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  1. Current Issues

    Him typing that is absolutely unacceptable. Someone probably should've reported him if they haven't already, but I was speaking about gear RP.
  2. Current Issues

    Isn't he being robbed off his gear? kind of ironic, I'd say both parties are quite interested in gear.
  3. Here's a thought: lets not flame people behind their backs because they think an actual rule was broken. People tent to get points because of that. :D 

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    2. Rei


      Yeah, points aren't everything for people who don't live on this forum. I was gonna get points regardless for speaking about someone who's buddies with the staff team.

    3. Nihoolious


      I guarantee you if you had worked your statement in a different way you would not have gotten points. Despite what some people might think, we aren't corrupt or biased enough to point someone for flaming our friend. We point them for flaming in general no matter who is the recipient.

    4. Ender


      Oh so you intended to get points? then need i remind you of our rules which states 

      • 1.1 We demand all of our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. In other words, don't be a cunt.
      • 1.2 You are not allowed to insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP players. This goes for all kinds of communication and medium, not just messages sent through DayZRP services.

      But you already know this don't you?

      These rules are not here to be ignored. If you cannot follow them, then you will find yourself perma banned faster than you can say "Why?" And If points don't mean anything to you because you do not "Live on the forums" then we can always upgrade the punishments to game bans as well. instead of 5 points for flaming we could give 5 in game day bans for flaming, or give you a ban strike, or Hell, I can Rule 4 you straight out the door right now. Its really quite simple You can Follow our rules or you can leave. 

      However, this must be said. and this goes for EVERYONE READING THIS: DO NOT DISCOURAGE OR ATTACK SOMEONE FOR POSTING A REPORT. No one in staff gives a shit about who it is, Just don't do it. You have no idea how many people are afraid to report VALID rule breaks because they don't want to be viewed negatively in the eyes of the community. That is not how someone should feel.


      With that being said I will close this status.

  4. Current Issues

    If you want to know why people hide away most of the time @Phoenix, here's a very good explanation by Rolle. You can say you shouldn't care about gear, but I pick the clothing I find and a suitable gun with a fair amount of ammo, it makes my character feel complete and it sucks that everytime I step anywhere near the triangle (the only place where you can find people randomly tbh most of the time) I lose all of it. I don't care if this happens every once in a while, but when I do care, I'll hide with my people and do internal RP with them. That's just the way it is. And when the safe zone is introduced, you bet your ass I'll be "hiding" in there trying to RP. Mind you that I don't think anyone is complaining that there IS hostile RP, but rather the frequency of it. 80-90% of this server are bandit badasses and treeline ninjas. Someone mentioned gear whoring, hostile groups do the exact same thing when they take ALL my gear when I'm being robbed. If I'm not supposed to care about it, then neither can you. Our group does hostile RP too but we don't even loot dead bodies when we need to kill and we give people back their guns after usually, albeit without ammo sometimes. And if a large part of the community seems to be complaining about the frequency of hostile RP, since a lot of bandits atm feel victimized by this, does that not tell you anything? Try to understand eachother for once.
  5. CoastRP. :(

  6. Failed Robberies Thread

    LMAO. We seperated the hostage takers and I think I killed some japanese dude, then Jax and the random guy got away... I died but it was worth it. So you killed the chick? I was wondering what those shots behind us were.
  7. @idoleIs there a reason why you combat logged? Your 30 min timer wasn't up

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    2. Western

      Idole character has changed massively over last few months. She's gone more to what I'd say get father was xDxD

    3. Rei


      But you don't understand Mary character in relation to Daya, for example it makes no sense for her to hold up Daya and Ellie and that's something she wouldn't do without a good reason. Their reason? "Lets play some fun sick games!!!! but like I said you don't know the character relations, it's not just about character development.

    4. Western

      Mary character as been changing over last while into more bandit type shit from whst I've seen 

  8. Safe zone discussion

    Don't shit on my opinion please!
  9. Safe zone discussion

    "Personally I just say everyone calm down and let Rolle do what he wants. He only stays active for a week or two at a time, gets bored and goes AFK again for months." Yes.. yes this is a great opinion, not at all unneccesary.
  10. Failed Robberies Thread

  11. Safe zone discussion

    Lol, it's amazing how rude and over the top dramatic people are over this topic. As if it's the worst thing to ever happen and will ruin RP forever. Chill fam..
  12. Smith if you read this.. RIP buddy. :(

  13. Safe Zone.

    And that would be within their right. Maybe groups will organically form to fight the treeline ninjas!
  14. Safe Zone.

    Quite easy for you to say, since you're not the one running a camp and don't understand how frustrating it is to try and create something and have it raided every two hours. It should say something that no character protected IC camp has survived. Lets just wait and see how it goes before we all oppose the idea; if it fails then it disappears anyway.