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  1. Roach


    It sucks to see something I've enjoyed so much, heck, that I love, just dying in front of me. Some things in life change, for better or for worse. It cannot always be sweet and most times it IS bitter, but it's the world we live in. All good things come to an end eventually and unfortunately, I can see DayZRP slowly ending right in front of me.

    So many factors are making this happen, not only staff but community members as well that are killing it. And there's literally nothing I can do about it. It's like when you're watching a loved one die and nothing you can do. It hurts and it's the worse thing in the world and all you can do is watch as it fades away.

    So I will stand tall here and just watch as I look at what I devoted the past 3 years of my life, just slip away because of drama, bad "cancer" and lack of understanding on all sides. It's clear that it's over soon.

    I am sorry to see it go down this way. What once was a place to get excellent roleplay and make great friends, has now become a place of anger, sadness, salt, drama, finger pointing and so much more negativity. 

    I am sorry to see it go down this way :(

    It was nice while it lasted...

    Love you DayZRP for all that you were, not for what you have become... Rest in piece!


    1. Grimnir


      Or we all just go ig and not devote our time lowkey flaming eachother. Rolle is right there is alot of memeing and toxic behaviour. His adverseries are right there are issues with staff. So how about we deal with it like the grown ups we SHOULD be and rather play the damn game than bitching about JimRP's bank account.

    2. Roach


      It's over Grim :( I have the same mentality as you. I just wanna go in and play. But we cannot do that peacefully anymore. Alas, I truly believe after 3 years and seeing it all, that it's over and damn close... It's all I have to say about it as everyone can clearly see what is going on.

    3. Grimnir


      Well... you kinda can tbh. I don't see how forum drama is involved in the quality of rp you can have. If I am rping idgaf about the fact that JimRP might have bought his way in here. Poke me in ts if you want me to show you how to rp without being bothered by the forum drama. ;)

    4. Oliv


      It ain't dead yet.

    5. Jim Lahey

      Jim Lahey

      It might be in a coma, sure. But it still has the potential to live!

    6. Roach


      @Oliv Indeed but in the state that the community is currently in, it might as well because it's pretty much the same. It's unfortunate. 

      @Oyface nah man, it's dying. It's one of those comas that we will have to pull the plug on at some point or another.

      @Grimnir nah man, you're talking to ME, Roach, I can RP just fine. And not to blow my ego but I am sure I could teach You a thing or two hehe. The problem are the others bringing forums shit into RP. You can roleplay as good as you want, but you cannot always avoid the crap we're getting in game and out of game. 

      This is it boys and gals, you can deny it all you want, it's a natural thing when it comes to death. Denial always plays a part. But I strongly believe (and hope I am wrong but doubt it) that we're at a point of no return. The cancer in here has grown too big and spread and now there's no turning back. 

      Enjoy it while you still can.

    7. Oliv


      I'll put my faith in chemo and the abilities of staff and community members alike that want this place to continue.

    8. Grimnir


      @Roach I know you could teach me a thing or two about RP and I wouldn't have a problem with that. I am not at all doubting the quality of YOUR RP because I've witnessed it and I've very much enjoyed it. I am doubting your ability to find people who don't bring forum shit into RP.

      But as always no one can tell you what to do, so do as you see fit.

    9. Roach


      @Oliv I hope my good Canadian friend, I truly hope. But that's a big word now. I believe in many of the staff and community members, there's always that 1% chance it turns around, but like I said, this will be a hard one to recover from. Near impossible, you know what I think and what needs to be done on both Staff and Community members for this to go better and until the Cancer isn't dealt with, I am afraid that we will lose this battle.

      @Grimnir ah I must've read you wrong. Yeah I know dude, but if you'Re not "setting up" RP it's really hard and rare to get any that is good now. It's like fuckin' Mountain Dew rare (mod reference) heh. Love ya dude

    10. Jim Lahey

      Jim Lahey

      The overall quality has gone down, no doubt, but there is still good RP to be had. This just means you can't rely on finding it by chance, we have to set it up OOC. I rarely get in game without making a "date" with someone who I know will provide good RP. If you're still relying on random encounters, then I can see why you're having these problems.

      That being said, I will love you long time regardless of what you choose to do! And if you find a new source of great RP, let me know!


    11. Roach


      @Oyface yeah I know man, that's why I setup RP now, I cannot deal with what we're getting recently. And I get AMAZING rp when I setup dates. 


      I love DayzRP and wanna see it survive I am just losing hope at this thought because I've seen a lot of shit happen in the past 3 years, but now it seems worse than it ever was and feels like there's no coming back at this point and will only get worse and worse. 

    12. Roland


      Cmon Roach, don't be a drama queen. DayZRP survived 2 months of constant DDoS attacks where the servers were completely unplayable, DayZRP survived multiple Psi waves of 12 year old "role players", DayZRP survived servers that couldn't be whitelisted and were filled with hackers. Surely we will survive a wave of salty community members who like to create drama.

    13. Roach


      Hope you're right @Rolle I truly hope. Make it happen dude!

    14. Ezio012103


      DayZRP is dying. Look at the server population during the day. 


    15. Jim Lahey

      Jim Lahey

      What do you expect, both servers at 60/60 on a Monday afternoon? By all means, I agree that it is going down, but jesus christ that was a bad point to make ..

    16. Ezio012103


      What? The server population is low even on weekends.

    17. RedSky


      Honestly, @Roach I feel you. I slowly start questioning why I even get in-game anymore. I hope it turns around as well for the love of god. But I don't know anymore. For now it's just watch and see where everything will end.

    18. Hardwired


      I don't know what to say here so I am just going to type, "Ponies and rainbows" And hopefully cheer someone up.

    19. Descendants


      What did I miss? I don't really pay attention to forums that much unless I am bored. Why are people upset/why is there drama?

    20. Vandal


      Reading this status update made think of this scene...

      However I don't believe it's going to sink..

      I believe this community has a strong foundation and will withstand the storms that past through from time to time.  With the dedication of the staff who spend hours and hours of time trying to make things run smoothly and  the veteran members who see the bigger picture and attempt to set a higher standard for everyone by providing a top notch role play experience. 

      To all the bad experiences out there...

      C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_images(4).jpg

      @RoachKeep up the fantastic work you are producing because you do impact others in this community.  I know plenty of people who are attempting to enhance their experience because of you.


      I hope everyone has a fantastic day!