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  1. yung flare

    S1: KoS in GM summer camp - 02/02/2019 20:35

    From the top; We had initially planned a holdup, it started with one of our members and the victim in the street. Once he was initiated on we ran down, held him up, cuffed him and took him inside. We questioned him before moving him upstairs. Several of us had private chats with the man before myself, Thomas Miller and one other member began to get serious. We planned to scar but after being denied by the victim we decided we'd hit them, the intent was NOT to kill (hence only 2 hits from 2 members) we then allowed another member to RP some injuries (the hitting the victims head against the planks) at this moment we were all downstairs ready to leave the situation with him cuffed upstairs. That's when Kevork heads upstairs states "You call that punishment, this is my punishment" or something along the lines and kills him. We then all left the building. Edit: Sorry for the previously short POV
  2. =The Beginning= Edward 'Harrison' Clear was born in Brisbane, Australia. His mother, Elizabeth, came from a wealthy English family but had been disowned marrying a working class man from a small Slavic country, Chernarus. His father, Alexei, had been a farmer until he left for England to become a carpenter. After 3 years of marriage they had Edward. Edward was born during a holiday in Australia but 2 years later they moved back to Brisbane and his father started a small carpentry company. Edward had been gifted during his time in school and was very social. He played several sports including rugby and cricket where we was most social and well-liked. In his last year of school Edward was both school captain and captain of his local cricket club. He graduated top of his school and went into medical school. =Medical Career= Edward spent 8 years in Medical school. During that time he made good connections with specialised and practising doctors, eventually he chose to specialise as a cardiologist. After another 3 years Edward was finally Doctor Clear, Cardiologist. Edward worked hard, although very social and well-known for his sensitive and soft approach to medicine he remained single and had only a handful of close friends. He preferred more reliable, trustworthy friends over having many friends. Edward was a skilled cardiologist, not only was he passionate he became very quick at identifying issues, having a very keen sense for hearing heartbeats and anomalies surrounding the heart. On his 29th birthday news of a devastating epidemic that was terrorising Chernarus broke out. Edward, along with his father, left for Chernarus in search of his grandparents in a hope to persuade them to leave and come with them to Australia. His father never spoke about his parents yet cared for them and brought Edward along more for the fact he was a Doctor rather than to convince his grandparents to come with. =Chernarus= They struggled to locate his grandparents as they lived in a very secluded province in Chernarus called South Zagoria, close to the epicentre of the disease. They arrived to partially destroyed cabin, the farm looked deserted and most of the farmland was overgrown with weeds. They knocked and waited for a response, it was silent for a few seconds, a growling moan could be heard from within, were they injured? Edward peered through the window and could see an old man lying face down on the floor. Smashing through the front window, both he and his father climbed into the cabin. Suddenly the old man jumped to his feet, his skin peeling off his face and the smell within the cabin was a horrid, decomposing smell. The man leapt forward, striking his father across the chest before biting onto his father's upper neck. Edward dashed toward the kitchen, grabbing a large knife he ran back over and began to stab the old man in the back. The old man took awhile before it collapsed to the ground, his father yelled in agony as deep red blood poured from his neck and out his mouth. His father limply held Edward's shoulder crying out "I don't want to die. I don't want to die" He inspected the wound and acknowledge that there was nothing he could do, the bite had gone deep into his jugular. Edward took the knife a pushed it through his father's heart to end the pain. Edward could feel the final beats of his father's knife through the handle of his blade. Edward dropped the knife and wept. After what felt like hours of try to compose himself he left the cabin and tried to find a town or somewhere so he can get out of the country. =Post-Infection= Edward was alone and within two weeks the whole country had either been evacuated or left to die. Edward's mental state dropped quickly, he slowly became paranoid. After 100 days surviving in Chernarus he began to meet other survivors, none of the groups he was with lasted long. They either betrayed or robbed Edward, many didn't trust him due to already having connections and not wanting an 'outsider' to become another problem. By 300 days, Edward began to lose hope, he stopped stockpiling food, he took more risks and never smiled. Then he found someone unique, someone a little like himself, he found a young girl called Hayden Cole. She brought Edward to her friends and they took him in with open arms. Slowly they helped him to see that all was not lost and that he had purpose. Now Edward tries to help others, just as he did before this mess... =Relations= Family: Hayden Cole (Daughter) Thomas Miller (Son) Jonah Hendrix (Son) Petya "Rada" Sarka (Daughter) Trusted: James Bonluff Serena Holden Donovan Marsh Disliked: Enemies: =Health Issues= Diabetic (Type 1) - Chronic (Discovered 1 Month Ago) Self-inflicted abdominal wound from broken chair - Healed (2 Month Ago) Broken right leg from falling - Healed (1 Month Ago) Lacerations to both arms and chest from falling - Healed (1 Month Ago)
  3. yung flare

    Calling all Law Enforcement Officers [126.23]

    *Jesse unclips the radio from his vest and press down his PTT* “Thanks for the advice, I wasn’t planning on a rampage. I’ve run operations in other countries and understand the risks as being an ‘outsider’ I’ll try my best not to be a target but I will stand up for what I think is right. I’ve lost contact with the Latin American woman. I hope her broadcast didn’t get her killed. Do you know where I should go to first? I think I might be alone for the time being. Bright out” *Jesse fastens his radio back onto his vest and continues down the road*
  4. yung flare

    Calling all Law Enforcement Officers [126.23]

    *Jesse hears the broadcast. He paces around the room before grabbing his radio and taking a deep breath before holding down the PTT* Hey this is Jesse Bright… I was a city cop some years back in Australia. It’s a long story on how I got here so I’ll just cut that. I haven’t found anyone who’s held that code for damn long time. It’s become kill or be killed here in Chernarus… I’m hoping your right, I’m hoping we can change that. Sign me up, tell me where and when. Always knew the Force was home… Bright out *Jesse places the radio on the table, looking out the window he knows he made a lot of new, powerful enemies*
  5. Lyosha was born in Chernogorsk. He spent his early years tending the farms with his family in the town of Msta where they raised chickens and cattle. Lyosha was homeschooled, is mother worked as a teacher for the neighbours in the area and was taught English and Chernarussian. Lyosha was a quiet child, doing his work without much fuss and wasn't one for complaining. When the Civil War began, his parents were against the Government, siding with the Communist Chedaki Rebels. Lyosha however, hated the Communists. One night he fled and joined the ranks of the CDF, faking his age to be able to join and save his country. He spent the next years fighting against the Communist Rebels until one fateful day, his truck arrived at his town of Msta. It had been overrun by the Rebels, as they cleared the town men, women and children were executed in the streets. He saw his old friends and then, his mother and father. After that moment, Lyosha vowed to kill all communists and to never trust Chedaki. After the Civil War, Lyosha returned home where he re-built his parents farm and continued to work. An influx of foreigners had come as Chernarus opened its borders as a free Nation. Lyosha was outraged as his town became more modernised and eventually his farm was handed over to an American worker who planned on building new houses for the growing population. Lyosha once again found himself re-joining the military. He was given the rank of Serzhánt or Sergeant. He spent the rest of his time before the outbreak training new privates, he taught them the dangers of foreigners and the story of the Chedaki and their brutalities towards himself personally and Chernarus. Lyosha was in charge of his new privates to watch and secure the checkpoints but within 3 weeks he'd be the only one left trying. Most of the privates were young and fled when the situation worsened. By the end of it Lyosha, hesitantly, retreated deeper into Chernarus. He kept with him what little belongings he had and attempted to survive.
  6. yung flare

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *** Axel tosses the radio. Before making his final call *** Exactly. Too much fucking death for one country... I'm done. I'm so done. I'm leaving. There is no hope, there is no future if you surround yourself with people. The only way to survive is alone and out of this fucking Russian piece of shit. I'm gone, you probably will never hear from me again if you want to know the best way out of the country it's North. If you stay you'll end up like Tobias.... *** A scream can be heard before Axel tosses the radio into the ocean next to him, it crackles before the transmission ends ***
  7. yung flare

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *** A voice is heard on the radio *** I'm so sorry. It sounds like you know them. Tobias gave his life to save 3 men, myself included none of them were free medics. Then at homestead they torched the place and killed another defender. I'm sorry for your losses... *** The voice fades to static ***
  8. *** A voice is heard on the radio *** Hey Doc, it's Axel. I was the Orange Mountain and Green Sweater guy. I left as advised but I'd like to get a chance to speak properlly. let me know when it's safer to come around. Speak soon *** The voice fades to static ***
  9. yung flare

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *** Axel fumbles with the radio and his shaken voice is heard softly *** Homestead is not safe. REPEAT. DO NOT GO TO HOMESTEAD. There is nothing there, is a wreck I haven't seen a single person. Find somewhere else. I've seen two free medics executed in front of me. LEAVE *** Axel quickly clips his radio back to his jeans and continues running ***
  10. yung flare

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *** There's static before a distressed voice *** It's Axel. Look I'm stuck in Vybor right now. I was with Trimm and we were heading to help Dr Brandon. I don't know what happened but I lost Trim in the dark and now I'm stuck in the middle of Vybor with no weapon in the dark and I"m running out of batteries. Trim, Brandon. IF you can hear me I really need you guys right now. At least let me know where you are. *** The radio fades out ***
  11. yung flare

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *** The radio chirps with life and a voice is heard *** Hi there, I'm Axel. I've been around the Homestead area for a while now and I met with Dr Brandon a little bit ago. I've been away now for a bit thinking and I've reached the conclusion. If you need an extra set of hands. I'm here. I was a Paramedic before This and I'd be more than willing to join your cause. Sound like this lot of people are the only ones doing some good. I look forward to hearing back from you. I hope we can meet soon, in the meantime, if you need me to collect some supplies I'm more than willing to pick up somethings along the way back. Speak soon... *** The slowly fades to static before silence ***
  12. Wow, awesome story Rory. I really enjoyed it. :3 I'm looking forward to part 2!
  13. yung flare

    Viridian - Media

    Some light zombie purging, keeping the streets safe...
  14. *Marcus reaches for his radio, overlooking the town of Berenzino* "Breaker Breaker, This is Marcus, Berenzino Medical Center do you read me. I'm looking to lend assistance where I can. I'm an able shot and I'm regaining my strength. How can I help. Over." *Marcus places the radio on his waist as he scans the town for movement with his binoculars*
  15. *Marcus, although sceptical of the man, holds on the PTT* "I'm not sure how fast I can get there but I-I'm around. W-where do you want to... meet." *Marcus, stumbles through the forest, somewhat lost*
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