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  1. I had a dandy good time at the airfield tonight Thanks for escorting me out
  2. Roach

    For those interested, I'm gonna stream again tonight :) 

    1. ryanbroman


      had somme good rp today already! love to do some more :)

  3. Roach

    Early DayZRP stream (Tony Moretti is back)

  4. Roach

    Careful where you step. Landmines everywhere :ph34r:

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    2. Rogério SkyLab

      Rogério SkyLab

      You're being serious?

      I'm now officially worried.

    3. Roach


      The whole world is a fuckin' landmine ;)

    4. Watchman



  5. New Lore Implemented! PLEASE READ!

    Greatest news I've read all day
  6. Make DayZRP great again

    Dude you know you're talking to me, right? You understand I am RP above all thing? It's not about shooting straight up. I RP before anything but if I feel there would be no way to achieve this with the hostile player, I don't wanna have to sit there and watch or initiate and get my family member killed. You know? I get it though Rolle, I totally do. I know why you are doing this on all angles, but it still affects some of us greatly and well that sucks for us. We RP man, we want the RP, but unfortunately, some hostile player MAY not give a shit about "me" wanting the RP. Anyways, you do what you want man guess we gotta try before we knock it But I dunno about filming at all anymore tho
  7. Make DayZRP great again

    I just feel like this rule will keep all the "campfire RPers" as they are known, even more hidden... I am really starting to feel off with some of the new rules and as much as I am creative, it's putting too many sticks in my wheels. With most of the rules we have in place now (which almost requires a lawyer to look through now) I cannot see myself making seasons here anymore and that is what saddens me the most. I loved making them here, just too many rules (that would get me and has banned some main character of the show in the past) now that come in the way of the RP as I have experienced especially in the prior season. And with my next season being a straight up bad guy, I can just see how it'll end up and how impossible it'll be to do. I will always still play here regardless, cause I love the people and I love RP but my seasons from this point on have to be filmed on a private server due to all the limitations I've had and keep on having. I know some people won't give 2 shits about this, but I care.
  8. DayZRP 5th Anniversary!

    I am grateful for all the moments I've had in this community, friends I've made, seasons I was privileged to make. Here's to another 5
  9. Roach

    Looks like I'll have to make a group just so I can appropriately protect my brother without the (dynamic rule) shit getting in the way. Stupid if you ask me.

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    2. LightGhillie


      Ugh thats kinda dumb. Especially for me since Michael travels with one set friend..

      And you need 5+ people for a group page as well I thought..?

    3. Roach


      So you see the dilemma now do you Ghillie ;) 

    4. LightGhillie


      Yes, Indeed I do.

  10. Make DayZRP great again

    Well had a feeling this would also get shut down... just saying man this rule is not good at all and making me and many others doubt our ability to RP in these situations. I play dynamic and hate groups. But if I cannot even protect my brother in the appropriate manner, I dunno man. think of the hardcore RPers her dude. Siblings should be an exception no matter of the hole loopers. I mean damn, don't us RPers who care get anything? Basically it's a subtle way for everyone to be forced to join a group
  11. Make DayZRP great again

    @Rolle After talking with @Pinkerton I've come to realize something. Dynamic groups. I am okay with this (have no choice even if I hate it and makes no sense for a dynamic player like myself but I get it), my only issue is Sibling/Family Members. I get that if I find random people that stroll along with me they can't just kill the hostile player holding me up. But what about official siblings or family members? It's kinda stupid if I have to initiate again cause a guy is holding up my brother giving the hostile player a HUGE advantage to my position and most likely will end up killing my brother before I kill the man or he gets to kill me too. And for the slightest of realism sake, I think it would be good to allow this... So perhaps make an exception to this rule. Siblings/Family members would be allowed to have kill rights, provided they are official (mentioned in the character pages that they are related). Thoughts?
  12. Roach

    Welp, he's back. New life, new outcome. Can't wait!



    1. Roach


      My "original" character will come in good time ;)

    2. Scottie


      Don't worry roach, 253 days until Pablo Hernandez can come back and join Tony again, maybe, lets see if he can stay alive for that long again

  13. Tony Moretti

    43-year-old, Tony Moretti from Brooklyn New-York was in the Italian Mafia back home, as a simple Soldado (Soldier). He was not the most respected of the crew but alas he was family. He always had a dream to become the new Don. The one to take charge and be the strongest and most respected. This respect was not easily earned for Tony. Dreams are all they were as he was doing the dirtiest of jobs, such as cleaning up dead bodies and taking care of any business that was rather unpleasant. The stuff nobody wanted to do. He was truly at the bottom of it all along with his brother Bobby. They both were part of the Family simply because of their father, Alonzo Moretti, was the Underboss for over 15 years working for the very same Don. Don Fiore only accepted the boys due to the huge amount of respect owed to their father. This didn't stop Don Fiore from treating them like they were worth next to nothing. The Italian Mafia had their hands in many things. One of the most important parts of their business was dealing in guns. This was, of course, aside from drugs, gambling, favors and "protection" services. June 2nd 2017, on Tony's Birthday, Don arranged a meeting with the Chernarussian Mafia for a deal on a few crates of AK type weapons. The Chernarussian Mafia refused to leave the country, forcing the Italian Mafia to fly to Chernarus to complete the deal. Don Fiore suspected foul play, he understood this may be a direct attack on the Italian Family for some sour deal over 10 years ago. He was sure everything was settled between the two Families. But this just didn't sit right with the Don. Tony was always one to throw himself in front of any business that needed attending. Fiore, knowing this, exploited it by sending Tony and his brother Bobby Moretti alongside 4 other Soldados to take place for this deal. If it was going to backfire, at least the Don would be safe. However, Fiore lead Tony to believe this would be an easy straightforward job. Tony probably would've done it even knowing the risk. All this was suggested by the Family's Consigliere (Adviser), Giovanni "Wise Guy" Bosco. He told the Don in a meeting with the head of Caporegimes (Captain), Tommy Lupo, that it would be best to proceed this way for the safety of Fiore and the Family name. If things would go south, Tony, his brother, and the other Soldados would take the hit and it would be a minimal loss. Tommy Lupo despised this idea, saying that if they hit, we should hit back instantly. The Capo wanted to be the one on this business trip to ensure the Family get the merchandise and not lose the money in the deal. Weapons were becoming a huge issue and the lack of which lead to this deal. At the time, this was the only way to get what they needed to supply the demand on the streets. Alas, the Don decided to take the Consigliere advice and sends Tony, Bobby and 4 other Soldado to Chernarus. In very early July of 2017, Tony and the crew finally arrived in Chernarus. The deal was not happening for another day, so the boys stayed at the nearby Motel in Berezino and slowly got settled. As Tony flips through the channels on that old television set that night, he noticed a few odd news broadcasts about something happening in this very country just southwest from where they were. Not many details were said about this broadcast but most definitely not an everyday news story. He chose not to let this news disturb him too much and impatiently waited for the next day to arrive. Tony and his brother were both pretty excited to go through their first deal. This would surely show the Don just how useful they are and how Tony deserves a higher rank. The next day, the crew heads to what is known as Klen Hill where the deal was going to happen. It was at 7:00 PM that everyone met on that same hill. Everything seems to be going well. Tony, being the head of this mission if you wish to call it so, was greeted by the Chernarussian Don himself. They both shook hands followed by a kiss on each cheek as it is custom for Tony. Apparently, this Don was never informed that Fiore would not be present. He was highly expecting him to be there. You could see the clear disappointment on his face as he asks Tony for the money. Of course, Tony opens the suitcase filled with the funds required to complete the deal as predicted but nowhere could they see any of the crates. Tony closes the suitcase asking for the weapons first. This displeased the Don as he said to Tony "You have no trust in me friend?" to which Tony replies, "With all due respect sir, trust is earned and since we don't know each other, I'd feel more comfortable seeing what I am buying before buying it". The don right away smiles at Tony and glances over to the others with him and says "Of course. However, there have been complications in the past business opportunities our families have had, you understand why I need you to hand over the money first this time". The Don turns to the cargo truck and points to it while saying "Your weapons are all in truck friend, you give money and I let you go see yes?". he continues to smile saying "As you said, Mr. Moretti, trust is earned so now is your turn to show me trust". Tony looks at Bobby with a questionable look in his eyes as Bobby nods to go through with it. So Tony then hands over the case of money. The Don immediately passes the case to his Underboss and turn to Tony while attempting to shake his hand and says, "Thank you for trust friend, now I know we can deal again... Go to truck, all is yours, yes". Tony sends 2 of the Soldados to the Truck to have a look and make sure everything is in order before they take it and leave. Tony, Bobby, and 2 others Soldados stay behind while the Don heads to his private car. The thing looked bullet proof to Tony's eyes, definitely, a car Tony would like to have one of these days. The Don shuts the door and the 2 Soldados open the back of the truck to views its content. To their surprise, the cargo was composed of 3 Chernarussian Mafia soldiers armed and ready to shoot. Instantly the 2 Soldados got shot down and being surprised Tony tries to shoot back, but more are coming from out of the bushes nearby and other hidden areas. They quickly feel surrounded and start to slowly step backward while shooting at the soldiers. The 2 other Soldados get shot down and only Tony and Bobby are left. The boys start running down the immense hill trying to find safety as bullets fly by them. In a panic, Bobby turns to shoot back as they run while Tony insists he stop and keep running. When Tony turns to look at Bobby he can see him run in another direction as they got separated in the thick woods. Both are being chased by these men while Tony panics at the thought of getting separated from his brother. However, eventually, Tony outran the men hiding in a small village he found. He sits inside a shed hoping the men would move through the town and past him which they did. The money is gone, no weapon crates in his possession. Tony felt like he lost a bigger battle. If he would return home, how would he explain letting this happen? For now, Tony was concentrated on finding Bobby and returning home but he knew that the Chernarussian Mafia would be waiting for him at any exit. It was time to lay low. Tony kept his head down for days going around the woods like a wild animal looking for food. Anywhere he looked he could not find Bobby. Until not long after he starts hearing explosions and gunshots, but none of the bullets heading his way. He investigates the shots only to see the city of Berezino completely engulfed in flames and smoke. He could see people running everywhere, running from other weaponless people. He then witnessed a lady getting what seems like devoured by 3 men. He was disgusted by that even if he cleaned up dead bodies for a living, this felt different. After he finds a small house nearby, he locks the doors and turns on the small radio on the table only to hear the disastrous words being broadcasted. He knew he was not going home anytime soon. So Tony decided to come out from hiding hoping to better find his brother Bobby but instead he would only find a new world unraveling before his very eyes. "Ain't no way I am going down by one of those dead chooches. Bobby, I am gonna find you, then we're out of here, even if I have to kill to do it".
  14. Roach

    If you're bored waiting for the new lore to kick in, check out mah stream.


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    Guys just chill. The website is obviously not 100% complete. Impatient kids are impatient :ph34r:

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      I want it all I want it now !!!!



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      "You have been visited by the Pinkerton of Chill ways and patience, he grants you one redeemable Weed Brownie for later use"


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