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  1. Get out of jail card idea

    PROS: - Profit for DayZRP and other projects. - More people playing (some banned members can't get back in even if they are truly sorry for what they did). - People who Donate that much will have much less chance of "not giving a shit" and getting banned cause they actually paid to play here. CONS: - KOS Spree after they paid and then cashback their Credit Card or Paypal (Most likely will happen at some point). - KOS Spree cause some people are rich and give 0 fucks about wasting money to troll (Most likely will happen at some point). - More bad talk towards Rolle and DayZRP on Youtube/Reddit/Random sites because it really does look like a new attempt to get more cash and people don't ever read the context (WILL happen either way). Never knock any idea before trying it out I would imagine. I know some perm players that are genuinely sorry for what they done or said etc. and they want back in and I would even trust those players 100%. No matter what there will be some bad and good out of this. That is all I have to say or think about this.
  2. It was top notch man loved every minute !!
  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Not American thus I do not care lol also maybe it's cause I was not born yet lol I dunno
  4. Quinn Bauer

    Quinn Bauer is an honest man, husband, father and brother. He grew up in Georgia in a place called Newnan. He was brought up as a Farmer along with his older brother, Sam. When Quinn was a teen, he taught himself to play the guitar and along came singing shortly after he never liked guns like his brother Sam, his Gun was his guitar. He noticed the passion he had for music, especially country music. Years went by and soon farming was not going to be Quinn's future. It was about music. In his early 20's he moved to Nashville in hopes to get discovered but it was not so easy. But Nashville is where he met his wife, Natasha. They were madly in love and got married by the time Quinn Turned 21 and very soon after, a child embarrassed their lives. Quinn was now a father struggling to make it big. He would soon have to face the decision of going out for real work or keep trying to make it "big". One last night to play he told himself. He felt the need to stop chasing this dream and live a normal life and he was content with that idea. That's when he met Eddy Beck. Nice man who saw something in Quinn. He was loaded and ready to spend to make Quinn' Career. Within 6 months everyone was talking about Quinn Bauer. He finally made it and was ready to give his family a better life. A few years go by and things were going slow. Eddy felt the need to go further. Quinn never toured overseas and there was some demand in Russia, Europe as a whole and a place called Chernarus. Tourists were visiting more and more Chernarus and seemed like a good plan to Eddy and take the contract concert. They flew to Chernarus and everything seemed nice. Quinn felt like it was home with the beautiful and familiar scenery around him. In the bus and on their way to the concert location, things were looking odd. Military folks and civilians and tourists everywhere seemed like a panic. Quinn surely knew this fuss was not meant for him. Shots fired and people fell over. The Band noticed something off with the Civilians being shot down. The eyes... the blood... something was not right, straight out of a movie. But this was real. The Bus could not move due to all the people around it. Infected or dead ones as we know them today. Trying to get in. Bullets coming their way. The whole band took cover but soon these things would burst through the front windshield Forcing the band further in the back of the bus. 2 members instantly got caught up with these things, getting eaten alive. Quinn, Eddy and the others are pushed in the back of the bus. They open the back door to try and escape and push away these things. Bullets start flying towards them and more dead ones come. Quinn, Eddy and the others scatter about and forced to run in different directions to survive. Quinn only had eyes on Eddy and knew Eddy could get away safe but could not tell if any of the band members survived. Quinn Headed north into some woods in the hopes that all would die down soon. But alas, he still stands here today and forced to survive in a new infested world. Trying to look for Eddy and whoever else survived and get out.
  5. Eddy Beck

    All the info you need is above. Find me in the game to know about my character and his background. Dynamic is where it's at, not OOC
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    *Turns on flashlight* Erhhh, where am I?!!

  6. Roach

    *Slowly disappears into darkness*

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      I feel u, hope to see you IG dude.

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  7. The Departed

    @Beni Joules has been hanging with 30+ people which is half the server, me included. I guess you're unlucky? Find out in game dude
  8. The Departed

    People want everything to happen so fast with no progression lmao it's RP at the START of the lore. What's the point if all the good shit happens right away? Build up. Something more folks need to work on maybe? Been loving the RP with these guys and we are all out there and have huge numbers. People will hear of Julia's people, Mine and Seth's in good time. See Joules, this is why I don't have a forum thread. Fuckin peer pressure is no fun lmao. Let's just play and deal with shit IC
  9. Tony Moretti [Private Frequency]

    *Tony catches the called sent by Jeremy and smiles. After listening he decides to press the PTT Button to respond* ''Ay! Jeremy. Long time. Was starting to think the worse happened to ya. Glad to hear I was wrong of thinking it. And yes, I have found my Brother. Best day ever since this shit all started.'' *He pauses and stands up with a large smile* ''So you wanna talk one on one? Sure, I'd love to hear what you have to say. I'll get back to you with a time and place when I can. Just need to handle a few things here. In the meantime, stay alive will ya?'' *Releases PTT Button*
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      Well this cheered up my day lmao

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      I can give you more as the week goes on, fret not!!! :D

  11. Roach



    For those who care cause I know some may not and that's fine. At first, it was fun, making videos to forever remember our roleplay. And then more and more people watched so I raised my standards and developed a real passion for combining RP and editing. Having a passion in cinematic editing, I put more time into as the crowd kept growing to watch these. Before I knew it, I poured 30 hours a week per video with a full-time job, 2 kids, wife, friends, life. Then Youtube became a fuckin Chooch with the new rules.

    Almost all my videos are being blocked from running ads cause my shit is not "Suitable for all Advertisers". Why do I care about the money? Cause It has become a passion. A passion that I started loving so much, I started dreaming of it becoming a job for me one day (who wouldn't in my position? Shit was growing and things looked up). Hence why I put almost 4 years of my life into this. Thinking, maybe this will pay off one day if I keep at it, it's slow but I can't give up. It was always a BIG maybe, but the thought seemed plausible. 

    I start seeing my videos losing ad revenue with Youtube's recent changes. "The fuck? I am now making half of what I made before." This was before them blocking my videos from running ads. And then when that started, it basically killed my channel. So sure! I can still make videos, but putting 30 a week per video with my current life is impossible to do if I cannot at least have something to show for it in financial terms. The fuck do I tell my friends and family? "Oh I just like to hide from my real life to make videos that won't ever pay the bills or feed my family but hey they are pretty lit and people like them?" Sure I love making them for myself and everyone who watches, I just CANNOT DEDICATE that much time into it without any payoff. Even if very little. 

    But then! Oh but then. I thought "What if I just make it suitable. Seems like swearing is what my videos are hit with. Too much of it and pussy advertisers don't like that" So, I decided to make my latest video have *bleeps* instead of swearing. Why not give it a try, last chance to know for sure... ... ... FUCK YOU YOUTUBE! My "Guide for RP in DayZ" is still not suitable even with bleeps. Yep! So fuck Youtube! And it breaks my heart. I just can't do it anymore as much as I really wanna keep going but for what? I am not being a money hungry asshole here but damn, there's just no future for me there. I've tried Patreon and shit like that but people do not donate on youtube, like not at all.

    I had a lovely time making the videos, heck I got 2 spotlights in DayZ Status Reports, hundreds of thousands of viewers, thousands of fans, 2 awesome awards on DayZRP, had amazing times with friends and RP so it's not all a loss as I have gained a lot in other ways and I will always remember that and appreciate it all but I think I "have" to stop now. If I was a single man with no kids and wife and no life in mom's basement or something, I would not even give a shit and keep making videos cause time is all I would have and a welfare check would be all I need to pay my rent and internet. But I am not. Time to make a decision and it ain't easy for me. FUCK YOUTUBE. No wonder why YouTubers (doing gaming type videos) have moved to streaming. I guess it'll be streaming for me too.  

    Hey! I might still make a random video here and there (cause passion is passion but it don't put food on the table) and I'll still upload things like stream highlights cause it requires little to no work but a "Series" which would require a minimum of 400 hours just to edit and not counting the dedicated RP/Filming that usually takes a span of 3 months, sorry, I just can't. So until I find another way around this, it is unfortunately over. 

    I am truly sorry if this disappoints you. This was a great ride, but this Roach is retired from Youtube until further notice (Blame Youtube). See you in my streams hopefully.

    - With Love & Kind Regards,


    *Maybe my next video will be me saying fuck youtube on a loop kek*


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      When you realise this is the exact script for the Video, damn i guess you put a lot of effort into this.

    3. Mikachu


      I'm awaiting twitch inevitably adding youtube like prerecorded video uploading.


      Hope you post there if they ever do

    4. Oliv


      They have the ability to upload videos now that you can use in a VODcast, but it's not going to be a go to source like YouTube is. But I hope for Amazon, Twitch's parent, to step up to the plate and show the same respect to content creators there that they do on Twitch.