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  1. Dovin Taylor

    Born and raised near the mexican border of the united states Dovin liked to keep to himself alot but wasnt against talking to others. He always felt like others couldn't understand what it truly meant to have freedom. Vast open skies no lights besides the campfire anywhere near to block the view of the stars. Dovin grew up with his grandparents he grew up a true cowboy a rancher. From sunup to sundown he would help raise he animals and just patrol the open plains. He did that most of his life but when he turned 19 his grandparents finally convinced him to go to collage to learn medicine . He was reluctant to go but couldn't resist his grandams pleas. So he desired to study abroad to see the rest of the world. During his years of study he learned practical medicine becoming a nurse . He expanded his calling from helping animals to helping people. During the start of the outbreak he volunteered to help those stricken by this new plague assisting fleeing refugees. While assisting the wounded he saw first hand of the severity of this new illness. People would come in and look fine minors scrapes or scratch,s. Then as the days progressed the injured got worse they would nip scratch and bite at those trying to help them. Around that time while helping retrain a patient Dovin put his hand alittle to close to the infected,s face he got his left hands pinky bitten off. A few days latter he was old by the nato troops he needed to evacuate to a safer position. He refused saying he was needed here to treat the wounded and would not stop until the inflicted tore him from helping any further. Little did Dovin know that day would come alot quicker than he thought.
  2. well i lived the wolfs are dead and there,s blood spilled from my self and them 

    1. Spartan




  3. did you leave it for good

    cause im surrounded by wolf and now im stuck in it

    1. Spartan


      LOL, wait it out or shoot them. goodluck buddy :D 

    2. Chewy
  4. so i visited your radio station alas no one was home will try again later 

    1. Spartan


      we left it buddy. says archived in the title: 


      we are busy setting up a new one though. We just got to get approved by the big man @Rolle