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  1. This pretty much sums up my past week


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    2. Roach


      lol sure I do ;) and this points towards my work on the final episode (for reference) also, I post 1 to 3 Status tops a day and on average 1 every 2 or so days ;) Just thought I should shed light on this xD 

      You must have me confused for someone else @APureGamer maybe it's cause you see me comment on other people's status updates? 

    3. APureGamer


      Nah im just messing around Roach. Miss you man. Wish New World would come back. Maybe one day I can break out Luca again :D

    4. Roach


      Lore Wipe is key ;) fun fuckin times indeed

  2. I love the idea of the outbreak starting somewhere else. This time Chernarussians will have a reason to hate us and blame us for all this lol they already do but now with reason haha. Anyways... hope it's where they take it, but if they already wrote it all mostly, I feel as if they might not wanna change it again (loss of work and time) which is understandable but I still feel as if this should be done this way. Oh and for god sake don't make shit confusing peeps, start the lore at 2017. This is all I will say. I will not enter a debate, these were my thoughts. Y'all take it or leave it. Have a great day
  3. Been getting PMs here and there: Episode 13 should come out between Sunday and Tuesday. Still very hard to tell. I want this one to be perfect. Oh, and it's a 45+ minutes episode (extended episode). So basically trying to edit 2 episodes into 1 which explains the time it's taking to release it heh.

    Thank you all for being so patient and so supportive throughout this adventure so far :)

    I promise the next episode will be a bang! Time to catch up if you didn't already, trust me!

    Lots of love for you all :x


    • Bun
    • Roach


  4. You've got a beautiful family, Hebee, Kudos my good man
  5. Just found a tad bit of time to read The Walking Dead comic issue 167 (latest). I fuckin' balled up like a baby. One of the best issues ever. I am pissed and sad, bravo Kirkman! 

    1. Oyface


      Great read, but god damn I did not think that day would ever come. :(

    2. APureGamer



  6. I don't think I've ever edited a more intense episode... Cannot wait to show EP13 !!!

    Image result for cowboy hat emoji

  7. Well, for me and any other like me, if you do not start the game in window mode, switch to low res and switch back to regular res, it won't work. I just tested again
  8. Cause if you'll be doing every time, like I do cause I record every time, then you avoid having to go window mode, then downgrade resolution then upgrade resolution. Instead, game starts, downgrade res then upgrade res. 2 steps instead of 3. Also, I think it will not work last I tried unless you start in window mode for some odd reason. Shoot me right? Fuckin' dayz lmao
  9. It will work with all recording options
  10. I got this question a lot "Will there be a Q&A after the season?
    Yes, there will be a live Q&A twitch stream with the roleplaying cast of Sam Bauer's Story roughly about 1 week after the season finale. Date still to be confirmed. 

    Follow me on Twitch to NOT miss out:

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    2. BunDem


      Im unsure about this, but will I take part in the Q&A too or not?

      Ya know for planning reasons my guy.

    3. Roach


      Everyone involved in the series is invited and will all get a PM with info beforehand :) Once I am sure of the date and time. Even those that didn't say much or anything on screen still know how things work and all have a perspective on the making of this series :)

    4. BunDem


      Alright thanks Roach!

  11. I can say, thanks to this bounty I actually feel fear in game again :) And I love it !

    Also, had a great IC Hostile radio RP session tonight.

    Thanks @Undead @Otter and Co.


    1. Phoenix


      Fucking great RP tonight, so much going on right now, I love it!

    2. RogueSolace


      it was great!

  12. Before I go to edit for the night, have a listen to the most beautiful song ever. And it's short.


    1. Jm Von Cat

      Jm Von Cat

      That's uh... interesting...

    2. APureGamer


      My boy Roach is wicked smaut.

    3. Genji


      This song put me to sleep HAHAA

  13. Nah it will produce Shitake