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    Wow, awesome story Rory. I really enjoyed it. :3 I'm looking forward to part 2!
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    Viridian - Media

    Some light zombie purging, keeping the streets safe...
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    G'day all, nice to meet you all. (Sorry if I forget your name, I can be a bit slow but I'll learn ) Thanks for the opportunity and I can't wait to enjoy the Dank RP
  4. *Marcus reaches for his radio, overlooking the town of Berenzino* "Breaker Breaker, This is Marcus, Berenzino Medical Center do you read me. I'm looking to lend assistance where I can. I'm an able shot and I'm regaining my strength. How can I help. Over." *Marcus places the radio on his waist as he scans the town for movement with his binoculars*
  5. *Marcus, although sceptical of the man, holds on the PTT* "I'm not sure how fast I can get there but I-I'm around. W-where do you want to... meet." *Marcus, stumbles through the forest, somewhat lost*
  6. *Marcus listens to the man on the raid, slightly disheartened before pick up his radio" "D-Don't worry about me. Your work and those people are more important than me... I got myself into this...A-and if I die, it's my fault. N-Not yours... *Marcus drops the radio and grabs his arm, he closes his eyes before resetting it back into place* *Marcus fumbles for his radio* "I had to move areas, although I'm nearby. I'm not very fast... considering.... W-What's your name, Who are you? *Marcus turns around, limping back to his position"
  7. *Marcus shook his head in disbelief, he dropped his rifle anxiously grabbing his radio* "Yeah, you're right... L-Looking at my map I'm... Fuck sake... Between Severograd and Novaya Petrovka there is an electrical grid station. That's the best I can do... food, water...anything, please..." *Marcus dropped the radio and readied his rifle. Howling could be heard as the radio went silent*
  8. *Marcus collapses against a telephone pole, unclasps his radio and limply holds the PTT button* "G'day... Th- It's Marcus. or "Guardian Angel" ha ha... I like that name. Listen... I've..I've. I've fucked up." *Marcus loses his grip on the radio as he begins to pass out, suddenly he's jolted back and continues* "I got shot, badly. Everything is faded... Look I know you barely know me... What I'm trying to say... I need help. I don't know anyone in this fucking country... I... I just need your help... Please... I'll be waiting..." *Marcus drops the radio by his side, he readies his rifle and waits*
  9. Barry, or Baz as his friends called him was down to earth and got along with everyone. He always had a passion for helping people but was also obsessed with joining the military. Barry was a smart kid, if he was bothered to put the effort in. Barry also spent most of his high school life playing rugby or cricket, popular sports where he grew up. Barry was known for physical achievements, it was no surprise when became school captain either. After school Barry decided to do a degree in telecommunications, he was accepted to an engineering school and only being 17 he was one of the youngest people there. After 4 long pain staking years, he graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and specialised in telecommunications, he then went on to peruse what he dreamed of doing, he enlisted as a UN Peacekeeper, more specifically as a telecommunications officer within the UN. He received 6 months of combat training. After the 6 months he was officially Private Moore, Telecommunications Officer. He was deployed to Chernarus, Russia after a deadly infection ravaged the country, it was Moore and his team's job to keep radio channels functioning between the UN F.O.B and back to the European Headquarters. Their final message was informing the Headquarters that the infection prevention had failed and that the checkpoints had been overrun by the infected, in a final attempt to save themselves, Moore and his team had left them with co-ordinates of their evac point. The town of Chernogorsk, when their team arrived all was well and they awaited their evac. That night hell broke loose, infected were pushing into the city and then, the International Hotel was hit, a plane crashed and exploded against the building bringing it down. The rest of the UN and CDF members were told to hold the city as civilians ran, infected swarmed the streets, biting and eating soldiers and civilians, Barry watched as not only his squadron but CDF and remaining UN were torn to pieces. The surviving members decided to retreat into one the left over cargo V3S', they rushed out of town, booking it down the main street passing other civilians walking to the next evac point, Elektrozavodsk. As they came to a stop at another abandoned checkpoint and stopped to search for survivors when they were attacked by civilians armed with crowbars, pistols and anything else they could find. Barry was hit over the head and kicked, they stole his beret, rifle, pistol and the vehicle. One of the men began to walk around and execute each of the men, when suddenly they were jumped by infected, leaving only Barry and two others, unfortunately Barry fell unconscious and when he awoke it was just him left, no one else.
  10. Marcus was a history buff, he loved history especially his own history. Grandfather had been an Englishman who moved to Poland for a culture changed and married a beautiful Polish woman, his Grandmother. During the Second World War his family disapproved of the removal of Jews, his Grandmother being a Jew by heritage but a Christian by faith she was still destined to be captured and killed, as the German Army began to push into Poland they fled to Ukraine. It was short-lived as Ukraine began to collaborate with the Axis, his Grandparents caught wind of this and fled across the Sea of Azov and through other countries to reach the small, unknown country of Chernarus under the protection of the USSR. It was their that his Father would be born and once the war was over they moved once more to Australia, as his Grandfather was an Englishman is as fairly easy to obtain a visa for his family. 40 years later and Marcus Aleksy Davidson was born. Marcus grew up on tales of the war, Poland and Chernarus by his Grandfather, he told him of the beautiful rolling green hills and vast forests of Chernarus. When his Grandfather passed he vowed that he would take his Grandfather back to Chernarus to scatter his ashes. After two months of waiting to receive a passport he booked his flight and left for Chernarus. He was blown away by the old architecture and just as his Grandfather had told him, the green rolling hills and beautiful forests of deep greens, crimsons and orange. Marcus stayed in the International Hotel in Chernogorsk, he travelled up to the town of Kamensk and climbed the tallest mountain to the peak. After admiring the view he scattered the ashes. The next day the town of Kamensk was on shut down, heightened security and all. News broadcasts and theorist alike wondering what was happening there, Marcus had a funny little feeling about the facility. The days the continued reports worsened, a strain of some virus was putting many in hospital. Some people were saying the soldiers and civilians were seen being very aggressive with some biting other people. People began fleeing to the main towns, the International Hotel was completely full. South Zagoria was almost completely destroyed, people leaving in mass on small boats and cargo vessels, some legally, others illegally. Marcus was fearing the worse, now keeping his Grandfather's old hunting backpack with him at all times, thinking at any moment he would be next to leave and go back home. The night of the 20th Marcus was haggling for food at the local shopping centre when an almighty boom echoed and the sky began to light up red. He rushed outside to see the International Hotel crumbling as a plane exploded. Marcus now knew he wasn't going to make it home. Screams erupted as infected began to pour out the hospital and from the roads. Marcus dashed into the shopping centre filling his pack with food and water before running out the door, he ran down the streets, an officer was being mauled to death, Marcus grabbed a brick and beat the infected to death and took the pistol off the dying officer and continued to run. He made his way into the treeline, not following the directions of the military or the rest of the people in an attempt to escape the horde. Marcus scanned through his pack. He had a travel map, enough food for a week, water for about 2-3 days, flashlight, an officers pistol and the clothes on his back. Marcus analysed his travel map, the North-East Airfield was his best bet of survival, hopefully people were still alive there.
  11. *Isaiah stops and yanks the radio from his hip* "Hello!?! Are you there, my name is Isaiah, I can help you, where are you?! Hello!" *Isaiah hold the radio, anxiously waiting for a response*
  12. *Isaiah unclipped the radio from his hip and brought it up to his mouth* "This is Isaiah O'Connell. I'm looking for anyone, I almost died last night. But thanks to the kindness of others, I lived, now it's my time to return the favour and continue my personal mission, If anyone needs a worker, I'm here, need someone with advanced first aid, I got you covered, but I'm not a doctor, I can't do or fix everything. I'll make sure I can pull my weight. Isaiah out." *Isaiah clipped the radio on his hip, "I hope I find them soon." Isaiah hoisted the large Alice pack and secured it before continuing down the street*
  13. *Isaiah jumps back, startled by his barking radio, he fumbles with the radio before responding* "Hello!? This is Private O'Connell, well previously known before the outbreak as Private O'Connell but you can call me Isaiah now. I was a United Nations peacekeeper. I've been wandering for days now, I have spare food and drink if you need, let me know if you're around the North-East. I'm most likely around there. Stay safe, stay alive." *Isaiah released the PTT reluctantly, wishing he would hear another person. He placed it back on his hip and continued to walk down the street*