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  1. Vulric

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    @[email protected] Great roleplay with you guys in Nadez, looking forward to more intense run ins!
  2. James Carmichael was born in the lesser fortunate streets of L.A. At an early age is when he started hanging out with the rebels and outcasts of society. Learning to BMX, inline, skate he did it all. Unfortunately his new found hobby got him in trouble with the law. Eventually his hobby started affecting his grades and he dropped out of highschool at 16. Leaving home at 17 he went out and lived on the streets skating, and biking. Eventually his days of skating were noticed by nearby scouts, asking if he'd want to skate for a magazine. Soon from the street, to the vert he eventually took up other extreme sports. Base jumping, motocross, sky diving. He did it all, the rush of extreme sports and his willingness to put his life on the line for the fame and rush was enough to get him somewhat known in the extreme sports world. Eventually, Carmichael attended the Sochi Olympics, watching some competitors and making friends, he admired the Russian landscape and always thought of coming back. During the winter of 2017, he and some other friends decided to take a nice holiday into the country of Chernarus which unfortunately was just before the time of outbreak. Luckily, one of his friends had a cousin living near Chernogorsk, though he was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Believing Russia was going to one day cause a nuclear fall out to the world. Owning a shelter and capable of surviving within for months. But with supplies running low, Carmichael decided to leave and take chances out in the world. Skills: +Decent mechanic, knows basic functions of vehicles. - Has little to no knowledge of firearms and firearm handling. + Athletic, capable of running long distances and quite agile. - Is not familiar with Chernarus, can't navigate the land well. + Natural survival skills and first aid skills. Camp building, etc. - Panics easily. WIP: More to come.
  3. Vulric


    Talon: "You gotta look icy as fuck." Looks good dude, looking forward to more of the journal entries.
  4. Vulric

    Talon's Journey

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  5. Vulric

    Talon's Journey

    Talon wakes up with a jolt. Another nightmare, he sighs as he runs his hand over his face to force himself awake. Crawling out of his sleeping bag, he fumbles with the zipper to free him from the tent. Using the community bucket of rainwater he rinses his face, cupping some of the warm water into his mouth swishing it around as he takes a quick look around of the area, making he and his partner are safe. He stands slowly, spitting out the water while moving to his tent putting on his gear for the day. Walking slowly over he taps the closed tent beside his. "Hey, goin' into town for a bit...Need anything...?" No response. He scoffs, knowing full well he'll be contacted over the radio if needed. It's a long walk from the camp into town, but he doesn't mind the brief moment of peace and serenity the forest offers, usually. From the city outskirts he makes his way in slow, taking his time going from home to home checking through everything even if he had the suspicion anything that would be worth taking was gone...It didn't hurt to check again, and pass time. He reaches the largest building, an apartment complex on one side of the city, slowly moving through each floor clearing it room by room he makes it to the roof and decides to sit on top enjoy the high winds and fresh air. Once he finds a seat along the edge of the roof he holds his rifle out looking through the scope. The dead claimed the city it seems, walking through mindlessly. It was tempting to take a shot for the hell of it. Who'd know? Looking through the scope he scans the streets, waiting for the perfect target to line up.... "No.....No......No.......Here we go, that's per-" A break in his voice, as he pulls away from the scope. He presses his cheek to the rifle again, looking with a furrowed brow. People. Actual. Living. People. He follows them, his sight locked on, finger off the trigger. They're moving in a steady pace...Not running from something...to something. They whip through buildings and alleyways, just enough for Talon to follow until they stop at a hotel. He keeps his sight focused on them, never blinking. It's hard to make out, they're so far away...They...Are they talking to someone...? Talon digs through his pack, rummaging through the supplies inside until he finally pulls out his journal. - 2 people. 1 male. 1 female. 34 5 people. 4 male. 1 female. They're talking...Seems...calm. Peaceful...All have weapons, military. One's leaving..running east...alone. Towards another group?.......................There's a truck coming from the east side..........It turned away... His notes are jotted down in a rushed manner, only scribbling what he sees. He watches for the better half of an hour, the people seeming to just be talking...Maybe they're a group, he thought. Maybe locals? Maybe not...He weighs his option before shaking his head deciding upon what to do. "Not safe yet...Gotta tell, Sean. Let him know.....We're not alone."
  6. Abbas Mustafa was born an orphan in the war-torn lands of Takistan. Growing up on the streets, he learned about survival of the fittest at a young age stealing and fighting for what he could in order to survive. The lands of Takistan were in turmoil with corrupt governments and military, Abbas became an activist at a young age but taking more extremist routes with riots and attacks on the military and police. He found himself locked up and due for a public beheading until the Al-Takizh, a Takistani rebel force, blew a hole in the prison walls allowing the prisoners to escape. Abbas being imprisoned, did not know the world was falling apart, prisoners tried to return to their families, Abbas found himself a new family the Al-Takizh and joined them as they fled the country in hopes to get away from the terrors of their home. The Al-Takizh traveled until they ran out of fuel and supplies, unfortunately within the borders of Chernarus. Forced to leave their convoy and endure the new harsh conditions of the world as the dead came to life. The Al-Takizh felt they could make a new home in Chernarus, a place no longer run by government with the possibility of tyranny but they were wrong. Locals and other groups would climb to power and there would be struggles and conflict between them. The Al-Takizh being too small of a force would not be able to compete and one by one they fell, or fled finding more chance of survival in solitude. Abbas, lived for many months alone and off the land and fends for himself. Avoiding others where he can, killing or using those he can't. A nearly broken man, who lost his faith in people. In the world. In his god.
  7. Joseph Elijah Talon was born in a military family. Father; American, mother; Korean he had a bit of a clash of culture his whole life. Growing up he did decent enough in schools, but wishing to follow in his father's footsteps he had planned to join the military when he turned eighteen. Signing up with the U.S. Marines he was given orders and served a few tours in the middle east. Specifically dealing with certain areas within the area of Takistan. After retiring he instead rejoined into the U.N. serving as a peacekeeper. Between the time of retiring and enlisting into the U.N. Talon found himself a wife and even had a child before being sent off to Chenarus. When the events in Chernarus started to occur, he was ordered among other peace keepers to assist the situation and when things turned for worse he was forced to stay. Now he lives day by day, just aiming to survive and get back home, keeping out the way of others unless entirely unavoidable he would rather live and be alone than face the dangers that comes with joining groups.
  8. Vulric

    Svetlo Community Thread -WIP-

    I've been avoiding Guba for one reason, and one reason only. The fucking glitch where it freezes and I teleport through a building and die. I've yet to see the bandits there and wish I could help but, Arma kills me too much.
  9. Vulric

    Official DayZRP Standalone Media Thread

    Rolle activated my SOBR skin. :troll:
  10. Vulric

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Wish granted, except I become so good you hate playing with me. I wish I could go to Comic Con 2014.
  11. Vulric

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Wish granted, except it's all of the lowest quality. I wish people would stop asking me to play World of Warplanes.
  12. Vulric

    THE OFFICIAL DayZ Standalone thread.

    I'd say take this whole Guba PVP to PMs or Steam chat. No reason to debate who ghosted where in The Official SA thread.
  13. Vulric

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    Wish granted, but now we all serve 1 supreme leader Kim Jong Un. I wish I had a titan's punch power.
  14. Vulric

    Forwarding Bases From Arma 2 To Standalone

    I don't understand, if there's an RP Whitelist server up, what "bandit" is just gonna murder people at Guba? (If it's still an RP hotspot).
  15. Vulric

    Mr. Lu Kim on Dayz Standalone | Dayz Series | EP 13 OUT!!

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