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  1. Roach


    The Floods are still persistent in my town and many cities around. The Army is now deployed to help. We've never seen anything like this flood around these parts. Many homes lost and families to start a new :( It's pretty bad, a disaster to be honest. Courage to any Canadian currently going through this right now. I am not yet touched, but the water is basically just outside my yard right now.

    1. RedSky


      Hope the stuff spares ya

    2. Roach


      Me too man, me too :(

    3. Oliv


      Yeah, it's not too bad where I am, but I know surrounding areas are getting pounded by rain and flooding. Keep dry buddy

    4. Skinner


      A couple years ago around this time it started raining and it just... didn't stop. For a week and a half it just poured and poured. I live two houses down from a little bridge over a lazy stream, it swelled 14 feet higher than usual and destroyed the bridge, we were all stranded in our homes, cut off from the rest of the city (we were stuck between flood water and the ocean, all roads were flooded) and we just had to wait. It was a horrible feeling, some people tried to flee and they were swept off the roads in their vehicles, some people stayed in their homes and fled up to their upstairs while their basements flooded. I just sat here waiting and nothing happened, I could see the water a few houses over but I guess I just lucked out. 

      Good luck Roach, I know it sucks but ya just gotta ride it out. I hope the forecast improves and the water recedes soon. Until then it's just folks trying to make it and helping each other. Not a whole hell of a lot you can really do about it.

    5. RogueSolace



    6. Hardwired


      Roach I know you may have tried already, but keep trying to push the water back each day, use a broom or something just to lay it away, wack some sandbags out, put your cat outside to drink some, fill your car's windscreen water with it, make some coffee.

      No but on a serious note, hope your okay man and prayers going out to those unfortunate