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  1. Grayfox

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    - User was cautioned for this post -
  2. Grayfox

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    To finish my POV, i agree with Edgar that taking some bullets isn't really a reason to kill someone, i locked Scottie up in a shed, knowing that he will get uncuffed in no time, I just wanted to teach him a listen for the lies he said, He yelled i'm freezing , so i took a jacket and put it on him, i dropped some food near the fireplace we made 10 meters away and i told him about it, When we met in Vybor, as you can see in the video i'll provide, He was acting like he didn't recognize us, he interacted with us, ate some apples, then as soon as we turn our backs he opens fire? isn't this bad rp? I guess it's about the initiation thing, He has the right to shoot because we ''initiated him'', even if that's noy realistic and ruins the RP.
  3. Grayfox

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    @Deacon if you would please upload the shooting footage , as my replay system didn't catch, it , meanwhile , i'll upload 2 videos tonight ( the 2nd encounter in vybor , the 4 of us and Edgar's death ) + ( the moment you caught me off guard after killing scottie and me explaining you the situation at gun hold ) Unfortunatly i did not record the replay of the 1st encouter of scottie at the airfield, as i did not think , at that time it is needed, please excuse my slow upload speed, as i'm uploading 2 raw replay footages
  4. Grayfox

    S1: BadRP, Unsurvivable conditions - NWAF 7/8/18 16:30

    Hello everyone, i've read the complaint and i'm kinda pissed off because that was not exactly what happened... as @Edgar said, we met in game and we kinda met up and agreed on a religious cause involving survivors. couple of minutes after teaming up, we ran into a guy ((which i met later at vybor again after killing @Scottie )) then we moved on and ran into @Scottie He had the same weapon as @edgar so we asked him if he has ammunition for that SKS, he declined, Edgar told him to drop the vest , and we found out he was telling lies , so we cuffed him up and leave him into a shed, He yelled, I'm freezing, i took up his jacket from the floor and i put it on him again, before leaving , i told him that there is a campfire nearby , and you will find food there, then we went off. Now, we saw him again in Vybor, but at that time Edgar changed some clothing so no one recognize him, he even changed his voice as he speaks, well at least he tried to. Now i will check my recorded replays and upload some useful videos before continuing my POV
  5. Grayfox

    Getting the team back together (Private Frequency)

    * Dimitri turns their attention to the radio placed on the ground as he starts hearing voices then resumes cleaning his assault rifle, listening carefully to Monroe * * Dimitri nods twice as he cracks a smile, still keeping an eye on the infected outside his door *
  6. Khaled El Fahem is a 23years old football player. Couple of years before the outbreak, Khaled and his family moved to russia. He changed his name to Dimitri. Dimitri spends most of his time at his father's gym working and working out. Even thought he was being rejected by society, He managed to make friends and got used to his new life style.. Dimitri has made his way to Chernarus in pursuit of his father who's been last seen in Zelenogorsk. Unexperienced and lonely.. Will he survive his journey??
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBdbx3HQrkc&feature=youtu.be
  8. Report #15 S1 EU - 06/27/17 17:43 - Invalid Kill Bad RP Trolling Server: S1 EU Date: 06/27/17 Time: 17:43 Rule breaks: Invalid Kill Bad RP Trolling Your in game name: Dimitri Smukavec Allies: Enemies: Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: Yes Evidence: Description: I got held buy 3 guys , wearing pink clothes , i got shot when i tried to ran away, went unconcious but they woke me up, they escorted me to a house down from the airfield. Tortured me with my approval, then asked permission to kill me which i didn't accept. I was low on health as i saw shot in the head the first time when i tried to ran away as my balaclava and cowboy hat was ruined, so one of them hit me in the head with a flare gun, which made me unconcious a second or third time, moments after they woke me up, a guy comes, takes his time aiming at my head and kills me. You see the only thing i was not okay with , is killing me, i made that clear both IC and OOC. But people are awesome. video will be up in the comments as soon as it's ready
  9. @Jade he was clearly next to me when he initiated so it's my fault that i didn't hear him. I'm okay with it.
  10. Well okay from what i see in the video you did initiate with me. So i guess it's on me that i didn't hear.
  11. I'm saying that if the person runs away maybe you should give him a chance to surrender, like '' stop right now or we shoot you'', that wouldn't take much effort, i mean if your need is roleplay not gear.. but eh, i stopped eventually but you guys guys kept shooting, i'm out of here
  12. - I didn't ran to vybor neither hid behind a tree, i stood in the middle of the road, pressed F1 instead of F2 as i was freaked out, but again i was standing still before you sprayed me. ( your friends video will proove that my body was on the road unless some miracle happens and he won't be able to upload the video, or that he didn't come and see my body for some reason. -I never heared any initiation. i was talking to one of your guys a minute before i got killed. we exchanged words and i kept on looting. How would you explain that? - i would stop just like the 4 times i got robbed throughout my 9days journey in the server and surrender to you. but the only interaction i get is bullets. So let's say that you did say put your handsup to me, and i ran off even thought i heared you, is that the best RP a former admin could give?
  13. Server and location: S1 1:30 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14/05/ 2017 1:30 Your in game name: Dimitri Smukavec Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Hebee Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: I logged in vybor, looting around and i made my way to the southern baracks of the north airfield, i found a guy , we had a little bit chat then i just kept on looting. as soon as i was running out of a barack i got shot, 1 or 2 bullets i think, i freaked out as i start bleeding so i ran towards the wall behind the barack and i stopped at a tree. i pressed F1 for handsup as i'm standing still and i turned around, i saw a player ( staff told me its hebee ) running towards me and i guess it was an easy headshot. 10secs was too quick for me to start recording. but hebee confirmed that he has a video footage.