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  1. Roach


    o7 Moretti Famiglia!

    Was a damn good run but this group was not heading in the direction it was supposed to and all goals and ambitions were in the wrong places. We had become The Anarchy Famiglia hahah loved the RP with Anarchy but since there was no real way to proceed to have a true mafia with our own business, there was no point in continuing on. 

    That being said, it is NOT because of Kam and Anarchy at all but the general direction RP is being lead to nowadays and how stale and boring it got for most of the people in this group. It was not for us and thus the group will archive until further notice. Cannot run a business in this world and its current state (lack of players, groups, diversity etc.)  

    It was fun, our interactions with all other groups and people were fun but it's time we step down and look forward to 63 coming. Maybe we'll be back, maybe we will never. But as long as we got people connected together in RP, we did our job. Create RP for all those around us and create new connections between players and groups. We are not closing merely because of this big move Anarchy was doing lmao. YES, it made no sense for us to go to a small ass compound like green mountain and not even have our events and business anymore. Stuck in a small place 50+ people with no chance of ever really getting a nice city going cause YES we will get attacked over and over and shit, we are not about PVP every day and I think that is clear, nothing is gonna change no matter what city we go to either way. 

    That being said, as much as we disapproved of this move, we simply used it as an opportunity to see a clear truth that we were not a Mafia doing Mafia things. We were Mafia bending over to any hostile actions or threats towards us and thus, no point in having a business like this if we have to answer to others and cannot find the courage to stand up for ourselves. We are not good at PVP, we strive in RP, we can fight but not every day. We will not fight every day, spawn in rinse and repeat. If permadeath was a thing here, we would have taken a chance to kill big bad wolf groups, but since people can spawn back in and attack every day just cause of this, no point in this kind of story arc. There will be no end to the senseless PVP. Again not the only reason, but a big reason and I ain't fuckin hiding it. 

    People need to remember that there is much more to RP than being hostile all the time. But shit on me all you want if you don't agree, it's just pixels and I do NOT give a sweet sorry fuck about pixels. So let's move on, be yourself, do what you want out there and most important have fun and don't let salt control your pixel lives 😉  it's just a game folks. Who cares, we failed, bigger wolves won, bla bla bla life goes on. 

    Love you all and loved my RP with EVERYONE and EVERY GROUP since we came back for this third and perhaps final time... we'll see ❤️ 

    See you out there from time to time with my other characters. Let's hope 63 (beta) comes out soon eh? 

    1. Hardwired


      Have a good summer bro! 

    2. Roach


      I will my good dude. Life beyond pixels and my fuckin PC screen is great 🙂 

    3. Hardwired


      I know right 😮 

    4. Roach


      Graphics are amazing out here too, you should see. Damn life-like if I do say so myself 

    5. Jman14102


      Can't give any more beans today, but YES to everything you just said.

      Hopefully things will get smoothed out soon.

    6. Anouk


      Cannot wait to get the family going again! Was a blast while it lasted. 

    7. bloodcrusader


      Always a pleasure and im so damn happy that i got a chance to actually RP with everyone from the famiglia this time around, thank you for a great group Roach and  hope to come back to it soon my man

      much ❤️ to everyone that we RP'd with in the group and out of it, you all did  a steller job o7

    8. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Great while it lasted, I agree with most of what you said.

    9. Dvlinhb
    10. Dank Mems
    11. barto300


      You just had to archive on my birthday, didn't you 😛

      But was a great time, Roach. Loved it all and hope to see you soon.

  2. Roach


    The game is simple. Would You:Kill, Bang or Marry the person above you? This can be directed towards the forum user or his/her character. Optional: You may present a small explanation with your answer if necessary. Try not to quote and please stay on topic of this game
  3. Mike Walker is a 34-year-old husband and father of 2 girls that lived in Québec, Canada. He worked in Marketing, Communications and Sales and during his off times, was an avid video game player. He made a lot of content on Youtube in his spare time as editing and filming was and still is a passion of his. He's also a big weed smoker. It never got in the way of his life however and Mike was still able to lead a nice life. He's a really nice guy always willing to help out but knows not get taken advantage of. He's a smart man with a head on his shoulders and always able to communicate well with others. Mike was also a musician that toured for roughly 10 years before he decided to dedicate his entire time to his family. As fun as touring was, he could not see himself constantly away from his wife and 2 girls. Mike was a massive Quinn Bauer fan, which leads him to many of his concerts. If Mike couldn't tour full time anymore, he could at least go see some of Quinn's shows or as many as possible. Mike traveled far to see Quinn's concerts and the smaller the show the more Mike wanted to go. If he played in countries that would have a smaller crowd, Mike would want to go giving him a much better chance at perhaps meeting his idol. The more the people, the less a chance. When Quinn announced his tour, there was a place in South-Zagoria called Chernarus that was scheduled to receive Quinn for 1 night only. Mike thought to himself that this may just be the best chance to meet Quinn in person. Chernarus could not possibly have that many people wanting to see a country star. So Mike packed up and left for Chernarus a few days before the gig. He promised his family to return right after this show and because of the place, Mike preferred not to bring his family. He read a lot about this place called Chernarus and thought it would be wise to go alone and so he did. Mike arrived in Chernarus merely 1 day before Quinn's show and was excited to see if he could actually meet him. The day of the gig, many strange reports were surfacing about infected people and the military trying to contain something. Mike didn't know much else but knew it was not a great idea to stick around. Was it really worth meeting Quinn for this? Should I risk it? He asked himself. Mike called his wife telling here he'd be coming home sooner than expected all while explaining what was going on when all of a sudden the phone line cuts out. He didn't make much of it so he packed up his things and headed outside. On his way out of the Hotel, he noticed nobody at the desk... He thought it was strange but continued on his way out. No taxi service, almost no cars around. He didn't understand. Where did all the people go? He started walking towards the main roads and can start hearing gunfire and screaming so he hides and tries to wait for things to cool down. As he hides inside a shed behind a house, he can hear footsteps walking towards him. He stays quiet and waits... No more sound is heard. He slowly opens the door trying to avoid as much sound as possible. As he peeks through the door crack an infected person growls at him and lunges at Mike. Mike is pinned down on the ground inside the shed with an infected on him. He clearly doesn't know what is going on and tries to talk to this person. Obviously, no answer, just what seems to be a man trying to bite Mike. Luckily, Mike was able to push him off and started to run, leaving his things behind as he had no choice. As Mike ran across the main road in the city called Cherno, bullets started flying his way. Seems like the military trying to shoot Mike down. Maybe they think he was one of those infected. Mike kept running as a military vehicle starts driving offroad towards him. Mike cuts through the woods trying to escape but is starting to lose his breath. He hides behind a mass amount of dirt pulling leaves over his body as fast as possible and waits... They pass right by him and never found anything. When the plane crashed into the hotel, it created a massive distraction as all went in that direction. This gave Mike a chance to run off. He was safe for now but stuck in a strange country with god knows what is happening. Mike clearly saw that there was no way out of here and all he could do is wait. No way to contact his wife and kids and no way to return home, Mike will have to stay strong in order to survive but the new world is really playing on his morale and usual ways of going about some things. This would definetly change him forever.
  4. Roach

    Permadeath Rule (Read it all)

    DISCLAIMER: This is only to test the waters and see what people think mostly but could end up a proper suggestion. Before you downvote this idea, read it through. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Fear... Is there really any value to fear left in this game? We've all played DayZ forever now and nothing really scares us anymore, not even hostile players. Sure we RP that we are scared but we do it cause we have to, not cause we FEEL it. Most people roll their eyes to hostile situations and nobody cares for zombies anymore. Tired of having a hostage that spits in your face or says "Fuck Off" to every question you get? Maybe you are tired of killing enemies who attack your quiet little campfire-style RP town cause they can just respawn and do it over and over again and feel like you can never win the fight? Well, do I have a solution for you! (Staff will hate this especially with reason). THE PERMADEATH RULE (inb4 hate messages cause you stopped reading from this point on) - 3 STRIKES, YOU'RE OUT - Only death by bullets from other players would apply. Not glitch deaths, not zombie one-shots, nothing else but a bullet to your character that causes his avatar to die on screen. This would count as 1 death. So not just executions, but BULLETS altogether. Of course, you can retract a death if it's accidental like an ALT+TAB Kill from a friend. This forces people to think twice before they go be hostile with other people. Think twice before you raise that weapon cause if the other guy kills you, that is 1 strike. Wanna start a war against a group? Be sure you can back it up cause you will get REAL casualties, thus installing fear within battles. - CAN'T RE-JOIN GROUP - Once you got your 3 death strikes and you are perma, you cannot join the same group under a new character (ALT). Letting people do this, would just null the 3 strike rule if they can just come back with an ALT maing it impossible to annihilate a group. Perhaps we would have to block people from joining groups with 2 or 3 characters all together cause of the guy who died twice on one character, decided to start playing an ALT instead on strike 2 to avoid this. So yeah, you will hate it but needed. Cannot join a group with more than ONE character and 3 deaths, you are out forever. - PROPER FEAR - From this point on, people would actually FEAR and PLEA for their lives. People would act less like super soldiers or fuckin action heroes. People would think twice, heck, thrice before attempting any hostilities (especially if they died 2 times already). Are you telling me "I think people should decide when to permadeath" I agree, so don't do dumb mistakes in character and you will live and decide when you do die. Simple guys. You still control your fate, but this time you have to use your brain and carefully chosen words. This will make you VALUE even more your character's life and decisions. It will show the true moral compass of people. This is NOT The Walking Dead or some Zombie movie. This is supposed to represent real life. Let's be AFRAID AGAIN! - REPORTS REPORTS REPORTS - The biggest downside to this is the SALT that will rise with deaths now. A lot of people won't accept being killed and reports will be more than now. "I don't accept my death strike because he _________" I can see it now, all those glorious salty reports which most would be unjustified cause YOU took the decision to spit in the guys face and say go fuck your mum when he told you to shut up or you die. So many examples will rise of death but the FEAR RP would be real again. The pros outweigh the cons. And again, it'll be a SMALL rise because let's face it, 80% of people here report if they die anyways. So is it gonna be really that different at that level? But then again, I could be wrong. In conclusion, I understand this is not a popular option and I hated the idea of this option in the past, but it makes sense today. I understand that I can be entirely wrong on this even if I feel that I am not. The fuckin game is boring now cause there is nothing to fear cause we are SAFE and can respawn every time. We need this to create fairness and balance within our little RP universe and their stories. Every war is a war we cannot win or will never end until one side gets bored of re-spawning. We need to create proper fear with each player. We need to make our character truly THINK. You will see a massive and realistic change when In Character. Think it over before you vote and comment on this.
  5. Roach


    Dear friends and those who care (not gonna tag 100 people),

    I will be taking a break from gaming for a little while but the Moretti Famiglia will continue its operations as a group under a new Don, Jimmy. Just have a lot of IRL stuff to handle like family and work and well, it's fuckin summer and I sure as hell will enjoy it with my family and not stay cooped up in my home office playing pixels when my hot dad bod could be on a beach. That being said, you can expect me to get on the server once and a while with random characters other than Tony Moretti (He's presumed DEAD anyways for now). 

    I simply don't have time to lead anything right now and it's quite frankly become overwhelming in some way (Leader+Work+Fam+Friends+Life). I will lurk on DayZRP and TS from time to time as well. Hope to see you out there when I do get on. Who knows... maybe Tony will return one day... maybe not. Anarchy boys, you have more than proven to me your capabilities in both RP and hostile RP. I had a blast with you guys so thank you for the endless fun. 

    Finally, thank you to ALL of the Moretti Famiglia (Dead, Left, Missing, Removed and Alive) Over 65 people have been part of an amazing adventure in the last year. You made my experience so much more real than I could ever expect, you guys know how to make a Don feel like a Don and I hope it continues for generations of Dons to come in The Moretti Famiglia. 

    I love you all and remember, don't be a fuckin' chooch! 

    1. DrMax


      Don't be gone for to long 😉 

    2. Dakotaen


      You will be missed, Roach, have no doubt about that.

      The Famiglia returned at a time where I was feeling a dip in my experience here on the server, and I as I've said on Discord a few times by now, this family helped change all that, so thank you for having excellent timing and for all the work you've done.

    3. Para


      We will miss you roach ❤️

    4. LouieRP


      Enjoy your break dude. 

    5. Anouk


      Enjoy it roach, you deserve it.

    6. Samaritan


      RL always should come first especially when it's family. You're a goodun Roach, go enjoy the Summer.

    7. Jman14102


      Dude, mere words cannot describe how much I and everyone else appreciates your dedication and work with this server. You've given so much to everyone here, and everytime I've played with you has been an absolute blast. It was an honor to help you with your short films.

      My travels with Wes Carter as Ian to this day remain one of the funnest things I've ever done. And rolling with Tony led to me making friends IRL, and setting up a storyline and plan that never would have been possible without the Famiglia.

      You deserve a break, man. Be a dad, be a husband, be a goofball. We'll still be around if/when you come back.

      Be safe, be cool, smoke a fat one, and, right back at you, don't be a chooch!

    8. TheLegend

      Have a good time bud you deserve it 

    9. Hardwired


      LOVE YOU LONG TIME ROACHY! Oh no you used that song you showed me for your profile xD 

    10. bloodcrusader


      You go take care of yourself and your family,have a great time this summer away from dang games and have an enjoyable time,we will continue to be where when you get back. much ❤️ to you roach, you became a good friend of mine and i'll cherish it always

    11. SlimmDusty


      Always a pleasure Roleplaying with you man, its been hella fun look forward to when you get back.

    12. Dvlinhb


      Take a break, you deserve it my dude. We'll try not to burn the country down while you're gone.

      Please note I said try. No promises. Especially not from Ian/Everest... kek

      In all seriousness, take care and have a good summer! We will await your return!


      m e m e



  6. Roach


    Stream Season 3 Finale - Tony Moretti


  7. Roach


    New lit profile song. Dank af

  8. Roach


    Live now - The Moretti Famiglia (Summit and Fight Night)


  9. Roach


    DUE TO IC EVENTS OF AN ATTACK JUNE 9, THERE WILL BE NO ENTERTAINMENT THIS SATURDAY. WE WILL CHANGE OUR EVENTS SO THEY HAPPEN TWICE A WEEK EACH, ONE FOR EU AND ONE FOR US. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING. ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTS Starting this Saturday and every Saturday after that, New Sin City presents Entertainment Nights. Watch or participate and have a few drinks. Singers, Musicians, Comedians, Improv and more. Relax and unwind for just a little bit, forget about the world for even just a moment as you enjoy the live shows. **** TOWN OF LOPATINO - NEW SIN CITY **** **** STARTS at 00:00 Server Time (8PM EST) **** **** Be kind and leave a tip in the tip barrel for performers **** **** Just show up at the Event Center in Lopatino to Sign Up or spectate the event. **** *Upon arriving in New Sin City you would notice Posters all over the place*
  10. Roach


    Live now - The Moretti Famiglia


  11. Roach

    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    If you wanna share anything, video or image of The Moretti Famiglia, go right ahead. You're at the right place. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - GROUP STREAMERS - @Roach - https://www.twitch.tv/roach_tm @Madkilla67 - https://www.twitch.tv/madkilla67 @N-Tox - https://www.twitch.tv/thedonllama @FieJaxon - https://www.twitch.tv/fiejaxon @Jarvis - https://www.twitch.tv/jarvis01 @Eddie - https://www.twitch.tv/soprano__gaming Welcome to the Famiglia!
  12. Roach

    The Scarpaci Famiglia - Episode 1

    Very well-done man Just watched it with Clumsy & Para
  13. Roach

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    You are not wrong there. And yeah I am good with waiting too. I would much rather play a more polished version than an exp. But if it's there, I will play it I suppose.
  14. Roach

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    I talked to the big man @Roland myself about this. If I remember correctly he said he will open a new server using the .63 patch and keep the current official patch up and running so it won't be an issue Basically we will have 2 servers
  15. Roach

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Congrats on the promotion of 3 recruits last night SOLDATO: Eden Ripley (Medic) - @Anouk SOLDATO: Lucius Mcbride (Chemist) - @Kibbens SOLDATO: Nikolai Petresk - @Retro
  16. Roach

    New to the community

    Welcome to the community. Glad to see you here and remember, staff are helpful so if you have ANY questions about anything, don't be shy to ask best of luck on the whitelisting, take your time with it.
  17. Roach

    Can't see poll results

    Maybe only @Roland can answer this but I seem to be unable to see poll results. I created a thread with a poll and the whole world can see it (if logged in of course) but for some strange reason I cannot see it as it says: You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results. So of course, I cannot vote (which is fine) but I cannot see the results of my own poll? Is this normal or a bug? If it's normal it would be kinda dumb lol Thread in question: here
  18. Roach


    Live now - The Moretti Famiglia


  19. Roach

    Can't see poll results

    Ah well, if it's a problem Roland knows about already and not much we can do as of right now, then this can be closed. I was just curious about it Thanks for the replies folks
  20. Roach

    Can't see poll results

    I have it set to not see who voted and not end ever, hmm Thanks for your reply @Elk
  21. Roach

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Bout damn time! Congrats fellas on the well-deserved approval of this great group I have been having tremendously good RP with.
  22. Roach

    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

  23. Roach


    Saved the VOD of my stream from last night - SUPERB RP everyone!
    One of the best sessions I had in a while hands down.
    Too many names to tag but much ❤️ to everyone who was there.


    TITLE: 2 Deaths and a Wedding 


    1. Tony

      Absolutely top class performance. 

    2. barto300


      Shame I couldn't be there. Great RP!

  24. Roach

    • Roach
    • Lady In Blue

    Here's a French song with your name. A very famous oldies singer from Quebec Canada. 
    La Dame en Bleu = The Lady in Blue 🙂 



    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


      Thank you Roach 😛

      Also @Roach, typed lady in blue lyrics in YouTube search bar and found this. Sounds good!


    2. Roach


      haha yeah that's the same song but an English version 🙂 awesome

    3. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


      Nice! I had a feeling it was the same. 😛

  25. Roach

    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    I smoke weed... so um, a Roach is what's left when your joint is all smoked. Like a cigarette butt, for joints. A Roach. The Roach avatar was simply more "advertising friendly" than a Joint Butt lmao