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  1. Roach


    Looks like I'll have to make a group just so I can appropriately protect my brother without the (dynamic rule) shit getting in the way. Stupid if you ask me.

    1. Hellspawn

      Yeah I'm not too found of that rule change either.

    2. Tony

      No one with any roleplay credibility period should be happy with this rule. And it's all due to the same shit. Controlling the bads.


      "Uh oh class, Billy's jerking off with the Elmer's glue again so you've all lost your glue privileges for this week."

      And that is essentially what this is.

    3. Roach


      Agreed @Tony it's really is bitter I'll say :( 

    4. trent_rouls


      Well, it could be worse, at least your not forced to join a group from the sta-- oh wait

      all rather poor jokes aside, the few bad eggs spoil the bunch, maybe a post could be made changing it from just groups to people that you character actually knows well, perhaps written down somewhere on the character page or something

    5. Buddy



    6. LightGhillie


      Soo whats going on? Havent been able to properly browse the forums yet.

    7. Roach


      Well Ghillie, if we meet in game and we become IC friends, or if you were to play my brother, for example, you don't get kill rights unless WE are part of an actual group (same group obviously). Just being a dynamic group of casual roleplayers will get you fucked up the ass and you won't be able to kill the dude that could be holding me up (In the event that the dude is clearly not gonna role play) so instead, you'll have to initiate on that guy that's holding me up, which in turn will get me killed and your position is given away. I am all for RP first, but sometimes, you just know you wont get any RP from some hostile RPers and shooting in some situations may be the only way to deal with it. Now we cannot do that unless you initiate again. Now take that and imagine having 5+ friends with you. Each and every one of them have to initiate lmao how dumb is that right? So we gotta make a group now in order to have proper hostile roleplay or a firefight if that is the case. Rolle still wins in (forcing) us into groups in a way.

    8. LightGhillie


      Ugh thats kinda dumb. Especially for me since Michael travels with one set friend..

      And you need 5+ people for a group page as well I thought..?

    9. Roach


      So you see the dilemma now do you Ghillie ;) 

    10. LightGhillie


      Yes, Indeed I do.