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  1. It was a normal sunny Day in Chernarus. I want to walk to my Workplace in Solnichniy. Quiet friendly i greet lots of persons and neighbours. But the last days are very busy. Lots of Ambulances crosses the main road next to the coast. All wondered what was going on here. Days and days gone and more and more military forces passed our citie into the west of Chernarus. Then as the media broadcasted a footage of infected humans whic looked dreadful a lot of panic breaked out. The poeple began to plunder stores for food and water and left the citie. There are rumors of a savezone controlled by military forces. So i also began to realize that i have to left my hometown. Very fast i packed my stuff. Not very much. Only some clothes and my peronal things. I went to my Sedan and drove the main road next to the coast. But it was very foggy so i cant see at a very high distance. Then a human-like creature want to cross the road. It comes out of some bushes and walked very slowly and unnatural. I want to pass it, but it was too late. I hit it at very high speed. The last thing i can remember is the sound of the breaking bones under my car. Shortly after this impact i become unconscious... As i woke up in the gras i was alone. It was very cold and my car was away. My head hurts but i was fine. I looked at the bloody twisted body at the road i hit and i remembered the media broadcast instantly. Now i have to be quiet and very carefully but friendly at all. But i understood, that the world began to change.