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  1. Saunders

    • Saunders
    • Roach

    Only 1 more season to watch which is s3. I've binged way too much over the last 3 times. you are an outstanding rper i hope to meet any of your characters one day and cannot wait for more s4 episodes. Keep up the good work my man :)

    1. Saunders


      last 3 days*

    2. Roach


      Thanks Saunders :) Season 3 is a real treat as many would tell you. A different story not tied to Quinn or Eddy and very different so enjoy season 3 (Tony Moretti). And I will keep doing this :D Hope to find you out there too. I am currently still playing Sam Bauer so keep an eye out ;) 

    3. Saunders


      Will keep my eyes and ears both out :P Just got some food to pig out on now im ready for the s3 to begin! ;)