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  1. Roach


    Someone commented on this old video of stream I did, making curious to watch again... Daaamn this has the most INTENSE hostile and crazy RP i've ever done xD if you're bored and want something to watch, check out this RAW stream footage of Eddy Beck's END.

    ACTION starts at 19:16


    1. GhillieStorm


      Been watching your Tony Moretti series, it's absolutely fantastic! You have some awesome acting/rp skills, and a knack for making interesting characters, that's for sure. I'm definitely going to continue watching

    2. Roach


      Hey thanks @GhillieStorm:) I do enjoy it that's for sure. I am mainly motivated and inspired by everyone I roleplay with :D

    3. GhillieStorm


      I'm new to the community, but I'm excited to contribute and do my best at making interesting roles to play. Maybe I'll meet you out there sometime. :D

    4. H1ber


      I had never actually seen this one, even though I have watched the whole series. That was some great hostile RP! 

    5. Roach


      @H1ber Yeah it's not really listed on my channel and more of a low profile kinda thing since I do not usually feature raw material on that channel. The streamasodes were a set of extra episodes that allowed me to bring back Eddy Beck and play an extended story live :D Glad you liked it.

      Thank you so kindly