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  1. My OOC name was tagged and my Character name "Eddy or Eddy Beck" comes up here. So before I end up being called in officially and because I was there for some of this, I thought I should just post a quick POV as well as link my stream from last night that "may or may not" help. Met @Coreena in Severo and gladly escorted her to the west at the school. During this time while we travel and are close, we notice someone was following us, the person splits from us and runs. We attempt to chase but got stopped by infected so he got away. We arrive at school and warn them about the man following. We notice a "strange man" arriving in town we kind of suspect he was the one following us, maybe same guy different clothing. Things get heated a little, but eventually, he seems to go his own way and we all head to the school. At some point the Red Stripe shirt guy enters, things get a little heated again as I hear Coreena say this may be the guy following us but I notice she corrects that. I was then taken to the tents in the back for safety in case shit goes south and my character is not seen as strong or a fighter and it makes sense. I stay in tent, try and listen a little and peak. Eventually, they detain the Red Stripe shirt man. Take him in the school and begin to interrogate him. I stayed close outside the window to watch and to "lookout" at the side entrance. The server eventually crashed for over 10 minutes, I quit DayZ, stopped my stream and went to bed. I stood around and listen and did not partake in any of the hostilities or RP that happened after the server crashed. STREAM: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/182972630 00:18:20 - I meet Coreena's Character Alex. 00:50:12 - We spot the man following us (This man MAY be with Red Stripe man?). 00:56:05 - The guy "I think" that was following us, shows up referred as "Strange man" in my POV. 00:59:05 - Things get heated with the man who we think followed us. 01:37:05 - Red Stripe Shirt man enters School Yard and that's when all this Report seems to really start. If anything else is needed, let me know. Honestly, I was a little confused about it all and everything is in my Stream VOD.
  2. Roach

    Back to DayZRP tonight with Eddy Beck

  3. Roach

    First PUBG Stream Live NOW!
    Watch be a Noob!

    1. Brayces


      Good luck Roach!

    2. Pussy


      You should probably play this with @NishiUrban and I sometime... just saying ;p

    3. Joshie


      I can confirm, he is a noob xD

      jk, but you have much to learn! :)

    4. Oliv


      about fucking time

  4. Roach

    Been having a blast with the RP and awesome character around me. Even with the server troubles, we manage to keep it real! Thanks to all. You know who you are and you're probably reading this.

    1. Lyca


      Was great like always ^_^

    2. TateRinefield


      Loved being with you Roach tonight!

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Always a pleasure :D 

    4. TateRinefield


      I'm coming for Lyca's shirt though

    5. Dvlinhb


      Cheers dude. Always fun!

  5. Roach

  6. Roach

    LIVE: Eddy Beck on DayZRP + Friday the 13th Later

  7. Roach

    I think some people may need to be reminded that these things are at their disposal.
    There's always room to improve :) 



    1. Anouk



    2. Iso


      I came here expecting a sarcastic, snarky comment.

      Instead there was a nice, helpful status update. What a welcome change, have a bean.

    3. Buddy


      Have I told you lately that I love you?

      Thank you for this much needed PSA :)

      ...I think my beanz are broken again gosh darn it.. I'll try aga in when I'm home :(

    4. Roach


      @Buddy That's okay, have some beanz in the meantime :) 

      @Iso Yeah, not here to poke and provoke, just wanna make sure people know that we have options to improve. I am even thinking of joining as a Mentee for Hostile RP myself since I usually play Nice guys. Nobody is perfect and it's nice to branch out to something different instead of always the same thing that can become stale. You have a bean too :)


    5. Combat Logo

      Combat Logo

      That was fucking great Roach. If only we could show this to every new player who whitelists.

    6. BunDem

      aw shit my "IM GERRMAN". i still love it:D

    7. Buddy


      Funny you mention that @Combat Logo because very recently @Aiko did us a huge solid by adding  an advertisement for the mentor program into the whitelisting process, so now it will be impossible for newcomers to miss ;) And i'm PRETTY sure that the newcomers vid is there already thank goodness :D 

  8. Roach

    Streamin' the new F13 update (new map, Jason and counselor) 

    1. Lyca


      Oh nice!!! ^_^

  9. The other guy with us was @SoalXtractor who plays John Mason. Sorry, server troubles all night, was kinda sick of dealing with it so we stopped and went to play F13 lol. But yes, it was still fun while it lasted. Nice meeting you @MeenMuginLovin and of course @SoalXtractor always a pleasure revealing things about myself Was also a treat running into you @Jack the Ripper, middle of fuckin nowhere and the nice little intense meet was all great. Hopefully next time the server doesn't keep shitting on us with these DDoS or "Server provider issues" if that really is what's going on. #BringBackS2
  10. Roach

    Sunday Night Stream Starts Now!

  11. Safe Zone Trial

    If this goes well (cause I can never see it due to timezones) and if this will be a permanent thing, perhaps it could be (JUST AND IDEA) open every other day. Open one day, closed the next and so on. 1. This will allow to prolong RP between some survivors and meet more people in a day. 2. It will also give a chance to other timezones to be able to visit the Safe Zone.
  12. Roach

    Streaming some Eddy Beck on DayZRP

  13. Roach

    Chillin' n Killin' - Friday the 13th Stream
    (hit me up on steam if you wanna join)

  14. Roach

    Streamin' some Eddy Beck in 10 min

  15. Roach

    Eddy Beck Premier Stream right now!