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  1. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    The game is simple. Would You:Kill, Bang or Marry the person above you? This can be directed towards the forum user or his/her character. Optional: You may present a small explanation with your answer if necessary. Try not to quote and please stay on topic of this game
  2. CLICK HERE TO DISCUSS THIS TOPIC (Only Apps should be in this thread) _________________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS THIS? Looking to end it all but you don't just wanna typically suicide or take the next bullet from a robbery gone bad? Do you want something original or more appealing for your character's farewell? This is the place for you. In this thread, you can select your Killer (it will determine how you die most likely) and either set up or wait to be surprised and killed (Planned or Dynamic). However, the victim MUST permadeath which also grants the Killer to do anything else to you before death (scaring, torture, dismemberment etc). Of course, this is to create great Hostile RP for everyone involved but also allow killers to get kills without having to justify it with rules. Many people play killers or are capable of providing that perfect ending to your character's life. Could be Serial Killers, Cannibals, Hitmen, Cops and so on. But rules put a bar in this RP since they cannot just kill you and most don't wanna let their victims go free due to being found out. The only way for a killer to get his/her proper killer RP is to perma a character. Some victims are looking for a way out and end it quickly or slowly. If it's quick, setup a date with your killer. If there's no rush, have it happen dynamically (at random) with proper initiation and RP of course, always. _________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW DOES THIS WORK? VICTIMS (Can be Killers looking to be killed too, not just civs looking to die): Browse the Killers and select one or more. PM the one or many killers you've selected with your details and how you wanna go about doing this. IMPORTANT - You must at least give the Killer your full Character Name + Permission to Permakill you. KILLERS (Can be Lawmen wanting to kill Killers too, not just killers killing civs): To be a Killer, simply copy the form below, fill it out and reply it to this thread (do NOT PM me). You owe your victims extended RP (unless they say otherwise). IMPORTANT - If you are done playing a killer, simply edit your post and change the status to INACTIVE or simply remove all info and write -snip-. STATUS: ACTIVE or INACTIVE KILLER'S NAME: CHARACTER PAGE: TYPE OF KILLER: DYNAMIC/PLANNED/BOTH: AVAILABILITY (SERVER TIME & DAYS): NOTES (OPTIONAL): Simple right? Now have fun concluding your stories or adding more victims to your belts and above all, have some great Roleplay guys and gals! Remember to make sure you provide great and extended RP for your victims unless they want a quick on the spot death. Give your victim something to remember and talk about. It's all about the experience.
  3. The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    Was asked by members and even some others who met us before "Where can I post this?" Since we don't run an official group thread or anything since we're dynamic, I thought I'd make an official media thread. Cause why not? So if you wanna share anything, video or image, go right ahead. You're at the right place. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - GROUP STREAMERS - @Roach - https://www.twitch.tv/roach_tm @MrKindred - https://www.twitch.tv/mr_kindred @Loscham - https://www.twitch.tv/loscham @Madkilla67 - https://www.twitch.tv/madkilla67 @N-Tox - https://www.twitch.tv/thedonllama Welcome to the Famiglia!
  4. Wes Carter

    WES CARTER DIED ON DECEMBER 14th 2017 He was setup by Ian, Captured by The Moretti Famiglia and delivered to Ivan to which ended with him being killed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My name is Wes Carter. What is there to say about me? Quite a bit actually. But like any story, it has to start somewhere. I was adopted at the age of 5 years old. I would never come to know who my biological parents were. Only what I heard from other family members that I stayed in contact with. I was raised by my Grandfather, Robert Carter in a small Quebec town. Yep, I am a French Canadian mainly speaking English. Long story short, the Carters were pushed into living here way back due to the bad name they made for themselves and Quebec seemed to be a great option to be forgotten. Growing up, I was a lone child and from an early age, I had to learn how to fend for myself. My Grandfather was a strict man, but a good one. One of the only Carters that wasn't a junky or criminal. He was set on putting me on the right path in life. Making me the strong man that I am today. The survivor I have become. So I always had to think on my feet and be smart about any decision I take in life. Making sure I paint a path of success. My mother was a junky, messed up her life on heroin while my father prostituted her to keep paying for her habit and his little life luxuries. Since my real father's release from jail for robbery with a firearm, he realized a new way to make money using my mother which would be safer. Anything for more cash. He treated her like shit and so did she. I was the last of their problems. A nuisance, burden, something in the way of their lifestyle. It's still unclear why and what happened that night. I was 5 years old, but I don't have any memory of it, or at least nothing certain. I feel as if I can sometimes see it when I close my eyes, perhaps the young me found a way to push these thoughts away. But my parents were murdered and not just in any way. It was brutal and bloody, savage really. A bad client, drug dept... It's still unresolved to this day. Apparently, I was in the living room watching TV when it happened and was left to fend for myself. I should have been able to see it all as the living room and kitchen was open concept making me have that ability. But I can't seem to piece any of it together. Luckily I was found after several hours, but by then I was seen sleeping next to my mother, latching onto her and they could not separate me from her. Was tossed in the car and then proceeded with my life. It didn't matter. A new way of life opened up for me living with my grandfather. So I ended up having a pretty normal life from that point on. A pretty smart kid in school had about 2 real friends I could count on, graduated and became an Airline Ready Reserve Agent. Taking care of baggages, complaints and paperwork for the most part but it came with a flight privilege. I could fly for free almost anywhere in the world. Now let me explain why I went this direction. At about the age of 16, I was out and about with my 2 friends. Decided to go up a mountain in the back of the town and hike to find a great spot to "Chill" and we did. It was a splendid area too. A view on all of the town. One of my friends went to go piss and of course pee shy as most are, he had to go quite a few trees away. I was left alone with my other friend. We were standing at the edge of the rock formation looking at the town when out of nowhere, I envisioned myself pushing him off the edge. It felt exhilarating as the mear thought of me doing this felt more exciting than anything I've ever lived. I am not sure why, but I saw an opportunity to try it and I did. I pushed him, he fell screaming and my heart was pounding. We're talking about a 100 feet drop at the very least, rocks and trees on the way down, I saw him hit every one of them. As my other friend arrives after hearing the screams, he panicked and kept asking what happened. I told him I didn't know. I was standing about 10 feet away from him, turned around and heard him scream, so I went to the ledge to see. He believed me of course, how or why would I ever do this right? We rush down where we think he landed and see him there. Lots of blood and obviously broken bones and bruises. But he was still breathing. I told my other friend to run and call 911 or tell someone, anything really. I would stay with him to make sure he's okay. So he did and I stayed, watching over his limp body and I smiled. I loved it. I am not sure why, but I did. I felt power like none before. It was a rush inside, but the job was not done and I could not risk him getting up from that and telling on me. So I stood at his head, crouched down and looked at him as he slowly opened his eyes as much as he possibly could and said to him "I think it's going to happen again. But I can't have you telling on me or I won't be able to do this again." A clear look of fear is seen as he's unable to speak. I grab his head and motion to break his neck. His death was blamed on an accidental fall. Why didn't I feel any remorse? I still ask myself that today. That was the day that changed everything for me. I became distant from my other friend, people in general. My grandfather thought it was because of my past and this new death of my friend. Too much for my mind. Really, I was just trying to avoid killing again. I tried to seem normal and for the most part, I did. Smiled when I didn't want to, be polite to anyone and generally try to fit in and live. But the urges were strong. How could I kill again without getting caught? Being a teen and a killer was not a viable option. I had to hold it in. Watched a lot of crime movies and tv, documentaries and educated myself with books about crime. Trying to figure out the best way to commit murder and get away with it. I would be 23 years old when I killed again. When I started working as an Airline Ready Reserve Agent (ARRA). I specialized in killing tourists and not just any kind, well that's a lie, any kind, but especially irate customers. The ones that can't shut up and annoy most around them, The rich and snobby, The other killers and any and all straight up assholes I could find. Men or Women. No children, I think lives deserve to be lived until 20 at the very least. I have some morals and code of conduct. I have my own rules. Not only does being an ARRA allow me to pick victims that would barely be missed or cared about in my country but I would have the privilege of flying away to another country for free and quick if shit were to go south on me. Which it ultimately did 10 years later. At the age of 33, I've killed 33 people, including my own friend from childhood. 1 for each year of my life. I could not kill people left and right. It had to be right and at a slow pace, so I would not get caught. I was greedy and wanted to catch up to my age and killed one too many in 2017. They called me "The Twisted Tourist Killer". I would twist the necks of my victims to end them. The feeling of holding life between your hands and ending it was what gave me thrills. My hands, not a gun, not a knife, my hands. On some occasions, I had to use weapons on my victims, sometimes, I loved making this pleasure last longer. Torture would happen in these times. It would ultimately end with a broken neck either way. The law would eventually catch up as I made a slip up on the last victim. The broken neck didn't kill him. I could swear he was dead as I dumped him into the woods. I never feared DNA being found on the bodies as I was meticulous about it all. But when I heard on the news about the man being found on May 30th 2017 and that he was alive but in a coma, my heart was pumping fast but not in a good way. Stomach turning, my face turns pale as I sat there that night watching the news. It was time to plan my escape. I could attempt to kill him again but he's probably guarded and it would only attract some bad news for me. This was it, the moment I leave. The moment everything changes. The moment I failed at what I do best. I kept hoping he would not wake up. He saw me, he knows who I am, he was a client. It's a matter of time. I took my vacation time due to my birthday coming up, 2 weeks paid. Took very little with me but enough to survive a 2-week vacation, to not raise suspicion. Done everything I had to do home and since I kept to myself and didn't have more family since grandfather died of old age or lots of friends I "hung out" with, it was pretty easy to slip right out with the next flight to NOVIGRAD. Seemed bleak for a place but it was the only FREE flight I could get at the time so I took it. I was fearing the whole flight. The only time I felt true fear. The fear of being caged or held against my will. Unable to ever get my fix of killing every again. But I made it to Novigrad on my birthday, June 2nd 2017. I stayed low and tried to get news on the internet about back home. On June 25th 2017 they announced my name, the man talked. I was screwed. Where do I go from here? I had to leave Novigrad. Matter of time before they know I am here. So I left and went East on foot, could not rent a vehicle, could not let myself be seen by people in case they came to question. I stayed low and luckily found many places to stay. Old cabins and such out in the middle of forests. I managed for a little all while going East and away from Novigrad. I actually felt safe alone out here. I sometimes would make runs into some of the cities I would come about to get some supplies and return to the home I had that day. Eventually in July 2017 things were happening as the news was talking about it. Most in their language, I could not really understand but noticed some strange things. Kept moving East and learned that there was some sort of outbreak happening. A virus or something. I stayed hidden from then on, trying to avoid detection from whatever was out there coming and of course the law. It was clear things were off. August came and people were getting raided by these things. It eventually came to the cabin I was staying at. A hoard, just like the movies. Moving slowly together coming towards me. I could see it coming. I slowly grabbed my things, my gun, bag and leave the cabin through the back window. They spot me, I run and they chase. I was able to outrun them and hide for a bit and kept going east until I found Chernarus. Now I am here, still trying to survive and eager more than ever to kill. If there's no more law, or what it seems, surely it'll be easier this time. I can feel that power again. The power of taking life with my own hands. I love to kill those infected things, but I still prefer fresh meat, if you will. Just gotta be careful, this time I will not fuck up! A new life, a new chance, a new kill, every day if I want!
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  7. The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    Shut up and bring back Tate and this time let them be best friends lol I would love to see that lore happen Love ya Hollows
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    I always feel bad and like shit when I act like this IC. I am just not an asshole IRL lol but ah well :P RP is RP

    Also, EVENT cancel for this Thrusday as it makes no more sense to attack since we figured out The Black Fangs working with Commies 100% :( 


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  9. *Tony shuts off his frequency and radio*
  10. That all depends on YOU Thanks for the great RP man ! It was nice having you there Strike Thanks dude ! I really enjoyed our meeting. Glad you liked the speech Thank you for the roleplay and to your group as well ofc
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    Okay. Link to the event is fixed. Forgot it had to be approved before I share it xD derpy derp derp.
    This is not an invitation tho ;) It's just a heads up of something happening IC. All parties involved have already been warned about this event and only those who already established a connection to this IC can take part.


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      I know right? Fuckin insane :P but I am a don and meetings is what i do best. All my other men organise and do the rest ;) sent you a PM with deets

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  15. Since I don't have much time and cause there's simply too much to say and basically all my comments are on videos, I'll make it as quick as possible. Please forgive me if I missed someone. I RP so many characters and bump into so many people that it's hard to keep track of RIP Wes Carter & Johnny Robinson. Loved my RP with absolutely everyone I bumped into during my crazy killing spree. The RP from each and everyone I interacted with as Wes Carter has been superb and top notch. I wanna give special thanks to all the kind people who allowed Wes to permakill them. You were all amazing and offered such immersive and great hostage and death RP. Made my experience that much more real: @SoalXtractor (John Mason) @Bubblegum (Christopher Valenti) @Mischief (Evelyn Windsor) @Jack the Ripper (Jack Shaw) @N-Tox (Benjamin Besser) A big thanks to those who rolled with Wes as well and provided hours upon hours of RP: @SoalXtractor @MrKindred @Lyca @Jman14102 @Jarvis @Bubblegum @trent_rouls @TateRinefield And of course thank you to Ivan and his crew as well as The Moretti Famiglia lead by @Dank Mems (Jimmy) for providing amazing RP for Wes' last moments. It was 10/10 all around. PLAYLIST OF WES CARTER'S LIFE (Episode 16 is finale episode which happened last night)
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    Streaming WES CARTER right now! 

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  18. The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    Couple of short clips of last night lmao Subject: Cars in DayZ Clip 1: I'm a Preshfeshinal driver! https://clips.twitch.tv/GlamorousEntertainingHamsterDancingBaby Clip 2: Honey! I shrunk the car! https://clips.twitch.tv/PlayfulSparklyAsparagusBigBrother
  19. Roach

    Such a great night of RP, like seriously everyone involved. The Famiglia, Ivan and his people, Black Fangs and the townsfolk, Faith and her people. I mean non stop RP at every corner and it's all stellar. Great job everyone! Nothing but love :) 

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      I am a preshfeshinal driver!

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  20. Beni's Character Page Rating System

    The Stars are pointless as mentioned and I would not care to see them removed or maybe replaced by simple BeanZ. But if they must stay, it's really not a bad idea. This would also make it so we can see who rated it, this way it'll slow the OOC hate (not halting it, who the fuck thinks OOC hate will ever stop?) But yeah great Idea Beni +1
  21. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Forgot to do this after our last interaction. Just wanted to say to the Black Fangs that my RP with you guys was top notch. I really enjoyed our meeting and the town (even tho my end of the deal was IC shit lmao). If you guys keep it up, nothing will stop you. The potential in this group is great. Love doing IC business with you all. Thanks for the RP and the RP to come.
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    Just a regular day with Nipplehat @Romenthegreat 
    CONTEXT: In a TS meeting with the group IC'ly. Clip from about 2-3 months ago.


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  23. Had a great session of RP last night. Thanks to everyone in Tortuga (Stary). I enjoyed the tour and that Market. Really enjoyed our meeting with @Eagle, @Puncture and all the present Black Fangs. I found the RP to be top! Of course, thanks for the amazing roleplay and dedication from the present members of the Moretti Famiglia, we had some promotions last night too and I know you'll make Tony proud @Dank Mems & @SoalXtractor @Loscham @MrKindred @N-Tox @trent_rouls @Romenthegreat @logan_moyer @Madkilla67 @Anouk @TateRinefield @Jman14102 @jangoskull @SlimmDusty and anyone else I might have missed. Sorry, this is off the top of my head, but you all make my experience so real. Thank you for being awesome Also, that moment when you yell at one of your own thinking it's a creep spying on us lmao https://clips.twitch.tv/ElegantClearPangolinStinkyCheese
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