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  1. John Andersson

    John Andersson journey in Chernarus began a rainy day the 21th of July 2017. The ship Maersk 425 had just arrived outside the harbour of Svetlojarsk after a long travel overseas. The crew of forty strong men had been traveling for a mounth, starting from the docks of Gothenburg in Sweden. The ship was old, with a rosty hull, few working lifevest and shabby interior, even the red color on the exterior had faded into a more blood coagulated color. The ship should have been taken out of service years ago, but due cutbacks in Maersk trading company, the management instead decided to exchange the engines, installing two new Volvo Penta engines to elude the Swedish ship- and sea security laws. Two days had gone by with not a single sound on the radio. The crew was worried and a rumor was starting to spread on the ship, about russia and takistan closing the border to Chernarus. The ships captain John Andersson was well aware of the situation, but decided not to say anything to the crew because he did not want the crew to start panicing, that would lead to chaos on the ship. Together with navigating officer Fredrick and the their radioman Henry the three decided to at least wait until the morning before saying anything to the crew about the actual situation. This was easier said then done. Late that evening Henry drunk a whole bottle of whiskey on an empty stomach, shouting across the ships dining room, that he heard NATO military personel over the radio, taking about bombing towns in South Zagoria. John Andersson did not have any other option than to tell the truth about why their ship couldn't dock. Together with his crew, John decided that the crew should take the two only functional lifeboats on the ship to shore, gathering more information about the situation, early the next morning. What they did not know was that the carrier for the ships only anchor was loose which led the ship to drift 7 miles southeast from the harbour of Svetlojarsk. Late that night the Maersk425 run aground. The collision killed nearly all crew members, either they got squashed by heavy containers or drowning because the doors to the dormitory wouldn't open and the boat was taking in water. Captain John Andersson wakes up with a deep cut in his forehead, the driedout blood was covering his left eye and wouldn't open, the only sight he could see along the shore were limp bodies bumping on the waves.
  2. Swedish contribution :)

    Vi är ett gäng svenskar som spelar tillsammans, vi funderar på att starta en grupp på dayzrp, du är välkommen att lira med oss om du vill☺️ Med vänlig hälsning, M