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  1. Roach


    I got this question a lot "Will there be a Q&A after the season?
    Yes, there will be a live Q&A twitch stream with the roleplaying cast of Sam Bauer's Story roughly about 1 week after the season finale. Date still to be confirmed. 

    Follow me on Twitch to NOT miss out: https://www.twitch.tv/roach_tm

    1. Joshie


      When was the finale again?

    2. Roach


      No ETA for the season finale episode yet but I would guess no later than this coming Sat or Sun.

    3. Aeryes


      Looking forward to it. Your videos are really good quality !!

    4. BunDem

      Im unsure about this, but will I take part in the Q&A too or not?

      Ya know for planning reasons my guy.

    5. Roach


      Everyone involved in the series is invited and will all get a PM with info beforehand :) Once I am sure of the date and time. Even those that didn't say much or anything on screen still know how things work and all have a perspective on the making of this series :)

    6. BunDem

      Alright thanks Roach!