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  1. Roach

    Streamin' some RP stuff


  2. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    The game is simple. Would You:Kill, Bang or Marry the person above you? This can be directed towards the forum user or his/her character. Optional: You may present a small explanation with your answer if necessary. Try not to quote and please stay on topic of this game
  3. Roach

    Start Starts Now. DayZRP - Wes Carter


  4. A Killer's Call 3

    *Wes watches the people in Stary Sobor from a short distance as they seem to have noticed the body he's left behind the church. He picks up his radio and uses his voice changer to address the people* PLAIN TEXT *He shuts off his radio and stores it away and continues to watch the people accuse Hide of the murder*
  5. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *Wes was scanning frequencies when he stumbles upon Quinn's. He smiles as he listens and proceeds to reply after setting up his voice changer with his radio. He presses the PTT button* *Wes stores away his voice changer and immediately switches frequencies as he has no interest in her response or anyone else's*
  6. How do you eat your fries?

    Sometimes Mayo
  7. How do you eat your fries?

    Well, I take the fry with either my index and thumb or when I feel adventurous, I use my middle finger and thumb. I look at the fry and debate the amount of Ketchup I will need in its next dipping, usually, just about 10% of the fry gets dipped but when I really wanna treat myself, 15% fo the fry gets covered (naughty I know). I then follow that gesture with raising the hand that's holding the fry at a moderate pace and insert the fry into my mouth. I proceed to start a chewing motion with my mouth which usually consists of an up and down motion to allow my teeth to dissolve the fry before I continue to the next step which is swallowing. Now that's the tricky part. A lot of people may find this step confusing and scary but I just go for it. Once swallowed, I feel a tad bit of happiness as my stomach is thanking me for inserting said food into it. Once I am done repeating this motion until there are no more fries, I feel satisfied and simply wait for them to come out the other end. Usually within 24 hours. And that's how I eat my fries.
  8. Roach

    Wes and Co. are at it again ;)


    1. Brayces


      Ya bad boi, killin' people and boasting on the radio.

      *Sing song voice.*

      You're gonna get caaauughtt~

    2. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      Man, the mayor's gonna have a really tough time with this.. :D

    3. Anouk


      I look forward to these radio broadcasts so much, keep it up roach!

    4. TateRinefield


      Hide keeps getting blamed man, glad it was cleared up lmao

    5. Dvlinhb
  9. Be a Member Berry

    Become a mighty Member Berry by bringing up old memories about random stuff and things from the past. You know, for fun. I'll start: Member new kids on the block? Oh I member!
  10. Roach

    Thanks for the Selfie of Wes @MrKindred :) Added to his Character Page.



    1. MrKindred


      NP ma dood I saw an opportunity and had to take it  ^_^


  11. Roach

    Decided I'd stream some RP tonight :)

    1. Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      I'll come and check it out in an hour once I'm done studying. :D

    2. Jman14102



  12. Yes thank you @Jman14102 @MrKindred @Jarvis @Lyca @SoalXtractor & of course @Jack the Ripper It did take a long while before it happened but glad you gave us permarights on what I think was amazing RP with Jack Shaw. The buildup was just awesome. Meet ya on the Ship, get you to trust us and you do, just enough to follow us. The more it went, the more Jack trusted Wes and the others but also that's cause everywhere we went, someone was there not far watching us. It created that trust factor between us as it was US against THEM. Perfect timing. Just when you think we're free from the enemies out there stalking us, Wes turns on you. And the rest is history. What a great time I can describe everyone's amazing RP last night, but it's all here in this VOD https://www.twitch.tv/videos/200945694 I love our dysfunctional family of killers, sociopaths, skitzos and well all of you RIP Jack Shaw. Your body will found shortly in a populated area
  13. Roach

    Is Wes gonna kill again tonight? Come watch and find out!

  14. I really have to thank @MrKindred @Lyca @Jman14102 @Jarvis and especially @Mischief for tonights excellent hostile RP. It was intense as fuck and loved every minute of it. Everyone did so great on their parts. Your death was brutal Mischief and the aftermath was worse. But all will definitely not be forgotten, that's for sure Thank you for allowing the permadeath, you're a fuckin' champ and your character Evelyn has had some balls! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/200610901
  15. Roach

    Streaming Tonight! Time to start Killin'

  16. Operation "Gorka Gun Drop"


    I just suck at pvp OOC and can never do events like these cause I lose for sure. Also, the finale firefight in Sam Bauer was pretty much set up for the heroes to win (for the video series sake and to end series) cause if it was not I would've killed maybe 1 guy and would've died right after lmao
  17. Operation "Gorka Gun Drop"


    Thanks for reminding me to stay away from Gorka at that time cause I can't PVP for shit
  18. Roach

    Check out this pretty cool concept (He's done another one as well)


    1. Nathan Osbourne

      Nathan Osbourne

      I gotta tell ya, I'm really enjoying this whole actual, twisted "murderer-out-there" ordeal.

      This is really cool, props to you and him both!

    2. TateRinefield


      Just got my new pc and my account got hacked. I wish I could be apart of this shiiit

  19. The Twisted Tourist Killer

    You're welcome dude and thank you for choosing me for this interview. I really dig your concept and enjoyed the other one as well. Keep it up
  20. Roach

    "Another fuckin status update, Roach? Seriously? That's your 3rd one today."

    Sorry, last time I swear. I'm streaming on DayZRP tonight :)


    1. Alexis


      I didn't know people who take breaks from the forums continued to advertise their stream..

      Welcome back to the forums none the less!

    2. Nihoolious



    3. SomeWeirdAssGuy


      Another fuckin status update, Roach? Seriously? That's your 3rd one today.


    4. Roach


      I've been kinda back for a while @Alexis I just try to not get involved in any of the drama on the forums ;) not worth it. I've been advertising my stream continuously for the past 4 months too xD But thanks for the late Welcome back :D I still appreciate it 

  21. Roach

    My @Lad is streaming a classic.
    Tony Moretti orders you to go watch *raises fist and waves it*

  22. Roach

    So with BETA coming and IF we get modding sooner than later after that, I may just go make a new and 5th season of DayZRP Stories. But it would be on a private server ofc (full control) and played with whitelisted dayzrp members who will want in. Pretty fuckin excited at this idea. Only downside, I have to be Youtube friendly (no heavy swears) meh, we can do it, but only with Tools, server files and full control of a server to help film shit quick and effectively as well as tweak and mod shit for a better viewing experience :)

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    2. Western


      all I want for mods from mods is land rover defender, Be able to reinforce buildings. a mullet and nice beard. and motorcycles. 

    3. Roach


      Oh yeah Jarvis, that's the whole point. Imagine, a scene where you're not supposed to die, but shit happens and you do. All clothing ruined, scene is ruined :( Oh wait, admins tools, I teleport you right back and spawn all your clothing in and proceed the scene just minutes after you died :D Or spawn in cars and tents or make custom camps through map modding. Endless possibilities :D

    4. Brayces


      Right-o! I was thinking more visual mods, you know? Weapons, vehicles, clothing, weather, models, etc etc. :D But ye! Let's hope it doesn't take several years. That'd def put a damper on the whole idea! I didn't know you could script! :o I'm not much of a scripter, but I'd be interested in what you plan to know! I have a few scripter friends, but they work in C++ or JScript or Ruby or LSL not so much DayZ oriented but you never know what insight they may have! :D

    5. Western


      all we need is a trench coat, and gun holsters on our legs, a defender, we have add shit to cars, and houses, and grow hair and beard

    6. BunDem

      if you ever need actors, count me in

    7. tyblackwa

      Any idea on what type of story you would go with? Would you just make a Wes Carter story? Or just a new person as a whole?

    8. Roach


      No idea yet on anything official yet. Prob not Wes tho but a straight-up bad guy yes.

    9. tyblackwa

      Sweet can't wait 

    10. Rolle


      Why on separate server? Then it's not DayZRP anymore, just a scripted RP that has nothing to do normal gameplay on DayZRP? :| 

    11. Roach


      Yep @Rolle you're right it's gonna be slightly scripted. But no lines, a scene is given with its goals in mind (things that have to happen in the scene). People have to roleplay the scene that's given to them, like improv. Same thing pretty much. But it's a new approach I am taking into this. Also, need that full control and no problems like final scene needs to be filmed to end a season and a main character gets banned (good if he broke the rules here) bad for filming and deadlines. Also, need full modding control cause you know why (control). BUT played with DayZRP.com members. So I still credit DayZRP.com cause I only play with whitlisted members. But sure, it'll be as scripted as all my seasons have been which is not really, we just setup dates, place, and what needs to happen (like a we know a guy has to die and it' sup to the RPer to come up with it). Pretty much like my last 2 seasons. Sorry dude, but I cannot film with restrictive rules at this stage of the series. People expect a high standard and I wanna actually direct a season and make a show feel like an actual show even more. 

      Example of Credit (just like the last 3 episodes of season 4)


    12. Reaper


      can not wait, dude, I'm hyped up already wes carter would be a good one to do 

    13. Anouk


      This just made my day, can .63 come any sooner? ;) 

    14. Reaper


      i wish it would


    15. Anouk


      Can agree. 

    16. Rolle


      I thought all your videos were recorded on our server. I feel scammed. 

    17. Roach


      @Rolle Every video was recorded on the server except for the last 3 episodes of my last season dude xD Because people were getting banned left and right :P had no choice. 3 out of 42 episode is not really a big deal tbh. You would know this if you watched the show ever heh When I started all this, all I hoped for was that I would get you to watch em... I feel sad you never really did too :( 

      Also, I ain't getting paid for this shit either like Moon or Psy ;) keep that in mind my dude. I still love you dude!

    18. TateRinefield


      This would be awesome, Mods are going to be amazing for DayZRP and DayZ in general

    19. tyblackwa

      They can make or break the game @TateRinefield

    20. Reaper


      if the mods are done right and not OP like OP weapons and vehicles then yeah it will work

    21. TateRinefield


      Mods I'm referring to are mostly aesthetic mods, clothing or vehicles.

  23. CLICK HERE TO DISCUSS THIS TOPIC (Only Apps should be in this thread) _________________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT IS THIS? Looking to end it all but you don't just wanna typically suicide or take the next bullet from a robbery gone bad? Do you want something original or more appealing for your character's farewell? This is the place for you. In this thread, you can select your Killer (it will determine how you die most likely) and either set up or wait to be surprised and killed (Planned or Dynamic). However, the victim MUST permadeath which also grants the Killer to do anything else to you before death (scaring, torture, dismemberment etc). Of course, this is to create great Hostile RP for everyone involved but also allow killers to get kills without having to justify it with rules. Many people play killers or are capable of providing that perfect ending to your character's life. Could be Serial Killers, Cannibals, Hitmen, Cops and so on. But rules put a bar in this RP since they cannot just kill you and most don't wanna let their victims go free due to being found out. The only way for a killer to get his/her proper killer RP is to perma a character. Some victims are looking for a way out and end it quickly or slowly. If it's quick, setup a date with your killer. If there's no rush, have it happen dynamically (at random) with proper initiation and RP of course, always. _________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW DOES THIS WORK? VICTIMS (Can be Killers looking to be killed too, not just civs looking to die): Browse the Killers and select one or more. PM the one or many killers you've selected with your details and how you wanna go about doing this. IMPORTANT - You must at least give the Killer your full Character Name + Permission to Permakill you. KILLERS (Can be Lawmen wanting to kill Killers too, not just killers killing civs): To be a Killer, simply copy the form below, fill it out and reply it to this thread (do NOT PM me). You owe your victims extended RP (unless they say otherwise). IMPORTANT - If you are done playing a killer, simply edit your post and change the status to INACTIVE or simply remove all info and write -snip-. STATUS: ACTIVE or INACTIVE KILLER'S NAME: CHARACTER PAGE: TYPE OF KILLER: DYNAMIC/PLANNED/BOTH: AVAILABILITY (SERVER TIME & DAYS): NOTES (OPTIONAL): Simple right? Now have fun concluding your stories or adding more victims to your belts and above all, have some great Roleplay guys and gals! Remember to make sure you provide great and extended RP for your victims unless they want a quick on the spot death. Give your victim something to remember and talk about. It's all about the experience.
  24. Let's switch to Discord

    God! Do you think that the mere fact that I thought about this (making everyone happy), that it may have corrupted something in the universe already? I am truly afraid for us and ask for forgiveness. I didn't mean it at all. I just want things to go back to how things were. Heh jokes aside, I seriously don't care at this point what you choose cause I'll use it either way send me a dank invite link to dayzrp's discord
  25. I agree with your friend This is why once a victim PMs the Killer, they must come to an agreement and ofc I expect everyone to pulse check to make 100% sure. I know I would