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  1. The only man I actually appreciated when it came to RP back in the day.
  2. The reason RP is stale is because people focus too much on winning DayZRP. Everyone wants to be on top. As a result it brings out the worst in people. Like Uriki said, many self entitled know it alls that push the my way or the highway mindset. Considering the majority of the community cannot forumlate there own opinion without being influenced by these loud mouthed majority, it is hard to keep things smooth. Another issue is the memes... Everyone is trying way to hard to be a banter boy these days and that is coming from me. No matter who you run into the amount of OOC banter that influenced some peoples roleplay is down right stupid. People focus way to much into seeing RP improve from the next guy, that they don't realize they are part of the problem. Back in late 2014 early 2015, the story line was amazing. There were plenty of groups all actively trying to roleplay, not show off there new memes or rob people for boredom. I wouldn't mind a lore wipe but the more I see things, it won't help considering the majority of active members don't have the mentality we used to. Unless that changes and people focus more on the long run then short term material gain, tbis place could strive for a long time. As for the staff team.. well it has always had its bad eggs. There will always be certain members who try get invovled for the wrong reasons. My main concern with staff is this. Yes this is volunteer work. You give up the free time you have to monitor this place. But then what happens? They earn the title of GM and completely lose interest. Do bar minimum to keep the job and flail there dick around on the forums saying I am better then you because I have the badge. When someone calls them out for tbis or inactivity there reply always defaults to it being a volunteer job. Well if you volunteer in a soup kitchen, you don't serve a couple people and sit there for hours doing nothing while people go hungry. "Oh i did my job already, it is someone elses responsibility now". Fuck that. To keep this place functional you need people who are actually dedicated to RP and that is the problem and why so many staff members get hate. They earned the title because they can spam the forums, but when it comes to an in game presence, it is zero. The only reason this place is looking like its on its last leg is because we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel in almost every aspect, and unless everyone just picks it up just a tad, DayZRP will die.
  3. You have to understand one thing about DayZRP. It is its own entity. Every public discussion or decision making is flipped between the mentality of being a community or a buisness. There is no consistancy. The idea of case by case is exactly that. A way of implementing personal bias. Being a "friend" of yours I understand the frustration you have. Not only were you wrongly removed from your position in staff, but denied the ability to be apart of the stream team despite you actually one of the few who actively stream DayZRP. Now calling JimRP out for being a biased individual is on par with Rolle. It will virtually go no where. We can sit here an complain all we want but in reality if you are not a suck up to those in charge, consider anything you do to better the community in itself to be nulled. You will be known as THAT guy. A repuation that extends far past where it should. Now you ask, Jimmy how does one solve this issue? Well Post, you say fucka stream team and do you. Create a thread and get your name out there for doing what you do best. We don't need famous streamers or content creators to make this place successful. We need active roleplayers not meat heads that will attract the same roleplay they produce, shit. So do you post. No need to involve yourself with this petty garbage.
  4. *Jormair chimes in* WELL YOUR FUCKING FUCKED BRO. I hope your radio ego was worth the five minutes of fame. Unless Braxton denounces you as memebers of the horseman, we will continue deflating this big head of yours until you are nothing but a 3 week old balloon. No holds bard. You wasted my time in the polana factory? I could of grabbed all you teenagers by your straigtened hair and thrown you the country. Not for a second expect otherwise. Kurva Chechuniks. *transmission is cut*
  5. Jimmy!

    Staff Purge?

    Don't see the reason for a staff purge. I think it would be better if Staff had better communication. It appears to me that unless it has to do with reports, the Mod/GM team act as rogue agents that use there personal opinion instead of the clear rule set to define rulebreaks. I understand most situations are case by case, but to be honest, there has been en0ugh situations in our day to have a clear code to follow. Staff shouldn't sign up to provide personal justice, but to define what is right and what is wrong. Simple.
  6. Because that is the reason you would get warned for...
  7. AUHHHHHYH I just busted in my already crusty boxers
  8. Me and mine are done replying to this report unless requested by staff. I appreciate linking the rules page not once, but twice Spartan. But if you must know 6.4 You may not bait other players into situations where you use kill rights or self-defence (see rule 7.2) due to their response to your provoking actions. 7.2 Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is at risk.
  9. You assumed you got RDMd. To be what it looks like, you were baiting an initiation so your allies could shoot at us, considering they were set up for one. Looks like we got the jump on you before you had one on us. Not sure what else I can say, you group continued to follow max when he told you to stop for five minutes. KoS rights were valid.
  10. Well the Irish have a funny way of doing things when it comes to "supplying" Floor 11. We brought Brandon along for a quick supply run. He didn't know our intentions IC, as far as he knew, we were just going to hang out there. We roped him into the situation maliciously to gain the trust of your camp, Perhaps instead of making it obvious of wanting to see some sort of OOC justice for what happened, perhaps deal with it IC? Maybe you will get the RP you are looking for there
  11. Seeing as my reply went right over your head. I didn't accuse you of ghosting. I accused your ally Edward Martin a ghoster. You even state in your original PoV "I tried to talk to him/stall him for my allies to catch up so we can initiate"' Don't see the reason as to why to upload the rest of the video. Situation was over. If you must know what happened, Kpop was cold, so we built him a fire
  12. Ok so before it was "there is no members present" to there has to be more then one? Is this coming from your personal opinion or the staff conglomerate? The irish characters are good friends with Floor 11. Aiding them in multiple situations. Fuck we even have our own piece of claim within there settlement. During the situation, I was apart of Floor 11 myself. So to honest with you there Andrey, we were pretty much all floor 11 minus Uriki and Squatch As the rule states provided by Lemons 14.4 Settlements may only be attacked by other factions and only once a day per faction. The settlement may also be attacked at any time by those who have been attacked by the settlement host. Doesn't say how many people within the faction need to be present in order for it to be valid. Perhaps updating the rule after this situation is over could help fix any issues you have.
  13. Dr Brandon was on his Floor 11 character
  14. Be happy I haggled Rolle to upgrade it to 4mb. It was fucking 2 before.
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