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    It sucks to see something I've enjoyed so much, heck, that I love, just dying in front of me. Some things in life change, for better or for worse. It cannot always be sweet and most times it IS bitter, but it's the world we live in. All good things come to an end eventually and unfortunately, I can see DayZRP slowly ending right in front of me.

    So many factors are making this happen, not only staff but community members as well that are killing it. And there's literally nothing I can do about it. It's like when you're watching a loved one die and nothing you can do. It hurts and it's the worse thing in the world and all you can do is watch as it fades away.

    So I will stand tall here and just watch as I look at what I devoted the past 3 years of my life, just slip away because of drama, bad "cancer" and lack of understanding on all sides. It's clear that it's over soon.

    I am sorry to see it go down this way. What once was a place to get excellent roleplay and make great friends, has now become a place of anger, sadness, salt, drama, finger pointing and so much more negativity. 

    I am sorry to see it go down this way :(

    It was nice while it lasted...

    Love you DayZRP for all that you were, not for what you have become... Rest in piece!


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    2. Vandal


      Reading this status update made think of this scene...

      However I don't believe it's going to sink..

      I believe this community has a strong foundation and will withstand the storms that past through from time to time.  With the dedication of the staff who spend hours and hours of time trying to make things run smoothly and  the veteran members who see the bigger picture and attempt to set a higher standard for everyone by providing a top notch role play experience. 

      To all the bad experiences out there...

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      @RoachKeep up the fantastic work you are producing because you do impact others in this community.  I know plenty of people who are attempting to enhance their experience because of you.


      I hope everyone has a fantastic day!