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  1. *hearing the radio traffic Dovin walks over to his radio he had set down* Hello Greg you sure picked an interesting time to crawl out your mine things on topside are hectic as of late. There a currently a few groups that a struggling for what little remians of this shattered and war tore country. If you are looking for some nice people look for a man named Leo Wong in Lopatino he is a trader. Also there is another trading post in Grishino. I myself usually go between the two towns often to supply and trade with the folks there. If you come across people with red and or blue are band be polite and kind and watch you're tone around them if you have some need of medical aid feel free to radio me and i will see what i can do for you. I wish you the best in these times. *Dovin stops transmitting and goes back to relaxing in the shade*
  2. Dovin

    2018-04-03 approx 19:10 Avoiding RP

    Im sorry for the misunderstanding i may have provided i was truly trying to recall what had happend detailing my account in the chat rooms. But @Dakotaen is very accurate on what happend but i had to log because of the call of the porcelain throne.
  3. Dovin

    Computer giveaway

    I will throw my hat in sure
  4. *Holds down PTT button* That sounds good too me you can catch me in some of the open channels just ask around for Dovin you can find me on the lower channels usually *Releases PTT button*
  5. *presses PTT button down* Well im offering free use of my barrel but am not willing to give it too you that way you can still make your orders the only thing i ask is watching over my camp every now and again checking up on it that sort of thing if your ok with this i ask you not show anyone else my camp *Releases the PTT button*
  6. *Presses PTT button* Looks like you could use a barrel i just soo happen too have one i also have a small amount of leather if you wish too use it too cure more leather let me know maybe we can work out some thing *Releases PTT button*
  7. *Pushes the PTT button* Good morning Everyone My Names Dovin Taylor im a travelling trader/medical helper. I have been trying too make a living well not much of a living but a life style were im less likely too die. Ive run into an issue that i think some of the larger groups would be interested in helping me in. Whats that you say we dont need nothin from this guy and we dont want too help him. Well you might be right but my problem is i got too much inventory at the moment. and im looking for a group too sponsor me to help me sell my goods. Now i dont got a big warehouse full of stuff but a tent full ammo meds and a few magazines for said ammo if your interested give me a buzz on the radio *Releases the PTT button* *Message repeats every 25 minutes*
  8. *Presses the PTT* If you need some bullets medicine food or something else im willing and able too help free of charge its a dam shame that your home has be taken let me know if you need help *Releases the PTT*
  9. Dovin

    2xKOS - S1 - Severograd - 23/09/17 - 2020

    I don,t have any footage available
  10. Dovin

    2xKOS - S1 - Severograd - 23/09/17 - 2020

    My POV I didnt see the first two deaths but i did see the third i was with Taylor smith and Zacmandew. there was about 9 people gathered around one guy with an m4. i think he said to a guy this is what happens when you help torture our queen and i see 2 shots i think he shot him in the head not sure. But when i asked him why he did that Quinn said the guy that was just shot helped people torture her. The guy that was shot had no reaction time and was not asked if he could be executed and was just shot.
  11. Dovin

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    My POV Me and my friends entered severograd with a v3s cargo to talk to people and do some trading when we got into town he parked the truck near the traders. when we tried to talk too people then didnt want anything to do with us. This one guy i didnt catch his name wanted to trade a mp5 for some ak74 ammo so i agrred. After that i was talking to a lady in a pink hat who had a pink pistol while i was talking to her my character falls down and then i hear a gun shot. A few seconds later i get the you are dead screen. while i was talking i didnt hear anybody initiate or see any txt that would give me cause to surrender i was just shot.
  12. Me and two friends were near TEC building were the traders were set up. we were trying to flag down this guy in a green backpack cause he had pointed his gun at us and we wanted to know why. so we ran after him we were in voice comms range of him asking him to stop for a sec so we could talk to him. He kept running then made a turn back to the traders as soon as he got to a wall that part of it was broken down he turn and hid behind the wall. when i got close to the wall he yelled (PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP OR YOUR DEAD) I didnt and raised my gun and i shot at the guy who had with the green backpack who then had an AK out pointed at me who we were trying to flag down.
  13. Dovin

    S2 BadRP and GearRP Balota Airfield - 8/24/17

    no i dont not have video evidence
  14. If you want it we got it and if we dont we can find it. The vultures history started from a couple of survivors of the infection. All from different walks of life all brought together for the common goal of safety. After weeks of seeing the aftermath of the new found world they say groups of people banding together like they did. They would interact with theses groups to trade or to talk too. And one common thing kept being talked about...Lack of basic supply's. Sure there are a few groups of people acting as traders but they never could keep there wares safe and always struggled to keep up with demand. After one trip back from the far north of chernaras as they came to the town of cherno they talked with the local traders there and had a bright idea. Lets make a living supplying these guys these traders already got a store set up but always need more supply's lets be the one to do it. So the group of survivors all agreed to be know as a single name a name they sumed up what they did and what they were Vultures.