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  1. Roach


    Looks like voting is open for the 2016 DayZRP Awards and I am one of the nominees. I just want to wish my competitors the best of luck as they both deserve this so much as well. @Riggsee & @Cleric Underwood you both are amazing at what you do and I truly believe that no matter who wins this, is more than deserving of the award. I am proud to sit next to both of you. No matter the results, we are all pillars as we all have the same intentions, to promote the best of DayZRP in media form and to have fun :) 

    1. Roach


      Thanks Riggs! I know you've been watching for quite some time. I am proud of your accomplishments with Streaming friend. No matter what, don't stop cause for the times I've been able to watch your streams, they were entertaining as hell dude :D It's in your blood!

    2. Levent


      Vote goes to you Roach, But good luck to all other nominees, I am sure you all deserve a reward!