleplay with him, i was asking about his name before they came back for him, and one guy asked me literaly this : " are you intiating on him?" and they ran off again. ( shadow play didn't get that unfortunatly, but this video should be enough to mesure these guys's RP skills ) These events are 2days old, i talked to @Georgia Banks in helpdesk and she convinced me to hold on to this and i agreed about it, until this morning when i got offline raided AGAIN.
  6. PTT " H.. Hello ? I'm here for you now. Don't worry i can answer all your questions and i actually have good news." Releases PTT and awaits the response
  7. Pov : me and J J went to the airfield bunker to grab a car radiator, J J was shocked to find the bunker raided with a blue BMW Missing. I informed @C-Jthat i saw 2x Blue BMW and a white ADA refueling in Sevenograd. Based on that information, I went with them on an investigation and then we got separated. I was not in the 503 comms that time but i belive they found a white ada parked in Novo so they went there and the raiding took place. I was driving with J J. It took us more than 2 hours to get throught the bottom floor defences as the base( as @C-J said ) it was unbreakable. The raid was clean, the 503 took what they needed and same goes for me. I came back later and i took a tent after unloading it from loads of guns and putting them elsewhere so they don't de spawn. Yesterday i wanted to take a look me and Chris. We decided to take the white ada and the VAZ. I had to find a radiator so i might forgot couple of items on the ground ( Saline bags, human meat and fat) after unloading them from a storage cabinet. I apologize for that. I thought i will come back but i forgot and i went to sleep.
  8. I've been driving a lot the last couple of days, i usually stop when i see people.. Sometimes I don't. Yesterday right before i logged out, i was chasing a guy trying to run away from me just to say hi to him.. However, since i can't remember seeing anybody near the helicrash i could only assume that I was zooming on the helicrash in a way that i missed seeing you when driving by. I don't remember also why i stopped, but one thing for sure is i didn't get out of the car to take a look at you.. I could have done it without me getting of the car. I can't tell from the position logs how close i was to you. I can see from the connection logs that you logged off soon after and that you are upset about it.. I apologize for that.
  9. POV: right.. Well yesterday i looted 2 helicrashes.. I don't remember seeing anybody close to the helicrashes.. Can't tell much.. I'm pretty positive i didn't see you, otherwise i would say hi to you.. Did you use your mic when i was 5 feet away? Or you just waved?
  10. Khaled Serpent, Born and Raised in Tunisia. In a small town surrounded by the coast, a Mountain and a small square of a forest, He spent a great childhood having his cousins as close friends. Khaled is known of his bad temper, and aggressive reactions.. This has caused being rejected and feared by many of his friends. Being the best in his class, Khaled was appreciated by his school teachers and predicated a good future for him.. At the age of 16, Khaled became more aggressive as he adopted the casual arab street mentality and got involved in a hood vs hood street fight.. This incident caused him to skip his school classes for a certain amount of time,.. He managed to pass the year's final exams even with him skipping school. By that time, Khaled used to chill out in a local shop.. He met a guy working there.. they became close friends, as he was basicly a foreigner and new to the town, One day this guy called khaled, and told him that the manager scammed him off his paycheck, And that he doesn't have enough money to make it home, He informed him that he was forsed to steal some equipements from the store and sell them, As a reaction to " being scammed ". Khaled was naive and helped this guy selling the stolen good. He was shocked to find out that the boss actually paid him his full paycheck, and thtat the " friend " lied to him abd used him.. Khaled was afraid and shocked, Yet he managed to dodge the police lights and got away with it. Later on, He started using drugs and comitted an armed robbery,He was never arrested. As a teenager, He enjoyed outsmarting people,He enjoyed giving people He enjoyed playing stupid.. and his good looking and innocence played a great part in making that work. One evening, Khaled came back home from a soccer match and found his father dying.Khaled never showed it, But he was so attached to his father, and his death affected him a lot. That changed his personality and got him into a long time solitude..He got this fear of going to jail and leaving his old mather alone abd decuded to stop all illegal stuff. He took care of him other, One day he decided to go on vacation, and that's when he got stuck in the outbreak; Ended up stuck in the outbreak.
  11. " I have nothing more to loose and if Allah chose this death for me, so be it." " I would like to thank everybody that helped or was Helped by Mokhtar, your prayers would be much appreciated." " my good people, i love you, do not have no fear." I will fight to the end, and i'm not going down alone inchallah." " Allahu akbar.. Allahu akbar."
  12. " Alright, let me stop acting stupid, My name is Mokhtar, not Moe, she's the only one that can recognize me, It's been a long time since we talked, I don't know why she's not talking to me anymore, and i don't know what she told you which made you wanna come back and kill me, Anyways, I would ask you for a man to man fight, but unfortunatly you're not men enough for that, so we'll do it your way, we will pay you guys a visit, and she's not excluded, let her know." *Frequency is dead*
  13. " oh i see... yeah, not safe, could you pass me Kathrine please? she was silent back at Zelenogorsk, I just wanna say hi to her first..."
  14. * wipes the tears from his eyes, as he's running throught the woods, then slows down and eventually stops, holds the PTT as he clears his throat* " Hello my friend, can't lie and say it's good to hear from you again but i assume you reconsidered my offer, Yea, sure.. what is this about?" *releases the PTT button and awaits the response*
  15. Link to the situation: see above Any supporting evidence: Previous posts in this thread. Feedback: At first it seems like grudgy situation, especially when the harsh language was pulled out, but after talking to the staff team, we came to a conclusion that it was a misunderstanding. And we are all here to have fun. Suggestions for improvement: I appreciate the staff's hard work. thumbs up from me.
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