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  1. Like @RyanPr said , we discussed this with the gamemaster @OskuRP and i'm willing to close the report
  2. Oh hi there, nice reply timing ^^, Thanks for saving staff's time searching for you, Can you please provide your in character names , and just to save time can you please provide the third person's name as i'm guessing the staff will ask you for that anyway.
  3. calling out @YungBrandonRP for green dragons POV
  4. Sorry ; shadow replay didn't record my mic.
  5. *stops sprinting as he hears the lady's transmission, picks up his radio and speaks into it while holding the PTT button* Nevermind, It's too late now.. It was good knowing ya, stay safe. *Dimitri releases the PTT button and starts running throught the forest*
  6. Server and location: S1 ( NWA Military tents ) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-28 16:15 Your in game name: Dimitri Smukvec Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: No idea ( video and logs will show ) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): video footage soon Detailed description of the events: I logged in some container in the military tents in which i had to log off earlier for in-real life issuses. I got busy shooting some zombies which attracted three guys that rushed from the forest and came directly to me, after some few questions , one of them rp'ed crouching and getting stuck?? i guess he expected me to lay off my weapon and give him a hand so they can catch me off guard or something.. anyway that didn't work with my character so i decided to void the creepy situation and i said i'll be right back as they were around the "stuck guy", they kept asking where i'm going and they all followed me including the stucky guy, they initiated on me. asked me to drop the weapon in hand and " sprint with them" to the forest ( i was double carrying ). While sprinting they asked me to keep spriting and destroy my radio if i have one. we went 100meters deep into the forest and we stopped, they tried to pull an excuse that their friend got robbed by a person wearing the same mask i have. I denied that and asked them to radio call this friend of theirs and let's check if i was the one who robbed him, i have all day i said. In a troll way he reached for the radio and said : " Is this the guy who robbed you " ? . that was the end of that excuse, and the beginning of a new one , they say they are affiliated with green dragons ( i don't belive they do ) and they need all my weapons and ammunition, without a simple rp action written, they asked me to run off and shot couple of bullets in the air. It's been couple of days of my return to dayzrp and i've been having hard time already. I'm asking staff members to put more efforts into making a stop to this, This is very annoying and disappointing. I'm considering taking a break seriously.
  7. @Grimnir thanks for the video , you see in the first few minutes the guy's mic can't finish a single sentence, then people talking at the same time dramaticly lowers my attention and i can't really rp with that, I was really confused and tried my best to keep up with it , However like i said before , i knew where this is going and i was dissapointed because i expected a little bit creative and realistic roleplay than robbing and torturing someone for no reason from a group of players who are supposed to make an example of how rp should be, I'm tired of answering this no sense. If i was caring about gear like you said, My character wouldn't follow you into that stupid trap you made on me, I would take my chances and fight you like i did before and AFTER this situation.I just wanted to get a dose of rp like the old days.. I got robbed and tortured by the saviours, and the demons, a year ago, and the rp was excellent and no report was made and i quite enjoyed it. I got robbed million times. I'm taking full responsabilites on the things i appologized for. I just want to know staffs opinion on this rp. If more people start down this path, which I hope they wont, it will make rp quite disappointing.
  8. Sorry i didn't notice that my shadow replay doesn't record my voice.However this video is very useful to sharpen some POV's above..
  9. *Dimitri rushes into the closest house as he hears "carl" on the radio.. he lays down his backpack and speaks into the radio* "Good to hear from you, you left some question marks on my head, I am okay, I've been wondering how are you doing?" *He removes his finger off the radio button and lowers his eyebrows while looking throught a broken window..*
  10. finally, I was clueless with mechanics of the game since it's been more than a year that i played dayz, i made that clear, but you guys went hard on me instead of trying to keep me in the rail. first thing you do after locking me up is removing my stuff and then i see 3 people jumping on them and one screaming " holy shit you got a lot of stuff " , sorry but that seems to me like you're actually intrested in the gear. I didn't know you officially hate russians ( admin will confirm ) or you're allowed to butcher russians, even innocent people who did nothing wrong but the fact that they were born in russia. it's that , or they "steal" items from abandoned areas ( i'm confused which one is the excuse ). about logging, i said i'm leaving in 15mn, and i tried my best to keep it up with the rp even with the spam , then i requested to log out ,you guys asked me to finish rp'ing letting me go, which i guess i did. I will answer any further questions from admins
  11. *Dimitri walks into a room and takes a seat, he reaches into his radio and holds the PTT button while looking at his big gun* "I am looking for a ruby, last seen somewhere around lopatino, it's important for me.." Dimtri smirks a bit then puts down the radio.
  12. Grayfox

    To Dimitri (Open Freq)

    Dimtri leans towards the radio on the floor, keeping his left hand on the bandaged wound as he clears his throats before pressing the PTT button " Brother, nicely done.. that old man is crazy, still.." * Dimtri coughs a bit as he chuckles* " still.. i like his voice, i feel bad he's gone, i will be okay.. I'll catch up to you brother. "
  13. Yeah, again, I was clueless with the dayz update , i was still figuring out how things work,However.i rp'ed getting hit at the beginning, but then i couldn't handle the situation due to lot of people talking at the same time, both verbally and by typing. anyway, i told them i need to log off in 15mn, someone thanked me for letting them know, i finally rp'ed getting tortured and then they let me go and i logged off with their permission.
  14. Hi, benedikt, i feel like that's not any better reason, espacially when i was friendly, cool even with the provoking, and was not part of any hostile group and haven't been around for a long time.
  15. Server and location: S1 Zelenoghorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-25, 21:00 Your in game name: Dimitri Smukvec Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Benedikt Kozlov and his group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I will be providing video footage ( slow internet ) Detailed description of the events: I ran in Zelenogorsk and i met a person, more came, they were nice, they asked me to come inside a house because its cold, they asked several questions, they insisted to know how did i got here, my work? i tried to answer correctly because it's been a year since i last played dayz, so the questions kept coming , and that's how i knew they're looking for an excuse to rob me and take my stuff, eventually they came with these brilliant excuses to cover the robbery with ehm , a good rp.. the excuses are : I was born in russia, i came into their country or i'm stealing stuff, by stealing they mean looting cities that they don't even live in ( cherno ). and he was mad i guess how i don't work.. anyway these are the excuses they bring on the table before breaking a glass bottle on my head and start taking my stuff. they say they are gonna make an example out of me, so they tortured me and eventually they let me go .its been a long time since i played dayz so my rp was aweful.
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