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  1. Turns towards the radio as he listens to the broadcast, grabs it and holds the PTT **American female voice can be heared in the background** " Hello there, tough women. I think i'm intrested." Releases the PTT
  2. * Gustave raises their radio and holds the PTT * *Muffled voice, frensh accent* "How many do you need?"
  3. Gustave Wesleti raised and born in Paris, A frensh father an a Tunisian mother, Gustave would visit Tunisia often. With a rough upbringing Gustave was never really able to trust his family. Despite this he had the rest of his life set. a career and a promising relationship he would never have to worry about anything. in 2013, at a golf outing Gustave took a break in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror he knew he could never be happy with this life, it wasn't for him. So he set out to work on a ranch elsewhere. There he would work hard, drinking and partying all the while as well as meeting a lot of women. After 2 years he returned back to his hometown to work as a bouncer in a local club. Over the summer he met with his siblings and cousins but never saw his parents. he decided to move on and get the wealth for himself. He wanted to live a luxury life and always wanted to pocess the best. There he became very popular and knew a lot of people. He then decides to make his first tattoo. There he got into a motorcycle accident, He had a Z750 Kawazaki and as a result of the crash has major scarring over his right leg but walks fine regardless. Sam would continue to ride his motorcycle through Paris working odd jobs and partying. Years later he decides to travel around so he began with Spain, he ended up in Chernarus
  4. Enzo Fitouri, Born and raised in Tunisia, 1989. He had a happy childhood. At the age of 16, He started going with his dad to his restaurent and help him out when he's done his homework. two years later, his father passed away. Enzo was forced to leave school and manage the restuarent by himself. Later on, He realised this is not what he wants to do, he just didn't see himself dedicating his time into the small buisness. Italy was the destination, He met up with some friends there and they offered him good paying job. that's how Enzo got involved into the drug trafficing buisness. He realised that the criminal world in Italy is less risky than Tunisian's. He spent 4 years in Italy, learned the game.. He was smart but eventually he screwed up and an arrest warrent was made. He faced heavy charges so he wanted to go back to his country but he couldn't. So he decided to escape to Russia which he eventually did. He stayed there for couple of weeks before realising that russia is not the right country for him, Because it's very hard for foreigners to make a start there, espacially when you can't speak russian. So after couple of weeks of staying in the shadows, He accepted his friend's invitation to join him in South Zagoria, He didn't have any much options left to be honest, as he was absolutly afraid of going to prison. The plan was to stay there for couple of years and then go back to Tunisia, until the outbreak took place.
  5. Grayfox


    The end of Khaled
  6. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Extremly friendly and helpful staff member. I just couldn't pass by this section of forums without dropping a feedback to you. Cheers. Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  7. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I just wanna say keep up the good work, it's appreciated. Suggestions for improvement: Keep up the good work - No suggestions for improvement.
  8. Possible bandits? we literaly gave the guy a ride.. what kinda bandits do that? That's lie my dude. You can cleary see and hear in the video that you shot me because you found another radio on me, Also i complied with everything you asked, maybe not right away, but when i felt like i will be shot i complied. (( 1:30 )) Khaled and beth were so angry because they were nice to Scott and gave him a lift to his friends and in exchange they get held up and robbed. The video is raw, It's something called shadow play which records replay of gameplay which in my case i set it to 5 minutes. You did not clear all of the infected and you chose to not close the door and leave, and then comeback after the zombies killed me.
  9. Server and location: S1 Livonia - Fail RP Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Just now Your in game name: Khaled Serpent Names of allies involved: @Beth Name of suspect/s: -logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Black gunter Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Will upload video evidence tonight Detailed description of the events: Me and @Beth ran into a guy, in a town, we agreed on giving him a ride to his friend, When we drove there, we found couple of guys waiting for us, they initiated on us which led to us comply and they got us inside a church, they restrained us and then one guy took me upstairs and shot me in the leg because i didn't drop my radio ( they never gave me a chance to ) and which led to zombies storming the building, They were tripping so bad and the quality of the roleplay was very aweful, the guy asked me to get back in the church.. so me and @Beth complied and went inside, thinking that he will close the door behind us or something but instead couple of zombies came and got me while the initiators went away. 4.6 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released.
  10. "JJ.. Come back home brother. You belong here."
  11. That's not true really, You came back for the AFK guy, you pulled your car away and one guy said to me " are you initiating on me " , but sadly i don't have that so..
  12. Well, i'm surprised by the amount of lies, desperate false accusations and trash talking. Never called you kids. I suggest you read what i've said again. I don't know why you keep bringing this to the table, I never said that, Do you have proof? Let's suppose i said that? that's not rulebreaking, If you feel otherwise please make a report. Once again, This report is about Bad RP / Avoid'ing RP. I was hoping for a good roleplay when i saw the amount of people there, you can see in the video the failure to RP and failure to double mic. I was so disappointed. As @Rover requested, here's the full video, I'll be happy to answer staff's questions if there's any.
  13. Alrighty, I will not quote anything as the spam is real, However i'll answer the important accusations. You've Clipped the video.... Shadow play records 5 minutes of replay, which means when you hit a specific button, it will save the last 5mn of gameplay. I pressed that button when y'all left. that means i didn't cut off footage, i Just deleted the footage of me driving back to my base. If the staff wants to see the full raw video, I will show it. I'm positive i pressed that button again when you came back to pick up the AFK guy, but sadly i couldn't find it, I would love to hear that : " Are you initiating on him again? " maybe one of y'all boys can help complete the evidence, of course you won't. You're metagaming, not using double mic. A minute before i reach my base, one of my passengers crashed, I didn't notice and kept driving, we were talking OOC before i saw you at my base at that time the guy doesn't know what's going because he crashed so he kept asking what's going on , and i said i don't know. at that time i only said " Be prepared " which means be prepared for RP. Double Mic is a serious manner, For example in your case, One of the POV's above claims that he was ordered to fleet in COMMS which makes sense because y'all backed off at the same time. So why we didn't hear those COMMS in the video? Reverse attempt reverses on you. You're impersonating 503. Currently i'm not in the 503 roaster. Ive never said i'm 503, When anyone asks , I say that i'm friends with them, You're just trying to get our names / False report I don't need your names @speirs , You think i'm making a report just to find out who did this and Metagame ? I don't care dude, I just don't like it when some kids who just wait for people to log off and then go and grab the loot, which seemed pretty much the case with that " Heavy RP " you provided to me. That picture with the discord conversation prooves nothing but how you're trying to solve IC problems OOC'ly with me refusing to dive into that. When making this report, I did not know and i don't wanna know who's been offline raiding. the server was dead and i was trying to enjoy some roleplay. but you just ran off with some minor griefing and of course grabbing that metal sheet because you know... ~#Heavy_RP Feels like this is turning into OOC hate so i will ONLY reply to staff questions.
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