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"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. - Oppenheimer"

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  1. Joel Eastman

    Joel was born to John and Morgan Eastman on October 9th, 1963 in a micro-community of Nighthawk, Washington. His father and mother had him young- his mother being only 18 and his father only 19. They were simple people, farmers just as their parents were. Their life was normal, until his father joined the Military in 1965 after two straight years of failed crops and with their savings running low. The Military paid quite well all things considered. His father’s service allowed Joel and his mother to live comfortably on their little ranch. That was until May of 1968. The day when his mother wept, and held her son close in front of two U.S. Army Soldiers that stood firm in their doorway. John had been one of boys slaughtered on Hamburger Hill during the Vietnam War. Life was never the same after that. His mother became depressed. Drank more. Became a shell of her old self. As Joel grew, he had to become a man of the house. He began doing jobs for neighboring farms. Making his own money to support himself and mother. That didn’t last long. His mother couldn’t take the grief and guilt any longer, and hanged herself when Joel was 17. He was on his own from then on. He traveled out to Seattle when he was 18. He had to leave behind the grief of Nighthawk once and for all. He spent some time out there and made a halfway decent life for himself. Until one day in April of ‘76, he had a knock on his door. A scruffy looking man stood in front of him, a piece of paper with Joel’s address scribbled on it. After some talking, he learned that the man, who’s name was simply Doc, had been his father’s friend in the Army. He served beside him until the end. Joel received three things that day. His father’s old lighter, engraved with his initials- “J.E.”on the side. His father’s standard issue 1911 pistol that Doc had been able to keep after the war. And and opportunity. To join Doc and some other men on a hunter crew in Alaska. It was a fresh start. Armed with an old Winchester Rifle, his father’s pistol, and his hunting knife- they went. For some years they hunted big game out in the wild. Deer, caribou, moose, wolves, and even grizzlies. Hunting gave him a lot. He met his wife, Sarah, in Anchorage. Which then brought on his daughter some years later. But it also took much from him. A large one being his left hand, the he lost after being attacked by a small pack of wolves while on a solo hunt. But also his humanity. He was never as lively as he was in his younger years. And after the accident, he stopped hunting for good and became a security officer in Seattle. Back to where he escaped from, but now with more to bear. In 1995, he had his daughter, Blaze, with his wife. She was his world. He knew he’d give life and limb for her, no matter what it took. However, his world shattered in 2012, when his wife and daughter were killed in a home invasion gone south while he was at work. Grief stricken, and unable to cope with the loss, he moved away. As far away as he could. So he moved to the 2nd world country of Chernarus- specifically in Northern South Zagoria. He lived his life as a hunter-for-hire. Killing animals and selling the meat, pelts, and bones at the markets and stores around the country. His life in the woods was quiet and lonely. That was until hell was sent upon the Earth in the form of the outbreak. Now he simply wanders the once thriving province, making his way the best he can...
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    Waiting in line to talk to Don Moretti be like: @Roach @Jman14102 @SlimmDusty @SoalXtractor
  3. Dvlinhb

    The Journey Of 1,000 Steps
  4. Show some love <3

    @Ronin47 Why yes we do. And hopefully soon. Also, he is not INSANE... He simply rejects your reality, and substitutes in his own .
  5. Day of the Dead (Pls sign up <3)

    Woops. I mean cool that I'm a survivor, but yeah I totally forgot it was today. Will remember next weekend.
  6. I like @Jack the Ripper screenshot here. Reminds me of Fallout 3 with that green haze over it. Very nice my dude.
  7. To the People of Pusta?(Open Freq)

    *Everest hears an unfortunately familiar voice ove his cabin's radio. He sets down his jugs of Formaldehyde in a corner and grabs his microphone from the shelf. He pops the microphone, sits down, and begins speaking.* "Well... Seems that you didn't heed my warning you little rodent. Guess you made your choice." *Everest takes out a small case of syringes, removing one and tapping the needle with a little "ping"* "Ken's right. You're on a ticking clock. Only a matter of time... ... Also, as for 20 guys hunting you down to skin your hide..." *Slides the needle into a small part of his press-vest.* "You just have to worry about one. ... See you soon..." *Everest clicks off the microphone, putting it back on the shelf. He takes out his now sharpened and cleaned machete and slides it in his belt before getting back to work.*
  8. Show some love <3

    One day my friend. We'll get through to these smoothskin punks...
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    DAY 150! GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 150!

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      Satan - "Good, in you go"

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    Count me in my dude. I could use an upgrade...
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    Thank you sir for giving to us poor plebeians this fine winter month. Bless you and thy kin! PutMeIn.jpg