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  1. Roach


    o7 Moretti Famiglia!

    Was a damn good run but this group was not heading in the direction it was supposed to and all goals and ambitions were in the wrong places. We had become The Anarchy Famiglia hahah loved the RP with Anarchy but since there was no real way to proceed to have a true mafia with our own business, there was no point in continuing on. 

    That being said, it is NOT because of Kam and Anarchy at all but the general direction RP is being lead to nowadays and how stale and boring it got for most of the people in this group. It was not for us and thus the group will archive until further notice. Cannot run a business in this world and its current state (lack of players, groups, diversity etc.)  

    It was fun, our interactions with all other groups and people were fun but it's time we step down and look forward to 63 coming. Maybe we'll be back, maybe we will never. But as long as we got people connected together in RP, we did our job. Create RP for all those around us and create new connections between players and groups. We are not closing merely because of this big move Anarchy was doing lmao. YES, it made no sense for us to go to a small ass compound like green mountain and not even have our events and business anymore. Stuck in a small place 50+ people with no chance of ever really getting a nice city going cause YES we will get attacked over and over and shit, we are not about PVP every day and I think that is clear, nothing is gonna change no matter what city we go to either way. 

    That being said, as much as we disapproved of this move, we simply used it as an opportunity to see a clear truth that we were not a Mafia doing Mafia things. We were Mafia bending over to any hostile actions or threats towards us and thus, no point in having a business like this if we have to answer to others and cannot find the courage to stand up for ourselves. We are not good at PVP, we strive in RP, we can fight but not every day. We will not fight every day, spawn in rinse and repeat. If permadeath was a thing here, we would have taken a chance to kill big bad wolf groups, but since people can spawn back in and attack every day just cause of this, no point in this kind of story arc. There will be no end to the senseless PVP. Again not the only reason, but a big reason and I ain't fuckin hiding it. 

    People need to remember that there is much more to RP than being hostile all the time. But shit on me all you want if you don't agree, it's just pixels and I do NOT give a sweet sorry fuck about pixels. So let's move on, be yourself, do what you want out there and most important have fun and don't let salt control your pixel lives 😉  it's just a game folks. Who cares, we failed, bigger wolves won, bla bla bla life goes on. 

    Love you all and loved my RP with EVERYONE and EVERY GROUP since we came back for this third and perhaps final time... we'll see ❤️ 

    See you out there from time to time with my other characters. Let's hope 63 (beta) comes out soon eh? 

    1. Hardwired


      Have a good summer bro! 

    2. Roach


      I will my good dude. Life beyond pixels and my fuckin PC screen is great 🙂 

    3. Hardwired


      I know right 😮 

    4. Roach


      Graphics are amazing out here too, you should see. Damn life-like if I do say so myself 

    5. Jman14102


      Can't give any more beans today, but YES to everything you just said.

      Hopefully things will get smoothed out soon.

    6. Anouk


      Cannot wait to get the family going again! Was a blast while it lasted. 

    7. bloodcrusader


      Always a pleasure and im so damn happy that i got a chance to actually RP with everyone from the famiglia this time around, thank you for a great group Roach and  hope to come back to it soon my man

      much ❤️ to everyone that we RP'd with in the group and out of it, you all did  a steller job o7

    8. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Great while it lasted, I agree with most of what you said.

    9. Dvlinhb
    10. Dank Mems
    11. barto300


      You just had to archive on my birthday, didn't you 😛

      But was a great time, Roach. Loved it all and hope to see you soon.

  2. Roach


    Dear friends and those who care (not gonna tag 100 people),

    I will be taking a break from gaming for a little while but the Moretti Famiglia will continue its operations as a group under a new Don, Jimmy. Just have a lot of IRL stuff to handle like family and work and well, it's fuckin summer and I sure as hell will enjoy it with my family and not stay cooped up in my home office playing pixels when my hot dad bod could be on a beach. That being said, you can expect me to get on the server once and a while with random characters other than Tony Moretti (He's presumed DEAD anyways for now). 

    I simply don't have time to lead anything right now and it's quite frankly become overwhelming in some way (Leader+Work+Fam+Friends+Life). I will lurk on DayZRP and TS from time to time as well. Hope to see you out there when I do get on. Who knows... maybe Tony will return one day... maybe not. Anarchy boys, you have more than proven to me your capabilities in both RP and hostile RP. I had a blast with you guys so thank you for the endless fun. 

    Finally, thank you to ALL of the Moretti Famiglia (Dead, Left, Missing, Removed and Alive) Over 65 people have been part of an amazing adventure in the last year. You made my experience so much more real than I could ever expect, you guys know how to make a Don feel like a Don and I hope it continues for generations of Dons to come in The Moretti Famiglia. 

    I love you all and remember, don't be a fuckin' chooch! 

    1. DrMax


      Don't be gone for to long 😉 

    2. Dakotaen


      You will be missed, Roach, have no doubt about that.

      The Famiglia returned at a time where I was feeling a dip in my experience here on the server, and I as I've said on Discord a few times by now, this family helped change all that, so thank you for having excellent timing and for all the work you've done.

    3. Para


      We will miss you roach ❤️

    4. LouieRP


      Enjoy your break dude. 

    5. Anouk


      Enjoy it roach, you deserve it.

    6. Samaritan


      RL always should come first especially when it's family. You're a goodun Roach, go enjoy the Summer.

    7. Jman14102


      Dude, mere words cannot describe how much I and everyone else appreciates your dedication and work with this server. You've given so much to everyone here, and everytime I've played with you has been an absolute blast. It was an honor to help you with your short films.

      My travels with Wes Carter as Ian to this day remain one of the funnest things I've ever done. And rolling with Tony led to me making friends IRL, and setting up a storyline and plan that never would have been possible without the Famiglia.

      You deserve a break, man. Be a dad, be a husband, be a goofball. We'll still be around if/when you come back.

      Be safe, be cool, smoke a fat one, and, right back at you, don't be a chooch!

    8. TheLegend

      Have a good time bud you deserve it 

    9. Hardwired


      LOVE YOU LONG TIME ROACHY! Oh no you used that song you showed me for your profile xD 

    10. bloodcrusader


      You go take care of yourself and your family,have a great time this summer away from dang games and have an enjoyable time,we will continue to be where when you get back. much ❤️ to you roach, you became a good friend of mine and i'll cherish it always

    11. SlimmDusty


      Always a pleasure Roleplaying with you man, its been hella fun look forward to when you get back.

    12. Dvlinhb


      Take a break, you deserve it my dude. We'll try not to burn the country down while you're gone.

      Please note I said try. No promises. Especially not from Ian/Everest... kek

      In all seriousness, take care and have a good summer! We will await your return!


      m e m e



  3. Roach


    Stream Season 3 Finale - Tony Moretti


  4. Roach


    New lit profile song. Dank af

  5. Roach


    Live now - The Moretti Famiglia (Summit and Fight Night)


  6. Roach


    Live now - The Moretti Famiglia


  7. Roach


    Live now - The Moretti Famiglia


  8. Roach


    Saved the VOD of my stream from last night - SUPERB RP everyone!
    One of the best sessions I had in a while hands down.
    Too many names to tag but much ❤️ to everyone who was there.


    TITLE: 2 Deaths and a Wedding 


    1. Tony

      Absolutely top class performance. 

    2. barto300


      Shame I couldn't be there. Great RP!

  9. Roach

    • Roach
    • Lady In Blue

    Here's a French song with your name. A very famous oldies singer from Quebec Canada. 
    La Dame en Bleu = The Lady in Blue 🙂 



    1. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


      Thank you Roach 😛

      Also @Roach, typed lady in blue lyrics in YouTube search bar and found this. Sounds good!


    2. Roach


      haha yeah that's the same song but an English version 🙂 awesome

    3. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue


      Nice! I had a feeling it was the same. 😛

  10. Roach


    Streaming The Moretti Famiglia (Starts in 10 minutes from now)


  11. Roach


    Welp, we moved town 🙂 Great job Moretti Famiglia



  12. Roach


    Birthday Stream!
    Mine and Tony Moretti's Birthday that is 🙂 🍰🎂🎉


    1. Hardwired



    2. lukaszxe


      Happy birthday!

    3. Aiko


      Happy Birthday Roachy

    4. stargirl



  13. Roach


    Streaming Friday Fight Night in Sin City on DayZRP (Starts at 00:00 server time)
    Playing as Gus Miller The Friendly Canadian Cannibal


  14. Roach


    Bring your Pistol Ammo (Sin City's Currency) and place your bets tonight on fighters.

    Show up to participate or watch or gamble. FIGHT NIGHT TONIGHT!


    1. Wulf_jon


      Looking good!

    2. DrMax


      Still waiting to able to pay for women 😉 

    3. Roach


      We have been wanting to get a proper (lady business) either burlesque or exotic dancers. It is in the works but we have to do it right and we cannot and will not, at least not the Moretti Famiglia, force women to do anything like this. We need willing ladies. 

    4. DrMax


      FINE! I'll do textRP 😉 I'll be the Biggest slu… I mean business lady ever!

    5. Clumsy


      @DrMax aren’t you married >> I’m telling on yoooou

    6. DrMax


      @Clumsy not just yet! I'm still a free man...for now. But if she reads this I may be a "free man" forever 😨

    7. Clumsy


      *coughs* I mean...could always have a nice little date with Caterina 😉 

    8. DrMax


      Liam would never cheat! But I mean...if he was...lets say under the control of alcohol.. Who knows what could happen 😉 

    9. LouieRP


      @G19RP is the best exotic dancer I have ever seen. 

    10. Jman14102


      Might stop by on my new character.

    11. CaliforniaRP


      " will not, at least not the Moretti Famiglia, force women to do anything like this "


    12. LouieRP


      Lemon go get dem w0mans 

    13. CaliforniaRP




      2 steps ahead

    14. Strawberry


      props to you for keeping these events rolling.

  15. Roach


    Gus Miller - The Friendly Canadian Cannibal



    1. Roach


      shit sorry for the double post of my stream window. I tried to post a direct link above the embedded version and I got owned.

  16. Roach


    Gus Miller, the Friendly Canadian Cannibal visits The Moretti Famiglia


  17. Roach


    Streaming the Event at 00:00 server time - Come perform your talents at the show! IC Reason to come: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/90262-new-sin-city-looping-transmission/



  18. Roach


    Streaming Friday Fight Nights in Sin City
    (Starts at 8PM EST - 00:00 Server Time)


    1. Hardwired


      Would love to fight!

  19. Roach


    New Profile Song
    Only the best fuckin song on this lonely fuckin planet we call earth! 

    1. Buddy


      One simply does not listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and not sing along 

    2. Hardwired


      It's a good song, little overplayed, but I think my version of bohemian rhapsody is this 


  20. Roach


    Just another stream


  21. Roach


    I am so proud to see @Roland in game. I had to frame it 😮


    1. Lyca


      You should make another one with him joining a group :D 

    2. KSGamingTTM


      The man, the myth, the legend, the owner that never plays @Roland

    3. PCJames


      Damn, I had wanted to remove him from his group due to inactivity. 

    4. Elk



    5. Kitsunicans
    6. Mexi


      Gotta get that 'peaceful' RP in at some point lmao.

    7. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I wanna watch him play.

  22. Roach


    Quick Stream 


    1. Genji


      Thank you, Roach, I don't think I've ever RPed with you before, but my god.

      Image result for clap gif

      Worth the wait!
      Lowkey got a bit scared 😂 You werent even yelling at me lmao.

    2. Roach


      Thanks so much 🙂 sorry for the scares 😅

  23. Roach



  24. Roach


    Streaming Now


  25. Roach


    In case you missed this IC thang. Re-sharing for timezone sake