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    • dawsonpark
    • Roach

    Don't forget the good times friend. o7

    • Sullyy
    • Roach

    I've not spoken to you person to person before but your content, media and persona says it all.
    With you gone, the hope DayZRP had is truly gone, I don't mean that in a way to burden you with guilt because of course that's not on you. 
    You've been a pillar of the community and I'm sad to have never gotten a chance to meet you myself o7

  1. Just remember us mate. We'll try and fix the place up for ya.

  2. o7

    • DustyRP
    • Roach

    Yo fam, I know you’re feeling stressed out and want to leave the community at this point, but it would really suck if you left. The server would in fact be losing a great RPer and a chill dude in general.

    I know it’s hard to have any motivation to play and be part of the server, especially with all the bullshit and drama going on. But I can guarantee that RP will not be the same with you gone. 

    I sincerely hope you stay, and at least try to tough it out until beta. There’s also nothing wrong with taking a short break, and stepping away from the forums for a bit. But I hope you don’t decide to permanently leave. 

    I know I’ve never really spoken to you, but I just wanted this to be known. No matter what happens, thanks for providing the RP that you do and thanks for being a chill dude. I really do appreciate when you host my stream. 

    See ya’round

    1. Cid


      Coming from someone who has spoken with you on multiple different occasions, the Duster is 100% right.  The community is at a huge loss without you.  Despite dumb drama and even dumber actions, leaving the community might not be the complete answer that you are looking for.  You want to remove yourself from the drama?  Stay away from the forums unless you are tossing up a chatter.  You don't even have to do that; have friends access the forums for you and open them only for reports.  That way, you can still enjoy the RP and the friends around you in TS or personal chats, etc.

      People don't want to see you go, so take some time to think about it and hopefully you stay around.  There is still a wonderful part to this community, but as always, the bad seems to outshine the good.

      You know how to contact me.

    2. Roach


      Look, you guys are great and all but unfortunately it's not that simple. Some think what I am doing here is stupid. Well, good thing I don't give a shit about what others think. But there are limits and after 4 years I've reached mine. I've been here a long time, I've seen it go up and down. I've seen a bunch of shit in this community but one thing I haven't seen is proper change to favor having a clean quality community in and out of game. A community that favors RP, I mean that's what we're here for right? This is why we all sat down reading rules, lore and whitelisted right? To RP, not to be fuckin heartless dicks to one another. I know it's the internet, but this place is not reddit and none of it excuses how some people can act like sociopaths which makes me worried for them and their IRL surroundings. I should not have to avoid the forums, they should be under control, but they are not.

      Now it's too late. The seeds have been planted and there's no returning to what DayZRP once was advertised as. A serious and mature RP community. That tagline is gone and has been for ages. Why? Cause look around you, in game and out of game. It's a lost cause.

      Perhaps BETA will change things, bring back all those originals from 2012-2013 (MAYBE just maybe I'll give it a chance by BETA but I doubt it) and we might actually have a shot at bringing back DayZRP to its former status. But obviously some people are here for the wrong reasons and instead of leaving, they stay to grief. Alright fine, I'll go then cause if points is all they get for common fuckin sense, then I know my time has come. It's NOT ONLY what happened yesterday to a close friend of mine, but it's accumulated from 4 years of bullshit that never changes.

      I love a lot of people here, a LOT. But I cannot support a community that does this anymore. I came here cause it was advertised as a MATURE and SERIOUS gaming community not a bad memers and trolls community I would have joined reddit for that. You and I can clearly see that is out the window now. It's just an RP community where too many people stopped giving and a shit and they wanna make sure others do what they do. Well, they won in a way. I and many others have left because of it. Meanwhile, I'm gonna go live life without this crap in it. I thoroughly enjoyed my years and RP with everyone but it's time.

      And Dusty, I'll keep hosting ya bud. You're one of the good ones. Don't let yourself get sunk into bs kiddo ;) 

      With all the love and respect I owe every, I am out and it's for the best. To those who don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. SgtSmithy


      @Rolle^ deserves a read for of why he and others left. 


      Also sorry you have still decided to go Roach. I guess there goes the actual sanctuary for the people that just want to live and do peaceful RP. 

    4. RogueSolace



      you keep in touch mister! 😢 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    5. RogueSolace


      Also, as much as it sucks, I can't blame him one bit. IMO he's totally right. This is supposed to be a mature RP community, its nothing like that in a lot of ways. 

    6. UndeadRP


      What drama lol tldr anyone

      Jk found it. All these posts over that. I feel like I must have missed something. Some people are rude and don't have a filter, it's the internet I'm so confused .

    7. Cid



      If you aren't bothered to read it you likely could care less about the problem anyways.

    8. UndeadRP


      I mean I just did real it all. As I just said , and yea it's still a meme. It's the internet some people are assholes , doesn't really have any sway on the community as a whole. If that kind of shit was completely acceptable then the tendy bannings wouldn't of happened. 

      As to everything that was said above , I like roach we've played a lot in the past recorded all those videos but I don't agree with him here. But ye u right I don't care that much, rp is still fun anyone who wants to give up on it can. Nothing's changed I've been here a while and literally people have this nostalgic view when the server has stayed the same since 2012. Drama happens , memes happen, people leave, people come back. Welcome to dayzrp

    9. Rolle


      I don't know what to say really, it's their choice to stay or leave. It's time to realize this is a gaming community on the Internet, there is not a single community out there without trolls, assholes and people who break rules. Reddit has them, Christian forums have them, Facepunch has them, ArmA Life servers have them, EVERYONE has some of these people. There is no way to provide the kind of safe space that you're looking for where everyone is always nice to each other and there is no need for written rules as everyone knows what is expected of them without completely closing the doors and surrounding yourself in a bubble with closest friends and not letting anyone new in. If you're expecting that kind of experience from a community that is open to the public on the Internet then you are severely delusional. Incidents like these have always happened, it's not a new thing, there hasn't been a week since July 2012 where someone hasn't received warning points or a ban for being an asshole. Yes, I want my place to be nice and tidy, but I'm realistic enough to know that it will never be a perfect utopia and I accept it for what it is and do my best to remove toxic individuals who break our rules just like I've always done, but it's an endless battle and these things will continue to happen as long as the registration on the website is open.

      Undead above me summed it up nicely. Since the start of this community in July 2012 people came, drama happened, people left, people came back, memes happened, people got banned, more people came. Repeat.

    • SgtSmithy
    • Roach

    Hey Roach. I know you don't know me that well but been following your characters for quite some time and loved all the RP they bring and i just want to say and i guess i speak for most people but we don't want to see you leave the community and we need someone with your RP skills as well as you and your guys to keep us peaceful RP'ers safe in a community that doesn't want to rob or hurt us 24/7. Again i don't know what happened but i hope you decide to stay as most of us want you too. 

    1. Roach


      That's kind man. I've stated my thoughts though in this status update 

  3. Roach

    I am out! See ya! 

    1. Mexi



    2. Eagle



    3. Tony

      Calm your tits you Al Pacino fanboy. You're going no where.... *lassos and hog ties*

    4. Mademoiselle


      Wait wut...

    5. Oliv


      Love ya buddy, you know how to get a hold of me

    6. Beni


      Stay safe kidda. 

    7. Jman14102


      I do not even blame you.

    8. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead


    9. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      o7, It's a sad, sad day. :( 

    10. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      What happened? I'm confused :( 

    11. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      @Mr. Blue tl:dr. Some posted about being suicidal, some community members made shitty jokes about it.

    12. Mademoiselle


      THe fuck is wrong with people...

    13. Roach


      That and 4 years of a lot of ups and downs. I'm too old for this I think. Internet has won ;) 

  4. Roach

    Wow disappointed in some remarks from community members over that status update. There are limits to jokes.  

    1. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia

      Everyone can fuck themselves.

    2. Lemons


      Wait what?

    3. Mischief


      "haha dont be so sensitive" yeah fuck that shit ):<

    4. Josei


      Some people.. smh

      I am sorry this is happening to people, people should keep shit to themselves.

    5. SgtSmithy


      Wait what's happened buddy? 

  5. The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

    Shut up and bring back Tate and this time let them be best friends lol I would love to see that lore happen Love ya Hollows
  6. Roach

    I always feel bad and like shit when I act like this IC. I am just not an asshole IRL lol but ah well :P RP is RP

    Also, EVENT cancel for this Thrusday as it makes no more sense to attack since we figured out The Black Fangs working with Commies 100% :( 


    1. LouieRP


      it's all good my guy 

    2. NateRP


      ^^^ we love u roach

  7. *Tony shuts off his frequency and radio*
  8. That all depends on YOU Thanks for the great RP man ! It was nice having you there Strike Thanks dude ! I really enjoyed our meeting. Glad you liked the speech Thank you for the roleplay and to your group as well ofc
    • Ender
    • Roach

    I'm not sure if you noticed my little joke in chat yesterday when nexum met up with you in sin city. I'm sorry i couldnt help my self :D 

    James Declyn: *Whispers to himself* I thought ohana meant family? *he would lightly chuckle to himself before snapping out of it and paying attention* 

    1. Roach


      I'm sorry I missed it xD lol

  9. Roach

    Okay. Link to the event is fixed. Forgot it had to be approved before I share it xD derpy derp derp.
    This is not an invitation tho ;) It's just a heads up of something happening IC. All parties involved have already been warned about this event and only those who already established a connection to this IC can take part.


    1. Lemons


      So I could take part of this Right? 


    2. Roach


      You have to establish that IC with Tony first to make it official. You've been around Sin City right? Talk with Tony and involve yourself or your group officially before Thursday ;) 

    3. Lemons


      I guess I'll try to have a talk with you, the que of people who were trying to talk to you yesterday was long 

    4. Roach


      I know right? Fuckin insane :P but I am a don and meetings is what i do best. All my other men organise and do the rest ;) sent you a PM with deets

  10. Roach

    It's finally happening :) gonna be a fun event and great for story progression for all.


    1. Irrelevant


      Wrong link?

    2. Loscham


      I think your link is broken, mate.

    3. Oliv


      Nah, we had to approve it before it was visible

    4. Roach


      Ah thanks forgot about that but links works now :) Thanks Staff