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  1. To be honest, I think you are honestly mixing @AJEARLEYup with someone @Abraham. We were talking with each other OOCly on Steam Voice, saying he was currently loading in. 2 Minutes later as I was moving my way back to the Town he was residing in, shots were whizzing past his head and into the Pavement. From, what I was hearing from the gun fight you shot around 10-20 times at him and as I was moving closer to investigate the shots I only heard @AJEARLEY speak IC to my character due to me being a close friend of his. Look as I see it, shit happened. It was suggested by multiple people on the Forums to always start something akin to this with Text, so the logs can be checked for said begin of Combat / Holdups. VOIP is buggy in this game as it is, people say it goes around 30-55 meters. And tbh? IF someone was shooting at you, would you honestly be stupid enough to stand still and let yourself be robbed / shot by some maniac?