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  1. KittieWriting

    Current Issues

    There's a difference between nice talk and shit talk. There's a whooole middle ground you can play around with.
  2. KittieWriting

    Current Issues

    I think the word 'safe zone' is confusing people. It doesn't mean it's a place to 'talk nice' with one another, it's a place to RP without the threat of being shot and sent back to the coast where you are unable to RP with your group/friends/random people. Each time you end up dying in game, it takes you away from the RP that you came here for, so it's frustrating for people on the other end of it, because they then have to try to meet up with their group or find RP while trying to survive as a fresh spawn. Yes it would be nice if there weren't two sides. But there are. There clearly is a divide and the only way that can be fixed is if both sides see each other's point of view. If both sides accept the legitimacy of Campfire AND Hostile RP. If both sides see a place for both types of RP. You can have campfire RP with hostile tension. You can have hostile tension with character building campfire dialogue and you can have all kinds of varied RP that doesn't fit into either group. I enjoyed the post earlier about the previous types of RP there used to be, and how it didn't fit into either camp. There needs to be a discussion, but we also have to remember that we're all people who come here for the same reasons but enjoy different things. If an entire section of a community is feeling their experience is being ruined by certain things, that it's helpful to not ignore that and try to come up with some way that this can be improved instead of attacking each other and hoping it'll make the tension disappear... it's not working so far, if anything it's making it worse.
  3. KittieWriting

    Current Issues

    In order for us to have a community, both sides need to start thinking conscientiously about the other person's experience. Yes, we're on a game. But people pay for this game and they CHOOSE to spend their free time on it, and therefore it should be FUN for both sides but instead it is full of so much animosity and OOC drama because neither side can put themselves in the other person's shoes. I'm not a campfire RPer, and I'm also not a hostile RPer. I'd love to have a mix between the two, because both are interesting. But as it stands there seems to be a humanitarian disconnect and a miscommunication between two parts of the community. Rolle has tried to start a compromise between the two sides - providing a safe zone so that you can now choose what kind of RP you want to have on any given day and that has only been met by opposition. I agree everyone needs to enjoy themselves here, but I can understand why people seem to get upset over certain issues on this forum when it feels like they're speaking but no one is listening. Hebee, I don't not like you. I don't know you. I think you're grouping me in with @Rei and that's unfair as I cannot defend myself from a position I don't hold. She called you annoying on TS. That's her opinion, not mine, I haven't said anything towards you, and just because we disagree about certain topics does not mean that I dislike you as a person. In life, people disagree on all different kinds of things and are still able to be civil or even friends. I'm only expressing my opinions here and I apologise if I misconstrued anything you said on your previous post but I was under the impression you were trying to stifle a perfectly reasonable discussion and shame the @Phoenix into not posting threads like this in the future. I'm not being combative, I'm being pragmatic. There's a big difference. We should all be able to talk without being called annoying and made to feel our efforts are in vain.
  4. KittieWriting

    Current Issues

    You're also saying the OP is annoying for posting a thread that asks for opinions which is uncalled for as we SHOULD be able to have a discussion without someone saying it's pointless and annoying, right? You didn't post that when your friend posted a poll and invited opinions on the safe zone? Or do you only think certain people are annoying when they post a thread that invites a discussion between community members and if they're your friend it's fine?
  5. KittieWriting

    Current Issues

    @Rolle is literally implementing something to control 'the things we bitch about'. That's why the rules are here... So the admins can control the server and the experience people are having when they log on. We're literally doing that, and we should be able to discuss how to improve the experience for everyone here, on both sides, and the fact that one side wants everyone to just 'shut up about it' and 'don't play if you don't enjoy it' is quite frankly selfish and disturbing. No one is telling bandits to stop, we're telling them to have their fun - but we'd also like to have OUR fun, which I think is more than fair and does not warrant one group of people being pushed off a server because the hostile RPers are unable and unwilling to compromise to accommodate everyone.
  6. KittieWriting

    Current Issues

    I don't think anyone is complaining that hostile RP happens, I think it's the frequency. It happens at least two or three times a day for us. All these groups think they're the only ones doing it, and it doesn't happen 'that often' but when you're on the other side of it. It's none stop, because each group is doing it to you once. Is it realistic to get taken and tortured three times in 2 days? No, it's not, and it gets to be VERY boring for people on the other side of it. Yes there are hostile RPers who do it right, and it's very welcome when they do, providing they're adding tension and some sort of story arch - as well as a story branch for my character to RP after the hostile group has gone. When we try to avoid 'hot zones' like the triangle, you say we're HIDING from RP and how dare a so called RPer hide from RP in the corner of a map or in a safe zone? Oh but if we don't hide... then you're asking to be taken hostage... and it's your own fault for being in an RP zone that is known for PvP.
  7. That lol when someone RPs something their character would never do because they want OOC revenge.

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    Don't know why you're just posting pictures of grass, but nice picture.
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  10. KittieWriting

    Safe Zone.

    I think we're not saying that hostile RP isn't allowed - but one type of hostile RP, which is shooting someone dead won't be allowed. I for one would be disappointed if the SZ was a complete paradise with everyone going around handing out free hugs and water. It'll just be a different type of realistic RP. Good and bad people are everywhere, even in places where people think they are safe. This zone just leaves more room for creativity and a different type of RP. I do however understand your grievances with people hiding behind the rules, but that will never stop, and it happens now at times. It's just part and parcel of having a community full of different people.
  11. KittieWriting

    Safe Zone.

    That's bad RP though and a poor example. 1:"Attempts to put the guy into a headlock." 2:"Manages to wriggle free before you lock your hands in place, tugging away forcefully, but as they do this they are knocked off balance." 1:"Uses the opportunity to try to kick his legs out from under him." 2:"Falls to the floor like a little bitch." Yeah I agree, if they want realism, there's a lot of things that are done now, that wouldn't be allowed.
  12. KittieWriting

    Safe Zone.

    I don't disagree with you at all. Just because we have a safe zone, doesn't mean it's permanent or isn't open to change. We have amazing loremasters, we have very good RPers on both sides. I'm sure we can all come up with an epic storyline that will provide people with a lot of new roleplay. But we can also stop the safezone if it's not working or being abused.
  13. KittieWriting

    Safe Zone.

    Also that's why you do "attempts to" and you trust that people who got whitelisted by the admins can RP without bias to further a storyline. There's not a lot of faith in the RP community from what I can see in this thread. Everyone thinks everyone will ghost, ruleplay and powergame. Just have faith in people and their RP.
  14. KittieWriting

    Safe Zone.

    It's not realistic that every person who feels verbally slighted then shoots someone. That's not how people work... I'm just seeing that some people aren't willing to change their type of RP to suit a new obstacle. This could be really interesting for all OTHER types of RP. And I don't mean Passive or Hostile. There are SO many types of RP that are being overlooked. Okay so we have a safe zone, that doesn't mean it's carebear RP. You can have drug dealers, using the infection as a way to make more money because people are struggling with their new reality and everything that comes with that. Collecting debts, strong arming, forging secret alliances, running dens. You can have a bandit faction slowly infiltrating the ranks of the guard at the safe zone - leaders rising up - pretending they know what's best for people, changing the laws, promoting bandits to power and before they know it, the gates are open and it's no longer a safe zone, it's the chaos zone. You can have travellers, traders, caravans, loading up their stuff and moving it out to neighbouring that need supplies (other factions who have set up outside the safe zone) and hostile RP when a group holds them up and takes all their shit. I'm just brainstorming, but there's SO much, that you can do that isn't carebear, if you can just emote it instead of picking up a gun. So fist fight. We're here to discuss, I don't see a problem with a fist fight providing there's a saline bag on hand and a bandage and some nice RP afterwards.
  15. KittieWriting

    Safe Zone.

    I think you should be able to act like a little piece of shit if your character is one. But they should equally know where the line is - talk back, be rude, mock, antagonise, get drunk and dig yourself a hole with a known bandit group. It's all great tension. But be prepared to pay for it outside of the zone. Also, I don't see why we can't emote hostile activity instead of shooting at someone. It's not realistic when someone has to respawn at the coast because they got gunned down. But, we ignore that non-realism and just play that someone got injured. We should be able to emote RP-fights - someone talks shit, then beat them up with your guys somewhere in the safe zone that's private.