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  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: After I ended the game for the day, I logged in to DayzRP website to look for any reports regarding any incidents happening that day. I was no post at that time. I logged in to DayzRP website the day after, and it's says that I have not posted my POV in the last 24 hours and cause of that I'm temp banned. I can not be online on this website 24/7, but i regulary check it for news and radio chatter or if something do not feel being right according to the rules. The reason the verdict is not fair is because of the time difference between US and Europan time. I would like to give my POV when I'm able to. Saw that one guy said we could talk on Teamspeak, and I would gladly do, to sort this thing out. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Me and Alfred @BigM89 was going full ghullie in Chernogorsk with the intention to meet some people and trade at Kovars market. Close to the church at the office complex (where you often find press vest) we saw a guy in the back yard, he was just standig there with no movement. My friend Alfred was trying to talk with him but with no response. We thought he was logging in/logging out, but as it turns out it was a glitch, he was dead but was standing up. Some seconds later a couple of guys run towards me and asked me if I killed the guy at the back yard, I replied "No, I did not kill anyone". I run across the wall when my buddy says on the radio that he was chased by a guy and that he will shoot him if he don't stop following him. The guy continued to follow him so from what I understand they killed traded each other. I run toward where I heard the shots and a guy in red shouted to me behind a wall that i shall put my hands up. I did not comply and answerd "fuck no" and sprayed him with my scorpion. Some seconds later after I killed the guy in red, another guy comes running spraying his ak or what it was, so i returned fire and died. From my POV: 1. The guy in red acused me and my friend to have killed the guy in the yard. 2. My friend Initiated on your friend because he was following him, and they kill traded. 3. The guy in red initiatied on me telling me to put my hands up, and I killed him. It's clear I did not break any rules according to: 6.1 You must always have a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile situation. We were acused of a "crime" we did not commit, so we wanted to defend ourselfs. Moreover you told me to put my hands up (even though you were behind a wall) 7.2 Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is at risk. My firend initiated on your firend and they killed trade = my life were at risk of being killed by your group. I got kill rights cause of hotstile action against our group. 7.3 Kill rights are only shared between group members if the group's members are within 500m of the situation taking place or have a direct line of sight. I got kill rights cause of hotstile action against our group and I was within 500m of the situation taking place. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my temp banned lifted, giving my POV. What could you have done better?: If I could play the game on US time I would. But as it may, I have a job and can't play all night and be on the website 24/7. I'm always try to give my best RP to people I met, this perhaps was not the best RP I've given, but all acording to rules (Yes I know RP comes first, then the rules). Best regards /M
  3. John Red Andersson journey in Chernarus began a rainy day the 21th of July 2017. The ship Maersk 425 had just arrived outside the harbour of Svetlojarsk after a long travel overseas. The crew of forty strong men had been traveling for a mounth, starting from the docks of Gothenburg in Sweden. The ship was old, with a rosty hull, few working lifevest and shabby interior, even the red color on the exterior had faded into a more blood coagulated color. The ship should have been taken out of service years ago, but due cutbacks in Maersk trading company, the management instead decided to exchange the engines, installing two new Volvo Penta engines to elude the Swedish ship- and sea security laws. Two days had gone by with not a single sound on the radio. The crew was worried and a rumor was starting to spread on the ship, about russia and takistan closing the border to Chernarus. The ships captain John Andersson was well aware of the situation, but decided not to say anything to the crew because he did not want the crew to start panicing, that would lead to chaos on the ship. Together with navigating officer Fredrick and the their radioman Henry the three decided to at least wait until the morning before saying anything to the crew about the actual situation. This was easier said then done. Late that evening Henry drunk a whole bottle of whiskey on an empty stomach, shouting across the ships dining room, that he heard NATO military personel over the radio, taking about bombing towns in South Zagoria. John Andersson did not have any other option than to tell the truth about why their ship couldn't dock. Together with his crew, John decided that the crew should take the two only functional lifeboats on the ship to shore, gathering more information about the situation, early the next morning. What they did not know was that the carrier for the ships only anchor was loose which led the ship to drift 7 miles southeast from the harbour of Svetlojarsk. Late that night the Maersk425 run aground. The collision killed nearly all crew members, either they got squashed by heavy containers or drowning because the doors to the dormitory wouldn't open and the boat was taking in water. Captain John Andersson wakes up with a deep cut in his forehead, the driedout blood was covering his left eye and wouldn't open, the only sight he could see along the shore were limp bodies bumping on the waves.
  4. Vi är ett gäng svenskar som spelar tillsammans, vi funderar på att starta en grupp på dayzrp, du är välkommen att lira med oss om du vill Med vänlig hälsning, M
  5. Unfortunately I do not have video/photo of the incident, if I did I would post it. Best regards /M
  6. I did not lie @Strzyga, what I did was giving my side of the story as requested of me. Just a heads up, when you don't complie in hostile situations you usally get shot in the head, just a reminder my friend. If you or your friend got any videoprof of the incident I hope you post it here so could we go through it together. I know it can be frustrated sometimes when people kill or robb you, but please act like an adult and skip this kind of attitude. - you did not have value for life - you did not complie in a hostole situation - you making threts in PM after you got killed (boy, it's not allowed) It's a waste of time making a KOS report for all parties involved, ecpecially the admins who have to look through it all.
  7. And so the childish behavor continues... (Sorry if it's inappropriate for this report, @Dusty and @Cid).
  8. @Shadar told me and @BigM89 over the radio that he saw one guy at the military tents vest of svetlojarsk. Me and @BigM89 where stationated at the cliffs north of the tents scouting the area. @Shadar told the one guy to put his hands up, but some seconds later another guy appear and did an hold up on @Shadar. Because me and @BigM89 did not have range weapons we did not want to risk our friends life, so we did not shoot. From my pov @Strzyga and @Razmor did not frisk @Shadar for his radio. They just told @Shadar they were looking for painkillers for one of the guys, which @Shadar explained to me and @BigM89 after they left the military tents. We started to run to svetlojarsk to seek up the two guys. After a couple of minutes @Shadar saw the two guys on the sothern entrence to svetlojarsk,running towards the, begining to talk to them. Me and @BigM89took the south western field behind the orange house to flank them. Some seconds after, @BigM89 told the two guys to put their hands up. One of the guys started running to the parkinglot on the southern side of the orange house, even after @BigM89 warnings, after that @BigM89 opened fire on him. Then I saw him running towards the streets so i started shooting (did not think i hit him tho). I lost visual of the guy so I run towards the harbour side on the western side of svetlojarsk. I talked with @Shadar on the radio and he told me he wasted one guy at the railroad, but I can not confirm which of the two guys he wasted (at this time i did not know if @BigM89 killed the guy at the parkinglot, so I waited for @Shadar to be sure no one else where alive). I could only see the guy on the railroad and @BigM89 laying on the ground, the other guy at the parkinglot was glitched and could not be seen from my pov (@shadar told me the glitced guy was dead). Just to be clear, killrights is shared between a group if they are within 500m of the situation taking place, which we were. But even so @BigM89 gave you guys the chance to complie, but you dis not. Summery: 1. Hold up by @Shadar 2. "Hold up on hold up" 3. Running after the two guys 4. Found them did a hold up 5. They did not complie 6. We shot them down = By the books and according to the rules! /Best regards
  9. Unfortunately I do not have video evidence of the reported situation, I will talk with @Dreamking89 if he has any video or photage evidence.
  10. @Kittendo I think what @Dreamking89 is saying is that the other guys that were shooting at us was not part of your group and had no kill rights, but you and @TylerP500 had kill rights according to the rules and 2 hour kill strike. So @Jacko4871 do you mean that if I come up to you and say "there is people that robbed us 30 minutes earlier, could you kill them for me, they are running after me" you istantly have kill rights on them?
  11. "Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is at risk." "But as @Kittendosaid, they had the right to waste them for 2 hours" So you are from the same group? From what I hear there were two groups, one with two people, @Kittendo and @TylerP500 and then it was you guys @Jacko4871, @dankusmemeus, etc.. So @dankusmemeus, do automatically got kill rights and become one group when you heard a story from two guys?
  12. Firstly I did introduce my self when we met you, after a minute or so we did a solid hold up on you, asking you to put your hands up and get on the ground, you complied. You did ask why we told you to get on the ground, and for that we replied with "beacuse we say so". After that I told you to put a burlap sack on your head before I wanted to handcuff you (The reason for this is that the usage of burlap sack on head is broken in the game). That you did not complie and took the burlap sack in your inventory, I waited 30 seconds for you to do that and did not wanted to OCC, explaining for you how to do it, but you didn't do it. Then we handcuffed you and we took some shotgun ammo from your backpack. So about 3 minutes silence as you say is really 30 seconds when we was waiting for you to complie, putting the burlap sack on your head. The reason for the robbery was that we needed shotgun ammo and was out of food, and you had a shotgun on your back so there would be a chance you had some on you. This we also explained to you after we pointed our guns to you, simple as that mate. Also you do not have to state your name if someone ask.
  13. Server and location: DayZRP.com - S1 EU - Whitelist - Role Play , Military base in close to Vybor (VMC). Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 06/11/2017 17:07 Your in game name: Conny Karlsson Names of allies involved: Jesus Svensson, Peter Gubbsson Name of suspect/s: Don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and two friends were heading from North West Airfield to Kabanino. When we arrived in Kabanino we saw two guys in the North Western fields of Kabanino. We stopped to wave to them, and when they saw us they stopped and used binoculars. Then they started to run to VMC. We were running after them to talk to them, but heard shots fired from VMC so we stopped at a shed at the coordinates 048 068 (Dayzmap) not to put ourselfs in the middle of a firefight. We lost sight of them for a minute and then we saw one guy across the field in the opposite direction from us (South east from out location). We ran towards him to talk, and halfway there, people started shooting at us, (04:24). My boy Jesus got shot (04:27), and some seconds later was uncon (04:38). I was shot in the legs and could not move (04:51), so I took a morphine and some seconds after that Jesus died and soon after that so did I. The only one that survived was Peter. The guys who were shooting at us did NOT initiate at us in any way, they did not even try to RP, nor talk to us. According to us and what the rules are saying we consider this a clear KOS situation, but it will be up to Admins to decide.
  14. First of all you were to far away from me so even if you were shouting your ears of I would not been able to hear you. The only thing I heard was a shot from my sks that you took from me when you robbed me some minutes earlier. Second, you write that you were shooting at me to wound me, then my question to you is why the hit log says that you first shoot me in pelvis and some seconds later you killed me with a second shot in the chest. Mate are you high? The time you were robbing me you told me to put all my gear in the ground and after you checked it you told me to run east for 30 seconds before I could return to fetch my gear. Which I also did. I did comply to everything that you said. You can see at the screenshot I was standing still waving one hand before you shot me unconscious. This was a couple of minutes after you robbed me. Do you mean that you were trying to rob me a second time from a distance over +100m?
  15. Server and location: DayZRP.com - S1 EU - Strict Role Play - Whitelist Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17-05-2017, 18:19 Your in game name: Conny Karlsson Names of allies involved: no allies, but another guy was also there Name of suspect/s: Abraham Hall Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): pic1 (hold up): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/786287510954215176/279FEF98768CE386393184B8FDCF4562034C52A6/ pic2 (seconds from beeing shoot dead): https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/786287510954215432/97E61F084624455BE2E236A5D561D86B26C3697D/ Detailed description of the events: I was at the military tents west of Severograd. After looting the three tents, I met a guy who I helped with food and some 9mm ammo for his mp5. Then some guy told us to put our hands up which we did. The guy who made the hold up told me to put all my gear on the ground, so I did. After he had looted my things he told me to run back East to Severograd for 30 seconds before coming back to fetch my gear, which I also did. Then I headed east looting the houses that's close to the military tents, when suddenly I heard shoots nearly hitting me. Saw the guy who robbed my in the woods, which can be seen in pic2 (he is laying two trees from my hand on the right side), two seconds after puting my hand up to wave to him, he shot me unconsious and two seconds after that I was dead.