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  1. Roach


    You know what?

    Fuck that! I am out. See you in 0.63 everyone 🙂 I think a long break is needed anyways. 

    Hope shit gets resolved here by then. o/

    1. UndeadRP



      catch ya in beta brudda

    2. Roach


      See you in beta Undead 🙂 

    3. Liberty Berntson

      Liberty Berntson

      I'll miss the Bauer Storyline, and interacting with you as Nolan. I understand why you have to take a break, and I think it's for the best. You said to me, "Never even look at the forums if you don't NEED to." So I completely get you taking a break.



      I love you Roach!!!! Take care bud.

    4. Reaper


      see you around dude 


    5. Dakotaen


      Hope to hear that sweet voice on TS sometime, Papa.

    6. barto300


      Enjoy the break, Roach. See you in 0.63

    7. Stradic


      Enjoy your break Roach. Here's hoping 0.63 comes out sooner rather than later. 

    8. Eagle


      3'ed times the charm ey?

    9. bloodcrusader


      i'll miss you man, you take a break and can't wait to see you on .63

    10. Pussy


      I think it's been more than three times.

      Heheh you know I'm teasing ya, Roach. I'll be seeing you around real soon in greener pastures!

  2. Roach


    It's a game, just pixels. Why everyone so upset? Just click the little X button on this browser if you get upset. And I stand firm on believing RP for your personal characters can happen anywhere and carried over to here. Whether that be on discord private text rp, ts, steam or a private not known to anyone event on a different server cause we just want a wedding that won't get matagamed cause I stream ect.

    We could have done our event in private on discord text and nobody would have known or be able to prove anything anyways lol what's the big deal? It appears to some it's a HUGE deal cause pixels run our lives. This is so petty, it's unbelievable. Jealousy maybe, upset they could not barge in a private event they would not even know of OOC or IC anyways? 

    If it becomes an official rule, fine, I will have my lawyers looks over the new set of massive rules we have and keep playing lmao. Some days I swear I am 2 hairs away from pressing that X and never coming back. I have my limits too for a damn game. 

    Not everything revolves around fuckin hostilities for fuck sakes.

    1. GenjiRP


      I agree, Roach, it is just a game. I don't know why everyone is so upset. 

    2. Roach


      Yeah, if it's a rule, fine, accepted. If not why so mad? 

    3. SlimmDusty


      we are just so populer and the RP revolves around us it seems for everyone else and it makes no sense, like why all this over a wedding.. that we wanted private to progress our characters simple as that and we come back to the server after we are done.

    4. Roach


      Sure Boris 🙂 whatever makes you sleep well at night friendo 🙂 Was not my server btw but hey, people feed off bullshit anyways so what's different


    5. Para



      you obviously cared about it enough to have 6 people come on with the intent to ruin it, and to have one of you stream snipe us, find the server we're on and kill Roach.

      Nobody cares? Right....

    6. SlimmDusty


       then to be honest why all the out cry over it if no one cares

    7. BorisRP


      Funny part we didt even kill him @Para 

      so calm down braveheart

    8. LouieRP


      Why is this so condescending.

      Didn't you go in December create your own community or particpate within one where the lore was adjusted to say that you defeated us?

      Then I hear that Louie and the RP boys are toxic community members so we cant do our roleplay on DayZRP so we have to go on a public server to avoid anything that may or may not happen?

      I don't get this it's like you either like us or you don't.

      Stop with this fake shit where people try to play the victim when in reality none of you is right in this situation, yeah you can sit here and argue about who is right and who is wrong. 

      It won't change shit yeah you got your opinions maybe just keep them to yourself just so you can avoid this so-called drama. 

      I have lost nothing but respect for you how you handled this. 

    9. GenjiRP


      Thats what I'm asking @SlimmDusty . Why does anyone care?

    10. Roach


      @LouieRP was not my community was just gonna play in it. Was not my event, I was invited to it fairly soon before. It was done in private cause it was a private ooc/ic event and I imagine they didn't want people to metagame so they can just get married already cause not every event needs to be hostile or have initiation. But people got upset and went out their way for something they don't care about apparently and ruined it anyway. If it was done in private on TS, nobody would've known anyways and we would not be here discussing this.

      And honestly, it's the internet if you don't respect me anymore, it's a shame but won't ruin my day, but I feel that I am right on this one, sorry man. For the record, always loved your RP, never minded it (PUBLIC statement right now) and I always backed you up in any scenario OOC. I actually really enjoy my RP with you and the boys, this doesn't change that. I, however, won't sit here and say "I like that they went out their way just to ruin it instead of just doing the report" that sheds a whole new light on you folks and how far you are willing to go just in spite. So I am gone till beta unless I see shit decline here, then I may just never return.

    11. Sleepyhead


      That was fun!

      // locked

  3. Roach

    Avoidance of RP

    This is the most ridiculous report I have ever seen. If I actually have to respond to this, then I am done with DayZRP. We were NEVER on dayzrp server today. We avoided nothing and did our own private thing and nothing different from our private RP on discord, ts, forum threads and pm.
  4. Roach

    Winners of the Screenshot of the Month Contest

    Nice I would like to thank everyone who voted for me but most of all, I would like to thank my F12 key for working when I needed it the most.
  5. Roach


    Just in case some missed it. Devs fucked up when they wiped our characters not long ago but they fixed the problem. So we re-looted, RPed, moved around. But, as of today, you will be spawning in exactly where you were before the wipe and with all your gear from pre-wipe. 

    RIP MY BLACK JEANS! Cause it's all about the dank gear.

    1. Wolfstorm
    2. Para


      Seriously fuck the devs

    3. bloodcrusader


      agreed, having to re-loot again to find the things Zach had....

    4. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      but we'll still RP though regardless, we are slaves to the devs 


    5. Anouk


      Big rip, F

    6. SlimmDusty


      When Dayz does a Dayz..

    7. stargirl



  6. Roach


    Going live - Back as Quinn with The Bauers! 


  7. Roach


    I am ready to bet that once TS on dayzrp would get removed, we'd have about 50 new private TS servers (cause they are cheap for low slots) and that my friends, well, there will be no way to monitor anything anymore. And I stand firm on the belief that servers on discord for voip sucks 10 fold on discord -massive lags, continuous disconnections, bad quality somehow ect. (I have been using it for a year now).
  8. Roach


    Truth be told


    1. Hardwired



  9. Roach


    Tonight, it's Gus Miller's turn 🔪
    "The Friendly Canadian Cannibal"


  10. Roach

    The Moretti Remnants [Strict IG Recruitment]

    Great job guys Keeping the dream alive and well. Tony would be proud "he is btw"
  11. Roach

    The Sea Men

    Congrats on this approval folks. I hope to sea you guys in game dad jokes suck
  12. Roach

    A Formal Apology

    Still worth it
  13. Roach

    The Game

    Even if I also lose, it was an honor to go down with you Terra o7
  14. Roach

    A Formal Apology

    worth it
  15. Roach

    A Formal Apology

    So today I have done something really wrong and I know it's wrong but it's something I still did. I decided to come on dayzrp of all days, and start making this topic in the hopes that I will be forgiven but I highly doubt it. You see, I was thinking to myself... why? Why would I do this in the first place? What really is the point of it all? Well, the point is simple really. It's to apologize to anyone who is caught in between all of this because there really was only one person this was aimed at. This person doesn't understand to stop it. Always winning and laughing about it and frankly, I don't think it's right so today I would like to say officially that @Terra has lost the game! Again, I am so sorry but it had to be done.