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  1. Sorry you feel that way man. I hope you find what you're looking for elsewhere.
  2. Here it is:


    It's official. Immortalized on the internet.

    1. Dvlinhb


      P.S. ❤️ You @Romenthegreat . You'll always have a special place in my heart as the most memorable character hands down. 😋

    2. Ender


      Its kinda already in there since 2003 https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=nipple head Nice addition.

    3. Dvlinhb


      Yes, but this one is more for our Nipplehat and + that version is kinda lackin.

      But thanks regardless, I appreciate it. 😁

  3. Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming my friend! Happy to have you back in the community!
  4. Hello! Welcome to our wonderful Abode that is DayZRP! Towels are on the left, ice is on Floor 2, and the soap is free. Enjoy your stay friend!
  5. Everest, and Ian, are up in Red-Ruski-Land atm. They'll be back- don't you worry. But for now, Reznov and Doug are in South Zagoria and doin' their thing. Maybe Reznov can give Brandon some Yoda-style life training like he has with Duncan ( @Hellspawn ).
  6. Looks nice. Hope to meet you guys IG!
  7. I personally never liked the music, or the guy really. But no one should be just shot dead like that. F.
  8. Dvlinhb

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 Cute as heck.
  9. Dvlinhb

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    I'm just bumping @Jman14102's question here since I have the same one. If @Taryn or anyone else has at least a general answer, please feel free to let us know.
  10. Dvlinhb

    The Facts About DayZ .63

    Pretty good. I likes. I give it a /10. @Despacito2
  11. Fun 'lil place to share .63 stories any of y'all have experienced so far. Would love to read them!

  12. Everyone's out here archiving 'n shit today it seems. Meanwhile Reznov just watches from the sidelines like the innocent old man he is.

    Related image

  13. Dvlinhb

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Well... Guess it's time to throw in the flat cap... Y'all had a good run... o7
  14. Had a great philosophical and literal trek across South Zagoria today with @Hellspawn. It's always great to have some nice RP that brings out the good in people. Can't wait 'till next time!